Tryonio An DeLuxe is an Alternate UUniversal Featho from Planet Luxur. He is an omnivorous mustelid-feliform known for colored front legs and colored tail feathers and hails from a human colony, and colony for the Magtury Corporation, known for creating elemental weapons, in a system called the Picter System. Born as a poor farmer and gifted trapmaker and weaponsmith and stowing away to the megacity pyramid and capital city of Pyrsmo, he used to work for all the weapon corporations, Krooger, DeVult, Cypherion, Dohl, Spaethan Arms, Xoothos, and Atler, all headquartered in the Picter System, but was focused on the Magtury Corporation. He was an adventurer by instinct and ended the criminal reign of the weapon-smuggling invader Lord En Fuengo, and found out accidentally that the planet was the site of another Teadr 1 race. He spent 2 decades researching with friends representing each of the weapon corporations and they establish a research colony on Uridia, the home planet of his subject, the Uridians, and fell madly in love with another friend, En Fuengo's daughter and a Censen named En Tava. They established the founding setting of the Beofynzeny System and ended up lost in space due to a broken starmap and spent their remaining days finding the 88 known Uridian Vaults, before coming across the Prometheneana System, an essential colony system for the Uridians and their first outside colonies, where they defended the dangerous secrets of the power the race wielded from rogue regimes of the weapon corporations, and stopped threats like the newly-formed U-Ter Cult from keeping Urdian tec shared, or those like Cleanse Co from outright destroying it and triggering an apocalypse from the Uridi-Titans, dying to their great forces and power but then being resurrected as a Magtury robot that would one day be known as the M-Sentry after the defeat of Awesome Jaxtom. While he would outlive his friends and girlfriend to eventual wife, he found the discoveries of Phasel, the first Censen in history, and published her own findings about the Uridians while keeping his sworn goal alive. He is the AUU version of Borderlands Typhon DeLeon.


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