Tubble Cyle Callon

Tubble C. Callon is an Alternate UUniversal Rynthe from Planet Sioephus. He is a thylacine-like animal known to be a very ruthless leader of a lawless sector of Sioephus called Fyreworthy Gully, a wasteland filled with dangerous predators, dangerous land formations, and a ton of criminals. Here, Tubble leads his own criminal empire consisting of bandits, raiders, smugglers, corrupt inhabitants, and other dangerous people. The Gully itself is protected by powerful turret borders, and so even the Sioephusian Rangers, as well as the Two Up Society, have trouble getting in, not to say that these defences are the absolute perfect protection for the criminal side because there had been successful break-ins. Byron Buster hates Tubble because he was actually one of his parents' old enemies, and Tubble hates him more for being much better-skilled than his parents. Tubble is an excellent strategist, mechanic, thief, and marksman that has been known to steal technology from many people including Master Ganali during his technocratic rule, and has been utilizing this technology to build his evil empire into a stronger one, hoping that it would protect him more after Byron's parents were this close to taking him down. He is also as skilled in combat as Byron and his friends. He always keeps two dual rapid-fire blasters and two dual combat boomerangs that are refashioned Ranger boomerangs that function like throwing blades and can even be used like daggers, is an expert acrobat, and has henchmen in the form of a spying bird named Rypher, an army of Thycers, Tryshen, Hirlons, and Giansers, and a countless amount of available bounty hunters and mercenaries. However, dispite this impressive command, that doesn't mean the entire criminal community likes Tubble. In fact, he's pretty much the AUU equilent of a love child between Abis Mal and Doctor Doofenshmirtz, though while still incredably mentally compident, he's not exactly a very graceful criminal, often inadvertingly bumbling about and making himself look like a complete joke. He's also not even alittle nice to his followers, expecting perfection when even the glass-housed imbacile is far from such, always demanding to be treated like a king, and always making bad in hindsight sceames that often ends with a criminal captured or worse. The entire community considers it nothing more then an anti-miricale that Tubble is not arrested by now, though it may contribute to the commen arguement that "He may be a Bumbler, but he's a SMART bumbler", and that his wits are the only thing that justifives his otherwise still undeserving leadership. His reasons for being like this are shrouded in mystery, though it's possable he's yet another end result of Sioephus' questionable past.


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He doesn't carry that many weapons, but makes up for it with his henchmen. For times when he has to fight himself, he wields two dual Dohl BLA50 Blasters with ammo batteries that can store up to 150 shots each. His other commonly-carried weapons are two combat boomerangs, which are refashioned from standard-issue combat boomerangs stolen from the Sioephus Rangers, and made into lethal weapons. The boomerangs have two collapsible blades that can slice anything when thrown, or can be used in close-quarters like a knife.

The rest of his power stems from his control over most of Fyreworthy Gully. He makes money through the black market or just by stealing and trading weaponry and resources, and uses that money to finance advanced technology. As such, he possesses combat mechs, cybernetic and robotic technology, the Gully is surrounded and protected by his DNA Recognition (DNAR)-triggered turret borders, he earns the trust of most of the people of the Gully, and he hired specific animals to act as his henchmen, each using their own specified weaponry including a single combat boomerang, and a firearm pertaining to the type of animal.



  • Rypher- A bird who acts as his personal assistant and aerial spy. He is pretty rude and very insulting to heroes, and constantly demeans them when he gets the chance.
  • Sophie- A female thorny devil-like creature who is an ideal person that fights for Tubble from time to time, using his toughest of combat mechs and weaponry, and has a personal life of tinkering and engineering, mostly for fun, profit, or for Tubble.
  • Doc Windbreak- A parrot-like bird who serves as the head of Tubble's science and technology. He is a very tough and rough-accented genius who provides improvements to Tubble's equipment, but is not very cheap with his paycheck.

Bounty Hunters/Mercenaries

  • Onley Oxtmon- A numbat-like creature who is a former vagabond bounty hunter who took up shelter in Fyreworthy Gully. He acts as one of Tubble's personal bounty hunters.
  • Morlland Merckx- A jaguar-like mongoose who comes from a far different lawless sector of Sioephus, but moved because of oppressive issues. He is a gunslinger mercenary who doesn't come cheap with his prices, even for someone as well-known as Tubble.
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