Turahk was the Rahkshi of Fear, meaning he's the darkspawn prince of ultamate fear, and the dark spawn warrior of cruelty, showing that he lacks remorse when seeking enemies. Using his staff, Turahk could induce anything from slight unease to sheer terror in his foes. A being struck by the blast would either run away in panic or remain rooted to the spot in sheer terror. His kraata is reddish gold/bright red. Turahk's power was particularly disturbing to the Toa Nuva, heroes that had rarely known fear. Turahk is also the Rahkshi that killed Jaller. After killing Jaller, he was then stunned by light from Takanuva and later built into the Ussanui with the other Rahkshi parts.

Teridax chose Turahk as one of his Rahkshi, since his power is the enemy of courage: The prospect of Ta-Matoran. currently, Turahk incredably become one of the vanguards of a new master, Emperor Fang, his evil presents similates the Makuta that he and the other rahkshis obey him without question (Rahkshis don't talk anyway) and now leads an army of non-dark spawnic Vaki.

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