Two Up Society

Two Up Society (Currently)

The Two Up Society is an Alternate UUniversal group from Planet Sioephus who have formed from the Sioephus Rebellion that they helped take down Master Ganali, Doombug, and Aqua Regia. It is co-lead by Byron Buster and his girlfriend Taila Baxis. Ever since the two fell in love after defeating Aqua Regia, they founded the TWS to protect their home. They are also good allies to the Heroes Act since Byron is a member. While he is not there, Taila has to lead the team. However, when the history of the AUU is changed, not only will a deceased friend return, but there will be a few more members.


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  • Byron Buster- A member of the Heroes Act and a serious adventurer who wields his parents' 2 combat boomerangs. He soon joined the Sioephus Rebellion after several adventures when Master Ganali threatened to thrust his home under a technocratic empire. He soon met his friends, who helped put a stop to Ganali, as well as Doombug, and his final VA battle against Aqua Regia left him and his new girlfriend, Taila, to form the Two Up Society.
  • Taila Baxis- The co-leader of the Two Up Society who is the co-leader of the team and is Byron's girlfriend. She is the same species as Byron, formerly being a member of the Sioephus Rangers until she moved to fighting Ganali in the Sioephus Rebellion. She soon started falling in love with Byron while he was teaching her how to swim for her battles against Aqua Regia, and this lead to them becoming a couple and founding the Two Up Society. She leads the TWS when Byron isn't around and fighting in the Heroes Act.
  • Piero the Valiant- A kangaroo-like creature who started off as a sports all-star and game competitor and discovered that he could use his skills for heroism. He moved onto becoming a member of the Sioephus Rangers, and later the Sioephus Rebellion ever since. This lead to him becoming friends with Byron, and eventually becoming a member of the Two Up Society. He wields a combat boomerang that is much more powerful in design and functions than those of Byron's.
  • Array Cross- A koala-like genius who serves as the brains of the Two Up Society. He started out as an inventive genius for Globex Industries who designed military equipment and weapons for the Sioephus Rebellion, and his genius soon got him a chance to join as a member and become a friend to Byron. He occasionally explains things through 'science mumbo-jumbo' as Scroungy describes it, and he enjoys his job as much as he enjoys his friends.
  • Selera Lobe- A marsupial lemur who started out as a bounty hunter that previously met Byron during one of her missions. In an effort to rescue her aunt and uncle from Ganali, Selera joined the Sioephus Rebellion and met back up with Byron. Despite a successful rescue, the two were reduced to being cyborgs. Since then, Selera decided to dedicate her life to protecting those who might suffer a similar fate. She soon became a valuable member for the Two Up Society.
  • Scroungy- A marsupial shrew who, despite his size, is valuable for his ability to crawl into smaller spaces and sabotage machines. Being a former spy for the Sioephus Rangers, he helped battle Ganali to protect his hometown. While doing it, he secretly gets a crush on Selera, and eventually becomes a member of the Two Up Society. He is a crackpot who has the personality of Tito.
  • Pepper Bren- A lizard who was the best friend of Taila, and was over-protective on her for a few reasons. He started out as Taila's partner in the Sioephus Rangers, and joined her on her quest to battle Master Ganali. When he proved to be unreliable for his aggressive feelings against Byron, he was briefly booted off the mission until he makes it up by sacrificing his life to finally stop Ganali. While a funeral was held for him, when Xemantha ends up changing the reality of the AUU, things might turn out different for him.
  • Varsh the Durable- A muscular snapping turtle-like brute who came into the Two Up Society due to the changes that Xemantha brought. He serves as the brawns of the group who helps them with heavy operations. He was once the assistant of a thug until he decided that he had enough of him when he constantly abused him, and redeemed himself by becoming a member of the TUS. He does crack up with jokes some of the time, and his durable shell means he can withstand almost anything.
  • Nach Wumes- A colorful long-tailed pigeon-like bird who came into the Two Up Society due to the changes that Xemantha brought. She served as the team's aerial support and aerial scout. She was once a member of the Sioephus Rebellion who originally hated Byron for not standing up for her for her actions. But in the altered reality, she ended up getting rescued by him and she returned the favor by helping him take down a criminal get-together, making her a proud member of the TUS. While she can be a bit arrogant and childish, which is understandable since she's only a teenager, she does have good combat skills and she does try to do better with her behavior.
  • Arwin Skip- A rabbit-like creature who came into the Two Up Society due to the changes that Xemantha brought. Originally, he died during a fight against Ganali long before Byron came along, and was a good friend to Scroungy. But in the altered reality, he was saved from death, and after proving his worth with his agile and acrobatic martial arts moves, he became a valuable member of the TUS, even helping in some combat training. He does have a bit of a sense of humor, and sometimes rushes into situations without thinking, but he still does pull through each time.
  • Chasgo Blade- A tree-frog-like former mercenary who came into the Two Up Society due to the changes that Xemantha brought. He was originally sent out by Ganali to kill Byron and stop him from ruining his plans. But in the altered reality, he never got the job, and instead was inspired to be like Byron, and this in turn made him a good candidate for the TUS. He is a rather aggressive person, but not as aggressive as Pepper. He wields two combat boomerangs that also serve as makeshift daggers.
  • Swomb- A star-nosed platypus who came into the Two Up Society due to the changes that Xemantha brought. He was originally a member of the Sioephus Rangers until his death in the hands of Master Ganali. In the altered reality, he survived and after joining the TUS, he was the one who taught most of the TUS how to swim (including Taila, who had already fallen in love with Byron beforehand). He is an excellent combatant, and even serves as the aquatic scout of the TUS.
  • Tavar Oolt- A flat-tailed squirrel who came into the Two Up Society due to the changes that Xemantha brought. He was an exchange student from Ibrjuna who originally found a career on Sioephus as a martial arts teacher until his death in the hands of Master Ganali. In the altered reality, he survived and believed that his skills could be useful in the TUS after they managed to save his life from muggers. He now serves as a combatant that wields several energy bolas and a combat boomerang.
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