Tyberious Jr 2

Tyberious Jr.

Tyberious Jr. Tibella, AKA TJ Tibella and Tibella CM, is an Alternate UUniversal Gerrox from Planet Aie Prog. He is the 900th descendant of the Tibella Family, and the son of the last head of The Tibella Inquisition, Tyberious Tibella. Dispite being from a very infamous family, he has more purity in him dispite being the son of a netourious brute. He has however, maintain familial loyalty because of family honor. But like the other still not truthfully evil Tibellas, his mother included, Junior feels no true pride or loyalty outside of not wanting to enrage Tyberious Sr and has a case of Stockholm's Syndrome (Wellholm's Syndrome in AUU terms and is more of a mental illness than it's OUU counterpart) thanks to his father's quickness to use violence to "Make a proper Tibella" out of him. But Libby Ation would soon come to give him and the un-corrupted Tibellas a chance of a better life, and then some, even things he would never figure would happen in a million years. He is a actselly in his late teens, but people have a hapit of calling him a kid to his clear annoyence and looks forword to adulthood more then anyone would've so that would FINALLY come to an end.


Tyberious Jr

Tyberious Jr. (Pre-HA)

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