Tyberious H. Tibella DCCCLXXXIX is an Alternate UUniversal Gerrox from Planet Aie Prog in the side that the group control. He is a roach/lobster/scorpion-like clawed xenoinsect and is the leader of the infamous The Tibella Inquisition, and the current patriarchial leader of the group that rules the Tibella System with a xenopobic metal claw. Borned to a family that suffered the torture of the USRA (though for justifivable reasons because of an anti-USRA king by proxy) over their beliefs that they are the rightful rulers desten to rule all of the universes, he holds the wrose of their hatred to outsiders and otherworlders and is by far the worse of the worse of the current rulers of the system. He's cold, malitious, and cruel to an unredeemable degree, and doesn't care who he kills as long as it's garrenties a secure Tibella rule, even if it's a member of the group, but only those not related to the Tibella family. That's not to say he's unafraid to go Alpha-Male on any disobedent member of the Tibella family and punish any who "grew soft" on the family's path to their desteny. However, Tyberious is also very, very afraid of the propicy of the sage of Mireo once made in when the Tibella Patriarch of the time, Tyberious the 50th, that the Mireos will be brought back and the Tibella family (The most tainted anyway), will be heavily punished with the return of the race AND the reverseal of their crimes, with the worse being that the leader will have their soul taken to the firy pits of hell while the rest of the Tibellas will be cursed into beasts. Tyberious fears the words of Qula The Sage's words greatly, which is why Mireo has became heavily restricted, but doesn't reveil the reason why to even fellow Tibellas, and punishing harshly to anyone to questions the premise of it. Tyberious will do anything to preserve their rule, even leave a world to a tecno-50s era and harm anyone who defies his laws. He will ruthlessly hunt down anyone a threat, espeically if it's a surviving Ation, taking the threat of Qula's propicy seriously. Tyberious has no shame in what he's doing and deems his cruelty "a nessesity to preserve the Tibella rule". But soon enough, Tyberious will learn the hard way that his path to avoid his fate will only lead him right to it, as Oogway once said, "One often meets their desteny on the road they take to avoid it", and once so, Tyberious would no longer hide behind his violent power and brute-size to defend himself against the downfall of his cruel reign. He even has a comical yet tough-guy assistant in the form of a fly-like shrimp named Javy Fryll.


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