Tyranious is still out for revenge against everyone who shunned him, and with his Holo Hunters' budget being downsized, causing the production and evolution of them to go downhill, Tyranious has to find an alternative form of minions. Luckily, he manages to find some, in the form of a powerful race of aliens called World Smashers, who are known by most aliens, including the Galactic Federation, to be a rogue alien race that consumed worlds of their resources, and obviously, smash them with the use of illegal planet-destroying lasers. Tyranious doesn't invite them to destroy the place that he calls his home. He wants all the resources that Kratos and even Lagoola have, and wants to use them to create his previously-attempted dystopia. But while the World Smashers agree to the deal, they are secretly planning to betray him and smash the two worlds and keep the resources for their own so they can possess all the quantonium, and gain so much power, that nothing will be able to stand in their way. The Shell Lodgers learn from the GFeds about the World Smashers' origins and wants, and despite the fact that Tyrone is gone, his old friends don't want to lose him completely, still feeling guilty for what they've done. But when they realize they're too late, the World Smashers double-cross Tyranious and intend to destroy Kratos and Lagoola, and leave with all of their quantonium. Obviously, they have to be stopped.

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