is an evil Draconequus from Equestria who waged the Chaos War across all of Equestria during it's formation billions of years ago when King Nightus and Queen Heavenslight were just fillies. The war lasted over a hundred years until Celestia's ancestors sealed Tyranny up into an icy prison in the Frozen North of Equestria with the power of the Elements of Peace. Tyranny has been locked away in the arctic for over a million years and never once has he been released. But there are still those Draconequui that follow his reign of chaos including Mayhem and formerly Discord. Tyranny is the ultimate master of chaos, and is the cruel spirit of war. His chaos is far worse than Mayhem or Discord's. Since he represents war, he cannot be defeated with the Elements of Harmony both lost and new. The only thing that could ever defeat him is the Elements of Peace. But it isn't too long before the Peace Elements' power wears off due to Mayhem's recent chaos and other concerns, and frees Tyranny. Little does everyone expect, something that wasn't possable in the past will end up give even Tyranny a big surprise that will make Equestian history.


Tyranny was the first of his kind, created billions of years ago by Darkspawn followers called the Kaiyas Beings. They were demigods who had the gift of genetic manipulation and magical xenotransplantation. Considered one of the first medics in UUniversal history, the Kaiyas Beings had been ordered by Chernabog to create beings of chaos and disharmony in order to capture the Equestria Gods, enslave them, and take over their land. Tyranny was the first being of chaos to be cloned. The Kaiyas beings were surprised that the baby would turn out having multiple animal body parts, but it was a healthy and immortal spirit of chaos. After his creation, other Draconequui were cloned with different genetic makeup, and soon, it became an entire race of chaotic beings, and their vanguard was Tyranny. Of course, the other Draconequui were born with a snake-like structure, but they were still successful.

However, the mistake that's the Kaiyas Beings made was trying to get Tyranny to be loyal to the Darkspawn. But the Draconequui had no interest to be loyal to a demon he'd never heard of, nor to his own creators. He began to insult the worshippers by saying crude name puns like "Pornibog" and "Corny-Bog" and saying that the Darkspawn are destined to fail one of these days (Ironically, he ends up being right about this sometime in the future) and saying he's only loyal to himself. The Kaiyas Beings only declared that the Draconquui are a failed experiment just for being too chaotic, unpredictable, and disobedient for their original plans, and sought to have the race extinguished to start again. Unfortunately, Tyranny responded too quickly, and destroyed nearly the entire race except a now-regretting leader. Tyranny had a rare case of mercy, he claims, stating it would be more humorous for the leader to return to Chernabog that the Draconquui made no promises of loyalty to him. The fearful leader retreated, and was never seen again. It's safely assumed Chernabog didn't liked what he heard. 

Though despite lack of Darkspawn servitude, Tyranny wreaked chaos and war throughout Equestria with his Draconequui bretheren, forcing hundreds of communities to fall, many ponies to be killed, and the entire land to be consumed by destruction and chaos liked Chernabog had originally planned. The Draconequui battled many of the Alicorn Gods, and as years passed, both races were depleting. Tyranny promised the Draconequui that they would get the land that they 'so righteously deserved' once the Alicorn Gods became extinct, as well as their 'disgusting' mortal pony creations. But it didn't bother him that Draconequui were getting destroyed rapidly during fights. He said that the Draconequui needed to step up their game, and show no mercy.

Once there were only a few Draconequui left, the Draconequui Council had ordered a meeting. Lead by Chancellor Diplomacy, one of Discord's many ancestors, the Council decreed that the war hasn't been giving them what they wanted, and only resulted in their race depleting by the minute, and that if they didn't think fast soon, their entire race would go extinct. So, they decided a peace treaty with the Alicorn Gods without Tyranny's permission, and the Chaos War had officially ended. Fed up with his race for betraying him, Tyranny was forced to destroy the Alicorn Gods by himself, and enslave his own race. He went in a chaotic rage, and destroyed hundreds of communities while trying to destroy the Alicorns. Destruction burned throughout the land, and the Alicorn Gods were forced to use their only means of stopping Tyranny, The Elements of Peace. They surrounded Tyranny, and sealed him up in ice and imprisoned him in the Frozen North, only at the cost of sacrificing their immortality, losing their souls, and dying. But not all the Alicorn Gods were destroyed. 2 were left: Nightus and Heavenslight, who hid in shadows until they discovered the world is clear, and gain the courage to change their lives forever.

Polor Oppisite Appearence.

As his polor oppisite, Benvolence, it's pretty much the same body parts but with differences: His beast arm is replaced with a human's arm wearing a regal coat arm, his king crab claw is replaced with Sebastian's claw, his T-rex leg is replaced with a chicken's, his Elephant leg is replaced with a Giraffes, he has a more conventional tail to Draconquui instead of the scorpain tail, he now has the one-sided horns of a yak and a cow instead of the current horns. He still retains his current wings, only the cybernectic wing is more organic and white. He no longer has a horn, and has a more serpent body like the rest of the Draconquui.


(TBM by MSM and Scroopfan)...

  • "You want chaos? I AM the chaos! You want the new beginning, I AM the new beginning!"
  • "A bunch of misfits and mortal ponies? You guys are like the start of a bad joke."
  • "I've seen World War IIs more threatening than you guys! Hell, I've seen WORLD WAR IIIs IN ALTERNATE REALITIES, TOO!!!"
  • "(Freezing ponies in ice) Now that's what I call a 'Cold War'!"
  • "Ooh, like mold on a shower curtain!"
  • "I LOVE the smell of dragon's blood in the morning. Smells like...flammability and victory. You should try it, it tastes like beer."
  • "WHAT DA FUCK--(Creates a nuclear explosion) BOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!! (Cackles)"
  • "Let's see how you can stop me without wings, horns, OR MERPONY FLIPPERS!!!"
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