Though the misfits managed to convince the Bruddle Fish leader to not pull his people away from UIS under his brother's wishes, the declaration of war ended up not being stopped as HB managed to finally get into the USRA race leader's nerves with his blanent lack of disrespect even with Madam President trying to order him to cease, and when even the Grandmind couldn't intimidate him to stop, the USRA Race Leaders, baring Mandarious and more cool-headed leaders like the Yaterons, the Aufones, and the Naurodans, the less cool headed race leaders declared war out of rage! The heroes have no choice but to stop the war themselves and have Fishcraft punished for his war and hate crimes, but he has gone missing since the war started. As they stop battle after battle from spilling any blood, it's revealed that Fishcraft is the son of a war criminal who tried to declare war on the USRA before the Byzankans arrived, thus he died in the Interuniversal War. Though the Bruddle Fish always had desires of independence before this, it did however encourage them to be as firm as they are about it. Now Fishcraft aims to finish what his ansister started, even without his brother's or the race as a whole's support, baring rogues, and destroy the NUSRA for being reckless and utterly incompetent in running the AUU, and with UIS too embarrised of themselves of failing to contain a rogue within their ranks to be compident for the moment and Fishcraft's brother couldn't bring himself to betray his brother more then already and only serve to make him worse, and the USRA races to bewildered by their mistake of giving Fishcraft exactly what he wanted to think straight, only the Lodgers and Heroes Act can stop him.

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