Bradley C. Sula, AKA Ugly Bradley, is a Zootopian Babirusa who works for T.U.S.K. in the corrupt city-state of Herbavoris. He is a rough-housing enforcer who, after having an injured and lost eye due to the neglectful care of his constantly-growing curved tusks, and the fact that this earned him years of mockery and scorn that made him go on a rampage untold by even Chief Hornberger or Vice Chief Ugunda, he now served his time in prison and now serves as a mute yet deadly and menacing officer for T.U.S.K. He has a personality on par with Terence of the Angry Birds movie, and has the same voice, only he is more expressive with his muteness than Terence.


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  • (Trudy: (As she was walking into the HPD HQ) Oh, hello, sir! Ready to make the world a better place?)...MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMHHHH!!! (Trudy:... Are we speaking telepathically, or...?)... MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMHHH!!! (Trudy:... Okay, you're scary! But hey, nice chatting with you!" (Chuckles as she ran off, as Bradley smiled while groaning roughly)
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