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Ugomvi, AKA The Strange Lion, was an unnamed male lion who had lured Scar into getting his namesake scar via a cobra. In the SAFA series it's revealed he used to be part of the previous Lion Guard in the service of Ahadi, the father of Mufasa and Taka, and was banished to the Outlands by his brother Mwokozi and Rafiki's father Olufemi for attempting to take over the Lion Guard after he was denied the ranking he fought so hard for to where his father disowned him for his reckless behavior that disgraced the name of Askari. He was exiled to the Outlands and took revenge when he made friends with a cobra named Chonge, as he turned Taka evil by giving him his scar and warping his mind into believing he wasn't important, self-explanatory by his name which means 'trash', tricking him into taking away his own Roar of the Elders and even getting him to murder Mufasa. He is also the father of Zira and another heavily-scarred cub named Jiraha, as he imprinted her to be loyal to Scar and got her and her family exiled as well. Zira hardly sees him, as he has been building up the seeds for revenge by following the events following Scar's turn to evil and the formation of the current Lion Guard, with the intent to take over. After giving Taka his scar, he faked his death and survived being roared into the volcano with Chongo, waiting for his chance to return.

Role in the series

He becomes a secondary antagonist of Scarry Night behind Scar and the Villain League. He reunites with Zira while revealing that he was the one who gave Scar his namesake scar with his friend Chonge meaning to turn him into a pawn for his plan for revenge against the Pride Lands for what they did. When Zira abandons him when she realized he wanted to use him, Ugomvi blames the Villain League for taking away his daughter and swears revenge with a secret weapon which is essentially the evil version of the Roar of the Elders, the Lionizing Roar which hasn't been used at it's full potential, nor used in general, since the defeat of it's creator Kifo, the former tyrannical dictator of the Pride Lands before Mohatu and Makena. This war would cross with them, a blue wildebeest mastermind named Mapato, and a feral African wild dog named Kichaa.