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Ujasiri is a former Cloud Hyena from the Pure Hyena era. He used to be Kucheka's advisor and helped Tangawizi defeat Mwongo and his Shadow Hyenas. He was one of Tangawizi's closest friends, and had later found a mate and had some pups. He was as wise-cracking as Kucheka was, but he certainly wasn't dumb. After becoming a Pure Hyena, Ujasiri became a caretaker for the Cloud Hyena Church for those who still followed the Cloud Hyena traditions and kept them at heart.


Ujasiri was born with Kucheka and grew up with the Cloud Hyenas. He was the descendant of one of the many leaders of the Cloud Hyenas, and he lived with the ancient Cloud traditions of wind ceremonies for the African sky gods Olorun and Nana. He was raised by his mother after his father died after being bitten by an infected African Wild Dog on the day of his birth. He was made the king's assistant after a wind ceremony, and grew up with Kucheka as more of an acquaintance.

Ujasiri was the one who told Kucheka that he was the descendant of another ruler of the Cloud Hyenas, and he helped him get crowned the king of the Cloud Hyenas after the last one was passing away after getting swine flu (Possibly gaining it from a warthog he recently ate). Though after 5 weeks, the novelty of being a ruler wore off on Kucheka when he realized that he didn't have many friends besides Ujasiri. Nevertheless, Ujasiri kept him in high spirits for the rest of the year until Tangawizi arrived. When Ujasiri heard about her problem, he decided to convince Kucheka to help her. After the war was over, the Cloud Hyenas converted into Pure Hyenas. Ujasiri became one of Tangawizi's great friends, became a caretaker for the Cloud Church for those who still held the Cloud tradition, and soon found a mate, and had pups.