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Liam Erroy Splinter

Liam E. Splinter is an Alternate UUniversal Hydrocabiais from Planet Carbungia. He is the uncle of Xandy and husband of her paternal aunt Aunt Knitter. Since Xandy's parents were murdered in the hands of Xerxes XX, Splinter and Knitter have been taking care of her. When she grew up and left to be on her own, Splinter was proud that she would make changes in the AUU with her skills and hoped that she would have a future much grander than any other person would. But the two, despite staying in the AUU for a few years, are forced to relocate with the rest of their species when a terrible event destroys Buckling City and almost kills them, as Xandy sends them and the other survivors off to the Original UUniversal world of Yonder, a Space-Western world fit to their customs. Yet when Xandy recovers from the trauma that called for their evacuation by discovering the truth of Xerxes XX' corruption and how her species was set up to look evil by Jling Sling, and she sets things right, he and Knitter decide to stay with half of the sea squirrels because of not just trust issues, but because they grew accustomed to their new home.


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