Uncle Waldo

Uncle Waldo is a character and the uncle of Abigail and Amelia Gabble in Disney's 1970 movie The Aristocats. It is unknown whether the twins' mother is his sister or if their father was his brother.



The Aristocats

Uncle Waldo first appears as Duchess, O' Malley, the kittens, and Abigail Gabble and Amelia Gabble are returning to Paris. As the group passes by a restaurant, Waldo comes flying out. The twins reveal the goose to be their uncle, and immediately notice that his tail feathers are gone. Waldo leads the group to a menu on display. The menu reveals the dinner special to be Prime Country Goose, stuffed with chestnuts and basted in white wine. Waldo had apparently had the misfortune of being the intended meal before escaping the chef. Waldo notes that, being British, he would have rather been basted in sherry. O' Malley remarks that he must have been marinated rather than basted, as the goose is visibly drunk.

Waldo then begins getting very loud, so his nieces say goodbye to the cats, and begin leading him away home to bed. As they leave, O' Malley and Duchess both note that they like him, especially when he's marinated. Waldo appears again in Madame's Mansion at the end where he is still drunk and sings the song Everybody Wants to Be A Cat.

Role in the series

In the Spongebob series, Uncle Waldo reprises his role from the film, but also gains a larger role in that he, like the rest of the minor animal characters that helped our heroes escort Duchess and her kittens back to the Mansion, helps out in the final battle against Edgar and his villainous allies. Eventually, Uncle Waldo is rewarded for his bravery alongside Napoleon and Lafayette by being appointed members of the Shell Louge Squad.

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