Faethos has been noticingly depressed, about being the only Polyizon left, while all of his race remains trapped in another dimention, corrupted by their own powers. The Grand Council finally felt that it wouldn't be right to leave Faethos to remain depressed, even what they agreed to will be incredability risky and has minamil chance of even being minorly successful. They are going to create a powerful Jamos de-corruption machine powerful enough that even born evil Polyizons will be reformed, and it will be tested on the first ever Polyizon to be freed to be tested on: Vutobus. Faethos warns it will be too risky and advises that he's not worth endangering the universes, but they fell on well-meaning deaf ears. He warns the heroes act of the very risky thing Warson and the council is doing, but as much as they agree it is very risky and without extra procautions, it will end in failure, they also made Faethos understand that he can't stay depressed forever, cause eventally, he will end up falling victim to self-corruption, and will be met with a simular fate with his race. But it doesn't stop the heroes act to contact the lougers and make sure the exspeariment goes off without accsident. And it couldn't've come at the better time, cause already, The Darksiders, Preachlord Nooms, Rouge Space Pirates lead by Captain M'gor The Vastly Dispicable, A cult that worships Vutobus as he is and wishes to make sure he stays evil for their plans for conquest lead by an intervexian preist Salaboomdia, Anti-Polyizons Fanactics lead by Gregmor Spoon-Butt, A Grand Council hating synidicte called The Council Exicutioners lead by a exsiled tyrant named King Kingragor, A deludional cult loyal to the former ways of Jomos about not sharing the reforming tec called The Avengers of The Jomos Forsaken Testiment, lead by Zealord's cousin Baolord the Lawful, A renigade Warboth millaterry group called The Warboth Disgraceful Ones lead by General Kor, The Intergalactic Criminal BrossMor, the once again misguided Dragodons and Lord Dragoon, and finally, Lord Sonwar. All have different plans on the fate of Vutobus and the Machine planned to reform him, keep Vutobus evil, control the machine, destroy the machine, or Vutobus, or both, and the common goal of attacking the Grand Council for reasons based on their goals or personal vendettas. It's up to the Lougers, The Heroes Act, and all allies of the HA to make sure the plans of all these villains are stopped to a grinding halt, and make sure the exspeariment goes off without even a minor slip-up or a small error.

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