The weather in Equestria is spontaneously acting all by itself. A relic that contains the soul of yet another Alicorn God by the name of Princess Meteora, the Alicorn goddess of the weather whose death left aerial creatures in Equestria in charge of the weather, the Barometer of Meteora, has been stolen by a group of meteorloigestic cult of Aybissians lead by a baskalisk lizard leader named Mistress Meteorsa Spectrisha, who believes that weather should be allowed to take it's naterol course in a world where Ponies have too much control of things. In figuring the ponies would seek the cult out, Meteorsa had the relic placed in the Aybissian Castle known as Kingdom Noireturn, a living, inescapeable castle that never lets any who set foot to it leave thanks to things like a vault filled with ever promising desires based on those who looked into it, an unstoppable moving armor army, a lich that taunts and shames those of a sinful past, and a seductive love hungry serpent queen that targets anything, reguardless of gender, age, or even actual attractiveness. Meteorsa was extremely confident that the castle will be the perfect resting place for the ponies' only means to have a serious influence in weather. However, the price of removing the relic from it's place in Alicornia was a costly one. It was also keeping out a living storm creature known as Eye of the Storm, a destructive living nimbus cloud that can make any kind of storm happen in any land, even if it doesn't make geological sense, like snow storms in deserts, or a heat wave in artics. Meteorsa's ideal plans for weather that functions freely from ponies is ruined by the Eye of the Storm being freed to ravish the lands, and to add insult to injury, Meteorsa will suffer a hefty punishment from Aybssian royalty for it. Now, the Ponies and the Lougers need to brave into Kingdom Noireturn and it's contents to get back the relic before the Eye fully engulfs everything.


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Crash Bandicoot The Wrath Of Cortex - Atmospheric Pressure Music

Confronting the EOTS

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