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The Union Against Religious Abuse, UARA for short, is an Alternate UUniversal athiest organization that originated on Planet Jomos. It was founded by Xena the Lost Warrior after her family suffered years of being punished and charged of heresy all because they wanted to share valuable technology for the sake of stopping the Villains Act. To stop charades like this, Xena formed the UARA after being placed under house arrest for the last time, and dedicated her life to balancing out religion and the law properly and fairly. The UARA believes that religion is like magic powers and political powers, and it could easily be used as an excuse to easily control and subjugate people with rules that normally can't get through non-religious establishments, which has been used to make excuses for anti-LBGT community rules, blocking technological advancements, fear-mongering, empowering insane fanatics, warmongering, and cruel and unusual punishments for even so much as a minor unserious crime that isn't even police-enforced, and want to make sure those kind of things are not allowed as a reason to get away with crimes, and make the AUU a better place. The UARA's 'police' forces are composed of cybernetic clone officers called Messiah Officers, which are known to appear in 5 different models, and ride in 3 different vehicles. Their trademark symbol is a flower because Xena and Wesper believed that it represented peace since they were brought to funerals and other ceremonies, and each petal represented the 5 basic beliefs of the UARA: Discipline (Red), Faith (Yellow), Respect (Green), Truth (Blue), and Reason (Purple).


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  • Xena the Lost Warrior- Leader
  • Wesper- Xena's combat mentor and co-leader of the UARA. She and Xena have a Twilight-Celestia relationship and Wesper trains Xena to fight for her beliefs. Wesper was a former princess for her home-hive of Voradin until their autocratic society was threatened by a corrupt governor's religious standards. Wesper was banished for protesting to this, and she and Xena decided to help each other stand up to religious abuse. She trained Xena in the art of combat, and in return, Xena took down the religious governor for good and the religion was abolished by the governor's open-minded brother. Wesper gives her position as heir to one of her little sisters, and she continued to guide Xena to this day.
  • Vorlanna- A blonde Hydrocabiais from Planet Solomorn who was rescued from execution long ago by Xena after her home planet's religion was about to end her life due to the skull-shaped birth mark on her back. Since her home world apologized for their actions, they allowed Vorlanna to join the UARA, and she grew up to become an excellent fighter, wielding twin electric katanas and various explosives. Her birth mark now symbolizes her loyalty to the UARA, and she gets offended by those who make fun of it.
  • Zorb the Wise- A benevolent blue-and-white tiger-like lion who was rescued from execution by his mother at a young age for naming his stuffed animal after a god, which was considered blasphemy. Because Zorb was taken away from his executed mother, Zorb grew up, apostatizes himself, and after rightfully punish the corrupt Preachlord behind it, joined the UARA to prevent any other blasphemy case like that again.
  • Joa Dukbil- A duck-billed flamingo who is the daughter of a corrupt magistrate that was unsupportive of anti-gayness in their religion. She was so grateful for the UARA putting a stop to her corrupt father's crimes against his country and joined them to aide their quest in stopping religious misuses. She is much of a drama queen who always obsesses with her looks and her beliefs.
  • Sir Holthar- A former mole-like bat knight that was once in service to a tyrant king of mole-like bats who made up a realigen about himself as an excuse to misuse power. He never supported it one bit, but was helpless to do anything about it thanks to wanting to keep his family alive. Thanks to the Union, the tyrant king met his end, and Sir Hole joined the union to prevent more madmen like his ex-king to abuse both policitcal powers and the power of belief.
  • Jessa the Non-Praying Mangris- Jessa Mantria is a mantis-like insect who was a member of a lesser advanced group of tribal-mantis like creatures that were tricked into worshipping a false god king just because he had higher level tecknowagey that was confused for "Godly Magic". Jessa was the only one who knew better, but was too afraid of what the false god would do to her if she tried to stop it herself. When the oppertunity was met with the union, she was quick to offer poison as a way to get the proof that the false god was a false god, and joined he union's cause to prevent realjustus misuse.
  • Inigo Jr- A senator son of the grand council's Councilman Inigo, he was dethrowned as senator by radical realijustus fanatics and was forced to serve as a slave or be banished to an artifictal hellish realm. When these radicals were beaten ironicly by their own evil creation by the Union, he joined so he can offer a more "Diplomatic" side of the union so the AUU Grand Council won't longer see them as just a vigilantie group, esepically not by his own father, through relations are still on a thin-line due to Headmaster Warson being widely unsure cause of his friendship with Xena's enemy, Zealord.
  • Sir Groomta- Groomta is a simian knight who joined the union as a request of the king and queen of Gregamoon for the union being merciful and understanding that an outdated realijustus testament that was hurting abortions wasn't their fault and ridding them of certain factors that worsen a few problems on the planet. He shares the appresiation for the Union not always punishing realijustus leaders for a realigen hurting process or living things, but is very concerned for their controversey of being too quick to use death as a punishment even when he understood that most realijustus tyrants have went too far, and is always willing to offer alternate ways to dispose tyrants as threats and not as living things if there are still options.
  • Budda Cripes- A carp-like fish who was utterly and promptly exiled from his homeworld because of being an atheist, which was considered 'the worst thing someone can possibly be' regardless of free will, even when his parents were dedicated religious people who reported his claims to their church, causing everyone to utterly shun him to the point of exile. Fed up, he went to the UARA demanding the church and every other religious person who shunned him be destroyed, but they instead asked him out of a revenge-worthy act like that and allowed them to deal with the situation. When they did and convinced the people out of what they did, along with having an anti-atiest jerk impeached for misusing religen for personal means, he was still bitter that he couldn't trust them anymore and left to stick with the UARA to make sure nobody goes through that hurtful violation of free will again. It was so foul-hearted to him that he gets utterly insulted when people say in his face that atheism is wrong and you can 'go to hell for it'. Despite that insulting edge still on him, he got better and more forgiving to his family as time went by, and seemed to form an unspoken crush on Xena.
  • Iarge the Ominous- A scarred and muscular lizard who was once wanted on his planet after being accused of being possessed by a devil after puking a religious substance that was infected. Everyone on his world, even his own friends, tried to exorcise him by force, and no matter where he went, he was always found thanks to the police forces being technologically-advanced. When he is accused of resisting several arrests and heresy after his final arrest, the UARA rescued him, and condemned the priest for his crimes. While he did momentarly wanted to sue the preist personally, he desided that it was merely an over-reaction and dropped the charges, though the preist still went through momentarly power-loss and suspendtion by the Union and from his fellow preists who approved it to avoid the religen getting backlashed for a major misunderstanding. Since then, Iarge joined the UARA, growing from scrawny to muscular in less than 2 years.
  • Professor Scain- A feline scientist from Qaclite who was from a green tech corporation called EcoTech and was prosecuted by a strongly anti-corporate fanatical priest that was too fearful for the environment and unreasonable that he was forced to get the Union involved who were left with smaller options to be rid of him indifferently. Scain lives in personal regret that he ended up technically ordering the 'assassination' of someone who turned out to be a descendant of an Exo-Wars victim, but still thanked the Union for stopping the problem at all and joined as their source of science and technology. He granted much needed upgrades for Messian Officers and vehicles.
  • Palque the Excommunicate- Palgue is an Ichthyornis-like bird similar to Icky who got fed up of a zealous ruler mistreating other bird spieces for his race's own benefit. He teamed up with the Union and managed to assassinate the leader. But they also found out that the leader was a robot, and the real leader was a tiny zealous criminal wanted for religious fraud. Palque is always quick to make harsh remarks on any religion, but this has often got him in trouble by the people who found it offensive. While Xena understood that his actions are the result of suffering badly from religious abuse, she doesn't let his overly-harsh comments go too far and insists that he 'doesn't speak for the Union by a certain extent' in terms of establishing relations to outside forces like respected dignitaries. Palque also has a bad habit of being a hopeless romantic, to the annoyence of the female members including Wesper, who has the misfortune of being 'the most attractive fruit of the bunch'.
  • Sir Jrood- A Juluwese amphibious knight who was born to a community of genetically-enhanced civilians called 'Tokujita' that descended from military supwerweapons. He was raised as a hyper-knight, but suffered psychological pain when his parents were crucified by a rogue church that believed the Tokujita are unnatural and are not built in their god's image, and have been known to crucify hundreds of Tokujitans for 5 years. This rouge church is thankfully dispised by the local planet and it's goverment, viewing their crimes too atrocious and cruel to ever be justifived as because of relijustus beliefs about making the world matching the god's image, heck, they argued that even the god they loved so much would frown at this, cause the normalisty religen used to be peaceful until it's original leadership was usurped by an obvious fanactical creten, assentually making the normalisty church unredeemable crazed fanactics and an ironic insult to that religen's name dispite their love for it, but all offitcals are helpless to destroy this fanical church themselves because of their strong defences and that a law ironicly meant to protact good religens from govermental prosicution, at the time, forbid them to harm this church and an update to make stoping this church more justifiable would come too late for the Tokujitas by then. The Union considered this church a top priority when they were forming, though they were unable to defeat the church with their advanced weaponry. But with the help of Jrood, they were able to execute their leader for unethical execution, and Jrood became a member of the Union. The union was hailed as heroes and the goverment freely updated the law that religens used for evil will be abolished on the spot, no questions ask, and all partakers taken automaticly to jail, no trails. (The Juluwese are known to have harsh punishments for volilators that are almost automatic, espeically if the crime's bad enough.)
  • Leogue Kan- A recruit of the UARA who joined for helping the UARA make Kraanmas (The AUU version of Christmas) a holiday for atheists, but also because he accsidently helped in stopping the former fanactic ruler of his planet that was trying to make atheistisum a sin. He's viewed as an epsically promising member cause he beaten 2 relijustus foes: one BEFORE he joined the union, and another for stopping a fanactic ruler (unintentionally) from making athiisum a sin. The UARA had deemed it a very amazing feat that the UARA had been capable of doing on separate occasions, and also his presence would discourage the myth that the UARA 'enjoys abolishing religions' because of several bad or far too-tainted ones they were forced to end, and Leogue's place would correct that myth indifferently. He is the youngest member of the UARA and can usually be naïve and ethically challenged.
  • Master Bun Knee- A reknowned advocate for "seeking enlightenment without gods" and the establisher of the RWG Group, "Religens Without Gods". He believed that making religens with gods in them opens them up to be "easily offendable" by jokes and ridicule that often didn't meant real harm or offence, and makes the religen respondsable of creating dangerious rouge individuals. He used the "Church of Normacily" as a commen exsample because the leader of the fanactic group allowed himself to get too easily offended by Sir Jrood's people's great difference cloud and mar his judgement. However, he ended up falling victim to an inquisition group called "The Hunters of Blasfomy", lead by an infamous Inquisition Leader.  The Union came to his rescue and disbaned the Inquizition due to their threats of trying to aim after the Union. Bun joined the Union to serve as a sort've, "ambassitor" for the union and a quick friend of Inigo Jr., where he helped prevent least dangerious relijustus leaders from being killed off and resolve conflicts easily without need of un-nessersary violence, and if nessersary, easily convince the populus the hypocritcy of those who calm that hurting people and subugating rights for their misconception of the greater good, is "not what your gods had in mind on how their names should be honored". Bun prefers not to be a fighter and is a known anti-gun person, thinking that all they do is advocate more un-nessersary violence. He only gets involved in missions where violence isn't "nessersarly required".
  • Jan-Wu the Progressor- The miniature-pterosaur twin sister of an anti-evolution nut from the planet Banlovomn. Religen didn't originally existed in the planet and the people of the planet on the get-go knew that they evolved from a lesser creature in uncountable years of evolvulion success. Jan-Wu was gonna be choosen as Madam President and basicly continue the path, but her faturnal twin brother stole her chance through rigging and cheating the election to introduse religen for the first time... And the people hated him for it. The Twin Brother got offended that his relijustus agendas are rejected so he turned full on tyrant and had guards attacked innosent people. Jan-Wu was forced to stood up her brother, and with help from the Union, her brother was taken down for good. She joined to help prevent more power abusers use religen as an excuse to be a tyrant. Jan surprisingly has feelings for Palque, the union's rudest member, because Jan, while thinking his opinions are albeit too harsh, she felt that Palque has a side that's truely kind and sensitive if given the chance to leave it's rude and nasty opinionated shell, but she's too shy to admit it cause she knows Palque is rather cynical about Xena recruiting someone related to a relijustus nut they just defeated awhile back and is afraid he would never like her because of it. Wesper, knowing Jan's true feelings, and seeing it as an oppertunity to finally get Palque to stop being the hopeless romantic that he is AND get him some mannors, helps Jan to become not only more social, but more assertive to control Palque against his tendingcy to open his big yap on Jan.

Religious Criminals

Defeated/Stopped/Corrected Religious Criminals

  • Govener Zea Loture- A religious and corrupt Atont govener who used the religion of Zoomblo as an excuse to abolish independent powers so he can rule all nations in the planet he governs. It proven to end his positive relations to his family, his senate, all nationalies, and most of all, it would cost him his own life when he couldn't even barely defend himself against a heavly trained Xena when his own guards deserted him when even his brother, and his formerly loyalist general abandoned him and left him to get stomped on. Sentence: Death
  • Father Jer Kan- A treacherous pope of Solomorn who was charged for trying to execute Vorlanna for being a 'devil spawn' of a 'Skull Devil' thanks to her skull-shaped birth mark. As a result, the UARA pressed charges against Jer Kan for this religious crime, and reminded the people of the skin condition Vorlanna had not being demonic. Sentence: Death
  • Preachlord Noom- The religious ruler of Zorb's race. Noom was ruler for several years until he was charged for an unfair blasphemy accusation against Zorb when he was a cub. He believed that the god "Shakona-Nimm" wasn't allowed to be represented in media or naming. He deemed Zorb naming a toy after Shakona blasphemy and wanted him stoned to death. But when his mother tried to protect him, Noom decided to spare Zorb and stone her instead. As years passed, Zorb spent years in an orphanage and when he grew up, he renounced his religion, and joined the UARA. The UARA, after hearing about Zorb's story, told it to the AUU Grand Council, and they all charged Noom for unfair execution. Plus, he was also charged with trying to execute Councilman Naeem's wife for naming her pet worm after a god. Zorb became the new leader under the rule of the UARA afterward, and abolished the religion of Shakona. Sentence: Dethroned, exiled, and sentenced to life imprisonment on Oranos.
  • Magistrate Dukbil- A gay-basher fear-monger from a race of duck-like flamingos who wanted to eradicate the LBGT community because it 'violates' the will of the goddess queens of reproduction to be gay. His willingness to prosecute a straight family for defending their gay friends proved Duckbillon had to be stopped. The family called the UARA to handle the situation, and Duckbillon was condemned for it. The UARA made all the avian creatures revolt against him, and had been charged by the AUU Grand Council. The Union saw some potential for the religion to be spared under the conditions of less anti-gay testaments. Sentence: Imprisonment on Oranos.
  • King Holy- A monk-king of winged mole-like bats who created a religion to make it excusable for him to do whatever he wants, and executes people whether they violate a testament or out of his amusement. His gross-misconduct was intolerable and had to be stopped. The UARA surrounded his palace with armies of heavily-armored MOs, hybrid tanks, and infantry vans. It wasn't until Holy insulted the UARA's pride that they decided to break in and overwhelm him. Sentence: Executed by Xena for resisting arrest, assault, and insulting the UARA.
  • God King Niooms- A false god of creation that was just an exiled tyrant from a planet of cockroach-like ticks. He tried to trick a less-advanced race to obey him as a god for being more advanced then they are, and converted their kingdom into a theocratic empire. This empire lasted for only 2 months until the UARA arrived and brought him out into public, where they proved he wasn't a god by executing him. It was tough proving it since his race was known to live 5 days after decapitation, so they did it with poison. Sentence: Death (To prove his 'immortality')
  • The Churchmen- The Churchmen are a group of devil-horned reptilian enslavers that ruled half of the Ichgee System for a certain period of time. They were known for their cruel religious laws, and the creation of the Sin Realm, an artificial hell created by their alchemy. They banished those who were accused of sin, heresy, blasphemy, impiety, even for using a god's name in vain. The Churchmen are amongst the Union's most dangerous enemies, and with their strong mercenaries, magic powers, and their bad tempers, were a challenge to them. It wasn't until they used the Sin Realm against them that they were defeated. The Ichgee System hailed Xena and the Union as heroes. Sentence: Banishment in their own Sin Realm.
  • The King and Queen of Gregamoon- The King and Queen of Planet Gregamoon had high religious properties. They are the least evil of any religious criminals the UARA handled because they are benevolent rulers and treated their people fairly, and rarely over-punished people even if it calls for it. However, they are victims of an outdated religion testament concerning a "The birth of new life is precious" rule that made them ban abortions because to them, they thought their gods forbid it. Xena did realize it wasn't not their fault entirely, their religion was founded before their planet had technology where the idea of abortions didn't exist. The planet had problems with babies being born due to rape and/or unready premature mothers or had second thoughts, and some mothers end up dead from giving birth, which also lead to a problem of over-populating and a growing orphan problem. Because of this, a lot of people violated this law, and have forcefully had their tubes tied as punishment. What kept the King and Queen from changing the law was their overbearing controlling advisors, who threatened to charge them with heresy and have them banished. But when the UARA asked them to uphold a bill that legalizes abortion, the advisors demanded that the King and Queen be sentenced to sterilization so they could no longer bear young anymore. The UARA imprisoned the advisors on Oranos for commiting treason against their rulers, and prevented the sterilisation of the Queen and King. Afterwords, as an act of payback to those ungrateful advisers, the testiment was upgraded where the Advisers were demonised for mistreating the King and Queen and refused to benifet the people who were suffering form over-population and incrising orphans, and legalised abortions for those that decided not to have children yet or were victims of rape. Outside of that, the realigen is realitively unharmed by the UARA. Sentence: Asked to legalize abortions if the public so chooses and update the testaments.
  • Minister Gagmouth Headass XIX- Minister Gagmouth Headass the 19th is a relijustus minister of Carp's home planet and a known anti-atheist goon. His critics nicknamed him "Minister Gagged-Mouth-Head-in-ass" in honor of commiting acts against freewill by labeling being an atheist "the worse thing a person can be" and that anyone who's an atiest is an automatic social pariah. He doesn't even have a personal reason for it, he's just doing it out of being against atheistisum and doesn't like that they have questions about the legitamancy of gods at best, and at worse, think religen is a waste of time! Though he does have a somewhat sympathic reason that the planet is showing signs of adapting out of religen and moving on to focus soley on science, and blames Atheisum for it as suppose to the goverment simply desiding to faver science instead of religen. So to keep belief alive, he created the ideal of being hateful to atiests to stop an ineditability. It works barely, but at the price of his community being declared unpopular by the rest of the planet. Even his fellow ministers and loyalists think he's being childish about it and warn him that he's at risk of the Union coming after him, and wouldn't you know it, that's exactly what happened when the Union managed to get people's attention for more then a few seconds and got them to realised that they were being dicks to people with alternate beliefs and that it's an act of being immature and unfair, AND it made their own community a pariah to the planet. As such, Gagmouth was quickly turned on by the people realising that Gagmouth is a jerk and was impeached for misusing belief for personal and chilidsh reasons. As such, Gagmouth's former community began to practice religen less and joined the rest of the planet to become more sciencetific. Gagmouth, in his sadness, died of a broken heart because he failed to protect belief. Cause of it, the community, the Union, even Carp felt awful about someone who was trying to keep religen from being outdated, though he did it a way that made Gagmouth look like an asshole. Reguardless, Gagmouth's death was honored with a traditional relijustus furneral. The death was actselly powerful enough that the planet desided to balence science and religen where they can still persue science, yet still have a sense of faith. They have since created a holiday named "Carp and Gagmouth" day, a day celebrating freewill and making your own choices and respecting others. Sentence: Impeachment/Death (Unintentional due to Gag's weak and broken heart.)
  • Father Gizzardo- A priest/mayor of the town Iarge was from. He's another less evil relijustus leader cause he's only guilty of over-reacting and involintary gave an innosent person a comtaminated substence. After he accidentally gave Iarge the contaminated substance of "Holy Liquid" that was filled with bacterial colonies which caused Iarge to puke, he accused him of being possessed by the demon 'Kongamork the Destroyer". Gizz spread lies throughout the town about how Iarge could mean their end, and even Iarge's own friends were against him. Iarge was further accused of resisting arrest, and heresy, and after 5 arrest attempts, was about to forcefully get exorcised. The Union came, rescued Iarge, and after proving to everyone that the Holy Liquid was contaminated by bacteria, they all attempt to impeach Gizz for his lies. Iarge also ends up suing him for it. But even though he apologized, Gizz was sentenced to a 10-week house arrest and a 5-week suspension from office. But overall, Iarge did felt he was too harsh to Gizzardo, realised that it was all a huge misunderstanding, and dropped the charges to show no hard feelings, though Gizzardo's sentence was independtly given without Iarge's lawsuit by the union on Gizzardo, which was approved by the council of Preist mayors, for "almost making our belief look bad". Fortunately, since then, Gizzardo holds no resentment for the Union and is thankful that they did not "overtly punishing him" for an honest mistake and has learnt from his mistakes and hired a germ exbert to rotinely inpsect the liquid he gets to avoid getting the same problem again. Sentence: 10-week house arrest and brief removal from power.
  • Father Groman- Father Groman was an anti-scinece preist ruler of the planet Sciken. He became ironicly self-corrupt when he wanted to prevent Sciken from forsaken the nature presevring religen when outsider corperations were making the people of Sciken faver tecknowagey. He knew the price of being tecnologically advanced would have some effect on the evioment. Thing is, these outside corps are fairly benvolent and are very green, and offered tec that doesn't harm even so much as a little flower, a sort've, "have cake and eat it too" deal, where the people can still enjoy nature, but no longer live in such a primitive life sytile. But Groman had a history of anti-corperation feelings since he had a great grandfather that was injured badly from the Exo-wars, having a great mistrust to tec in general. He tried to prosicute the CEOs of the clearly harmless corperations and accuse them of being greedy flase promisers! A local sciencetist of one of the corperations had enough of Groman's bullshit and reported him to the Union, who due to him getting surprisingly violent, had to be put down. His death marked an end for religen in Sciken. Sentence: Death
  • The Holy Brother- The Holy Brother is a zealotical ruler of the entire planet of Genovian, the planet of Ostrich-like raptors that have very theocratic prinicals on other creatures in their planet. Creatures not the same spieces are forced to follow their laws, their rules, and worship their gods. A local atheist thought it was serious bullshit and got excommuted over it, having an even worse place in socity then ever. The Excommuted soul finally had enough, escaped, and got the union into this. With their help, he assassinated the Holy Brother personally by decapitating him in front of his followers, which surprisingly, he was nothing but a robot controled by a small Zealotical criminal Flea-like creature guilty of relijustus scams. The "Holy Brother" was finished off as his true form, the Excommuted hailed as a hero and the phoney religen abolished, making Genovian an equil community under a new, fairer ruler. Sentence:  Death
  • Father Spance- A fanatic leader of a church called the Church of Normality, where in thanks of an otherwise obviously fanactical and insane usurping of the formerly benvolent church's rightful leader through violence, turned the other members into being as crazy and insultingly ironic to the religien, which he had the members become dedicated im hunting down a genetically-enhanced community of people called the Tokujita because they believed that they were not crafted in their god's image, and therefore are against it. He basicly ignored the testiments that their god accepts and acknowledges even things not of his creation, viewing them as weak-minded and idiotic, where he claims to had seen the "Real God of Normalisity" saying the contridiction, when in reality it was just a dream caused by the fact he had some fremented fruit and was having a seriously bad high, which also caused him to become unfixably insane. And they took unfair advantage of an otherwise good law that forbidden goverments to prosicute religens that was meant to protect good and harmless religens, along with that death threats and fears of looking like hypocrites made the offitcals avoid simply updating the law as long as Spance remained around. The church had been around for 5 years under the genocidal reign of Spance. The Union had been on them since their early days, and they knew that they needed help taking them down thanks to their advanced weaponry. With the help of a Tokujitan named Sir Jrood, they apprehended Spance, and executed him for his crimes, freeing the goverment of the planet to update the law to finally disfaver this rouge church and soldiers of both Tokujita and outside forces, destroyed all bases of this church, abolishing this religen perimentally with all members either arrested or killed if they resisted arrest. The arrested members had since reformed, were reabilitated, and basicly reserected their fallen religen and rebirthed the Church of Normality with the return of the testiments that their god accepts all things, even of not of his creation, only with much more benifita and very impourent changes that forbid discrimination against people like the Tokujitas, and flat out forbids xenophobia at all, as well as a caution to NEVER eat fremented fruit. Sentence: Death
  • Karoo Conniv- Karoo Conniv was a relijustus leader and formerly a Grand Council hopeful that once attempted to make ahiestisum a universeal sin cause of being unsatisfived of just abolishing, as he felt it wasn't enough to him. Things that the Grand Council abolished, doesn't stay that way, espeically when commuisum was momentarly brought back by The Yellow Revenant. He considered the union, a group of ahiests, to be the last straw and desided to make atheisum truely dead by trying to make a new law to make it a sin, so it would take advantage of the Grand Council's over-respect to religen and surely would've became a nightmare to the union. The union DID discover this threat and charged after him. Karoo, after losing to Xena embarrisingly, 9 times, was forced to retreat, threating to expose this to the grand council and bad mouth them to make them look bad, but a known hero who saved a peaceful religen from an unrelated fanactic accsidently tripped Karoo into an alternate universeal wood chipper, ending Karoo perimentally. Cause of it, the law never survived the votes and no future attempts were made since. Sentence: Death (by tecnecally, in due to accsident.)
  • Connar Gro Mlar- A known fanactic that hates religens that center on peace. After once being humiliated by the union's new recruit, a local holiday loving hero, cause the hero protacted a peace-offering religen from being abolished cause Connar, being a war-monger, wanted to abolish it in faver of a religen celebrating being violent and honoring the gods of war. It made Connar, universeally unpopular cause of the AUU's previous bad exspeariences with war in general. He's like this cause he's a desendent of a warlord that took advantage of several wars and became infamous from it. The very hero exposed his abolishment attempt and he was momentarly banished by all of the planet's leaders. When this same hero became a recruit for the union for unintentionally aiding them in taking down one particularly rotten leader, Connar saw this as an oppertunity to get revenge. During the late-days of the three-way Jomos wars between the union, the relijustus side and the VA, Connar joined Zealord and offered to lead an army to crush the union personally! However, the Union wasn't the only one who deemed him a threat. He was considerably threatening to the VA too. The Union cleverly made it look like that Connar was gonna go and attack the VA by stragitgetly destroying a few of the VA's bases and ships in the planet, provoking invadion generals to attack Connar and the army! Connar escaped, but was badly injured. Zealord declaired him a disgrace and fired him off their side. Connar, in a rage, finally desided to go after the union himself. A mistake that proven costly when he humiliatingly died at the hands of Xena. Sentence: Death.
  • Inquisitor Leader Kooge- The leader of an inquisition group known as 'The Hunters of Blasphemy'. Leading a troubled childhood that lead to the loss of his natural sense-of-smell, he ran away from home and was adopted by the previous leader of the HOB, who taught him to take his place as leader, leading him to gain a belief of 'True Enlightenment' where those who refuse to follow religion must be punished. This made him very unpopular on every sane planet, and even planets with extremely-religious restrictions frown at the actions of the Inquisition Group. They have been troubling to even the Union Against Religious Abuse, Zealord the Zealot, and several other people. That's why the UARA had enough and decided to bring Kooge to justice, sentencing him to imprisonment in silver, and destroying the HOB forever. His group was essentially a darker verson of the Union, and sometimes likes to keep religion, technology, law-enforcement, and rights separate from each other, but for the wrong reasons. While the Union at least only blamed the actual people responsible for making unfair laws, the HOB punishes the entire religion and beyond. Sentence: Silverication.
  • President Kung-Ju- Kung-Ju is a dishonest anti-evouluonist who is the only one of Banlov who is relijustus. Kung-Ju lead a troubled, bullied life and was picked on for beliving in devines and being very unlike everyone else. In spite of his twin facternal sister's attempts to keep him happy, Kung became rotten. Kung became an infamous con artist that with help of off-world thugs, tried to scam the people into believing that the devines are real. These scams always fail because of the thugs' own incompidence, as well as the people growing to know better over time. When he heard his twin sister was gonna be elected president, he joined in the race. Knowing his own infamy would work against him, he had his thugs rigged the election against his own twin sister and won through dishonest means. Fortunately, with addition that he openly admited his plan to make religen known on the planet, the people knew it was bullshit from the start since everyone pretty much voted for the twin sister. Cause of it, the asshole gets violent and has his thugs turn guards harm cities that denounced him as leader. The Twin Sister, broken hearted and hurt, she was forced to call in the union and went after Kung-Ju. Xena originally aimed to end Kung-Ju's life because of how dispicable he is, but the Twin Sister, still caring for her brother, begged he was spared. Xena, understanding family troubles, agreed, but insists that Kung-Ju still needs to be prevented from being a recuring threat, of which the council happly suggested Kung-Ju to be given the silver-treatment. Sentence: Silverication.

(More coming soon...)

Non-Relijustus Criminals.

Sometimes, not all of the Union's enemies are actselly relijustus abusers or tyrants misusing religen. Sometimes, they help religens against problems with relijustus and non-relijustus heretics, after making sure that the religen they're helping is not as bad as the revolters claim (or not anymore), and sometimes, they fight the bad exsamples of Atheists that are often the reason why Atheistisum has such a bad rap in the universes. The busting of these people has proven the Union that they use their belief in Atheisum respondability, and even if there is a legit conflict that is the reason why these revolters exist, they resolve those issues peacefully without need of harsh force.

  • The Religion Enders- The Religen Enders are the WORSE exsamples of Athesists being just as cruel and irresponsable as any relijustus nut. They do have justifived reasons though. They were desendents of victims treated poorly by the religens in the dark ages of the planet Canocorn. Those religens were guilty of anti-advancement, rotinely butted heads with rights, and malmitulated the goverments to always faver them. However, thing is, these religens reformed their ways after a wise Pope made them realise that Religen and non-Relijustus things like science and alternate beliefs of evolution can get along and tolerate each-other. The Religen Enders, however, felt that religen can't be forgiven for their actions, even dispite many evidences of that the Pope's teachings have a strong hold on the entire planet. The Religen Enders have heard about the Union and had once lured them to Canocorn in hopes they can finally end the religens that wronged their ansistery. However, they found out that the Union was far being like them. The religens the Union abolishes was because the religens have truely legit problems and weren't capable of reform or were too damaged by the corrupt preists and other figures. The Union knows the Canocorn religens have forsaken their old ways and had truely made a commitment to reform, even the usually harsh critic Palque agrees to this. Natrolly, the Religen Enders soughted to destroy the Union for being blind and not understanding their pain. However, the Union was better armed and better numbered then the Enders, even dispite the Ender's procession of powerful and illegal tec, as thus the Enders were defeated and disbaned with the death of Slicer Klanborn.
  • Senator Crox- An athesit Senator of the Ichgee system, a personal hated rival of Inigo Jr., and a racist warmongering a-hole. Crox ended up having an extremely harsh opinion on Religen, of even simple tripes, because of the actions of the Churchmen, even still after they were defeated and punished with delisious irony. He would hate any race that has or even once had a religen because of his personal tragity that his father didn't survived being banished to the sin realms by the Churchmen. He has extremely extreme views that the universes would be a better place if religen was abolished, viewing religen as a "shorce of primitive corruption", and has tried to make the Grand Council consider all laws to abolish it, but instead, the Grand Council argues that all the violence and hate in the universes is merely the fault of people's own actions and nature, and even if Religen has been used negitively, it isn't right to blame it even, if it can be used wrong, even if it was as bad as how the Churchmen did it. Eventally, Crox went flat out rouge and tried to trick the Bullarns and the Dubasas's to destroy the Animal Square Provinences by simply delcaring war on the two races and issuing threats that "Their ways are an abomination to the ways of the Provinence allience and their gods", in an ill-concived and truely not well thought out attempt to make religen look bad and respondsable for the death of a powerful system allience. Fortunately, an unescapeable war was prevented when Inigo Jr., with help from Bun, shoothed the anger of both races while Xena busted Crox as the idiot who almost started a war that could've destroyed lives just to make a point. Crox was removed as senator and given a life sentence in Oranos as a "War Criminal".
  • Simon Ketchup- A self-entitled Atheist with strong darwinistic beliefs in evolution that was a victim of relijustus prosicution cause his views conflicted with that of the church's views. Even after when the churches reformed under a more open minded leader, Simon retained harsh resentment to the religens of Kalolack. Being a talented genius, he used mutantion to alter himself and several unlucky animals to become "Team Abomins", and wrougt desistation to the churches that wrong him. The Open-Minded leader knows why Simon was doing it, but knew he was beyond help thanks to his tortured past, and that the mutantion made him even more unreasonable. Eventally, the Union came and put a grinding stop to Simon and reversed his mutantion and that of his pets. Because Simon refused to forgive religen for what it did to him, he had to be arrested and taken to Oranos.
  • Caeser Nutbarf- An Atheist who was a known, "oddity", cause he was also a rather fanactical conspiracty thoerist who was infamous for believing in Conspiracties that aren't true, like how some dishastors were planned by the goverments and that Corperations plan to abolish the Infernus Rule and risk a new Exo War. Nutbarf was a known leader in the Anti-Grand Council Rebels, one of the leaders in fact, and was the worse of exsosizing the claims of the VA being planned by the grand council that failed to maintian it as well as they did. He has the harshest and even more crazy views that Religen strips away rights. Fortunately, he was pretty much on his own cause the Anti-Grand Council rebels were more interested in punishing the Grand Council. With the Rebels disbaned by the Heroes Act, Caeser was freed make a name for himself. He tried to join the Union and convince them to join in his cause to "Stop Religen from destroying freewill", but the Union long know of what a nutball Nutbarf is and refused. Nutbarf then attempted to usurped Xena of her place as leader by challnaging her to a fist fight. Natrolly, thanks to Xena being a more compitent fighter then Nutbarf is, he was defeated almost anti-climaticly. He was then gift-wrapped and tied up on the steps of the Nexx Tower for the Grand Council, with a note that said "To Grand Council. We took care of this Anti-Grand Council moron for you. Feel free to punish him like the rest of his friends. With love, Xena and the members of the Union. P.S.: It's recinmended on leaving the tape on his mouth. Trust us on this."

(More coming soon when it comes to mind)

Still-At-Large Non/Religious Criminals

  • Zealord The Zealot- A very personal foe of Xena, and practically politicly powerful. Connections with the AUU Grand Council and Warson and being charismatic makes it difficult to stop him for good. However, his lies about Xena being a VA fanatic has been starting to be questionable when the only time the Grand Council has heard of Xena is when she stops legit religious abusers and villains, and a majority of the Main Council Members have indeed started to question Zealord's creditability, never mind the proven fact that the group HAS clearly fought with the VA in the thee-way Jomos war. Warson does still trust Zealord fully, but even he is abit curious on how a "Greedy Sellout Villains Act Terrorist" is fighting against Tyrants as suppose to invite them to join the VA. Very Suspicious. But Warson has too many positive memories with Zealord, and is very conflicted to what and who to believe. A dear old friend, or that friend's personal enemy?
  • Judgement King- A former ruler of a planet with a religion about how great and dark he is. The Union was able to prove he was not a god and he was dethroned and banished. He became a rouge traveling Zealot trying to force planets to accept his self-insert religion, but is chased off by the Union everytime. He's yet to be caught by the Union or the Heroes Act.
  • Alux Rapture- A criminal mastermind who is made infamous with crazy plans to purge the AUU of religion so no harm like that which was brought upon him would ever occur. He was an evil atheist who believes that religion is evil, and thus is something that deserves to not exist, regardless of all the good things they bring besides the bad things. The UARA considered him the worst victim of religious abuse since he was excommunicated, locked up for forced entry in a religious site, and was raised in a society where atheism was frowned upon, and thus had his wife and children crucified for being such. As an act of revenge, he raped the wife of a minor but strongly influential member of the Grand Council, and framed the asshole priest who had his family crucified of the act. And because that, ironically, despite the grand council being responsible for abolishing atheism, they were not fond of the religion the priest was a part of because Alux's home planet Yinboonplax's religion of "Devine Purity" has an ironically unpure history of violence and unfairly against the LBGT community, woman's rights, the minority, were anti-abortion, and worse off, males had better rights then females, worsen still that they don't recognize rape as such, but rather, they view "rape" as "part of the devine's plans", which is an insult to rape victims that to think that the devines planned their suffering. The result was the Grand Council having legion soldiers come in and destroyed all of the religion's areas and churches and had all members executed, abolishing the religion and made atheism the new dominant shorce. The planet hailed Alux as a hero, at least until the UARA exposed that the priest, despite being legitamently guilty of his own rape crimes, was innocent for once and that it was Alux's fault, and though the UARA agreed that the hypocritically named religion needed to go, it shouldn't've been like the way Alux did to it. As such, Alux's was quickly made a monster to the atheist people who once loved him and chased him off-planet, causing Alux to scream "I WAS JUST AVENGING MY FAMILY?!", and escape to a ship to still be yet to be captured. This left horrible mental scars on Alux and thus he became determined to destroy religion at any cost, earning him a reputation as one of the greatest adversaries for the UARA.

Missed Opportunities/Ongoing Cases

  • The Cult of Skim'salom- A dangerious VA allied cult that the Union targeted cause they have a bad habit of forcing people to worship a demon. They know that the cult had strong VA connections and were cautious to try and go after them, even when after the VA's fall, espeically after experiencing them hard during the Jomos wars. An outsider hero by the name of Superius Samantha took them down personally due to their leader, The Speaker, turning out to be a dark magilo user that was already long sought-after by the Magilo users. Samantha had saved the Union the trouble of having to deal with them personally.
  • Green Turbans- Another VA controlled team that the Union targeted cause of their hypocritical philosophies and over-eagerness to get involved with the VA. Like the Skim Cult, they were cautious of just having a go at them due to connections to the VA and being few members too short at the time. Thankfully, another outside hero, Marcilene the Marvel, gladly took out the group with the slaughter of their leader, Su-Slum-Lau. The union does however capture surviving remnants that were turned bandit and even risky missions of capturing those turned into VA troopers, having several close calls, espeically during the Jomos issue.
  • The Group of Groon-Mas- Another group the Union was after cause of their ridiculously outrageous anti-tec philosophies and plans to abolish all of it but ships in favor of Amish-like idealogues. Ironically, the VA already beaten them to it out of being personally disgusted and provoked by them and almost anti-climatically defeated them. The Union reknidised it as a mere act of being provoked and not out of true good intentions, espeically that they congured the planet the Group was in and included an EVEN worse group! Surviving Groon-Mas members has since reformed after the Zoians were kind enough to offer them new homes and protection from the VA, and the union left them alone for it, no longer seeing threats in them. Though sometimes there IS the occasional ignorant member that tried to revive the old ways of the Groon-Mas and had to be quickly arrested.
  • The Dark Sisterhood- The Dark Sisterhood, an all-female assassin group, is targeted by the Union cause of their own dark religion of "The Mother" that drives them to be assassins for hire. So far, cause of their neutral status that they only killed if asked, the Dark Sisterhood is only routinely monitored and restricted to keep their "Mother" craziness to themselves, with The High Sisters promising to turn in ANY member(s) that attempts to make outsiders that didn't commit murder embrace the "Mother".
  • Crack-Jaw- Crack-Jaw is an obviously nut-case shaman of a Bakudan tribe that is tricking his people to believe that ships are demons even when there was never an attack by them, making the religion more out of true jealousy-borned malice then pure survival. The Union is currently unable to go after him themselves due to lack of proof that the religion is not for surviving purposes in thanks of a law meant to protect tribes from manipulators and lesser being abusers, as it would take Outside forces to take care of Crack-Jaw for them.
  • Cassel Argentia- Not nessersarly an attempt to claim Cassel's life. Rather, a planned rescue to get a formerly benevolent leader wronged by a corrupt government cause he choose to spare a heretic and let him follow what he wants to believe instead of killing him. What kept them from doing it now is, again, The VA, and also the problem of him being protected by VA remnants.
  • Master Hot-Venom- An obviously evil Zonophi who is intentionally making his followers hostile to the Zewinsaurs cause of them "stealing their god", which is really actually an obvious member of the same race and Hot-Venom ignorantly views him as totally different and refuses to accept that the Zewinsaurs created his people. Because Zonophi are too dangerious to deal with, Wesper forbids against attacking Hot-Venom directly, and to instead, use a local rouge named Fraghiss to independently aide them. He keeps contact with them, and already, they devised a plan to take Hot-Venom down. They would end up getting unexpected help from Outside forces again to see this through.
  • The Faction of the True Norm- While not nessersarly religious and technically not their jurisdiction, The Faction of the True Norm from the planet of mutants hits too close to home for Sir Jrood, which is why the Union is targeting them, as well as because the Faction has been hiring surviving Old Church of Normalcy Loyalists that escaped Jrood's old home planet to use the otherwise non-religious faction as a means to have an army to simply retake their church back to Spance's way, still having yet to realized that Stance was a victim of a fermented fruit that drove him to insanity, which makes Jrood worry that the Faction will become dangerious enemies of the Tokujitas, not helping either is that the faction is also after a forsakened giant titanic robot project that makes the Nova Titans look like action figures in litteral comparison. Again, the Faction is otherwise non-religious and thus, the Union can't directly come after them nor their Leader, Leader Norm, but have accepted aide from a member of Z-Men to help capture the remaining loyalists AND also help prevent the Faction from ever being a true possible threat to the Tokujitas with the presence of old church loyalists present.
  • The Hobnobbers- Another example of a problem that's technically not a relijustus one, the Hobnobbers are infamous of treating crime like a way of life and viewing such as "Survival to it's purest form" almost relijustus-like. But at best, they're not a true relijustus group and more like a delusional legion of crime bosses and leaders that take their career choices too seriously. Luckily, the Union doesn't nessersarly need to worry about the group spreading thanks to the system they dominate pretty much fixing itself thanks to rising Law Enforcement, along side the leader of the Hobnobbers, who is suffering from paranoia and insanity, would soon make a fatal mistake that'll end up having the group practically defeat itself.
  • Qoklara Musa So- Or "We Righteous Few" in Phend language, whose actions have caused their home planet Phender to be destroyed by turning it into a 'space-donut', as well as scorching their colony of Iiblia through a civil war caused by their cruel ways. The Qoklara are amongst the most dangerious ongoing cases the Union is trying to fight because the group, espeically their mysterious leader, Kronosas the Vengeance Reaper, are largely unpredictable, and there for too dangerious for the UARA to confront directly, along with a mess of other issues too risky of controversial status the group couldn't afford, so like with Hot-Venom, they have to rely on independent indirect helpers to work out a means to end the Qoklara's reign of monstrous cruelty, and it would once more take Outside forces to end the most infamous of examples of religion being misused.

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