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The Union of Independent Systems, UIS for short, is a predominant rival of the USRA in the Alternate UUniverses. From being against how incompetently the USRA operates, to the USRA races at some point in time being unreliable or otherwise, these races grew to dislike or resent the USRA race alliance. UIS was founded on the belief that the AUU shouldn't rely entirely upon (If preferringly at all) on the USRA because of these short-comings, and they aim to get systems either siding with UIS directly or encourage them to rely mostly upon themselves, free from otherworldly reliance, even at tough times. They are also in a technological competition with the USRA, aiming to one-up them and be considerably more beneficial to unaligned systems than the USRA. Their reasons vary, but they share the common goal of discrediting the USRA as a reliable alliance however necessary. They are by no means evil, as their beliefs are very logical in the grand scheme of things, believing that relying upon the USRA has often been costly and made systems rely constantly on them, making them weaker people. Though these aims get both governing bodies arguing, to-often troubling degrees. But a greater reason behind this is that the UUniversal claim of the USRA ruling the AUU is more implied than fact as the AUU has no defined ruler, if in fact, at most, the popular claim is borned out of the fact that it's the first time a racial alliance of the USRA's magnitude even existed and that the USRA made themselves popular with interventionalist actions and policies, and argued that if the USRA had kept to their own devices and systemary territories, the rest of the AUU either couldn't care less, maintain neutral outlooks, or wouldn't even have heard of them if not for these policies. UIS has much greater influence in the AUU than the USRA because of their viewpoints being valid throughout history, while the USRA is more culturally popular. UIS, as a result, lives to make sure the USRA does not disappoint in simular fashions of the past again, doesn't spread further to systems and/or gains too much power. Though they're aware that the USRA wisen up enough to discourage common accusations slightly, because their disbanding caused wars and chaos, and that UIS is wary of those that don't keep to those standards cause of the USRA races being laxxed about handling trash examples, they seek to keep everyone in the AUU from relying too much on them, if preferably from relying on them at all, and thus prevent further systems from even realizing such a group is even a thing to the point that "USRA" would sound like gibberish to alot of Isolated Beings, or if some limited awareness does exist, these isolated beings would only understand the follies and failures of the URSA so to encourage strict neutrolness to even mild disdain for the USRA to maintain independence. Though in some crazy argument... They thus exist to protect the USRA from themselves, albeit not the alliance directly and more so to prevent unaffected systems to be dragged into more USRA shenanigans, cause it's clear that their own opinions on the USRA might obviously be based on lasting soured impressions.


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  • Brainiacazzk Species.png
    Brainiacaazks- (Leader: Grandmind) A race of Teadr 1 cnidarians and the modern descending race of the Balactans. They are a super-intelligent but extremely aggressive race of translucent-brained creatures that' bare heads with long thin bodies and even longer stinging tentacles. Even their tops produce painful electricity. They deemed anything lesser than them to be inferior and therefore must be subjected to tests and experiments often in the name of science and to embetter the universe in feeling that it is a widely inferior place and aimed to make it superior. They deemed all of the USRA races not enough to make this possible, even having seen their tec, which they deemed "Early-Staged", being infamously known to be hard to impress. They deem even fellow Teadr 1s like the Yaterons to be second-rate, and thus, believe that they must seek out races worthy of their attention. Thus, with the Skeps, the Vyrans, and the Bullabulls, found the Union of Independent Systems, UIS for short. The Brainiacaazks are the main heads of office while Skeps act politically, Bullabulls and Vyrans are the fighters and security, and the races that came to join them serve respective roles, while the Brainiacaazks get to enjoy having an alliance an equal to the USRA and to the subsequent NUSRA. The Brains bare their own complicated language, even up to vulgarity words due to their intellect. Even their race name can be difficult to pronounce and spell, sometimes it's Brainiacaazk, or it's Brainiacazzk, hence why the less refined and less trained tongues prefer to short-cut the name as "Brains", the crudest abridgment to a UIS race's name since even the Skepicens as "Skeps". Home Planet: Brainiac (Alpha Universe, Tharper Sector, Brainkaaaz System)
  • Bullabull Species.png
    Bullabulls- (Leader: King Buuull) A race of Teadr 2 horned reptilian beings who are mighty warriors that believe in worlds that should fight for their own battles or else it'll encourage systematic dependence and stunt their growth, believing that alliances should mind their own business and fight their own battles. As such, the USRA's existence offends them of the idea that they help other worlds in matters that should not concern them and proceeded to go to war with them to get them disbanded. Not surprisingly, the USRA proved too strong for even the Bullabulls might. In a desire to one day put all of the USRA races into their places, The Bullabulls sacrificed their steady beliefs to become among the founders of the Union of Independent Systems. Home Planet: Bulluz (Alpha Universe, Pisarque Sector, Bulla-Bulla System)
  • Skepticen Species.png
    Skepticen- (Leader: Madam President) A race of Teadr 2 tall, slender and elegantly tall lizard beings with frills that can form mohawks. They take pride in their Teadr 2 tec and their rising process to become Teadr 1, giving them an air of pride and sophistication. The Skeps believe in an always fair government that must treat all worlds with respect no matter the circumstances. They were once candidates to join the USRA, but their actions with Pharagu forever disgusted the Skeps of this crime against any not allied to them, dubbed them to be tyrants and became the leading founders of the UIS, Union of Independent Systems, who aim to get systems not already en-snared to the USRA to not get involved with them and to shun their "Empty Promises" and "Over-bearing Regulations", and in worse cases, "Turning worlds into more Pharagus". Alchourse, even if the Pharagu tragedy didn't happen, the Skeps were already alored by the Brainiacaazks to consider a more worthwhile partnership. Pharagu just ended up being an overkill motivator that accelerated the inevitable. Many non-USRA controlled systems, including Ugoldest and the system controlled by the Vosot Union, came to join along-side USRA denouncement. The Skeps continue to scoff at even legitamently earnestly good things and deem them to be "Political Crowd-pleasers" designed to distract from their flops, insighting that the USRA is afraid of admitting their mistakes in a proper way and not try to maintain control on defectors. Home Planet: Skeptic Major (Delta Universe, Delta Core Sector, Skep System)
  • Vyran Species.png
    Vyranasaurus Trexes
    Vyranasaurus Trex- (Leader: Commadore Vrex) A race of Teadr 2/Near 1 T-Rex-like beings that are roughly the same height as Gantu, and are a race that had tie-ins with the Grohkans, Zorns, Brutans, Phends, and a variety of other tough beings. They are capable of being quick and nimble and, despite their size, are actually good in acrobatics. They are proud and persistent fighters that are against Teadr 1 ascension being reached illegally, thus are automatically enemies of the Yaterons because of their origins. Even despite the Yaterons' higher tec, the Vyrans overwhelmed the Yaterons greatly and were close of subjugating the Yaterons back to Teadr 7 to force them to progress to tec levels naturally, but not only did the Yaterons direct allies came in, but many supporters of the Yaterons came in and help fight off the Vyrans. Being robbed of their goal of subjugating the Yaterons into natural progress, the Vyrans aimed to get just as much allies to help against their allies, and they acquired this through becoming founders of the UIS, Union of Independent Systems. In light of their naturally tiny arms, their tec allowed them the invention of extended robotic arms that enable them to wield weaponry and capable to best help their capabilities. Home Planet: Tyranno (Alpha Universe, Alpha Core Sector, Rex System)

Prime Members

  • Naaar Species.png
    Naaar- (Leader: The Naaar Prime) A race of Teadr 2 fanged chameleon beings with hyper-senses, the ability to change colors, long sticky pre-digesting tongues, and a taste for rodents. Rodents of all kinds are considered to be food and livestock to them, but their top three favorites are Yuruns, Sea Squirrels, and Yeercats. In fact, of the three, they consider Yuruns the most nutritious and delicious. Hence why in the middle era of the USRA, Yurun farms and slaughterhouse space stations were rampant and owned by Naaars in the AUU. The USRA acted fiercely and swiftly against the Naaars' rodent cuisines and lead to being banished to their planet of Naaaaaaar with an exiled shield. But the Naaars were freed by the recently founded Union of Independent Systems and came into their membership and protection, thus, resulting in the return of Yurun Farms and Slaughterhouses in UIS controlled systems, along with the addition of it happening to other rodents as well. Plus-side, they can at least be great when dealing with a Vrat problem. Home Planet: Naaaaaaaar (Theta Universe, Faste Sector, Naer System)
  • Skorner Species.png
    Skorner- (Leader: King-Emperor Sk'a Ornus) A race of Teadr 2 purple-skinned fanged big-headed reptilian alien beings and fearsome enemies of the Tiikons because the Skorners deemed them an abomination because of their split personality and believing that their existence will shame the universes forever in the eyes of the Omniverse. As such, the Skorners proceeded to attack Tiiken colonies and tried to destroy the race. The USRA began to fight them off and retaliated with strong forces. The Skorners were forced to give up their pursuits and forsake destroying the Tiikens. However, they came to deem the universes forever shamed because of the Tiikens existence. Thus, they came to join the Union of Independent Systems to redeem the Universes of "The Shame" of the Tiikens. Home Planet: Skornus (Theta Universe, Inbaralt Sector, Skkor System)
  • Finkur Species.png
    Finkur- (Leader: Administer Finster) A race of Teadr 2 alien amphibian beings known to be tec scavengers and have known to snag whatever tec they can get, even if it already has an owner. The Finkurs are reknown wanna-bes, known mostly for being obsessed with being like the Xurons to the point they copy and paste their inventions and even mimic their ships to the point that they can be mistaken as Xuron ships. They been dubbed as "the race with no self-identity" and have thus been deemed unpopular. They also have the reputation of being considered the Xuron's stalker fans, given that Finkurs would always spy on Xuron owned property to see their tec so they can replicate accurately. It's not to say the AUU's ignorant of their talents, it's the problem with originality's the issue. As such, the USRA, the Xurons spear-heading it unsurprisingly, placed the race of the planet Kuurrus, under planetary probation and held off the planet with a minor class Exile Sheild due to lack of a true threat level as more like they're more burdens than a threat. Cause of it, it lead to the finkurs to end up falling into the influence of a known USRA competitor, the Union of Independent Systems, where the races that either grown critical to the USRA's standards or more-or-less former/still enemies to some USRA races and came to live under their banner with the UIS' declaration of independence from USRA control and with legal force, forced the exile shield off of the Finkur planet. As such, the Finkurs continued their Xuron wannabeing ways ever since under the UIS's protection. Home Planet: Kuurrus (Gamma Universe, Tobani Sector, Noifinny System)
  • Sailneck Species.png
    Sailneck- (Leader: Titanic Bertha) A race of Teadr 3 amphibious alien beings that are a logical paradox of a race. The race has the mannerisms of rednecks yet are of an advance level of Teadr 3 and slowly rising. The Sailnecks have garnered a very feudulent attitude towards the Aufones because of the Aufones aiming to colonized their system because of worlds very few even actually belong to them, thus leading to a territory battle. Despite the Aufones being a tec level shorter, they were overwhelming the Sailnecks because the Aufones have the advantage of USRA support. Cause of it, the Sailnecks started to lose ground and more of the system began to come under USRA control. That is until the Union of Independent Systems came to the Sailnecks' aide with even better tec and forced the USRA colonies out of the system. The Sailnecks give undying loyalty to the Union ever since. Sailnecks body types can range greatly, from the basic types that're often abit more favorable to UIS, referred to by outsiders as Civilian Ages, and the abnormally large body types that authoritative Sailnecks tend to gain, called "Big Mamas", "Big Pas", "Uncles and Aunts", or to outsiders as 'Familial Ages', of which the familial titles are often presentive of their leader or high-ranked status with the Sailnecks and not nessersarly related to the entirety of the population, but their swamp bumkin like culture makes them behave around eachother like a tight-knit family. Though selectively, Sailnecks often can ascend to "Big Ma/Pahood" after mating even only once, of which UIS, primarily Coraak geneticists, have genetically altered out for Sailnecks getting involved in the large UIS community because the larger bodies aren't exactly built for self-defense, as learned when a beloved Uncle in the fight with the USRA in their system was killed by radicals during a peace talk in terms of accepting combat capable members, but those involved in more non-combat matters are often left alone, espeically those who already have become such a title. Home Planet: Sailboondocks (Gamma Universe, Eschose Sector, South QXYZ System)
  • Coraak Species.png
    Coraak- (Leader: Head CEO Flabbs) A race of Teadr 2 bulky frog/salamander-like beings that live under a croperacy and believe in an economy that functions on slavery. The Coraaks once own the lives of many amphibians in their range. They even once controlled the Aufones and their native planet. They deemed their slaves stupid, confused, and helpless without their decisive command and strict guidance, and believe that their slaves serving them is their only purpose in life. However, the Aufone rebellion happened, and then the Aufones and the Coraaks fought eachother. Despite the Coraaks having stronger tec and great strategies and numbers, the Aufones have the faith in the other amphibian slaves, and lead to each of them to do following revolts and chase the Coraaks out of the planets. The Coraaks still believe in their ways and aimed to get all of their slaves back, and succeeded with their original amphibian races and discouraged rebellions for good on them. All, except the Aufones who became members of an alliance, the USRA. The Coraaks know going after a USRA race would end with them getting an exile shield, so they joined the Union of Independent Systems to best combat this. With UIS's protection and help from the willing Sailnecks in a partnership akin to Grutts and the Pharcums, the Sailnecks capture Aufones attempting to recolonize Sailneck planets and give them to the Coraaks as slaves. Coraaks have been given the fitting nickname, "The Grutts that can Croak". They're fat to the point that, despite being able to walk and stand, cannot move that fast on their own, so they often have to ride on hover segways to get anywhere quicker. Home Planet: Croaaak (Gamma Universe, Eschose Sector, North QXYZ System)
  • Zeapents Race Chart Beta.png
    Zeapent- (Leader: Chief De'vot) A race of Teadr 2 snake-necked lizard beings that behave more like snakes than lizards. They are a relijustus society that worship the mighty Gladiozont as a sacred gift of the gods, wearing the feathers of its prey to show compassion to it, and demonstrate these beliefs by building the likeness of Gladiozonts in their iconic and impourent buildings, statues in graveyards, their likeness in churches, and even use them in symbols. The Zeapents have grown enraged at the universes ill-treatment of their sacred animal and had often aimed to inquisition the hunters of Gladiozonts or even those that killed in self-defense or any that would misuse Gladiozonts for gain. They're also against the idea of killing in general, even if it was for survival, so they punished those who even so much as killed a bug. The Zeapents were quickly sought-after by the USRA races and they aimed to place them on planetary probation, but the Union of Independent Systems came in, challenged the USRA into a debate and won against the USRA, forcing them to forsake their plans to bring justice onto the Zeapents, allowing them to practice their zealotical beliefs in peace. Males are identified with blood-red legs, dark underbellies and being thicker while females bare pinker limbs and underbellies. Home Planet: Keyti Lesser (Epsilon Universe, Buexxer Sector, Keyti System)
  • Sea Krow Species.png
    Sea Krows
    Sea Krow- (Leader: Supreme Chancellor Mooblub) A race of bulky Teadr 2 bovine-faced fish beings that move with robotic crab legs on land and have both gills and lungs for separate occasions. They are known allies of the Ziseryins and equally share concerns for the ocean's treatment and well being, though Sea Krows were more-balanced minded then the Ziseryins and even tried to warn them against their extreme methods in recognizing the USRA's power. As they feared, the Ziseryins were given the exile shield treatment with the Sea Krows being given a fair warning to avoid their mistakes. While they took the advice well enough, they still value their imprisoned allies, even if they know they are capable to get out of any situation. As such, the Sea Krows joined the Union of Independent Systems to get protection from the USRA in knowing that attempting to free the Ziseryins will lead to bad tidings. Next to the Skeps and Vyrans, Sea Krows are the most level-headed of the UIS and keep their less orderly counterparts in the union in check with the Skeps. For example, Naaars are kept from making rouge Yurun/other rodent slaughterhouses outside of UIS territory, particularly vengeful Coraaks are kept from making risky grabs against Aufone colonies, Skorners are kept from causing anti-Tiiken attacks of any kind, Bullabulls are made to keep their particularly extreme members in check, Zeapents are kept from going after every case of a hunter killing a Gladiozont, both Finkurs and Sailnecks are kept in check of their usual shenanigans, and so on and so forth. They maintain a good relation with the founder races and yield a serious authoritative figure with the other races of the UIS. Sea Krows are passive-aggressive and prefer to use stern words and authority to defuse conflicts within and outside of the group. Home Planet: Krrow (Zeta Universe, Trageam Sector, Butrube System)
  • Bruddlefish Species.png
    Bruddlefish- (Leader: Prime Minister Fishcraft) A race of Teadr 2 cuttlefish-like beings that maintain the most beautiful utopian society in existence, and the greatest tec in the Teadr 2 line, and specialised bots so sophisticated that even Omnicans would look outmoded in comparison. The one thing that held them back from being shoo-ins for the USRA and/or NUSRA inclusion is that they are very strict believers in being against "Meddling in the affairs of worlds". Becausedly, they're even more like the Bullabulls used to be, only they stick to their guns even after joining the Union of Independent Systems. Thankfully, this belief lead to them being the VA's biggest enemies because no doubt all of their actions are just extremer versions of meddling. However, they grew critical to the USRA races and the Grand Council for "Being no better" and basically do the same thing, even if it was for a greater good. And they espeically came to disavow the Lougers as heroes because they commited the act of United Universal meddling, so they aim to put the heroes on trail should they ever come near UIS territory or if their crimes of meddling get too serious. Home Planet: Bruddle (Epsilon Universe, Essephemer Sector, Burddlea System)
  • Vezzerek Race Chart Basis.png
    Vezzrick- (Leader: The Great Vezzrick Queen) A race of Teadr 2 army-ant-like beings that are pretty much person-sized Centauric Wasp/Ant/Mantis race that have extremely advance Teadr 2 tec and live under the monarchy of their maternal queen. The Vezzrick, sometimes called Vezzereck due to difficult pronunciation, like to believe they are the only super-power in existence and would seek out and disband any alliance that doesn't pay them tribute. When they demanded Tribute from the USRA, they refused. Offended that the USRA does not respect them, The Vezzrick retaliated with automatic war and proved overwhelming to the USRA. But what ultimately helped the USRA through was the Narudans and usage of a chemical that was making soldiers sick. The Vezzrick were forced to retreat cause of this chemical warfare. The Vezzrick came to join the Union of Independent Systems, growing to understand the benefit of alliances and figured that fellow likewise detracters of the USRA are their greatest weapon against them. Even with their false lower-jaw-eqsed mandibles that open up when speaking, The Vezz are capable to speak English, but often they have heavy African-sounding accents with bug noises thrown in, so prime representatives often have to carry interpretator drones to make sure their speech is made properly clear to those that can easily misunderstand them. Home Planet: Vezzin Prime (Epsilon Universe, Bogthen Sector, Vezzer System)
  • Zhaerthis Race Chart.png
    Zhaerthis- (Leader: The Zhaer Empress) A Teadr 2 child-sized race of mantis-people with long twisted necks (In females) who often live under a matriarchy in where females have far greater rights and authority over males. The Zhaerthis are often the greatest sympathizers of the likes of the Vexxomites, the Weeviods, the Necktronians, and any mistreated bug race that went against the USRA. It has often lead to them to challenge the USRA's authority almost constantly. Sometimes they lay claim to a certain section of a city in USRA control as an act of protest. Sometimes they even programmed a bot to assassinate a politician that has been particularly harsh to them. The USRA were making plans to subjugate them to an Exile Sheild for the constant mayhem, but the Zhaerthis were ahead of them and joined the Union of Independent Systems and gained protection from the USRA races ever since. Thus leading to their shenanigans not ending anytime soon unless the USRA finally caves in on at least certain demands. Home Planet: Zhaer I (Eta Universe, Lariclum Sector, Zhaer System)
  • Ka'Navi'Salaan Species.png
    Ka'Navi'Salaan- (Leader: Emperor Krech) AKA the Klaves, these are a race of Teadr 2 colossal arthropod-crustacean beetle-moth beings that are amphibious, aggressive, and technologically-resilient, being able to regenerate dismembered body parts in a month like a crab, are impervious to pain since they have a different sensation of damage where they can glow when in critical condition, can see in infrared vision, they have multiple mini lungs, a layered 12-lobed brain, have durable back shells that display jewel-beetle-like surfaces to attract mates, and durable exoskeletons, can glide long distances with their beetle-like wings, mouths with extra chelicera-like jaws, and lay hundreds of eggs a batch. Being of the same origin as the Uonans, except being on the enemy's headquarters, they were formerly a skeptical ally of them and are now personal enemies to them because a clumsy ambassador ruined a sacred treasure and lead to a bitter and devastating war. The Ka'Navi commonly attack Uonan colonies even after the war ended because they deemed the action 'Unforgivable', thus leading to the USRA races to stand up to them. The Ka'Navi figured the Uonans' newfound USRA status would make revenge difficult, so they joined the Union of Independent Systems so they can be of equal power. They are also the great enemies of the bug hating Daboassas for pretty much the fact that they hate bugs, and they came to establish a great kinship with the Zhaerthises and the Vezzricks, who also developed a great distaste for the USRA. Home Planet: Ka'Navious (Epsilon Universe, Polgren Sector, Navi'Navatai System)

Support Members

  • Vcrintexen Species.png
    Vcrintexen- (Leader: Queen Matris XXXXX) A Teadr 2 race of Mantis-Spider beings indigenous to the Planet Vcrintex Capital (Alpha Universe, Alpha Core Sector, Vcrintex System). A very materarchical socity where males are subservent to them to the point that they're either only good for reproduction or sometimes are lifestock. And even then, Females are capable of asexual reporduction, so mating is mostly for entertainment then repoduction, though mating still plays a part in determining genetics on how strong a future Vcrintexen is. The Vcrintexens have a boundless genetic capability, so biologically, their would be mates are not limited to fellow Antropods. Even Plant-Eqsed or Fungus-Eqsed races aren't spared from this limitless genetic posabilities. Thus, the Vcrintexen race are reknown and infamous of capturing and enslaving the best males of any other races, predomenantly the Yaterons because of being the most commen. Vcrintexens, though commenly prefer men, won't shy away from the females of the race they target, so they're not strictly male targeters. Thus more often, Vcrintexens commenly tend to have Yateron traits or the traits of any race of interest, but the race maintain their pure genetics to avoid the evolutionairy outmoding, and restrict inter-spieces mating to higher status-holders or impourent members of the race. The USRA aimed to halt these practices to preverse the Yateron dignity, but the Vcrintextens came to join UIS to protect their rights against over-reach, and are also not afraid to deminstraight there greatest defences, a web so thick it doesn't even feel like web and is more of a solid metal, meaning they can make many weapons capable to wreck an armada in little to no time flat, as well as the planet's sky being mostly covered in the stuff that'll only allow Vcrintexen ships in, while sunlight is allowed through sun absorbion drones that work like solar panals that let sunlight in so it doesn't end up being a planetary detriment. Their membership with UIS has ensured that through their extremely harden web, the UIS can make sure USRA control is limited to what is in their control while keeping their systems or un-allied systems from automaticly go to the USRA. Hence why Mysum, The System of Chronitcus, and other systems in this secter and/or most other secters are not in automatic USRA control, making the universeal claim of the USRA ruling the AUU being more implied then fact.
  • Crystormain Species.png
    Crystormain- (Leader: Chieftain Cryst) A Teadr 2 race of giant-antlered elk-like creatures indigenous to Planet Cryostorma (Alpha Universe, Apirion Sector, Cryostorm System). On a planet similar to the moon of Triton, filled with unstable cryovolcanic activity, annual superstorms and ice ages, these beings survived the harshest of hard times by living briefly in the warm caverns beneath the surface and evolving enough to survive on the surface. They are also known for their technology enabling them to turn ice into weapony, creating something currently unique to Crystorma, perfecting ice, freeze, and cryogenic weapons. The Crystormains were once all for the USRA, but when they ended up disbaning, they were shocked of the choas that ensued because of one disbansion. It made the Crystorms come to believe that over-relying on an allience to be a bad thing, and came to become avocates of independence, thus joining UIS and thus supplied their unigte ice-tec to make sure the USRA are never allowed to become too expandsive where another disbansion would risk an unfixable dishastor.
  • Grolla Species.png
    Grolla- (Leader: Higher Priest Pinchscale) A tribal semi-technological Teadr 6.5 race of crab-clawed lizards native to Planet Grolla (Alpha Universe, Apirion Sector, Grolla-Groola System). They are 6.4ft reptilian beings that evolved from aetosaurs, have chitinous body armor that molts like a bug, the race goes through metamorphosis, males have snout crests that change color with emotion, powerful senses, regenerative abilities, a skeleton of 100% cartilage, claws with three fingers and possess mini stingers and pack a very strong painful punch, and they worshipped the Brainiacaazks as gods. Cause of it, when the Brainz founded UIS, the Grollas unconditionally joined to serve their gods and those that would allied to them. While their weaponry is reminisent to tribal weaponry, it is alot more advance, from their bow-shaped guns to lazer spears, and their shamans capable of healing with a mixture of traditional shamenry and modern science. The Grollas are unapologenicly loyal to the Brainz and quick to show aggression to any enemy to them.
  • Xenzenian- A race of Teadr 2.5 Neomorph-like cnidarian beings native to the crime infested and corperate madness system of Globrunx (Alpha Universe, Bacmus Sector). They are similar to Neomorphs, but they have no tails, triangular heads, highly flexible jaws with regenerative omnivore teeth that appeared with a sharp point in front of a blunt flat surface on the back of each tooth, eyes built internally in their heads, are very agile climbers with gecko-like hands and feet, blue and red blood in the respective veins and arteries, four lungs, a giant heart, 20-lobed brains, and extensive longevity. They were once wide-spread in the systems planets, but corperate control and crime rampentness lead to the Xenzens having to evacuate from their homes and being made to live in a once uninhapited system. They joined UIS in hoping to one day reclaim Globrunx from crime and the corperate irrespondsabilities that allowed them to hurt their worlds with new found distrust to the USRA for their failure to deal with this. Home System: Xnurbolg. Home Planet: Xenzen.
  • Swactyl- An Economic Savy yet Pasifistic race of Pterasaur-Eqsed Swans that lived in fear of Bullarn harhassment and continious attempts to enslave them. Thankfully, UIS came to their aide and did a desistating enough blow to the Bullarns to scare them from ever wanting to mess with Jenjillia AND UIS ever since. The Swactyls have enturnal gratatude for UIS's rescue and joined as a shorce of economic income and assentually founded their own Ecnomic System away from the AUU Currentcy Trope, named as The Banking Economic Independence Guild, BEIG for abridgement. The Swactyls didn't originally had an issue with the USRA, but their gratatude for UIS' rescue has grown to made them feel quite opinionated on how the USRA runs things, espeically on how it was UIS who saved them and not the USRA. As such, they started an overly expendsive toll service that only accepts UIS money that does more then discourage USRA travel to the now isolated worlds. Home System: Jenjillia. Home Planet: Jillkalia
  • Karnavore- A race of Oviraptor-Beaked Dino-Giraffes that deemed the USRA's continious expansion a threat to universe independence and the infection of meddling and unwarrented dependence. They became a faverite for UIS membership as the Karnavores were attracted by the UIS' ability to keep the over-reach from expanding. In place of a "Boring" Wall, a fleet of Un-manned Armadas block out any USRA attempt to expand into the now isolated worlds. Home System: Karnavor. Home Planet: Karnavora
  • Battu- To avoid confusion with the normal speices, sometimes they are refered to as the Battuions. A race of Teadr 3 Raptorial Bat creatures that are once highly supportive of the USRA, but when the Disbansion happened and resulted in a universe spread war, thus leading to the Battu being repeatedly victimised by hostile races the USRA would normally keep in check. They were rescued by UIS and kept the many invasions away from the Battu. The Battu came to defelupt a more UIS friendly attatude, forsaken the USRA races, and created an invisable forcefield designed to keep ships from reaching now isloated systems. Home System: Batt. Home Planet: Batt 71 VAI.
  • Rocan-Racon Bird- The Native Birds of both the Rocan and Racon systems. A Teadr 2 race of Parrot-Eqsed Terror Birds that were once the benvolent owners of Racon prime, but then the Grutts booted them out to turn Racon into a crime infested mess and mistreated the people they had once welcomed into their system to be left mistreated by the Grutts. The Rocan-Racon Birds tried many times to pled to the USRA to re-take Racon from the Grutts, and even added that it would enable them to hurt an impourent point of Corruption Co, but because of a clearly illegit treaty designed to mess with the USRA's sense of diplomacy, the Racon-Rocans are constintely turned down. The Rocan-Racon Birds, growing desperate and tired of the USRA's failure to correct a grivious misjustice in faver of diplomacy over a treaty clearly made by a Grutt and a few friends that aren't even a minor representation to the entire Grutt race and had CLEARLY shared a world with Corruption Co, most of all commiting an act of conquest of which Grutts as a whole had swore to never do, the Rocan-Racons had turned to UIS, who are less imtimidated by a illegit treaty and are mounting greater forces then Racon's defence system to forcefully re-take the system from the grutts that took their system. Original System: Racon. Original Planet: Racon Prime. Current Home System: Rocan Prime. Current Home Planet: Rocan Prime.
  • Crinkut- A race of the lawyer socity of a Teadr 4 race of Criket people, that though the size of toddlers and dolls, are a very advance teadr 2 race and are nothing to scoff at. The Crinkuts have grew to become disgusted by the USRA's failure and neglect of the Groid system in that crime ran rampent, that a reknown con-grutt was allowed to troll them into not helping the rightful owners of the system, that the War between the Bullarns and the Vikoreans were allowed to happen, a relijustus rape culture wasn't responded to sooner then it did, this unrest in the Muton world, the state of Meximus, the concerningly ambigious ban to travel in Viyphus, along with criticisums on how they handled things in other parts of the Beta and beyond. It lead the Crinkuts to become members of UIS and become the legel support for UIS so the USRA can't dream to easily challnage their blockades so easily. The Crinkuts offer no physical blockade to the isolated universes, but they offer a legal one: border control. Those who wish to travel beyond what is known are subugated to rediculious amount to paperwork and legal jargon until they give up in frustsraightions and forsake the trip. The Crinkuts also aide in legal disputes between UIS and USRA over races of interest, and because they are natrolly good lawyers, UIS wins every time. The Crinkuts also came to be the only effective form of law and order in the system with the USRA's failures, through they themselves are not violent, they created bots shared with them by UIS known as "Justice Warbots" to combat the lawlessness in USRA neglected systems. The Crinkuts don't nessersarly hate the USRA races, they are just tired of their "Shotty Preformice" in their home secter and felt like they had to be ones who clean up the mess. That being said, they deemed UIS more relieable even without the USRA aide of "Being Mainstream" in the AUU community. Home System: Crikus-sundranam. Home Planet: Crikus.
  • Economator Species.png
    Econamators- (Leader: Aristocrat Banks) A race of Teadr 3 raptor-esque geese native to the Planet Econam (Beta Universe, Bacabin Sector, Economicon System). They are 5.9ft avians with long goose necks, long-feathered tails, toothed beaks, feathery heads of hair, bird legs and bald arms, 4 lungs, two hearts, and 14-lobed brains. They joined UIS and BEIG when the USRA's Troupe started doing dishonest tactics back in the VA's control, souring the first impression the Econamtors will ever have from the Troupe and it's USRA history, and as a result, thanks to strong legal support, the Troupe is barely able to get talks into sharing the planet, let alone get one approved for more than a brief time. The Economators are thus economic benefactors for UIS along-side the Swactyls and had helped give them the founding basis of economies on new colonies through cryptocurrency.
  • Asckerites- A Teadr 2 race of Termite Headed Roach people who went into war with the Ohrugans who mussled in their terratory and build millaterry bases on their planets without permission. The Ohrugans at the time were not exactly as honorable as when they joined the Humans, so they did the millaterry equilent of "Fuck you" and claimed Asckerite colonies for their own, destroying their unigte Termite Mound Buildings made from a unigte tecknowagey that allows Asckerites to make tec and nature one. The Ohrugans took over the worlds they liked while leaving the Asckerites the humiliation of only having their homeworld and the planets deemed not worth their time or too ugly for them for benifit. Yes, the Ohrugans improved over those times, but what is maintained since those times is their sour dispostion torwords the Asckerites and basturdised them in media as ugly primitive beasts, when really the Asckerites only wanted to protect their homes. The Asckerites grew tired of abuse and joined with UIS to reclaim their homes back from the Ohrugans, slowly building a stronger millatery to overwealm and chase out the Ohrugans and USRA enfluence as a whole in the system. Home System: Asckeirus 2. Home Planet: Asckerirus Prime
  • Yegopods- A race of Teadr 2 octopoid beings native to Planet Yegopodamia (Gamma Universe, Gamma Core Sector, Yingocauckya System). AKA Yingocauckyans, these are a race of mighty conquerors which look relatively similar to the Yugopotamians of Fairly OddParents with AUU key differences including alien biological head cases. Only this time, they are not held back by a ridiculous phobia to things sweet and nice and cute nor enjoy being disgusting slobs like the Yugopotamians. The Yegoes are a autocratic race with a king and queen, and conquer worlds in the name of their sovereignty and superiority. They deemed the USRA a challenge to their sovereignty and ignited the Yingocauckyan War. They were a nightmare to hold back, but an inspiring leader lead the push to put the race in their place for good. Embarrassed and wounded in pride, they swore vengeance. They joined with UIS to rebuild their forces and make them better then ever. To get further strength, the Yegos arranged a marriage between the royal prince Prince Farck Duong, with the neighboring Galbatorix System with their princess, Princess Sindie, only this time, despite being the AUU equivalent of Princess Mandie, Sindie is not a psychopath secretly seeking power (But does hold harsh viewing to The USRA for preventing Galbatorixian expansion), and Farck is not an idiot and liked what he sees in Sindie. This created the now infamous Yingo-Trox Alliance and a strong supporter of UIS.
  • Galbatorixian- A race of Teadr 1 canine mixed-species beings native to Planet Galbatoria (Gamma Universe, Gamma Core Sector, Galbatorixis System). They are warlike beings with males that are typically haired covered wolf men while females resemble nearly like yellow Rabodans, only built more like Amazons and have antennae and weird flame-swords. Like their neighbors the Yegopods, they have an air of superiority to them and deemed the USRA a challenge to their authority. Only unlike the Yegoes, they didn't rush into war. Rather instead, the Galbatorixians are more observers and see in hindsight that fighting the USRA on your own is fruitless. While the Yegoes did overwhelm the USRA, it was only by an overwhelming push that the war was won. That showed the Galbatorix that they need to act smart about dealing with the USRA threat to their superiority. And UIS and a marriage made alliance with the Yegoes would lead to that direction. Both the Galbs and Yegoes made a great indestructible space wall that blocks out USRA expansion to other now isolated systems.
  • Kleeala- A Teadr 4 race of bat-eared Kangaroos with wings capable of long distence glide that fear the enprouching rampidt colonialisum of the USRA and fear for universeal independence being replaced by dependence at risk of war from disbansion. As such, when proven right, the Kleeala had no choice but to join UIS to halt USRA expandsion and encourage universeal independence. The Kleeala don't believe in fighting or conflict, but they use great magic to block out ships from expanding beyond the Klee system into now isolated worlds. The Kleeala are otherwise friendly folk, but they garnered an extreme distrust to outsider expansion beyond native systems and fear vast enfluence that get ripe for abuse, hence their presience in UIS. Home System: Klee. Home Planet: Kleealaka.
  • Tecadon- Ugoldest's like-wise Neighters, a race of tec obcessed Crab-Eqsed bugs of Teadr 2 power. When Ugoldest joined as an allience with UIS, the Tecadons joined as members and obliged in building a powerful high-tec wall designed to block out USRA forces from expanding to the since isolated Systems. Home System: Igoldest. Home Planet: Igoldest Prime.
  • Cassmites-  A Teadr 4 farmer race of Potato-Bug-Eqsed Afhid-like creatures that are master farmers and horoculturalists. However, the Cassmites were once heavily subugated by the Xuruns in wanting to capitalise on their farmer skills pre-USRA joining days back when the Xuruns were at an era were they were not a considerable improvement from the Byzans. But the Cassmites hosted a revolution against the Xuruns but never succeeded to to fight them back off. It wasn't until the UIS was founded for some time now that the Cassmites finally were able to chase away Xurun enslavement, and thus, the Casssina system became high UIS supporters. Being Teadr 4, the Cassmites offer little ability to offer an effective blockade, hence why UIS colonised their moon and created a forcefiled surrounding the exit torwords the isolated worlds. Home System: Casssina. Home Planet: Cassina Major.
  • Huntrixmites- A Sub-Cousin Teadr 2 race of Hymenovespula that were once a normal hive but years of isolation evolved them into a radically different race that are fierece fighters, even for being about the size of medium-sized dogs. They reverse-engineered smuggled Garganula weaponry to make their own way to combat Garganulas. Usually, the Huntrixmites usually take what the Garganulas deemed to be outcasts in the purpose of feeding their carcusses to their young, but the Garganulas hard times became THEIR hard times because the Garganulas desired all members, even ones unpopular, to stay alive. This sparked a more intense relationship as the Huntrixmites have started raiding parties on isolated Garganula towns and take all residence to be subugated. The Garganulas did aim to bring punishment to the Huntrixmites, but they have been held back by UIS, the Huntrixmites new allies. The least the Garganulas can do is build up more defences on the cities and encourage towns to move closer to the cities for better protection. But the Huntrixmites still enjoy going after whatever loner or traveling Garganula party that strays beyond the group to ensure their surviveal. The Huntrixmites don't nessersarly hate the USRA, but they have been convinced that the USRA would offer problems to them in some shape or form because of their lifesytile and acted on surviveal interest to join UIS as a result, hence why UIS was allowed to house their moon to build an anti-expanstion blockade beyond their system. Home System: Huntrix. Home Planet: Huntrix Superior.
  • Zincrainiom- a Teadr 2 Xenomorth-Headed Aliens that are a reptilian-bug casted race that were once the rulers of the entire Tobani System. But when they declaired war on the USRA for interoping onto their secter without approveal, war was ineditable. Great as the Zincrainian tec was, the USRA won with perserveriance and persistence. Leaving the entire Zincrainiom race to be left with nothing but their native system while the entire Tobani became most USRA terratory or USRA leaning. Thus, the Zincrainioms joined forces with UIS in one day building up an army great enough to reclaim all of Tobani back from the USRA, sharing it with nobody but themselves and their UIS allies. The Zincrainioms buildt a giant Wall Drone that blocks out advancement beyond the system, leaving the worlds Isolated and ripe for future Zincrainiom control after the initional Tobani has been reclaimed. Home System: Zincrainium. Home Planet: Zincrania.
  • Zhajerus-  A race of then Teadr 2 Dragonfly-Eqsed Wasps that benifited from a saintly Omnican that granted them power. Unfortunately, the Rabodans came, took away the Omnican to palce her somewhere in the Delta or even another universe to never be seen again, and took all of the shared tec and left them back to Teadr 7 with no reguard to their well being. However, by the founding of UIS, the Skeps as direct representives came and found the troubled people and restored their tec levels at least to a level of Teadr 3 near Teadr 2 and even found their Omnican god from a Rabodan space bunker in Shioonov. The Zhajera announced loyalty to the Skeps and UIS and joined as allies, going as far as to allow them to build isolation walls that have since blocked out now isolated systems. Home Planet: Zhajera 7. Home System: Zhajera.
  • Cordensian- A race of Rhinosaurus Beetle/Stag Beetle/Hercules Beetle/Golith Beetle eqsed race called the Cordensians. A powerful bulky beetle race that, while the size of average beetles, they have tec that is not to be laughed at. In the days before the Atonts even wanted to join the USRA, they were once subservent to the Cordensians serving their whims. But then the USRA came to the Atonts' rescue and defeated the Cordensians. The mighty Teadr 2 race has never been so humiliated by this. With the Atonts free, the Cordensians swore to restore their order on them. UIS managed to earn their trust barely to have their aide, though a great blockade already exists before joining as the Cordensians are always a private sort, now the walls serve as a block out to now isolated systems. Home System: Cordindense. Home Planet: Cordensa.
  • Dunaskoon- A Teadr 2 race of Turtles with four extra legs, four for land, four for water, armed with sharp eagle-shaped beaks, and smooth but hard shells that makes even the hardest AUU metal look like fabric. The Dunaskoons are adaptive to litterally all land and sea evioments and thus build cities every where in the planet. Fortunately, the Dunaskoons are an eviomentally conciderate race and have eco-tec. However, it stems beyond just because they care for the evioment. They found a religen around nature itself, and thus have been known to attack worlds that still relie on outmoded reshorces and have pollution problems. Well intentioned as they are, they end up doing more harm then good when they pull extremeist attempts to restore the nature in worlds that it often ends up destroying the civilisations in the process. Thus, with alot of hostility from the USRA and abroad, they turned to get UIS protection as a result and joined as members. As such, the Dunaskoons have build a strong wall made of recycleables that now block out now isolated worlds. Home System: Duna-Skoon. Home Planet: Dun Askoon.
  • Xamian- A philistopical race of Antelope-Eqsed Goats that worship an Apex Predatory beast in the form of a Snake-Mantis Monstrosity named after the planet and the system, called The Xame Beast. The Xamians tend to annually feed it lifestock that are sacriviced to the creatures in believing that it'll grant a good fortune and harvest for the coming seasons. However, the USRA deemed the Xame Beasts to be monsters that have to eradicated, but the Xamians surprisingly fought back, fearing the slaying of the spieces could lead to no more harvests and fortune. Then UIS came to aide them and solitify the Xamians' creature of worship, leading to the Teadr 3 race to join UIS in gradatute. Home System: Xame. Home Planet: Xame Prime.
  • Asina Bird- Parrot Beaked Cranes that're firm believers of limited goverment and wide spread independence. Thus, the Asina Birds came to automaticly hate the USRA allience because of it's emassing over-reach and cases of mistakes and albeit small-scale corruption and irrespondsability. As such, with Teadr 2 tec, they created a series of Astro-Laser-Eqsed Ship-Sized Drones to attack and desicrate USRA colonies to protect their independence from USRA over-reach. This lead to the Asina war and the devidtion of North and South Asina, but just when the USRA had this in the bag, UIS came and won the Asina War for the Asina Republic. In gratatude, the Asina Birds join the USRA races and shared their Asina-Drones with them ever since, so UIS cannot be so easily challnaged by an extreme Pro-USRA force. Home Systems: North and South Asina. Home Primary Planet: Asina Prime.
  • Qineqitoren- Giant Locust-like Grasshoppers with Katydid quilities known as the Qineqitorens, a Spanich Conquistator Socity of Superiority Complex-Minded Bugs armed with Teadr 2 tec. The Qineqitorens once attempted a mass conquest of the USRA, but thanks to Naurodan aide, this conquesting ultamately failed. As a result, the Qineqitors have came to join UIS and gained friendship with the Vezzerick and espire to subugate the USRA races once more. Home System: Qineqitor. Home Planet: Qineqitor Suprimacy.
  • Ka'Scabbin- An arabic culture-eqsed race of Spiny Rattle Snakes that with Teadr 2 tec granted themselves artifical arms. They beleive in "The Ways of Ka-Scabbus", a religen that deems reptiles as superior and mammels as inferior embarrisments to evolution, based on the fact that reptiles were among the first to evolve from the sea and deemed mammels to have never been intended to happen. So the Ka'Scabbins believe in mammel enslavement and subugate mammels into harsh and cold labor. The USRA, mostly consisting of mammels, delcared war onto the Ka'Scabbins, but were saved by UIS. With the USRA chased out of the Ka-scab System, the Ka'Scabbins announe loyalty to UIS, and deemed any mammel apart of UIS to be an exception to their religious laws while USRA races gain an incrisingly unfaverable relation, even if they're fellow reptiles. The Ka'Scabbins had their slaves build a giant wall that isolates enprouching USRA forces from now Isolated Worlds. Home System: Ka-Scab. Home Planet: Ka-Scabbus.
  • Stungroom- Mushroom-Eqsed Jellyfish with fungus quilities of Teadr 2. The Stungrooms are famed for weaponising Rarium and created a ray that can vaberised even the greatest of ships. The Stungrooms believed this discovery would make Rarium more then just an economic shorce and in essence, be even more valuable, but the USRA didn't share the belief and banned the weapon. Hurt and betrayed, the Stungrooms joined UIS who have FAR more appresiative prospects for the weapons. In cause of the USRA's rejection, the Stungus system became a very USRA hostile place, with a forcefiled powered by weaponised Rarium that blocks out USRA ships from advancing beyond the system. Home System: Stungus. Home Planet: Shting.
  • Quadod- A race of worms with quadrapod insectoid legs that makes them freaky looking. This Teadr 2 race are reljustusly warmongers because they worship a god of war in Quada legend that states that the Quadods are destetin to destroy the three-eyed demons who threaten the soverinty of all worlds. Problem is, they msitaken the Yaterons to be the demons because of VERY unfortunate simularities! Thus, they delcaired war on the race and by extendtion the USRA in a crusade to destroy the yaterons! The Quadods were very powerful oppendents, and lives and colonies were lost, but the USRA ultamately give the Quadods a powerful enough push that they won the war as a result. Still determined to crush the three-eyed demons, the Quadods came to join UIS. While the Quadods under UIS enfluence came to reckindse that the Yaterons aren't their demons, they still deemed their lost in need of a settled score. The Quadods build an unsurpassable wall that now blocks out isolated systems. Home System: Quadpus. Home Planet: Quada.
  • Ompyr- A race of Teadr 3 vampiric chiropteran flightless beings native to the Planet Ompyria (Epsilon Universe, Essephemer Sector, Vampra System). They stand 7.5ft tall, they have faces with ranging bat-like faces, large ears, advanced alien eyes that change from blue, golden, and red to accommodate three different visions, have nutrient-rich blood and a highly-efficient circulatory and immune system, making them resilient to illnesses, giant 20-chambered hearts, visible veins and arteries, 4 large lungs, 6 spleens, waist-spanning livers, highly-accurate senses that are so accurate they can detect feelings and lies by skin contact, physically-advanced musculoskeletal structure, are carnivores and liquivores, rat-like tails, and 12-lobed brains. As a result of a massive seismic event creating giant chasms called 'Scars' and lava pits and wastelands called 'The Bleeding Wastes', which despite having rich amounts of laserum, it also found resources that the planet's big megacorporation, Venae Enterprises, lead by the race's president, uses to become ubiquitous across the world's politics, society, and economy. Meanwhile, as a result of environmental decline, water has become scarce and fuels prohibitively expensive. Thus the race chose one new fuel source: blood. Due to an anarchic society, killing has been the norm and corpses' blood, as well as blood in general, is not only a fuel source, but also their currency, making it into paper or coin money, among other resources like the massively-valuable water remaining. The society is very dangerous and many visitors never leave alive or without any kind of injury, having a society similar to Blood Drive. As a result, the race have gained a bad reputation, and thus as Ompyrs left the planet, they suffered prejudice and xenophobia. Thus, they had to be saved by a sympathic UIS, mainly by the Battus, to earn membership with UIS and continue their insanely unpopular lifestyle, thus resulting in the Vampra System to be UIS abiding. (Leader: President Enrico Venae)
  • Joov- A mollisk race that is very sub-servent to the Bruddlefish race and live in a socity no less different then the Boov. This race, The Joov, are all about efficently and perfection, are rarely capable to reckindise emotions or enjoying themselves and are considerably a backwords socity with an ironicly moronic sense of superiority. In spite of this, their tec is legitamently well constructed, no less different then the Boov. They obedently joined UIS under their "Glorious" Captain, Steiller Captain Ccrak. Home System: Burddlea. Home Planet: Jooveis.
  • Xystemian- A large headed, cyclopsical, tenticled, hovering mollisk-insectiod race that live in a planet only thrivable to them. They are incapable to survive outside of Xystem without speicalised suits that make them look like something out of War of the Worlds. The Xystemians are basicly old foes of the Oceons and the Phys because, while Xystemian tec is relitively impressive, it pales in compairison to their two rivals. The Xystemians once raged war with the two but ultamately lost due to limitations on the Xystemians' part. As such, the intelligent Teadr 2 race joined UIS as members to be able to better outshine the Oceons and the Phys. They were smart enough to reckindse that the Phys and the Oceons didn't went extinct and deemed this as an oppertunity to enjoy their stagnation and start making tec to outshine them before the ineditable discovery happens. They pretty much resemble the aliens from the "War of the Monsters" Game. The Xystemians' inpassable system alone discorages direct travel to isolated systems, but UIS forces in speicalised ships and suits are stationed there to be prepared of an event where the USRA can find a way around this. Home System: Xystem. Home Planet: Xystem Core.
  • Wimpidian- While a strongly tecnological race, they are physically phathic and lackluster. They are commenly picked on by the neightbering Brutans. Though equil in tecnological power and the advantage of highter intelligence, brute-force proves to be a persistent factor. Thus, UIS came to their aide and forced the Brutans out. Thus, the Wimpis joined UIS in gratatude. A great tecnological wall that surrounds the entire system was made in UIS' honor, which blocks out both Brutans and USRA from coming into their system or passing it, and would only ever allow UIS forces in. Home System: Wimpi. Home Planet: Wimpus.
  • Camsolation- The VERY lucky race of space-breathing camilions who can mimic the consolations, They are a Teadr 2 race and a very sofisicated culture based on the consolations. However, the USRA is not considerably popular with them because of the invention of city lights, that because of which, make stars hard to see because of light being present and felt that naterol beauty is robbed of them. They tried to force the USRA to ban these practices, but they refused and deemed the aims "Anti-Advancement", which is far from the intent. Thus, they came to join UIS. Though UIS isn't nessersarly an improvement in that they use the same invention, UIS tourisum has come to the planet and came to appresiate the Consolations. Thus, the Consols returned this gratatude by building an invisable see-through wall (So not to block out the consolations), so USRA ships are blocked out from isolated systems. Home system: Consolationia. Home Planet: Consol.
  • Antleroid- A race of space breathing grasshopper-legged space gnus that had managed to build a teadr 2 civilisation from a life-giving asteriod that was once part of a very speical type of planet. However, dispite being victimised by Astro Lasers in a sense, the Antlerliods actselly WORSHIP Astro Lasers and have made tributes of them, even making a defence force made of Astro-Laser-Eqsed Ships. This made the system unpopular with the USRA AND systems that aren't fond of Astro Lasers. So in order to protect against force removeal of their ideals, the Antleroids joined UIS. Asteroidious may be without a wall or a forcefiled, but with a fleet of Astro-Laser powered ships, well, the implacations speak for themselves. Home System: Asteroidious. Home Planet: Megaroid.
  • Krimsonian- A race of limbed Leech People that thrive in a planet that "bleeds blood", or at least an editable reshorce simular to it. The planet always makes more, making it an infinite reshorce. The Leech People are a very utopian Teadr 2 tec race that had dreams to join the USRA. But it was dropped because of the albeit disturbing nature of the native planet. Hurt and betrayed, the Krimsonians aimed to make sure the USRA never hurts anyone ever again with "False Promises", and to do this, they got involved with UIS. UIS Satalights are made to block out USRA forces from expanding beyond the system to now isolated systems. Home System: Krimson. Home Planet: Gkrim.
  • Zorzoneon- Glowing balls of energy that can became any kind of creature that're another unknown Teadr 1 race so hyper-advanced that they transsended beyond physical limitations. They once called the Neightbering System of Zorsone home, but the uncaring brutality of the Avatan race and their self-serving queen, even being nothing to them when Teadr tec levels are concerned, had managed to booted out the Zorzoneons using dirty tactics and low-brow stragities that wounded army moral. The Zorzoneons were forced to live in a system with not as many planets as the Avatans ever since. Given that the Avatans have lied about Zorzone's existence as a system, deriding it as a system with no prior Teadr 1 existence other then the Ollotheans, the Zorzoneons' trusted allies, the USRA has been tricked into believing this and thus the Avatans have been allowed the truely unathertised ownership ever since, even in some cases have benifited from it as the crimes and troubles of outsider socity came to what was once their home. In failing to cope with this sadness, the Zorzoneons came to join UIS in an aim to take Old Zorzone back from the Avatan race and get their home back. They are currently waiting for an incredable event, like the reviveal of the Ollotheans, to make their move. New Zorzone is a relitively obscured system due to it's smaller size when compaired to the greater Zorzone system. Home System: Zorzone Original (Originally). New Zorzone (Current). Home Planet: The Original Zorzone Planets (Originally). New Zorzone Prime (New Home).
  • Krycionian- A teadr 2 Kryptionian race that live on a planet that survived beng sliced in half from an exspeariment gone wrong. Now the almost litterally devided planet is held togather by littleral bridges between the worlds. They have a kryptoian-eqsed culture and wildlife, from animals that look normal enough to things truely alien. They are a proud Marsheal Law race with strong millaterry power and terraforming machines that can also be weapons when in war. The Krycions, in viewing the USRA as a disgraceful insult to the wider AUU comunnities, joined UIS to make sure they do have to abide to their "High-Groundisum Nonsense".
  • Hermitian- An easily intimidated Teadr 2 race of Hermit Crabs that are afraid of virtually any force not trusted allies like the Zhaerthis race. Cause of persaudsion from the Zhaerthis, the Hermitians came to trust other UIS races as well, but came to always panic at the sight of USRA races. As a result, they easily agreed to build a giant shellwall that blocks out entry to now isolated systems. Hom System: Hermitia. Home planet: Shellcost.
  • Zeasoael-  The Teadr 4 zealotical race of Whale-Penguins that worship the Theta core center as a sacred place. As such, they made sure the over-reaching powers of the Crowne family never came here. However, they weren't so successful in doing the same to the USRA. They believe that the Theta Core should only belong to those actselly native, and the problem with the USRA races is that more often or not, they aren't races that have a birthright to the core. As such, they joined UIS to find a way to peacefully make USRA forces leave the core without inciting violence. With permission the Zeasoaels, UIS was allowed to build a wall that blocks out the USRA from the rest of the Core so those now isolated worlds can claim what should belong to them. Home System: Zeasoa. Home Planet: Zeasoatis.
  • Syphin- Parasitic long limbed Teadr 2 bypedial mantis people. In a socity predominantly female while males are reduced to be sex providers, Syphins are known for their omni-sexual oriantation, being known to make themselves hypnoticly attractive to even a straight girl or a gay person, and mate with them in order to absorb their DNA to embetter their own genetics while redusing the host into genitic inferiority. Thus, to avoid having their world placed into an exile sheild over their lifesytile, they joined UIS, which they cautiously accept, knowing their nature, but accept at all because of their impressive Teadr 2 tec that proved to be a well-worthed risk. There needen't be a wall cause many want to avoid having their DNA traits being absorbed by the Syphins, but a UIS armada exists here to discourage brave explorors of USRA or otherwise origin, just in case. Leaving subsiquint systems isolated either way. Home System: Sypin. Home Planet: Sypinus.
  • Zxvasect- A race of omni-sects and a teadr 2 race of insects that have all insect features imagineable (Not all at once, certain individuals have features that suit their location) because of having a rare genetic condition that allows them the ability to morpth into what best suits their location. This ability is indeed incredable, but they prefer to seclude it to themselves, not trusting outsiders with this ability, in concern that they would use this in the wrong way. But when the USRA aimed to make the Zxvasects reveil their secrets, they joined UIS to make sure their ability stays exsclusive to them. They created a great wall-like mech that blocks out AND attacks would-be USRA expandstion to Isolated worlds. Home System: Zxastec. Home Planet: Zxv Dash 615.
  • Skewutan-  The Yurun's old rivals. Pre-Vexxomite war, the Skews, a race of roach-like fleas, wanted to have the three most enticing races to to consider befriending them, believeing that their tec, which is considered MILES better then the Yuruns, being Teadr 2 vs. their Teadr 3, the Skewutans thought they were shoe-ins. However, when the Vexxomite war happened, the Yuruns were the ones that got involved in fighting off the Vexxomites while the Skewutans, being past victims, were too cowerdly to help, along with living with an anti-war philosify that prevents intervention either way. Thus, the Yuruns were more favered to include because of having more where it counts then having the nicer tec. The Skewutans grew envious of the Yuruns' success, even more so when the USRA got founded. Without declaring war, the Skews wanted to get even with the Yuruns, and what better way then to join UIS and buildt a block out forcefiled that prevents USRA expandsion torwords now isolated worlds. Home System: Skewu. Home Planet: Skew.
  • Fortrunxin- A mighty Teadr 2 naterolly armored elephant race that have a serious problem with the USRA's lack of respecting others' ways of life in their prospective. Very strong advocates of independence, the Fortrunxins joined UIS and offered their famous Teadr 2 tec based on great weaponry and defences. Why, some of UIS's walls not made from native aid are from Forrunxin metals complimented with other strong metals. And the Great Fortrunix Wall is no exception, and the greatest USRA deteror by far. Home System: Fortrunx. Home Planet: Fortrun.
  • Korbexian- Old allies of the Urdians who hated what became of their fallen friends old home system in that it became such a lawless mess and all that accured in it. Thus, they took their worlds that were once part of the neightbering system and devided their still lawful worlds from the neightbering system, wanting to denounce their home from the crime riddled mess. They even are known to try and retake the system and force order into it with Semi-Teadr 1 tec they have from co-existing with the Urdians. To gain protection from misguided USRA attempts to leave the neightbering system be, the Korbexians joined UIS in aiming to avenge a fallen legacy. However, should the Urdians return, some Korbexians will distence themselves from the still UIS bounded goverment and came to join the Urdians, leaving the race as a whole currently devided. Home System: Yneznyfoeb. Home Planet: Korbex.

(More coming soon.)


  • Blup (Pending)- A Teadr 2 race of techno-organic insectoid beings native to Planet Bluppus Prime (Beta Universe, Groid Sector, Bluppus System). They stand 5-9ft tall, and resemble the BLAA of Battle Los Angeles, living in communistic caste systems in which a single caste is for a single job. Though each caste ranges in appearance, they look identical to a merge of a robot and alien. All Blups have highly-developed anatomy and biology, sporting redundant arteries and other blood vessels, their heads are entirely sensory organs, their 20-lobed 4-sectioned brains are located in a cavity behind their 14-chambered hearts, directly attached to the spine, have large numbers of stem cells and platelets which give them enhanced regenerative abilities, hardened insulating exoskeleton that absorbs energy and functions like Kevlar vests and allow them to take multiple shots before being too injured to continue fighting, mouths that are anatomically different and thus their own language is just how their mouths speak English/Usuablothian, they have substantial amounts of machinery implanted into their bodies, including communication, cooling, and weapons systems, through symbiotic cavities within their bodies, limbs, and heads that are fueled by their own nervous systems like wiring, their perception is very acute, supplementing their precognitive and retrocognitive abilities which are tailored to their computer-like intelligence, three legs, blue blood that is known for superconductivity, bioluminescent marks that determine caste, and genders that depend entirely upon the caste. The most commonly seen castes are the scouts, which patrol outside grounds and keep all other castes in line and alert for intruders, the warriors, who defend the race and respond to distress calls, the queens who are the only non-sterile caste alongside their drones, who act as servants and fertilizers, that can reproduce rapidly, giving birth to 10,000,000 offspring per year, and can manipulate caste biology by turning one of a single caste into another, and their king, which is the most genetically-perfect of the race, capable of not only doing what the queens can, but can do what all other castes can do. These beings are a marvel in genetic evolution, as they combined their evolution with their communist society. But the price of their perfect evolution is that they require more and more pure sustenance and nutrition. Thus while they advanced in technology through this, the sustenance they needed required massive amounts of resources and goods. As a result, mining, manufacturing, energy production, food, water, health, medicine, and so on was through the roof. Added to that a reshorce war broke out cause of this between main colonies, this caused them to slowly dry up their home planet's health. With their home planet dying, the race had no choice but to harvest resources from other worlds in a bid to restablised their homeowlrd. Keep in mind that the Blups are under UIS protection and are not reckitnised as offital members.

Future Races

  • Icexdactyls
  • Sucuban
  • Fangpos
  • Ziseryin
  • Tulcans
  • Priemans

More coming soon...

Alliance Partnerships

  • The Conglomeracy-  A Byzankan-founded alien alliance, which consists of aliens with destroyed worlds, including the gray-alien-like reptomammals called the Aectoids, the metamorphic amphibious Vukulans, the warlike spider-like aliens called the Spidklons, the highly-augmented crocodilian Genons, the armed snake-like Slurhyms, the mammal-like synapsid purple-masked Mepheans, and the ultra-powerful and ultra-intelligent Ethercons, the subuquint new leaders after the Byzans faced exile. While the Conglomeracy don't exactly enjoy a good reputation, though it's not inaccreate to consider them an agressive unpredictable allience, the Conglomeracy only believe in looking out for themselves their way, hence why they created the Conglomeracy Consitution, an offictal legal binding statement that the Conglomeracy are not to be abided to the likes of the USRA, espeically if the USRA's "Ill-Placed Moral High Ground" commonly conflicts with nessersary survivelist desires and/or the USRA's failure to respect their customs, moral concerns aside, in that they have no right to judge clearly different ways of thinking when alot of other races sometimes aren't so moral-highgrounder themselves. Alas, the Conglomeracy's amoral-darwinisum, instintly made them unpopular in the system, having their name besmirched as "Evilness Apologists" and "Uncaring Tormentors", which only prove the Conglomeracy's point of view correct on the AUU's tendingcy to find more favorable beliefs more "feel good sounding" then "doing good", believing the USRA-Runed universes to be spoiled and cushied up on deisres of going against "Naterol Selection" and "What the Universes ultamately deems a winner and a loser", siting that such beliefs are always in danger of shattering when should an unstoppable force takes down their idolised USRA way of life, and at times, such things almost always accure, though often the Conglomeracy are left unamused that people still cling to the USRA races even when proven failures. In considering that the planet Ralchum would seek revenge should it ever win the war for the planet, the Conglomeracy have allied with UIS for further protection against USRA and/or Pro-USRA or USRA Leaning forces that would aim to challnage the allience. It's not that they aren't incapable to handling such issues themselves, but the Conglomeracy simply believe in being "safe then sorry", knowing that it is not always wise to simply trust your own current stretgh, even if it is well known.
  • UOTEO- The system of Ugoldest's goverment, naming themselves The Ugoldest Order of Tecnological Equil Oppertunity, abridged actromnim, UOTEO. Run by technocratic reptoavians that are infamous of having Ugoldest denounce loyalty to the USRA and the Legion races because of certain laws that ban tec, espeically, even for the likes of Astro Lasers and Nova-Titans, of which these people use and celebrate like unappresiated things. They argue that tec shouldn't be ban, hated, or feared for it's power and instead must be appresiated no matter what. They argued that the Nova-Titans should still be used for their intended purposes and then some, showing it by having Novas serve as police forces, making Ugoldest effectively crime free, and though not ignorent to astro-lasers deadly planet destroying powers, they argued that if used correctly, the weapon can save lives just as much it would take. The system's leader has been known to try and advocate for Nova Titans and Astro-laser Tec to be made legal again for many years in the rest of the universes, with obviously no true success. While the system is a known defier, it doesn't mean they're hateful anarchests to the rest of the universes as they still maintain a friendship with the Legion, if though they'll never go back in abiding with the Grand Council due to it's "Tecnophobic" laws. The Ugoldest system has a mixed reputation as a result, of which they're willing to accept for their beliefs until they can one day cure the fears for Nova-Titans and Astro Lasers. And to ensure they can stay independent and protected from those, USRA bound or otherwise, who are against their way of life, enjoy an allience partner ship with the UIS that'll protect them from outsider over-reach.
  • The Vosot Union- Like the Soviet Union, but with less empetise on communisum and more about system independence from the USRA, is a Waurmic runed group that is an adocaty of indepenence from the "over-reaching and idealogically conflicting powers" of the USRA. They're a mostly all Waurmic group that felt their main race goverment was doing nothing to deter USRA over-reach on a system best known for independence and came to relie on themselves, sub-servent to neither the USRA nor the main Waurmic race. While still having respect for the Yateron race, they felt that the USRA as a group tends to stray from it's promises of respecting worldviews in faver of well-meaning good intentions that may not always be needed nor welcome, and the Vosot Union caused the war to prevent over-reach that could risk corruption and/or advantage taking by less desirables. But at the end of the day, the enfluence of the USRA as a whole is still no longer appresiated in the Vosot home system. This desire for independence caused the now infamous Vosot Civil War, and dispite not nesserarly being tecnologically superior to the USRA, they make up for it by being persistent and not easy to push over. Eventually, the Vosot congured all planets and won, chasing USRA influence away for good. Knowing that their rule will be challnaged by USRA leaning groups, they joined into a partnership with UIS to make sure they stay independent from USRA enfluence for good.
  • C.H.I.C.K.E.N.: The unintentionally humorious name actrimnim for a race of super-intelligent Poulkeys, dubbing themselves as The Poulkenias, are keeping the once home system of the Sea Squirl race a heavily guarded secret to prevent their return and fear revenge apawn their revolution against their enslavement as food. Because of the super-smart Poulkeys' clear resentment to the Sea Squirls, of which they had all erased of their memory of the system and created the barrior ro ensure they are never rediscovered by them again, this was the only system that hated Sea Squirls even before the mess with the VA and subsiquint troubles. To combat any possable return, the Poulkenias founded Hydrocabiasia's goverment regime, The Conferate Hydrocabiasia Intelligence Control Kapabilities Eniginuity Neutrolisation, or by the unfortunate actronim, C.H.I.C.K.E.N., to make sure the Sea Squirls are never capable to come back. But they were accsidently discovered by the Zeapents of Keyti System after capturing a poucher trying to hunt a Gladiozont from a wildlife reserve planet. In return for secretcy, Zeapents as representives of UIS agreed to help keep the system a secret from their oppressers and those that would only abide to them.
  • The Gatekeepers of Tebble- A Gatekeeper-Eqsed Faction of mostly Qlargs that are upset at the direction the secter went too, disavowed their main race and founded their faction, who serve to block out the now isloated systems in the secter to spare them the shame of what Tebble became. However, an allience with UIS turned the self-shamers into also keeping USRA forces of all kinds from expanding their enfluence because the USRA made the mistake of challnaging the Gatekeepers reasoning, and allied with UIS because they respect their beliefs and in return, the USRA is robbed of expanding their reach.
  • The Nexther Restoration Allience- Consisting of disinfrancised people of the many troubled systems, from Souvisian refugees from the Souvis War, Slaves that escaped from Laquillag's Empire, Victims of the Jalladome Confederation, and those that just grew cynical of the USRA's confidence and failure to fix what is wrong with Nexther, defelupting an allience to remove USRA enfluence, stop the Jalladome Confederation (And/or Subuquint Reniment groups), end Laquillag's empire (And the Grutt himself depending on circumstances), and keep Souvis safe from a rumored Grand Council Minor Member who disavows their "Unrealistic" viewing. This Allience became a partner of UIS subsiquintly, even when the HA and Lougers would complete half of their goals, their overall main aim is first and foremost removal of USRA influence in blaming them for their troubles and want sector independence.
  • The Sactum- An allience that existed before USRA and UIS. This allience is a mass effecty allience that holds races exclusive to this system. Once, the santum was a relieable force, but then, a rising revolt of speicalised Omnicans known as The Zomnis have revolted in aim to become their own race. As such, the conflict of this entire system blocks off the following systems as a result. UIS came to the Santum and offered to aide in the matter in return to have Ssam Tceffe off limits and to block off the later systems by Sactum law to outsiders. The Sactum council didn't understood these motivations, but agree to it to get help, earning the Sactum's alliencehood.
  • The Restorers of Recex- A group of native Recexians that are known to fund those like Master Recall who are making weapons of every kinds against the USRA races and doing all this to force the USRA into a negosiable state and to force a deal that benifits only the native Recexians while the USRA races just leave and never turn back. Alchourse, the restorers need funding themselves, so they enjoy an allienceship with UIS for the mutual aim of getting USRA enfluence out of Recex and to secure Recexian independence.
  • The Sages of Independence- (Yet to be founded.) Eventually, after how Kuuluss really ended up botching things for the now crumbled council and their defected warriors, the remaining elders minus the at-this-point arrested Kuuluss for warmongering and demonising the fallen group, have founded The Sages of Independence, and have took UIS's rejected offer into reconsideration to help found a rebelion to get independence back to the Kubas. Chourse, KEAA would figure this and aim to make sure they make the best of accepting aide and made sure they would be prepared for the Sages' aims to retake what Kuuluss costed them.
  • Klusterfuck- A combined alliences of Industry leaning allience consisting of the Kluggon industry group known as the Gogma Capital and their partners in the Zybbers, the Zybber's Colaberation, and the Ocktinli owned Bottled Water Company, the Cekto Bottled Water Incorperated. These artificalised business driven races have formed the corperate allience to protect against outsiders that would aim to bring down their businesses for "Moral Concerns", even when the Zybbers are exspearimenting with ideas about making cloning farms for the troubled spieces so extinction is no longer a finiancal issue. But for greater security from extremests, USRA born or otherwise, Klusterfuck joined with UIS as an allience partnership, and in return to defelupt more benevolent practices to discourage rebelions, they can enjoy UIS protection from USRA or USRA leaning forces and/or anti-corperate nuts. They had also buildt up a great dystopian-eqsed wall designed to keep the USRA from expanding to new now isolated worlds.
  • G.A.U.A.I.- A native allience made of the bugs of Blublarg. Their planet that was originally going to be inhabited by the Teadr 2 Atonts, but the Blublargians thought of them as very self-absorbed, greedy, and self-centered creatures since they always tried to lure their way into the USRA, so they forbidden them from ever colonizing the planet. To ensure it stays that way, the Blublargians joined UIS to get protection from Atont extremests that may not respect their final word in the matter. Doing so however, ended up making this system an epicenter of USRA/UIS conflict that is going on even to this day. The Atonts deemed the Blublargians actions to be hypocritical, in that the Atonts, who are admriers of the USRA, are not allowed to have homes in the planet, but UIS can make as many buildings as they want when they are rampent USRA critics and mass isolators and are considered ten times even more self-serving then what the Atonts've been accused off! The Atonts delcaired war on the Blublargians for their actions of hypocritcy and thus left the system to be in an idealogical war between the UISifived Blubargians and those of Nicon, with two unallined planets caught between the idealogical crossfire and would run the risks of being made to pick a side to deside a domenant ruler of the system.
  • The Systems Against Crowns Goverment- A rebelious goverment system in Theta that is trying to make the entire Theta Universe be free from the control of the Crownes family and the athoritarian rule of them. Thus making this the leading system of systems that will not be paicent with their rediculious demands and forceful power. Living under a democracy, this rebel-bound system aims to one day get all systems of the Theta to rebel in a powerful force and crush the Crown Empire. A Number of Systems not in Crowns or USRA control (Or not currently in a serious bind) have signed on. In knowing the USRA doesn't have enough backbone to risk public backlash in taking down an empire that they believe "has no business to make demands and threats to systems not really theirs", the group came to join UIS because they are more then willing to have a shot of making Theta as a whole VERY independent from USRA enfluence. The Empire does alot to try and quell the rebelious system, but all it does is make it's will stronger.
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