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The United Sentient Races Alliance or USRA for short, was the first Alternate UUniversal Human-Alien Alliance ever known. It lasted from 111 AB-1884 AB. It was formed by the 4 human races: Original, Territuns, Khuroots, and Nardiraythes, and 11 other alien races that aided humans as time passed by. They created Globex Industries in 1169 AD, and has been able to make friends with the sentient animals that live on their colonized planets. However, in 1884, the Third AUU Cartoonian War caused controversy between all 12 races, and the Alliance was destroyed. But even though the Alliance ended, the races continued to remain as good friends. They were also forced to keep Globex running because of the Interuniversal War 24 years later. But the humans had to leave their own circle because of the Villains Act and leave to The Tranquility Zone and bringing part of Globex with them. But the 11 races decreed that once the humans have returned, they will form a new alliance called the New United Sentient Races Alliance (NUSRA). There was once a 13th, but they ended up not working out.


In 125000 AK, a time long forgotten in our world, Alternate UUniversal humans were beginning to speculate existence of another race after the discovery of strange machinery buried underground. At that time, they had few advancements, and was basically like us back at that time. They begun studying the machinery, and discovered lots of new advancements in technology through reverse engineering, and easily moved from to Teadr 6 (Industrial) to Teadr 5 (Pre-Space), to which they semi-successfully adopted with their own experience in a period called the 'Exo-Renaissance'. Then, not too long after, an alien scout ship crashed onto their home planet of Marbon. Inside the ship was a squad of 30 lemur-like hominids who are classified as Naroudans. At first, the Naroudans, under rude magistrate, Magistrate Nighy Gobi Rulés, are peeved at them for stealing part of their technology, but after a very short feud, the humans and Naroudans made peace, and formed an alliance. They exchanged their technology, and taught the humans about the names of advance levels, explaining they had reached a status the Naroudans refer to as Teadr 5, pre-space, where teadrs before that are Teadr 7 (Pre-Industrial) and the humans last one, Teadr 6 was industrial, which they explains is the AUU's word for technological advancement levels, reaching Teadr 5 where they discovered advanced enough technology and have decided to leave going to Teadr 4 (Space Age) to themselves.

In 101 AB, Humanity was already in that grey-area inbetween Teadr 5 to 4, they were greeted by a new race of cat-like hominids called Cunones. They have long known about the Human-Naroudan Alliance since 6 AB, and have waited to gain the courage to greet them. They claim they not only want to exchange technology with the two races, but that they need some aid from a race that declared war on them called Veexomites, which are threatening to use lethal technology to obliterate their entire home planet and knock it out of orbit. The races agree, and the Great Veexomite War had begun, thus bringing them to Teadr 4 status completely, granting them Space-Age capabilities. It lasted for over 10 years and by 111 AB, the races were getting close to losing in one final battle. But that was when they had the chance to call for help from a new race of rat-like hominids called Yuruns. They agreed to help with the promise of technology-exchange, which the Yuruns call 'techneconomy', and they give them the strength to defeat the Veexomites, and wipe out the entire race by using their own astro-lasers against them after a successful espionage and knocking their planet out of it's orbit. Since the end of the Veexomite War, the 4 races had joined forces, and together, the 4 races formed the USRA.

In 169 AB, after the success of their techneconomy, humans have become so advanced in their Teadr 4 days they discovered 39 exoplanets through a high-tech space telescope which they decided to inhabit following their ascension to Teadr 3 (Space-Travel Age), and the USRA beings asked them to bring in mind laws that could come with space travel as it is a big AUU and anyone can take advantage of it. After that, they finally reached Teadr 3 status in 186 AB, and after the 'Colonizing Crusade' where they colonized all 39 exo-planets, along with 30 more along the way, and after discovering 7 more races, each with just as good Teadr levels as them. With these new races, they moved into the Second Exo-Renaissance in 1001, advancing in art, agriculture, architecture, and technology. Through this Revolution, by 1160, they met an intelligent human alchemist and scientist named Dr. Karana Globrunx and his colleagues. Karana used his wisdom to formulate a source of technological advancement for the entire Alliance, and paid $80,000,000 to make it in exchange for him to own it. And in 1169, Globex Industries was born, becoming the main source of research and intelligence for years to come.

However, dark times started to occur when in 1598, a mad cyborg scientist named Dr. Armalite Infernus had all of Globex under threat of destruction thanks to Globex having corrupt CEOs who stole work from not just him, but several other scientists who joined him in a rebellion to take back what is rightfully theirs. When things were made worse for Infernus, he started his process of destroying the company, leading to the violent Exo-Wars, where mechanical chaos was everywhere. The USRA tried their hardest to regulate the terrorism that Infernus was causing, and when he was defeated by some of his own creations in 1668, and sent to the newly-formed penal colony planet of Oranos, Globex started to have problems. Since most of the technology it introduced was stolen by corrupt CEOs, it had went bankrupt and too weak to introduce new ideas. With no technology to look to, the USRA was in an epic crisis that was just beginning.

In 1805, the USRA gained their first Teadr 1 race, which was the super-intelligent Yatorans, which was a million-year-old race who had been involved in the AUU Second Cartoonian War long ago, and had to withhold their sensitive origins to even the USRA. Their funding for Globex didn't do much except make Globex last for a few hundred years, though not stopping it's possible decline. In 1810, they discovered a race of insect-like giraffes called Necktronians, who came to offer great technology for the Alliance. But little did they know that the Necktronians were in alliance with the extinct Veexomites, and when they were destroyed, the Necktronians' budget had been weakened, and they started waiting for centuries to develop the technology to contact and interact with them, and get revenge. They plan to do this by using unethical animal experimentation, place the blame on them, cause an animal uproar, and take down the USRA entirely, taking it over themselves, and shaping it in their own image. But the races discovered their plans, labeled them traitors, and kicked them out of the alliance.

While they had little knowledge that the Necktronians would be given a new fate, the Alliance was soon to crumble when the Third AUU Cartoonian War was beginning in 1884 as the results of other races not taking proper action against the weakening Globex Industries. The struggles of the USRA trying to comply with their demands resulted in weakening budgets, crumbling economies, hard agriculture, and even unethical and unauthorized military action which caused massive disruption against the races. The wise leaders of the 4 dominating leaders of the Alliance had decided after massive debate that the alliance should be adjourned until further notice, and remain allies. The dissolving of the USRA left the races to feel guilty and blamed each other for it, thus creating more conflicts that resulted in the AUU Third Cartoonian War continuing on. The war was thankfully ended 18 years later when the 12 races formed three federations to keep their still-needed community in check: The Alpha Federation (Humans, Naroudans, Cunones, and Yuruns), The Beta Federation (Sabochans, Ohrugans, Rabodans, and Aufones), and The Gamma Federation (Xurons, Uonans, Tiikons, and Yatorans). However, Globex Industries, without the support of the former alliance, was getting much weaker and was on the verge of extinction.

Though not all of the races that fought in the AUU Third Cartoonian War were halted. Races that were angered by their battles being interrupted declared war on not just certain races, but also on the three federations in 1906, thus beginning the Interuniversal War. The federations were in more turmoil than ever. The war lasted for over 70 years, and tons of sentient animals and races fought for their lives. The dominant races were forced to step up their technological game, gaining the budget and war funds to revive the weakening Globex, and were able to use the company to upgrade their advancements, developing multiple projects for the cause. Technology increased, and through it, humans became Teadr 2 (World-Faring) beings, with thanks to their Yatoran allies. Supersoldiers were born, efficient war machines were manufactured, and technology advanced. Then when the Interuniversal War finally ended in 1976, the Alternate UUniverses began to repair itself thanks to human interaction. The humans soon swore to protect their worlds and form a new taskforce branch in the Alpha Federation called the HPA (Human Protection Agency) to help prevent anymore outbreaks.

For a couple of decades, things seemed very peaceful. No wars stirred, and the dominant races were getting more perfect in their changed community than ever. The Yatorans even allowed the humans to develop the first form of interdimensional transport called the Alternate UUniversal Interdimensional Portal, allowing them to discover a single universe that is rumored to have sustained life and terraformable planets. So, in 1996, they were able to terraform their first planet, and in a few months, colonize it with multiple cities. They had yet to give the dimension a name. But as things were getting swell for the races, things went wrong when, in 1997, the Villains Act arrived. The Villains were able to wipe out the HPA, and threaten the humans from fighting. The humans were not the ones to back down so easily, mainly because of the brave long-alive king, Lord Mandarious, who plotted to reestablish the HPA. However, the king made the mistake of trusting Grand Duke Kafar-Ja, a secret Villains Act founder who easily tricked Mandarious that the Villains Act will do the most horrible thing to the humans if they dare try to stand in there way, and that it's hopeless to interfere. Sadly, this worked, and Mandarious reluctantly ordered an immediate evacuation to the unnamed dimension, now naming it The Tranquility Zone. So the humans fled, causing a great confusion from the Alpha Federation, as well as the two others. While the federations needed to start dominating their own parts of the AUU to govern several rebellions, the Villains Act grew in villain activity. The dominant races created an Grand Council to be the backbone of the AUU government and command several parts of the territories, and the 3 federations each became a separate group called the Legion of Dominant Races. The Grand Council established the Heroes Act to combat the Villains Act, but it wasn't going very well since there was a small amount of heroes that could be found.

When the Villains Act fell in 2012, Kafar made sure Mandarious thought that the Villains Act destroyed everything and all fell into darkness. This left Mandarious to make a DNA libary of all races lost over the years called the BioCodex, and he sought to reestablish a new UUniverses. While the humans were advancing in The Tranquility Zone, the 3 Federations in the AUU were expecting the humans to return upon discovery that the Villains Act is no more, but nothing seemed to happen. So they decreed a treaty that stated that the humans be given a warm welcome home, and that they would become a better alliance than ever before. Until the humans returned, the races would remain in their federations. Once the humans finally return, they would form the NUSRA (New United Sentient Races Alliance) with the Grand Council as their backbone and control over the Heroes Act. They even created a virtual AI unit named M.A.V.I.S, designed specifically to catch the humans up to speed on the history of their worlds since they left. M.A.V.I.S units were placed on every planet in the AUU. It might not be long before the humans return home.

Founders and Races

Major Races

  1. Humans: (Founder: Master Garade Ascraeus) The main founders of the USRA. Coming in 4 different evolutionary breeds: Original, Territun, Khuroot, and Nardiraythe, they are among the most identifiable sentient race in the AUU until their evacuation. They evolved their 4 breeds through years of cross-breeding with their extinct predecessor species, the Zonthoritals, and for their adaptations throughout the years. Each of these breeds have different qualities. Territun humans have good eyesight, a quicker yet still-slow healing factor, an immunity to sunburn with their green skin which allows them to gain energy, and have a great immunity to certain sicknesses. Khuroot humans are evolved for greater intelligence and quick adaptability, their immune systems are as strong as a Territun human's, great sight and smell, more insulated skin, and much stronger body systems. Nardiraythe humans have the largest brains of any human breed, have a healing factor just like the Territuns, have strong body systems, heightened smell and hearing, and their greater adaptability. Original humans are just like us, but they have a different biology and anatomy, such as a relatively-longer tailbone, an appendix that is still functional as a storage area for bacteria that breaks down cellulose of digested food like their ancestors, greater flexibility, lifespans that are much longer than the average human, and have more or less hair on their bodies. They were the main founders of the USRA until the Villains Act forced them to evacuate to The Tranquility Zone. But it is becoming half-unlikely that they will return. In the AUU, they developed similar cultures, technology, and architecture as us, with a blend of alien technology due to the alien interaction. They have developed touch-screen mobile devices and computers, holography, robotics and AI, energy/laser weaponry, enhancement serums and medicines, virtual/augmented reality, and lightspeed interstellar travel. Home Planet: Marbon (Feriyon System, Orphyne Sector, Alpha Universe), Teadr Level: Teadr 2: Interstellar
  2. Naroudans: (Founder: Master Mone Ortinuss) The first alien race the humans came in contact with in 196 BB, and the first they fought against. They are semi-arboreal 7ft lemur-like hominids that come in 5 different breeds: Jakaynes, Trobeens, Runiarns, Oelaruns, and Urwevars. They are agile creatures with fast reflexes, more-evolved brains, and sharper senses. They evolved from small herbivorous lemur hominids that lived on a secluded island called Narogo during the time of the dinosaurs, and had enough brain power to survive the dinosaur extinction. Because they are still agile tree-dwellers, they retain their lemur-like qualities such as long prehensile tails and hand-like feet, yet grew smart enough to get off Narogo and develop an omnivorous diet through lack of their proper plant diet, as well as long and intense snowy seasons leaving plants too inedible. They soon evolved their breeds through genetic breeding and experimentation, and developed a remarkable military government. They had the ability to see things very far away, have night-vision, and they built their cities either in the trees or on the ground. Their acrobatic agility allows them to climb trees at a fast pace, and they preferred riding animals than on vehicles, riding on a variety of animals. Their technology is very limited compared to human technology. Their technological achievements include touch-screen computers and mobile devices, vibrating melee weapons (vibroweapons), semi-primitive military weaponry, genetic manipulation and proto-artificial evolution, and lightspeed interstellar travel. Home Planet: Naroulu (Bogyen System, Bogthen Sector, Epsilon Universe), Teadr Level: Teadr 2: Interstellar
  3. Cunones: (Founder: Emperor Trode RuMorax) The second alien race humans have met in 101 AB. They met the human race to give their acquaintances and exchange their own technology with them, as well as to ask for help from a warmongering race that threatened to incinerate their home planet, and they won with the help of a 4th race. Standing only 5ft tall, Cunones are tough cat-like hominids with night-vision, agile and flexible bodies, and very keen eyesight and hearing. They evolved from carnivorous ape-like felines that were excellent at hunting and populating, making them plentiful across their homeworld. They soon adapted to an omnivorous diet during climate change. They created their own culture and religion, and their civilization was developed into a Middle-Age like high-tech metropolis. They have a habit of exploring new worlds and expanding their empire, have a fascination of weaponry and combat, and are often curious. They are really playful once they get properly introduced and have gotten used to strangers, and are usually happy for various meats. Though they appear to be advanced, they have only colonized other worlds with the assistance of the humans. Their technological advancements include vibro/energy melee weapons, high-performance firearms that use various kinds of energy or projectiles, antigravity hover vehicles, terraformation through weather manipulation, buildings with holographic window-ports and advanced screen-light display, robotics, and limited yet sufficient space-travel. Home Planet: Cunoone (Nukston System, Ougus Sector, Zeta Universe), Teadr Level: Teadr 3: Space-Travelling
  4. Yuruns: (Founder: Master Yon Vincoweh) The third race humans came across in 111 AB during the 3 races' struggle in the Veexomite War. They lent a hand in stopping the war and wiping the Veexomites out, and they became allies and formed the USRA ever since. Yuruns are rat-like beings which stand only 2ft tall, but have impressive senses and flexible bodies like a rat. They are known for their computer skills, their ability to invent machines at any scale to fit the needs of other races, and their human-like adaptability. Not only did they evolve due to this adaptability, but oddly enough, they evolved from eating meats containing a non-lethal virus created from a chemical reaction that enhanced the effects of the protein in the meat, slowly increasing their brain power, and making them evolve faster, and giving them improved adaptability. The Yuruns learned how to hunt with the use of high-tech tools and numbers, discovering electricity by using lightning rods, riding small birds and analyzing their physics to develop flight, used diamonds to discover laser weaponry, and they even have the most famous cuisine of any other race in the AUU after years of hunting, discovering various spices, and creating sauces from several substances. Besides their multi-scale engineering and impacting cuisine, their other achievements include limited space travel (their cruisers being the size of an average spaceship), durable substances to allow their cities to withstand the impact of larger sentient beings, laser weaponry, robotics that can be at the maximum size of a cow and the minimum size of a fruit fly, biomechanical vehicles, biological technologies, and interface computers and mobile devices. Home Planet: Yurue (Gaios System, Faste Sector, Theta Universe), Teadr Level: Teadr 3: Space-Travelling
  5. Sabochans: (Joined) A race of 8ft canine-like hominids that were recruited into a system for pending membership in 518 AB when one of their scout ships crashed on their home planet of Marbon. The membership became offictal a year after. For their advanced architecture, technology, and religion, they joined the USRA with pride and honor. They are predatory beings with great senses, complex minds, and lovable yet vicious personalities. They developed their technology through intertribal welfare, and had very few battles which allowed them to develop high-tech weaponry, hovercrafts and other flying battle vehicles. They evolved from wolves that had the intelligence of gorillas, living in family groups, and building nests. Through this, they developed high-tech tribes. They are still carnivorous creatures, having an Asian-like society and a half-primitive religion. They live in a technologically-primitive society, and eat their dead or dying comrades, believing it as a form of cremation. Though their technology is limited compared to certain USRA races, they modernized thanks to interaction from them, thus giving them interstellar travel, human-based weaponry, vibro/energy melee weapons, hovering vehicles (repulsor vehicles in their terms), touch-screen mobile devices and computers, hydroelectric power, holography, virtual/augmented reality, and was the only race known to develop techbuildings, or buildings that work like a machine. They still have yet to begin their space-faring crusades since they only have three colonies. Home Planet: Sabochalla (Glamri System, Essephemer Sector, Epsilon Universe), Teadr Level: Teadr 3: Space-Travelling
  6. Ohrugans: (Joined) Encountered in 619 AB and were quickly accepted without the pending system, these humanoids are like them in many qualities, yet are different from them by 2 extra lungs and one extra heart, giving them much greater stamina, different body color and hair, and they had better senses. They came in 4 breeds: Original, Rugholun, Narzorph, and Tolvioran, they have similar agriculture and technology, but other alien technologies and different architecture. Ohrugans evolved from carnivorous gorillas which were briefly arboreal and could stand upright. They soon grew out of that and evolved into an omnivorous diet due to climate change. Unlike humans, they didn't need alien interaction to develop advanced technology quickly. They instead used radioactive substances to mold most of their machinery and power. They used this substance, called Ohrugium X, to develop many forms of technology. They were able to discover space-travel as well, and were able to colonize various planets, expanding their empire. They were soon interested in genetic enhancement, and discovered artificial population control to produce very efficient beings and regulate their own population. They were also good fighters that developed human-like weapons and is the only known race to have developed tech-lenses, which were a kind of contact lens with programmable matter and a data interface. They invented this primarily to allow their eye to glow red as a kind of scare tactic. They were as tall as humans, they had similar colored skin, hair, but different colored eyes, and more hair on their bodies. Each breed is exactly similar to the human breeds. Their technological advancements, besides what was listed above, included tech flight, efficient AI and robotics, virtual/augmented reality, silver programmable matter display, buildings with duraglass windows and antigravity mobility, and energy shielding. Home Planet: Ohrugon (Xaowin System, Tilocrum Sector, Delta Universe), Teadr Level: Teadr 2: Interstellar
  7. Rabodans: (Joined) These 6ft hominids were the second aliens that the human race fought against in the Human-Rabodan War of 721-742 AB, and eventually became the next allies of the USRA after a peace treaty was signed when they discovered they were evenly matched, forming the holiday of Peace Day. These beings were warlike and aggressive, and were noted by the USRA for their extraordinary beauty and military prowess. They could see in incredible color and good eyesight, they had pale yellow to dull blue skin which was the result of their home planet having different solar radiation which was actually beneficial to the race (it is impossible for them to get sunburn, though they will get a tan), had the same 4 lungs of the Ohrugans, yet they had a large 12-chambered heart, 2 livers, and multiple stomachs and intestines, thus they are great at fighting in many forms of combat. They evolved from Australopithecus-like chimpanzees that started off as carnivores which hunted all across their homeworld and had tamed or hunted even the biggest of the animals they encountered, but evolved an omnivorous diet due to climate change. They developed technology through warfare and diplomacy, and have been through more wars than any of the other USRA races, and lived to tell the tale. They also have the best genetic farming and agriculture, and an architecture that is 25% similar to Ohrugans. They also find that dyeing skin a darker color is a form of attraction, so they use chromokinetic gel to make their skin much darker so they can appear more attractive to the opposite gender, or even other human-like races. Their technology is considered equal to AUU humanity, though with a slight alien blend. Their technological achievements include vibroweaponry, firearms which use energy or projectiles, touch-screen mobile devices or computers, holography, robotics and AI, virtual/augmented reality, enhancement serums and medicines, hovering antigravity vehicles (lightcrafts in their terms), buildings with holographic windows, energy shielding, cloaking, and teleportation. Home Planet: Rabodia (Plar System, Delta Core Sector, Delta Universe), Teadr Level: Teadr 2: Interstellar
  8. Aufones: Encountered by the humans during the Human-Rabodan War in 725 AB, these 5ft amphibious salamander-like hominids helped provide the humans the technology and information to beat the Rabodans. As a reward, the Aufones were given their own colonies and joined the USRA. They are capable of living on land or underwater for their amphibious nature. They are slippery, quick runners and quick swimmers, and have evolved in an agricultural, military, and diplomatic society. They were omnivorous creatures, eating bugs, fish, and fruits, that evolved from passive and curious ape-like amphibians that made their homes near swamps, the bottom of lakes, and small parts of the ocean floors of their homeworld. Their diet improved their intelligence greatly, and they developed into sentient beings that hunted on land and in water. Their religion is among the most primitive of the USRA races, they developed the nearly-impossible invention of underwater farming, as well as farming on swamplands, which had moist and nitrogen-filled farmlands which allowed them to plant a large variety of fruits. They even discovered a renewable acidic energy source called hydracide, which could be created with water and other chemicals, and could be broken back down into water when coming into contact with biological tissue or organic compounds. Through this substance, they developed several chemical advancements, including a chemical homing firearm called a 'Bubblaster'. But despite developing technology in their military age, they moved more into diplomacy and economics in later years. They haven't discovered space-travel yet, but they have made satellites in their military years. Other technology includes aircrafts, hydroelectric power, and they were able to combine machinery with biology, as certain metal buildings were programmable and the machinery was not as rectilinear as others and had a biological look to them. Home Planet: Aufonola (Crasarc System, Eschose Sector, Gamma Universe), Teadr Level: Teadr 4: Space Age
  9. Xurons: Arriving on Planet Marbon in the year 800 AB, they intended to harvest DNA from several humans so they can repopulate their race after a massive war against a species of tall gray-alien-like beings called the Byzankans. But through a truce, the USRA allowed the Ohrugans to use their artificial population control to repopulate them, and they joined the USRA. These beings were similar to grey aliens, and stood only 3ft tall. They had the ability of psychokinesis, saw colors in the ultraviolet spectrum, and had introduced the humans to hyper-cloning technology. They originally evolved from aquatic seal-like prosimian creatures that ate fruits and fish, and lost their aquatic traits to focus on wilder evolutionary traits such as better sight and hearing, advanced and self-aware brains, and slightly heavier bodies. Their intelligence came from a natural protein-baring gas that increased the brain power so much, the Xurons also gained the ability to lift objects with their mind through both increased levitating glowing lobes on the sides of the brain and old vestigial echolocation organs, which had developed into electromagnetic sensory organs that, while working with the 2 levitation lobes, translated thought into action. Through their improved brains, Xurons developed various advancements in military technology, and been through various wars with other races, each increasing their intelligence. Though their population started to dwindle as the result of a war against the Byzankans, which left these races with little budget, little numbers and relying on clones to be part of the military, and they had to harvest DNA from other races in order to repopulate, which lead them to the USRA. They were menacing creatures, having the ability to plan successful strategies, and wield alien technology without education and to the same effect. They are by far the second most advanced race in the USRA. Their technological achievements, besides hyper-cloning, include various types of weaponry, robotics and AI, holography, genetic manipulation, energy shielding, teleportation, cloaking, efficient space travel, and various others. Home Planet: Xuronosis (Earco System, Tobani Sector, Gamma Universe), Teadr Level: Teadr 2: Interstellar
  10. Uonans: (Joined) Sometimes refered to as Uonons as a commen mispronouncisation of their name. Discovered by the humans in 829 AB, these arboreal dark orangutan-like hominids descended from a long-forgotten biological war against the Naroudans and an extinct prehistoric race. The biological chemicals spread across their home planet of Uonoru made them evolve into highly intelligent beings that developed various forms of human-based technology and create a Naroudan-based architecture. Since then, they've viewed Naroudans as their Gods. They spend their time in the trees, but they are capable of tech flight. Like the Naroudans, they are agile creatures that can climb trees even with no prehensile tail. They adapted an omnivorous diet, and even have some human characteristics as well. The Naroudans and humans visited them upon discovery, and they join them in the USRA in hopes of understanding them more. Their technology is based upon a blend between humans and Naroudans, including hovering air vehicles, touch screen display and interfaces, human-based weaponry, vibro/energy melee weapons, holography, robotics and AI, and limited yet sufficient space travel. Home Planet: Uonoru (Winxton System, Polgren Sector, Epsilon Universe), Teadr Level: Teadr 3: Space-Travelling
  11. Tiikons: (Joined) Landing on Marbon to meet the humans in 922 AB, this 2ft saurian race wanted the humans to share their technology to them in exchange for sharing their technology. They started off as monkey-like dinosaurs that survived several extinction events on their world, and they evolved sentience, tool-use and an omnivorous diet for survival, and their brains are more complex as humans even for it's size, allowing them to discover advancements quickly, but slowly. They have been around as long as the Yatorans, and they are known for being great technophiles, meaning they have a fascination for technology. Their main instinct is inventing and tinkering. Their brains are among the most complex in the USRA, having 6-lobed brains, making them masters of intelligence. One evolutionary trait that they learned from the aquatic dinosaurs they rode on is that they never sleep. Instead, only 2 lobes of their brains shut down for 12 hours, temporarily changing their personalities. They joined the USRA to work for Globex, and have since become the most prevalent race in the business. Their technophilic nature has allowed them to become the third most advanced race in the USRA. They have developed projectile/particle weaponry, holography, touch screen computers and mobile devices, windows with data interfaces, hovering vehicles, robotics and AI, enhancement serums and medicines, energy shielding, teleportation, virtual/augmented reality, and efficient space travel. Home Planet: Tik (Niogen System, Inbaralt Sector, Theta Universe), Teadr Level: Teadr 2: Interstellar
  12. Yatorans: (Joined) Encountered in the USRA's early days and were allowed partakings in the USRA's politcs, though ended up not joining offictally until in 1805, these pointed-eared 8ft bioluminescent humanoid beings are considered the Gods of the AUUniverses for their elegant religion, charm, knack of advanced intelligence, and for their victory during the ancient AUU Second Cartoonian War against the Ehswans. They're basically the Halo Forerunners of the AUU. They introduced space and time bending technology to the humans and allowed them to create the Alternate UUniversal Interdimensional Portal and allow the humans to discover The Tranquility Zone. They even introduced them to dozens of light-bending technology as well as more efficient versions of hyperdrive travel. They are the oldest living race in the USRA to date, evolving from smooth-skinned amphibian-like reptiles that were mainly made sentient by a chain reaction caused by both a gamma-ray burst that caused mass extinctions, and a radioactive substance in their planet's core and soil called cryptospirene. Their intelligence grew as slowly as humans' did, yet they were able to become an advanced race thanks to the now-extinct Ehswans, which had been their main adversaries during the AUU Second Cartoonian War. While the Ehswans went extinct, the Yatorans got to a 21st Century intelligence afterward with the use of their technology, and the million-year old timespan guaranteed that they became the most advanced race in the AUU. They used the cryptospirene crystals on their homeworld as a renewable fusion energy source. They have mastered a countless amount of technological advancements, including building monuments larger than any being can possibly imagine, using solid light as a part of their architecture, AI with complete sentience, including a massive number of AI soldier models called Cybrums, have spaceships with incredible architecture and size, and their genetic enhancement made them evolve into more efficient beings. They have bioluminescent skin as the result of them relying on a bioluminescent bacteria to help them break down proteins, and they have 3 eyes due to them requiring greater sight for the hundreds of predators their ancestors had to face. Plus their inner anatomy is also different from humans for 3 lungs and 2 hearts which pump more of their purplish blood in their bodies and allow greater stamina, 2 livers which increase their body heat, one stomach that leads to two duodenum which increase digestive flow efficiently into the intestines. Home Planet: Yaton (Froxola System, Alpha Core Sector, Alpha Universe), Teadr Level: Teadr 1: World-Builders

Minor Races

  1. Thabes- (Technically Joined) A race of orange-skinned human-like primates which are eusocial scavenging creatures that were native to their old home planet of Thabbac, which was affected by climate change. These beings were discovered by a crusading Cunone crew in 567 AD, and word quickly spread of their existence and behavior. However, when the race's planet suffered climate change that threatened the oblivious race 12 years later made the sympathetic USRA rescue them before they could be wiped out. Since then, the USRA decided to have them dedicate their lives to special labor across the AUU. Now they are usually seen doing work anywhere, and were basically the Jawas of the AUU. These beings are semi-intelligent, having the behavior of eusocial insects. They were tinkering and fighting creatures which had inter-colonial warfare and couldn't speak, only communicating through psionic transmissions. They also formed a habit of scavenging for scrap metal to make something new out of it. Home Planet: Thabbac (Tetsanna System, Trageam Sector, Zeta Universe), Teadr Level: Teadr 5: Technological

Former Members

  1. Necktronians: (Joined, but betrayed the allience) Necktronians were an advanced race of long-necked giraffe-like insectoids that offered tropes of advanced technology for the USRA. However, they had a bad habit of using illegal technology, doing unethical animal experiments, and the abuse of highly valued diamonds. When it was revealed that they were trying to take down the USRA by using their animal experiments to cause a sentient animal uproar in an attempt to have the humans usurped to reshape USRA in their image, they were labeled traitors, and were kicked out. Eventually they were passively/agressively conquered by a Monk-like race of insectoids called Monkrotanians, who peacefully persuaded the corrupt leaders through overly-complex Zoian riddles, and since then, have converted the Necktronians into monk-like pacifists. But unenlightened rebellions by former members of a corrupt military still exist. Home Planet: Necktrosor (Pokeera System, Beta Core Sector, Beta Universe)


NUSRA Symbol
The New United Sentient Races Alliance is a future alliance that the AUU Grand Council and the Human Alliances had decreed in the case the humans should ever return. They were hoping that this new alliance, combined with the Heroes Act, would bring total peace to the AUU once again. Also, they've been preparing a bit for their arrival. While the humans were gone, they and the AUUniversal beings and animals developed great technology, architecture, and so on. The Alien Allies even prepared an AI unit named M.A.V.I.S that would be used to show the humans what had happened since they left. They also hoped that humans had the power to fix unreversable casualties, and to make new strategies to ensure that a new war doesn't come. They will one day then begin to establish a new organization called the Godly Race Organization (GRO) which consists of all the restored Teadr 1 beings known in the AUU's past, in a period called the Teadr-One Coming.

Future Races

Over the events since the VA's fall, the remaining USRA races have already became commited to make the NUSRA even stronger then the USRA of old. They quickly began to look at certain races with great tecnological advancements and ahhtivements and study their potaintional. At first, it would've been as simple as more Teadr 2s or even some 3s or so, but somehing unexpected happened. After the HA and some help fixed a problem in Mieber, they discovered a lost Teadr 1 race not extinct nor a legend. Eventally followed by two legends being proven real and not exactly what they're cracked up to be, then even an unexpected return of a once lost race. On top of that, they learned more of races that were either their enemies or were of controverseal status and realise that they have MORE then enough potainionally great races for the NUSRA, but thing is, since these races were either controversal, were once enemies or at the least originally prefered their privacy, simple automatic includion was not entirely the answer. Nor is doing it in a way that makes them look more like an exclusive club as the USRA races all agreed that these races are too impourent and powerful for those kind of politics, not to mention that it would risk UIS swooping them up if the NUSRA made the same mistake of "shunning their potaintional" like what was done in the past, there by risking UIS to get more strangle holds into systems, but want a way to be able to have an organised way to earn themselves these needed members but without the awkwordness of including former foes, ex-introverts, and races with quite a negitive reputation, espeically some of these races usually have abit of a nariler rap then others. So they created a compromise system, which is basicly a more realised verson of the USRA's old pending membership system. The races are by all means reckindised as true members, but by "Tecnecality" status, meaning that the membership is a grey area. The races would be otherwise included but are in a status that are building blocks to offitcal membership, in a system called "Grey Membership". It's a balence between including the race in while seeing if they can accreately represent the standerds of the NUSRA. It's includsive without being automatic and without looking like an excludsive club while maintaining the idea that the NUSRA is trying to look like an allience that accepts the truely exceptional, but also maintains that it's not excludsive about it and would accept any who wishes to join. These races are given by these Grey Membership statuses.

  1. Introverted status- A status that goes to a race that, for any reason, isn't usually a race that's incredability interested for involvement into the grander picture and would usually keep to themselves. This often means that the race is drafted as means to show that their tec can become a great use to others and will be a great use.
  2. Controverseal Status- A status belonging to a race that either is usually known trouble makers or even had a personal run-in with the USRA at some point in time. This status is given to races that were proven to have more to them then meets the eye, but it is also used as a means to moniter them in an event there are still some bad eggs in need to be sorted out.
  3. Race of Interest Status- A status that goes to a race who is a great interest to the main races. It can go to any race that's not introverted nor of previous bad raps, even if it's not directly to the USRA.
  4. Wild card status- For a race that is both of interest, yet also either introverted or controversal, sometimes all of the above.
  5. Other Reasons Status- To discribe a race that is aiming to join or were invited to join for other non-listed reasons.

As such, these races are set by classes of who holds a greater chance of joining sooner. Top class are reserved to Teadr 1 races for obvious reasons, Middle Classes are reserved for races that have direct relations with the USRA main races, whether friendly or originally the vast oppisite, some cases both, while 3rd class is reserved to races that don't have that great of reputation in the AUU, neither positive or negitive or because of things like either improper knowledge about them, processing some form of high risk because of an universely unpopular lifesytile, or even because the race originally manages well off on it's own without getting involved with the Main Races and has changed it's stance for whatever reason.

Top Class Races

  • Kromagmusa- Status: Introverted. A race of Teadr 1 Paraceratherium-like beings native to the large "barren" planet of Kromagmus. They are a highly durable and adaptable 12.4ft race noted for their toed hands and feet, their moderately-long necks, their 6 lungs and three hearts, their two livers and two stomachs, their gray-to-deep-black skin with giraffe-like spots on their backs, their small amounts of hair, their rat-like tails, their alien-like eyes, their rhino-like ears, their small horns, and for their surprisingly-lightweight biology as they have genetically altered themselves to withstand their home planet's intense gravity. They are a lesser-known Teadr 1 race due to their extreme preference to keep to themselves, as they started out as a species that had little control over their weight until a dawn of technology gave them the ability to alter it, and become more fit for agility and fighting. Contuarary to the planet's nasty conditions, they lived in the surface just fine, proven the legit power of their durability and adaptive nature, viewing going underground "the act of cowerds" and would make their claims of being adaptive and durable look like lies. They live in a matriarchal society, and sometimes some of their cities are ruled by leaders with amazon-like beliefs. Dispite being abnormally tall and are assentually giraffe-rhino love childs, their biological improvements and training in increased gravity make them surprisingly quick, moble, athletic, agile, gymastic, and capable of feats not expected of near-giants. And thanks to their Teadr 1 capabilities, they created highly durable and vastly unbreakable moble cities, and have actually succeeded in creating a weather device designed to further keep the superstorms from being a great inconvenience. They even made a great planetary shield called 'The Kromagmus Defender', which came in handy espeically since they're planetary neightbers of a planet victimised by a corruptive sun left behind by an infamous dark magilo user. It is also helpful against threats like astroriods from it's neightbering belt, the occational bursts of flames from gas planets, and would-be invaders, as the Kromags are VERY cautious of strangers, and the fact that this sector was founded by a dark magic user helps little for their concerns about hostile outsiders. They have never expanded their reach for eons because, aside from not being used to normal gravity due to their biological improvements, of which they did had since for a long time created an improvement too the improvements that would mend this, as stated before, they are very cautious about strangers, which benefited in their hardly-known legacy as a Teadr 1 race. But perhaps this has the potainional to change when their neighters in Mieber who do acknowledge their existence inadvertingly reveil their existence, and when so, the Legion's not gonna ignor the prospect of another Teadr 1 race they somehow missed, epsiecally not one that is litterally able to make homes out of normally inthrivable planets, but they will want to approuch this delicately and smartly, knowing of the Kromagmusas' known caution torwords strangers. Conutary to what was assumed, Kromagmus didn't became an otherwise inhapitable planet because of the secter's dark founder, but because of an intentional terraforming exspeariment by Krumagmusa sciencetists. Course, they were sure to collect every two of the same speices of their native animals with caution made to be sure they'e of different genders and all seeds of their planets beforehand before the project started. This was sort've an extreme way to "Get their privacy", apart of their great caution to strangers, but when they do meet good and friendly strangers, many of this will greatly reverse. (To join as soon as discovered and after they gotten to know outsiders better.)
  • Treceas- Status: Race of Interest/Controverseal (Prior attempts of forced evacuation in due to bad exspearience with Rabodan race)/Other (Lack of Proper Knowledge (In due to originally being vastly unknwon to the USRA thanks to Rabodan issues). A race of agama-like beings native to the Planet Trecene (Zeta Universe, Zilgord Sector, Omagum System). Formerly called Trecenerians until being dubbed an outdated long name, they are 7.6ft reptilian beings noted for having red heads, blue/indigo/purple bodies and glittering scales, natural regeneration, the ability to adapt to any environment with their evolutionary aging process, dark-blue blood, 4 lungs and two hearts, two stomachs for their omnivorous nature, their ability to scale walls, retractable and regenerative teeth, their versatility in a battle, their proud and noble culture, and for their ability to change color only during mating rituals when they are mostly in the mood, or even when they get in a sexual mood. They were formerly a Teadr 7 tribal race until they started growing in Teadr levels rather quickly, becoming Teadr 1, thanks to an unearthed sentient Teadr 0 computer they dubbed Lord Trecene, God of the UUniverses, deeming it some form of precursor creator of the AUU, despite the credit being off and misinterpreted origin theory. During their time, despite it's distance from the Sun as the last planet in it's system, Trecene wasn't always a snowy world, as it actually used to be a temperate semi-tundra planet as the Treceas inhabited the warmer climates. They had their given science mixed with their traditional tribal magic, allowing them to make the evironment as they wished. It was said that they were going to dedicate themselves to bring peace and prosperity to the AUU and protect it from all evils. However, before they could even do so, the Rabodans under a evolutionary-perfectionist rule declared war on them in the times that predate the Human-Rabodan War by at least 50 or less years, attacked the race and their lands over their 'expressed evolution', ignoring that it was the wish of their god Lord Trecene, which the Rabodans identified as just a highly advanced computer created by gods that should not have been where they found it in the place, driving them in the most isolated of areas on the planet while the Rabodans would claim the world as their own. Though the Treceas were able to keep their 'god' safe, they swore revenge against 'The Invaders of Blue and Yellow' by using their magic to turn Trecene into more of the frozen planet it is now, though at the cost of inadvertingly introdusing powerful hurricane-like storms in the winter climate and moderately-weaker ones in the summer, hoping that this would drive the Rabodans off, speculating that they couldn't fair the conditions and leave the planet back to them as this also forced the tropic creatures underground while the vastly-dangerous ice creatures became vastly common in wider territory, though the revenge for the Treceas was short-lived, as the Rabodans planned to turn the planet into either a private rabodan only resort and/or a millaterry base, which thanks to the incrising cold, the millaterry opition became dominat and thus the Trecene of today exists, just as well, since the Rabodans had also adapted to the harshness of the change. As such, the Treceas are left in the dust of obscurity and their dreams to protect the AUU from evil crushed by the 'selfish actions' of the Rabodans, leading them to plot a major plan to force them to leave Trecene, even if it means using the AUU's greatest heroes against them. (To join once better relations with Rabodans are established.)
  • Oxycean- Status: Wild Card (Introvert and Controverseal in a sense). A race of Teadr 1-like human-like beings that were native to the deserted planet of Oxycea. They are noted for their charming androgynous appearances, and it was said to be nearly-impossible to determine the gender with their looks. They are 5.9ft beings that have little hair on their bodies and cannot grow facial hair, have human-like faces, hands and feet, pointed ears, red, brown, orange, yellow, and apricot skin, fire-colored alien-like eyes, long tufted tails, 30 ribs, two livers, three lungs, two 8-chambered hearts, two stomachs, extra adrenaline glands in their limbs, strong durable bones, accurate senses, and had 10-lobed brains. A long time ago, this race were planetary intoverts that prefered not to expand beyond their planets in because of their beliefs to not trust the unpreidctable, even basing a motto on it. However, thanks to a well-intentioned but competely bad-idea probed king, they were mind-controled into becoming a warlike race that fought against the Qyzmetheans, who equily because of this overly ambitious ruler, in due to being mindcontroled and changed away from their former selves as beings afraid of even their own shadows, let alone of being afraid of being hated and abuse, into creatures that enjoy hatred and abuse, were wreaking deadly havoc on the AUU long before the AUU Second Cartoonian War, conquering hundred of planets and slaughtering trillions of people, and they were the only race the Qyzmetheans themselves viewed as different to their beliefs that all races are intolerable and weak, and that they were the ones who should be their vanguards. The Oxyceans had been the only race to stand against them, and their power was evenly-matched to the Qyzmetheans. Eventually, the war between them ended with them each getting banished to binary universes where their war still continues to this very day. These beings were a famous one even after their forgotten war with the Qyzmetheans into fantasy as they possessed the ability to mutate through age, and live just about as long as the Qyzmetheans. They were renowned tinkerers who viewed technology as a sacred gift of empowerment and as a kind of rite-of-passage, considering intelligence a form of enlightenment. They could hardly leave any weapon they created unmodified, and they created over a thousand war machines. Other abilities they possess include accelerated healing, and their ability to control their own adrenaline and remain active for hours. They can wield any weapon they find accurately and learn martial arts quickly all by watching it in action thanks to their increased learning capacity and brain patterns, they possess the ability to resist pain and injuries and remain fighting regardless, and they can remain fighters even at old age. (To join once they're freed from the irrespondsable idiotic rule of their current king.)
  • Qyzmethean- Status: Wild Card (VERY Controverseal and timidly introverted.) A race of Teadr 1-like skeletal-like insectoid beings that were native to the "destroyed" planet of Q'yzmethe'a. These 7.9ft beings are distinguished for their skeletal-like appearances, being the only surviving member of the extinct insectomammoid group, their white skin, their black blood, their menacing eyes, their multiple breeds, their three lungs and two hearts, two stomachs and livers, short tails, 10-lobed brains, their triple-stranded arsenic-based DNA structure, their retractable teeth, their durable hide and bones, their small amounts of hair, their spiny backs, their regenerative abilities, and for their ability to live for thousands of years. Once, they were actselly very shy and easily intimidated race dispite looking like horror movie monsters, in fact, they're like ths because of their appearence and are afraid of earning enemies because of this, not helping that being Teadr 1 means people will only like them barely because of their tec level, and would misuse them and abuse the race for it, so cause of their preference to stay clear of universeal interaction, many don't even know they existed but the Oxyceans. However, in thanks to the Oxy's overly ambitious and at worse irrespondsable ruler, they were mindcontroled into an extreme contrast to their true nature: they were made into a very warlike race that believe that all races are too weak compared to them, hate indoctrination, and hate having to cope with alternate alien cultures, and are known to be racist, masochistic, sadistic, and have a traumatophilic edge to them as they now lived by striking fear into their opponents. As such, the reckless king's plan to toughen up the race worked too well. They were responsible for nearly causing a Second Cartoonian War before the actual one as they had arrived from an unknown sector of the AUU to wreak havoc. They conquered hundreds of planets, stole their resources, took over all megacorporations and created a singular one that did nothing but exhaust resources providing for their war efforts, made slaves out of weaker races, took over criminal syndicates, and even killed trillions of people. However, the Oxyceans, who are also mind-warped by the king of these human-like beings that were mind-controled away from their introvert life-sytile into being geniuses in military combat, were the only race that actually impressed the Qyzmetheans. Thus the two declared war on each other, and thus began the war that ended with the both of them being banished to separate dimensions, caused by the Oxy king, where they were forever blocked from the AUU and are now in an interdimensional war against each other's universes. They even discovered how to merge their universes together into a binary universe as they continue to fight their wars to this very day. As due to the King's mind-control, The Qyzmetheans were so treacherous and the recovery from their oppression was considered one of the worst experiences the AUU had ever endured before the Second Cartoonian War, and even the Yatorans hail the two races as a mythical tale about how two races were so evenly-matched, they couldn't possibly destroy each other. Many fictional tales have been told about their struggles from hundreds of races, but after their real oppression, they have grown to forgetting it ever happened just like with the AUU Second Cartoonian War. They are noted for their strength, adaptability, intelligence, stamina, and their amazing versatility. They have proven to be a match for their Oxycean nemeses on rare occasions as their breeds depend upon their caste systems: Workers, who were responsible for construction, laborers, and servants; Intendants who were responsible for slaving, the economy, and for keeping their society as smooth as possible; Warriors, which were the military cast that conquered, destroyed, and acted in unison, always thinking ahead and being the most competent they can be, and thus, nobody had ever avoided their wrath; Shapers, which are the scientists that craft the many scientific powers used in the Warrior caste; and finally, the Overlords, which are the ultimate and more battle-fit leaders of a single Qyzmethean kingdom, and there can be more than one Overlord, the leading one of all others being the giant Supreme Overlord, ruling from a home planet. (To join once they're freed from the control of the Oxys' king and are inspired to give more faith to the kindness and trust of other races.)
  • Ehswans- Status: Wild Card (Race of Interests while controverseal in a way) Teadr 1 human/alien-like race called the Ehswans. They were a benevolent, yet rule-obsessed race that were said to have seen the Gods, and even The Grand Fate Master. Though the last race that was created was to soon become the most widely-known, the Yatorans. At the time, the Yatorans started out primitive. But they eventually met the Ehswans by the time they reached speech and tools. Though the Yatorans were too primitive to even recognize them as aliens. Over the next thousand years, Yatorans learned from them. However, the Ehswans that were teaching them were merely rebels who were against the laws of forbidding introduction of technology to primitive races, believing that it could benefit a race, and they tried to prove their government wrong by doing that for the Yatorans. So the Ehswan government ordered the rebels executed. Once they were, the Yatorans that were under their teachings refused to stand for it and declared war on the Ehswans, thus beginning the AUU Second Cartoonian War. Despite the Ehswans being technologically superior than the Yatorans, having more skill and adaptability, and even threatened to punish the Yatorans by regressing them back to primitive intelligence, the Yatorans surprisingly won thanks to adapting quickly to even the most dangerous of the Ehswans' war tactics, but at the cost of millions of lives and hundreds of worlds. The Yatorans realized that the Ehswans were trying to prevent this kind of disaster, only for it to turn out that killing the rebels ironically caused the problem to begin with. Following their extinction, the Ehswans left only their ancient advanced ruins behind for the Yatorans and other sentient creatures to claim. The Yatorans were since named the most god-like beings in the AUU. Though of course, the tragic origin of the Yatorans was not only kept a great secret, but it would also inspire new laws to work against teaching primitives advance technology that would not only protect the primitives from harm and discourage dishonest profiteers and con artists, but to prevent more tragic wars like this, though some Yatorans didn't necessarily think that and have advocated against those rules ever since. Though not all Ehswans were destroyed. The last of their kind was spending the last moments of his mortal life retaining the information about the AUU Second Cartoonian War and much more about their knowledge, and putting it all in a hidden underground data library that would be locked away in the depths of the Ehswan home planet. Since this data library would never be found given it's security, the AUU resumed life as they knew it. But that didn't stop those especially curious of the truth and adventurous archaeologists in all of history to try and unearth the data library. However, that Ehswan wasn't truthfully the last. Another, pretty much the race's leader, hid from all of recorded history and placed himself in a preserving sleep to allow him to go beyond the current timeline in hopes to use an incredable device to restore his race and finally get even with the Yaterons. However, with thanks to unexpected interfearence, he only succeeds with one of the two and was subuquintly captured. With due to the Ehswan's broken insanity, he would have to be replaced with a new ruler and lead the Ehswans to mend their own mistakes in causing an avoidable war and help themselves and the Yaterons to fix serious wounds. (To join when they're not extinct anymore.)
  • Ceallan- Status- Controverseal (For a very infamous history)/Race of Interest. A race of human-like Teadr 1 beings native to the currently-dormant planet of Cealla Mux (Location coming soon.... They were 11.4ft tall in height, and they possessed similar biological characteristics to AUU humans including their hair, hands, feet, longer tail bones than ours, ears, musculature, and many others, but major differences include their sack-like ribcages, their 4 lungs and two hearts, their longer lifespans of 5 thousand years, despite a life expectancy of just a thousand, their strongly-reinforced immune systems, their multi-layered eyes, their lack of noses, their 16-lobed brains, their skeletons being made of 56% cartilage, their antennae that act as a radar system, their pale skin coloration, and for their ability to mutate as they age, as many of their skin disappears and exposes muscles upon aging. They are a race that was known to be very prosperous and adaptable. They only suffered genetic diseases, and they had many documented genetic ailments. These were due to a powerful genetic anomaly within them that allowed them to reach unlockable potential. This anomaly granted them incredible abilities including the ability to fight off serum-based effects and be difficult to kill due to their ability to not just fight off death by standing ground and staying alive as much as they can during fatal inflictions and blood loss by changing body chemistry, and if on the brink of death, they can negate it and be put into a healing coma where they are put into an underground cocoon as their bodies go through a civil war of it's own, the body partially going through reconfiguration until the body is fully healed and restored, to which they complete their healing coma and come out fresh and new. Other abilities include the ability to absorb additional air through their skin and store them when underwater or in space, the ability to fuel themselves exponentially and grant temporary augmentation through their own adrenaline, a natural resiliency to pain and fear even as babies, who are so strong they can support their heads upon childbirth, and they can even take their mutative-aging further than humans with their Cerwan's Mutation as they mutate and adapt to environments all their lives. They achieved their potential by fighting, learning, adapting, and experimentation. Within a few thousand years, they have reached their full genetic potential and became a very grand and god-like Teadr 1 race. However, 110 years later, they ended up growing corrupt with their power thanks to their intelligence making them believe that they were a higher and dominant race than others. They then began an unexpected expansion through a campaign of aggressive conquest, as they were nearly-unstoppable due to their genetic and technological perfection. Their conquest lasted over 66 years until the AUU Grand Council of Old perfected a genetic regression serum, which was capable of regressing genetic potential, stripping it away. This weapon proved effective against the Ceallans, and it ultimately resulted in their extinction. However, they fail to realize that the genetic regression serum didn't exactly allow them to be killed that easy, as they appeared to be shot to death, yet were still alive, yet put into a healing coma, as they went into a cocoon-like healing stasis underground for a thousand years, all while their home planet of Cealla Mux would grow dormant over thousands of years of absence. Yet eventually, the Ceallans will awaken from their healing comas and once again attempt to conquer the UUniverses. They live in an imperial democracy where a presidential emperor, called an 'imperident', has much more control over the three government branches than an average democratic president, yet the power he has is entirely dependant on a vast number of high-ranking Senators, who have the power to take and give powers to the imperident at any time. Though the other two branches have their own heads as well, the Legislative Branch being run by the Imperiate, and the Judicial Branch being run by the Magistrate. Their technology includes pulse, laser, vibro, and disintegration weaponry, hard-light holographic and digital technology, virtual and augmented reality, touch-screen display through mobile devices and computers, mobile and wearable computers, genetic technologies, highly-advanced AI vehicles, advanced medicines, robotics and fully-sentient AI, limited amounts of quantum technology, had developed an Internet of Things long before the Omninet, nanotechnology, programmable matter, a digital currency system, cloaking, teleporation, and highly-advanced interstellar travel. (To join once proven not extinct and after the Ceallans felt they had truely redeemed themselves of their great sins)

Middle Class Races

  • Atonts- Status: Other (Makes an actual attempt to join every single time). A species of yellow-or-red fire ants that are roughly the size of an average wasp, they aren't so good at being able to get attention, but they are so good at technology they have been trying for years to join the USRA, and later the Legion of Dominant Races, with little success. They are space-faring bugs that have inhabited over 12 other planets in the AUU. They live in parliamentary oligarchies where the mating king and queen are picked in each colony to be the only ones allowed to reproduce, giving the larva to a normal couple to raise them. They were once a militaristic race which evolved through inter-colonial warfare with either other semi-intelligent insects and primarily their own kind. They have been at war with neighboring colonies in their primitive years ever since they were not yet intelligent. When they became intelligent, they stopped waging war and moved onto evolving into a new society. A certain king or queen and his/her colony would become the Gerent Colony, the ruling colony of the entire race. Like ants, they identify each other through smell since they usually look alike. All Atonts have dark heads and abdomens, males are darker than females, they stand on 2 legs, and have 4 arms. The yellow-colored workers are in charge of many forms of labor such as construction, handy work, sciences, sometimes politics, and their venom glands are only useful as sacs to carry nectar for producing the Atonts' sweet-tasting honey. The red soldiers are more bulkier, and they are responsible for military fighting, they rarely do the jobs of workers, and are the most fit for politics and are the only ones allowed to become king and queen, and are fit for war with their sharp incisors and their stingers capable of delivering a venom that causes fatal blood poisoning and can kill within 2 hours, only curable by the workers' edible honey which is actually what fuels the venom glands, as well as some ants' natural ability of autothysis, where they sacrifice themselves through blowing themselves up by rupturing their organs and spreading their venom all over the blast range. The king and queen both have wings, 2 additional legs, and are the largest of the castes, the queen having an egg sac she sinks her abdomen into that makes her immobile and is how she reproduces once her stinger absorbs seed. Their technology is also top-notch, as they have no hand-held firearms since they wouldn't do much good for their size and instead use thermal or vibro melee weapons, they have created exo-suits the size of an average Yurun or Xuron and rarely bigger beings, they usually ride bigger insects such as Ruichers and Scoutflies that are fit with special equipment such as guns and gadgetry, and they fly in cruisers the size of an average spaceship, and because they are too fragile to travel outside of them in space, they have rat-sized robotic vehicles called Buzzers which are powerful interactive pods that can fit their needs. Home Planet: Selcron (Kunkasm System, Hegedus Sector, Delta Universe), Teadr Level: Teadr 2: Interstellar. (To join when they're finally noticed.)
  • Serons- Status: Wild Card (Race of Interest, Befriended an USRA race, but was devided by a communist rule, thus introdusing some stances of Controverseal status.) A species of iguana-like lizard beings which are known to have fought against the Cunones long before the Veexomites. The two were once great allies due to their similarities, and they shared their technology with each other. However, as the result of a betrayal by the Seron Emperor's vizier, the death of both the emperor and his son lead to the two races declaring a war that lasted over 10 years. The Cunones eventually won, and the two decided to avoid each other. The two races shared the same technology, and the same adventurous nature, though seemed either hostile or distant to each other. These creatures were very intelligent and strategic, having the versatility of a Xuron, the elite beliefs of the Cunones, and they are known for a special live-life-to-the-fullest belief where any achievement, whether military or otherwise, was a form of enlightenment and you would be well-praised for the rest of your life. The Serons also liked risks as it defines them just as much as it defines the Cunones, which was one of the many reasons why they were allies. The Serons, as lizards, are capable of regenerating lost limbs, and are as naturally agile as the Cunones due to them sharing their training, as well as their technology including vibro melee weapons, high-performance firearms that use various kinds of energy or projectiles, antigravity hover vehicles, terraformation through weather manipulation, buildings with holographic window-ports and advanced screen-light display, and robotics. One difference between the two races was space travel. While the Cunones had limited yet sufficient space travel like humans, Serons were much more efficient in space travel, creating several large space cruisers including dreadnoughts, corvettes, warships, and several others, and were hoping to introduce those to the Cunones before the end of their alliance. Home Planet: Serotice (Iophadark System, Ougus Sector, Zeta Universe), Teadr Level: Teadr 2: Interstellar. (To join when they and the Cunones get over their misunderstanding.)
  • Kraetans- Status: Controverseal. A species of crocodilians which are famed for their cybernetic technology and their customs of having cybernetic equipment at all times. They are always seen wearing cybernetics and robotics, and believe that, as their organic selves, are weak, and because they live in a stratocracy where the strongest ruled, only the most diligent and powerful were able to rule while the weak were to serve. They have been known to have fought against the Ohrugans long ago as the result of conquest and when the Ohrugans won, the Kraetans agreed to leave them and their allies alone forever. Home Planet: Kraeth (Cybetexer System, Epsilon Core Sector, Epsilon Universe), Teadr Level: Teadr 2: Interstellar. (To join once they relieve their 'strong is love, strong is life' beliefs and treat all beings equally, whether cybernetic or normal, and grow out of their 'strong rules the weak' beliefs.)
  • Pharcums- Status: Controverseal. A boar-like race which is rough and aggressive and have been known to inhabit their own territory in the Isheegus Sector in the Eta Universe. They have been known to be a race full of rogue mercenaries who opposed anything that entered their turf. They are very intelligent creatures who are risk-takers, believe in a 'show-no-fear' philosophy, and believe that death is not something worth celebrating since it was just nature taking it's course, and do not mourn the dead, but still bury them. They have been known to participate in the Interuniversal War until they were sentenced to exile to their own territories in the Isheegus Sector where they oppose any who trespass. Home Planet: Pharom (Schpreen System, Isheegus Sector, Eta Universe), Teadr Level: Teadr 3: Space-Travelling. (To join as soon as they develop a new perspective in life and take it easy on their risk-taking lifestyle.)
  • Byzankans- Status: Controverseal. A species of gray-skinned human-gray alien cross beings which were known to have been the most feared race in the AUU before the Bulliarns (Which the Byzankans themselves have fought before) which had control of almost every world. After millennia of cultural indoctrination, these beings believed other races should play by their rules and theirs only, and thus they began a campaign of aggressive conquest and thus started the AUU Third Cartoonian War. They have been known to have compromised the USRA's existence, and though not technically responsible for it's disbanding, they were the reason the bad situations happened. They were also the same race that left the Xurons endangered before they joined the USRA. They were known for making slaves out of Xurons and any race that dared to oppose them. It wasn't until the Yatorans were forced to cover their entire home planets with impenetrable shields which prevented these races from ever leaving that the war was eventually stopped. There have been no reports of stragglers for many years ever since, and these beings still reside here even to this day where they can cause no more trouble. Home Planet: Byzank (Byzitine System, Pisarque Sector, Alpha Universe), Teadr Level: Teadr 2: Interstellar. (To join once the horrible secret of their aggression is revealed and they are freed from it.)

Third Class Races

  • Monklin- Status: Wild Card (A race of interest, tainted by perfectionist lifesytile and dictatorship). A species of Teadr 2 goblin-like monkey humanoids native to the Planet Monkli (Epsilon Universe, Buexxer Sector, Paradigia System), which shares the same system as their rivals, the polygamous bird-of-paradise-like Teadr 4 Paradisoids. These 5.6ft beings appear with long prehensile tails, slender bodies with long arms and legs, prehensile hands and feet, have pointed goblin-like ears and faces, two hearts and three lungs, two livers, and have blackish-blue-to-dark-gray fur. They are known for being aggressive and hostile towards anything that doesn't match their beliefs or common beliefs. While highly evolved, they're average intelligence at best, meaning they're not true idiots nor true geniuses, making the Monklins a semi-advanced race that only managed to have such a higher level of tec almost worthy of Teadr 1 asention because they are natrol tec savangers, they are known to take and collect ships that crash into their planet or cargo crates left behind by irrespondsable folk filled with tec, building their tec levels up because of this trait. Basicly, they're the recycler race. This trait would've been a valuable assit to the USRA and the Legion cause of their possable Teadr 1 asscendion, had it not been for their their perfectionist beliefs and controverseal control freak dictatorship that one day needs to be addressed and fixed if the main races were to have any hope of making the Monklins evolve better. (To join once they're fixed of their perfectionist issues, both known and unknown.)
  • Zarphall- Status: Controverseal. A species of Teadr 2 agile fleet-footed 7.6ft lizard-like beings with coloration ranging from blue, purple, and red, had fire-colored eyes, cobra-like hoods that go across their backs, and they have sexual dimorphism as the females have bigger cobra-like hoods than the males and lacked the males' devil-like short tails. They are a race with a representative democracy, but they had rivals in the form of the Fugbopaths that were actually helpful to them, but the problem is the Zarpalls think that their protection from truly-hostile forces only makes them look weak and think they are outshined by them in becoming candidates for the USRA during the AUU Third Cartoonian War, and failing to recognize that the race was gonna condition them joining to include the Zarpalls, but thanks to a war criminal and that the Zarpalls were very envious, they ended up assuming the Fugbopaths did it for their own gain, and they figured that by destroying their home planet and making it look like an accident, their reactions would make them look like monsters. Instead, the Fugbopaths, in a ploy to protect all UUniversal beings from the wrath of a war criminal should they do the opposite, as well as a special planet-repairing space station, reluctantly destroyed the Zarpall home planet and declared war on them, and the war lasted for half a century. Luckily, the Zarphalls, earning the trust of the AUU Grand Council, had the Fugbopaths exiled to another dimension through the AUU Interdimensional Portal following it's creation and success. The Zarphalls had since become allies to the AUU Grand Council, who were unaware of their true intentions, and even though they were never able to become part of the USRA following it's downfall, they became space-faring warriors who travel the cosmos and establishing several colonies. They are naturally-agile reptiles that packed sharp claws for climbing and attacks, and their reflexes are very quick. They were known to be formidable fighters in battle, using not just their claws and reflexes, but carrying thermal and nuclear weaponry, and had heavily-armed fighters and cruisers. They were also known for aggression in the middle of the battlefield, and there is also a kind of mutated breed known as rogues who are either military fighters or criminals known for the most vicious and aggressive edges, and are either shunned or sympathized. Home Planet: Zarpha (Currently Destroyed), Teadr Level: Teadr 2: Interstellar. (To join once they are reformed of their true nature.)
  • Fugbopath- Status: Wild Card (In due to sacrificing their credibility by causing a war, but otherwise a race of major interest) A species of Teadr 2 10ft ruthless reptilian beings who were native to the late Planet Fugbosen. They are giant reptilian humanoids closely related to turtle-like animals, have a large head of multiple horns, the elder leaders having the longest crooked-wise, their genders both sound like a male gender, and it's hard and people were literally surprised and/or disgusted when learning of correct gender, but females are specified not by voice and common female characteristics, but by the shorter length of their horns compared to the males, their scale coloration ranges from red, grayish-green, dull-green, and blue with zebra-striped patterning, gold, yellow, and yellow-green chest coloring used by their ancestors to attract potential mates and because they still are, it is as profane to them as breasts, their eyes are of shades of blue, purple, pink, red, orange, and yellow, with white irises and black pupils, their hides were very tough, the males had large and spike-shelled backs, while the females only have smaller spiked shells, three phalanges on their hands and feet, had blue blood, 4 lungs and 2 eight-chambered hearts, 9-lobed brains, two stomachs and intestinal tracts, a skeleton made of 34% cartilage, a stronger muscular system, two livers, and short tails. When their home planet was destroyed by the Zarphalls after they had been rivals, an all-out war was declared between the two of them that ended up costing the Zarphalls their home planet. The Zarphall-Fugbopath War had lasted for half a century, and only the skilled of Zarphalls could survive a pummeling from these creatures. The war ended when the Fugbopaths were exiled to another dimension through the AUU Interdimensional Portal when the Zarphalls tricked the AUU Grand Council into aiding them since they were losing the fight. Yet, it is possible that the Fugbopaths would return and clear their name since only one Fugbopath remained in the AUU. Their technology includes touch-screen/holographic mobile devices and computers, digital technology, material and medical technology, advanced pulse, laser, plasma, particle blaster gauntlets and vibro weaponry, hovering assault vehicles, neutronium armor, virtual/augmented reality, antigravity technology, robotics and semi-sentient AI, teleportation, force fields, cloaking, and large warships with efficient hyperspace technology. Home Planet: Fugbosen (Currently Destroyed), Teadr Level: Teadr 2: Interstellar. (To join once they clear their name.)
  • Jalo- Status: Wild Card (A race of interest that's perfect except for a stubben ruling govermental brotherhood that's known to cause some issues, as well as other: lack of proper knowledge.) A species of Teadr 2 bioluminescent jellyfish-like beings which are native to many ocean worlds inside deep trenches. Their cities are all mobile and can travel across space, and over 385 mobile Jalo cities all over the AUU. Scientists have rarely had a chance to meet a Jalo face-to-face, but they hypothesize that these creatures are a step closer to becoming a Teadr 1 species like the Yatorans, and have tried studying these creatures safely, with little success since they live in highly-pressurized depths. The Jalos are similar to the aliens of the movie The Abyss, having a structure similar to rays, having colorful lights, and they have small alien-like heads and arms. They only speak in an alien language that only the Yatorans, who have been studying them for years, are able to understand depending on experience. (To join as soon as they are alittle more known, and without a goverment that makes them kinda demanding in an almost war-mongering sense.)


  • (Coming Soon: 4 Human Breeds, Kromagmusa, Oxycean, Qyzmeths, Ehswans, Monklins, Jalo, Race Spacecrafts (Xuron, Tiikon, Yatoran, Krumagmusa, Oxy, Qyzmeth, Monklins, Ehswans, Zarphalls, Fugbopath, Seron, Kraetans, Pharcums, Jalo, Byzankans, Ceallan))




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