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United Universal Police Department, or UUPD, is a universal police force that has basically the job that your average everyday cops do: bring criminals to justice and enforce the law. The department has many HQs all over the UUniverses, the main one being located in the WB/Cartoon Network Universe in Camelot.


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Personel and Prisoners


  1. Chief Bullington
  2. Officer Axle
  3. Officer Jannet
  4. Officer Ducker
  5. Officer Pryce
  6. Officer Wayne (Formerly)
  7. Officer Felix
  8. Officer Juan
  9. Officer Mulligan
  10. Officer Larson
  11. Officer Terrence
  12. Officer Graham
  13. Professor Billwad
  14. Pony Law (Wayne's replacement)


  • Amilio Chamealson- A common chameleon who is a former genius in robotics and was soon defeated by the Lodgers.
  • Oxanator- An ox who has been arrested for rape and sex slavery. While in confinement, like most prisoners, he was reduced to homosexuality.
  • Looger- A wolverine who was arrested for bank sabotage and murder. An old foe of Axle. (Originally transfered to other prisons/At large)
  • Pop Daddy LongLegs- A massive granddaddy longlegs who uses a hypnotic floating disco ball to hypnotize people into uncontrollably dancing.
  • Wily McGinnis- A German Shepherd and father of Officer Wayne and former leader of an anti-fox cult. (Sent to Tricorn-Katras)
  • Mr. Chambers- A pig who was a criminal mastermind that was obsessed with gold, and was abusive to others until being turned into a cyborg.
  • Floyd Flapps- A gyrfalcon who used to terrorize the skies until being crippled by the police to never cause trouble in the skies again.
  • Webster- A jaguar who was a known to have gone so insane through Internet use, he became a cyber bully, a hacker, a griever, and a menace to his own people, including his family, getting him arrested when it all got too far.
  • Mr. Rosenberg- A Red-Headed Rock Agama lizard who did several high-tech robberies across the Dragon Realms until his entire syndicate was taken down by the Lodgers.
  • Prentice- A gray fox who was guilty of several impressive heists and vandalism until being arrested.
  • Haxter- A kangaroo who was a former wrestler until becoming a robber who fought well with his boxing skills and powerful attacks until being defeated by the Lodge.
  • Wolfgang- A black wolf who has been known to have a mental condition that reduces him into committing violent acts when he's even threatened or challenged.
  • Lamar- A blue poison dart frog who was the local bully of a minor city in the Dragon Realms until finally being arrested by Axle.
  • Opal Claw- A clouded leopard cat burglar who did master heists and was a great bachelorette for several other criminals.
  • Shamcrook- A comical leprechaun burglar similar to the leprechaun in Annoying Orange that steals gold with his magic powers. He's also an old colledge of Bucky O'Lucky, a s rogue leprechaun of slightly greater rogue status then him.
  • Pig E. Bank- A mutanted pig super-villain in a red-stripped costume and a huge steriotypical villain handlebar mustace who used his nose like a vaccum cleaner to suck money. He's yet another end result of Mega-Sci Corp's questionable exspeariments. He's among the most annoyingly fought against villains by the lougers because prison bars are pretty much a joke to Pig E's nose sucking. He had to start wearing an anti-suck muzzle just to get him to stay in bars. Eventally it was best desided to have Pig E Bank sent to an all super villains prison who was better equipted. (Transfered to a stronger prison after one too many escapes and cause of getting involved in major villain team-ups)

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