Gazelle as a Uniter and the Lougers ability to be effective heroes is challnaged by a force greater then the Grand Council, or even the USRA for that matter. The Union of Independent Systems, UIS for short, is a promdoment USRA rival of the AUU. From being against how the USRA runs things, or even neglects things a concern to them, or were even direct enemies, former or otherwise, to the USRA race in some point in time, so to avoid their over-reach and/or lack of proper action, the UIS is born. They aim to get systems to either side of them directly or to encourage them to be their own boss and make their own decidions, warning systems not yet touched by the USRA to quickly go against them to either willfully adhere to them or to at least start relying on themselves, even in tough times. They are also in tecnological compition in the USRA, aiming to one-up them and be considerably more attractive to unallined systems then the USRA. These races' reasons vary, but they share the commen goal to discredit the USRA as a relieable allience and use some of their most infamous mistakes and miscarrages of justice as exsamples why your better off either being with UIS or your own devices. UIS is by no means directly evil, they're mainly a group of races that either grew tired of the USRA's imperfections or at some point it time were in bad tidings with them because of conflicting beliefs or the rare case of the USRA doing something to offend them. Their aims to encourage Universeal Independence from eachother, baring circumstances, is by all means no evil aim, but they do tend to conflict with the USRA's interests and beliefs to often troubling degrees. And Gazelle is on trial for a list of crimes. The most predominant is the cultural ruining of the new members, the Fangpos, who joined to avoid Exile Sheilding, and the slaying of the old emperor and heir of the Sucubans when the replacement proved to be very embittered. As much as Gazelle tried to explain herself, the main leader of the UIS, Madam President, has deemed her too dangerious to continuingly empower the USRA's already overreaching aim and assumed that she is a threat to the UIS' surviveal! The Lougers and the HA advocate for Gazelle's case, stating that even if the USRA begged kneeling to the floor like sniveling fools for it, Gazelle would never be a threat to UIS. But to UIS, the crimes are undeniable. Unless the heroes can apease these aliens, Gazelle could be outright BANNED from ever entering the AUU again because of her power, and they had insisted that the USRA can't do JACKSQUAT about it due to being more powerful and having more allied races then the USRA currently. But just when things look bleak, even with Harvy Wadder on notice, Jeff the Weeviod came in and explained that the one good thing gazelle did FOR the UIS, particularly the known Weeviod sympathiers, the Zhaerthis race, is that she saved the Weeviods from certain doom. Can this be enough for UIS?


The Birth of UIS

Historic flashback.

  • (Narrator): "Once apawn of time, there were four well intentioned starry eyed races that aimed to be a force of good for the larger universe communities. Naurodans, Cunones, Yuruns, and alchourse, the ever "promising" little upstarts, the Humans. This little group, the, United Sentient Races Allience, or for simplisty, the USRA, came from this little gathering. Now, their hand in bringing forth things like the Globex Corperation and the Currentcy Troupe are all fine and dandy, but here is where, the real trouble starts. The USRA, has a long, unflattering history of making, mistakes?! Far too many to even count, though in their highlights, it included assassinating a well intentioned king of a planet for his universeal control abmitions, and leaving his family to catch the Xenophobia fever, Pharagu, a surprisingly beautiful acid planet dispite the unflattering nickname of "Stomich World", got TURNED into a garbage dump to resolve a petty crisis, the wrongful silverification of a famed heroine who only wanted to prevent another tyrant rising with tecknowagey, and the less is said about their poor preformices on handling race issues, THE BETTER?! But, that, was nothing, compaired to the biggest mistake of all. In cause of a prior failure to keep corrupt corperate captitilists in check that a wronged inventor threw a historicly horrendus upset over it in the form of the Exo Wars, their precious creation in Globex suffered bad times serious enough that it infected them as well. The foolish, over-ambitious colonists, ended up getting quickly unproductive and wasted time having bickering and petty complaints to eachother. This went on until..... They, disbanned, and the USRA crumbled. Because of the USRA's reckless tendingcies to make others of the Universes to relie on them, it lead to two wars, the most infamous of the two, was the Interuniverseal War. Because of being depraved of their suckle of a dead allience, the many communities that forgotten the impourence of indepenence, began to violently turn on eachother, even biting the hands that had once fed them, as the universes, were redused, to choas. But there were those that predicted this dishastor from the start. (The wide-spreading inter-universeal war was being viewed by a new set of races)..... For you see, the USRA, had a dedicated rival that was watching them, keeping their cancerious influence from spreading further, which would've had made the wars worse. This, was the Union of Independent Systems.... Or UIS, for short. The founding races, the Brainicaazks, the Bulla-Bullas, the Skepicens, and the Vyrannosaurus Trexes. They had saw what the USRA were really are doing their reign. A collection, of over-compident fools and mistake makers, and that this war, was only the end result. UIS had desired to intervine in the war, and lead the universes back into independence, but the high risk of the war, discourage the desires, forcing us to hope that the Federations would crumble from the war, thus allowing things to claim down in a stalemate. Alas, doing so, inadvertingly ended up helping the USRA races more then detrimenting them. This war, inadvertingly ended up being a reason why Globex, was trusted once more, as tec was on a rise once more thanks to the surviving Globexes being given a chance of redemption. UIS, had made the rare relapse in judgement, and not took hold of a vital oppertunity because of how intense the conflict was. We have deemed this an error, never to be repeated. We simply desided to wait for another historic conflict would show up... And the future didn't disappointed. Because of the Federation's failure to provide for everyone once more, those certain individuals, formed the forever infamous VA. It looked like it had the potaintional to be the final nail in the USRA's coffin, or just as much, their legacy. Our Grandmind predicted that in 15 years time, the Federations will lose their nerve to stand up to the VA, and would aim to make peace with the upriser group to get some form of peace instated. It would be the ultamate betrayal to those that still blindly follow them when they do so. As such, we secretly prepared for a great invadsion against the group to take them down on that 15th year. Even before the VA's eventuall, brief, pitiful war with us represented by rogue USRA race members, we never felt so confident that we can dispose of the VA, and bring forth, an age of independence once more. However, the great Grindmind ended up with another vision, a vision, that canceled out the other vision, as in a year short of the 15th year, a group known, as the Shell Louge Squad, bumbled in accsidently into these universes, and, even dispite all logistics and odds, they, triutphed."
  • The VA crumbled and the many defeats of VA villains was seen.
  • (Narrator): "These misfits, even dispite their silly nature, proved to have single handly, in a relitive sense, disbanned the VA 14 years short of the original 15th..... This both disappointed, but fastinated the now curious forces of UIS. These heroes were obviously of a plain of existence beyond our own. We took our time to study them. Intionally, they were not of serious consiquence. All it would've took, was a foe mighty enough, stragitic enough, or even beyond their limited understanding of these universes, to eventually fall, and subsiquintly, leave the universes to have doubt once more..... But then came the year, the Uniter showed up, and defeated, or aided in the defeat of, the many forces, that would've long been the perfect downfall of these forces."
  • Gazelle was seen triumpthing over the likes of Master Equinox, Lord Corruptus, The Extinctioners, Standing Strong against Lord Millapede, and many others.
  • (Narrator): "She proved to be, the greatest complication in our hopes of outlasting the crumbling USRA races, and being a mighty enfluence in how she and the Lougers, corrected the many faults of the USRA.... She, has even succeeded, in pasifying the Phend race, Wished for a cure against a desistating parasite powerful enough to bring back the Crucyds, and even overwealm a human force not meant to had exist, thanks to a rare anomamonly...... The Leaders of UIS, had feared that this Uniter, would be used against UIS, and forever destroy our legacy, and allow the USRA races to spread further into the universes, to one day risk a new interuniverseal war when this Louger Era ends. The Leaders of UIS, choice wisely, to seek out in preventing that problem, and place these misfits under the heavy lock and key of UIS, indiffently."
  • UIS ships set out to seek out the Lougers and Gazelle.
  • (Narrator): "So has it been said, so will it be done..... Glory, to UIS."

The Interdiemntional Portal Annexed

Space of Breeszo Prime.

  • A small fleet of USRA ships with a small cruser like the Dynasty ship was seen.
  • Inside the Smaller Ship, called "The Regality", there resides a very fat robed Yateron stuffing his face with food like a fat pig as he wore a necklace of air fresheners, implying a quirk for smelling fresh, with some Yateron guardsmen on the side.
  • A Yurun aide came up with a concern look.
  • Yurun Aide: ".... Counciler, Breezy?"
  • Counciler Breezy: "Can't talk. (Chomps off a bit of a glorious roast). Eating."
  • Yurun Aide: "Sir, it's impourent."
  • Counciler Breezy: "Ugh, fine, what is it woman? (Takes a drink of fine wine)."
  •  Yurun Aide: "..... UIS ships are spotted heading our way."
  • Counciler Breezy does a spit-take!
  • Counciler Breezy: "..... U-u-u-u-u-u-u-u-u-u-u-UIS?! Oh no?! Are they onto me about my secret donations to my brother's Secret UIS-Espionage Organisation! Deffa, please, alarm the Grand Council about this! We must protect ME at all costs!?"
  • Deffa: "And the interdimentional portal as well since it could actselly be the REAL reason they're coming here?"
  • Counciler Breezy: ".... Oh, right, that too. BUT I'M PRIORITY NUMBER ONE?! And it's more then just because I'm worried that they learned of my supporting of brother, I carry the remote control that makes the portal deflect UIS ships so they are kept from doing their isolation shenanigans in the Lougers' universes. (Shows such a remote) They get this, they'll make sure that it can't stop them anymore, and they can basicly go into the Lougers' home universe all they want with little trouble. Whatever they want, they can't get this remote either way. Get the men to prepare battle stations."
  • Deffa: "Sir! (Runs off to do so!)."

The Interdimentional Portal's location.

  • The Regality and the USRA ships began to flock around the Interdimentional portal, as UIS ships began arriving from hyper-drive.

Command Bridge.

  • General Marson was in the command with staff already at work.
  • General Marson: "Son of a gun. UIS doesn't slouth when they travel. And they diffently do not hesitate to really bring out the big guns. ION distruptors, electron disablers, drone fighters, deflector sheilds, the works..... Damn, it's like they are expecting a fight. Or yet, an invadtion. Hate to imagine if UIS is planning to take it's business to the Lougers' Universe and open up shop there."
  • Yateron Prime Fleet Commander: "I don't believe they're here for an invadtion. Such things are not UIS' way. But they are prepared for a battle though. I ampisipate that their reasons for coming into the Lougers' universes, may not be for invadtion, but, to confront a powerful adversary...."
  • General Marson: ".... You, don't think, they're gunning for the Lougers, do ya?"
  • Yateron Prime Fleet Commander: ".... I would be more surprised that we are not confronted with this sooner when the Uniter became assusiated with them. The Uniter was capable of magnifisent things, general. She did feats that I'm surprised didn't made UIS concerned long ago.... Or perhaps, they already know and were only studying her..... And I believe, the pasification of the Phends, and the recent defeat of the Humanatarians, was finally confirmable proof, that the Uniter is a great concern."
  • General Marson: ".... So, they're, after Gazelle? Ya would think those Zhaerthis bugs would protest to this because how much good she did for those Weavoids, Commander Fleetus."
  • Commander Fleetus: "It wasn't a direct good for UIS, more like a personal benefit for the Zhaerthis as a race, not as members of UIS."
  • General Marson: "But UIS claimed Weeven System thanks to her!"
  • Commander Fleetus: "They acknowledged that it was not a true intention of her's. The Uniter merely wanted to give the Weavoids justice. The fact UIS benefited from it, and now Yaterons that once colonised those planets, may never again see those worlds, is all but a happy accsident to them. They know the Uniter didn't sought to be a detriment to us. Now, they want to aim and ensure, she won't be to them."
  • General Marson: ".... Ugh. This is why we can't have nice things when UIS is concerned!"
  • Commander Fleetus: ".... All units on standby. Hold your fire and don't engage UIS forces yet. I wish to engage conversation with the Prime Skep Ship, The Spirit of Pharagu. Madam President's prime vessel."
  • Command Bridge Crew Member 1: "Understood. Communications relay is co-ordinated torwords the Spirit of Pharagu."
  • The Command Bridge Crew aim to open up a relay with the Spirit of Pharagu, but it was interupted by an incoming message alert.
  • Command Bridge Crew Member 2: "Sir, it appears that the Spirit of Pharagu is already contacting us."
  • A relay opened up in a holographic screen as a slender silluette was seen.....
  • Figure: "..... The forces of UIS request admitence for the useage of the Interdimentional portal."
  • Commander Fleetus: "..... Under what grounds?"
  • Figure: "Confidencial infomation. All you need to know that we have business in the other United Universes."
  • Commander Fleetus: "You need to be reminded that under USRA law, written permission is required to-"
  • Figure: "Don't forget who you are talking to, commander. Because of UIS's declaration of independence from the USRA owned systems alone, and that we are a vastly greater power then you, you'll find that we require no such thing. Be warned that resistence will not be to your forces' benefit."
  • Commander Fleetus: "... With as much professional curticy I am requested to give, Madam President, I cannot. I would much rather keep UIS to be a concern of our universes."
  • Figure: "..... Unfortunate, but not unexpected."
  • The relay ended.
  • Command Bridge Crew Member 3: "Sir, the ION distrupter is being engaged!"
  • Commander Fleetus: "Ready fighters to engage! We must protect the portal!"

Outside the ship.

  • Fighter Ships are seen coming out of the fleet ships in mass as they charged torwords the UIS ships, but the Spirit of Pharagu already opened up a great and large ion canon as it fired, shooting a great ball of enegery as it de-powers the fighter ships AND the USRA ships as the vessels, even the Regality, are disabled!

Command Bridge.

  • The crew felt the effect of the force of the ION ball as the forces saw a loss in power....
  • Command Bridge Crew Member 4: "Bad news captain, all but the air and oxygen support is no longer functional. We're motionless, defanged of our weaponry, and at their mercy."
  • Command Bridge Crew Member 5: "Vyran, Bulla, and Skorner fleet ships are already moblising torwords our direction."
  • Commander Fleetus: "..... Marson, gather some of your men, and proceed to lead the Counciler to safety."
  • General Marson: "Already on my to-do list, sir. (Leaves to do so.)"

Outside the Regality.

  • The Vyran, Bulla and Skorner ships arrived to the Regality as they began to establish boarding bridges.

Inside one of the parts of the Regality.

  • Yateron Guards scramble about to set up defences around the expected areas of entry, readying weapons.
  • Yateron Guard leader: "Remember troops. Set phasers to stun! The intention is to deter, not start something. (The Guards did that). (A rediish orange light was seen opening up a wall where a boarding bridge was established) Okay team, things are about to get hairy! Our time of fighting off space pirates and hostile natives has nothing on what UIS can offer! Expect to have the fight of youe lif- (The wall breaks open as Raptorial Legged Large-headed Purple Aliens with Fangs came in with spieces exclusive weapons as they fire purple projectiles that quickly knocked out all guards)..... Ugh, see? What did I, tell you? Pirates and Raiders, have nothing on this. And them Skorners, don't disappoint. (Faints)."
  • A large Anthromorpthic T-Rex and a reptilian with horns, golden armor, and carring a hammer came in.
  • Skorner trooper 1: "Area, secured, Commodore Vrex and King Buuull."
  • King Buuull, the Bulla-Bulla: "(Snorts). Too insultingly easy. I almost don't want to bother."
  • Vrex the Vyran: "Well it's not like it's the USRA armada we're fighting.... Just a bunch of babysitters for an over-glorifived stargate."
  • King Buuull: "Vyran and Bulla forces will board soon and secure all parts of the ship. Let's begin looking for our fat Yateron guest."
  • Vrex: "Already on the agenda. Skorners, secure this point. (Vrex and Buuull moved forwords into the ship as the first Skorners stayed as an additional wave joins Vrex and Buuull.)"

The Mass Interior of the Regality.

  • Arriving Bullas and Vyrans are seen overwealming the Yateron guards as if they were nothing, as Marson and his team were already taking Counciler Breezy into the direction of the escape pods!

Escape Pod Room Hallway.

  • General Marson: "(As the group ran down the hall) Don't worry Counciler, we're just about to get to the escape pods! Once we're there, you'll be safe and- (Skorners appeared from the end of the hall JP Raptor screeching) SHIT?! (Marson and the soldiers quickly got knocked out by the purple projectles)"
  • Counciler Breezy began to panic as he was moving backwords away from the approuching Skorners, as Vrex and Buuull had appeared from behind and surpirsed the Counciler!
  • Counciler Breezy: "(Wimply yelps apawn seeing the two!)..... Hey now, can't we be gentlemen about thi- (Some Skorners pounced and pinned down Breezy) D'OH?! GOH?!"
  • A Skorner managed to secure the remote and gave it to Vrex....
  • Vrex: ".... So.... This is the remote related to the feature designed to have the portal deflect UIS ships?..... It would be a pity if that was lost to you forever..... (Crushes the romote, deactivating the deflect feature forever)...... Oops."
  • Counciler Breezy: "(Nerviously moans), The other councilers are gonna strangle me for this! I could lose my job for this failure!"
  • King Buuull: "Tch, that's nothing.... Prior to this, we managed to bust your brother's feeble Espionage Group, (Breezy began to sweat), And, it just so turned out, you were fiancing that group for your brother's sake."
  • Counciler Breezy: "N-n-n-n-n-n-n-n-Now, do not get me wrong gentlemen, I am not an anti-UIS nut like him, I, I was only helping out cause he's family! By all means, I actively tried to talk him out of it, but he never listens!"
  • Vrex: "That doesn't excuse the fact that you were still benefiting an enemy of UIS! For that, Minor Counciler of Breezso Prime, you, are under arrest for fiancing a UIS enemy. (Breezy was cuffed up by the Skorners). Your trail will start after we attend to larger matters in the other United Universes. But I can already predict, there will be an Alpha Station sentence for you.... Skorners, some of you are to eschourt the Counciler into the ship. The rest of you, we are securing and confiscating the Regality. (Vrex, Buuull, and the Skorners proceed to do this as Breezy was helplessly dragged off)."

Nexx Tower, Grand Counciler room.

  • A ruined dressed Deffa was seen, having managed to escape.
  • Deffa: "I'm sorry, but UIS overwealmed us and captured Breezy. It was said that they'll release the guards, crew, and Marson's platoon in good time, but I don't think they'll free Breezy. His fiancing of his brother's espionage group against UIS was discovered."
  • Warson: "AHEM?! What Jling meant was, it is clear that Breezy may no longer see his continued seat as a representive of Breeso Prime anymore. But that is no longer a concern. UIS now has the ability to freely enter the other Universes as they see fit. If only we know what they want from it."
  • Calixto: "..... I'm worried that, I may have an idea.... We know UIS are not about conquest, flies into the face of their misguided ideals for independence, and the High Council doesn't have worlds over-rely on them like how the USRA ended up doing so that got them up in arms to begin with. So, they aim to go into the Other United Universes for one or two things:..... The Shell Lougers, most espeically Gazelle."
  • Bayo: "But they had never commited even so much the act of giving an anti-UIS/Pro-USRA nut a positive passing by."
  • Calixto: "True, the Lougers and Gazelle never never interacted with the likes of them positively, nor negitively. However, it's what the Lougers and Gazelle can do that got them riled up. Espeically when Gazelle is concerned..... Let's be honest guys, she was able to handle forces that would've been difficult even to the Lougers thanks to her "Uniter Blade". That gave UIS the impression that this power can be utilised against them."
  • Lotus: ".... I know UIS are infamous of being easily suspitious at everything we do, BUT THIS?! Gazelle HAS already proven that when push comes to shove, she does not hesitate to turn against any being of the USRA?! Her defience of Oakaan in Weeven is PROOF?!"
  • Bayo: "And then there was her HILARIOUS indignation torwords that idiot Gormac! If that is not proof that Gazelle doesn't yeild to USRA races, I don't know what is."
  • Calixto: "That's about it. They're smart enough to know that some bad eggs don't count. They're guys that the entire USRA races would openly denounce apawn discovery. What she never did, was denounce the USRA as a group, not just certain individuals as true repsentations. To their eyes, she's just rooting out the undesireables to make the USRA look good, and to them, that endangers desires for independence."
  • Warson: ".... Basicly, they're aiming to, arrest the Lougers, so they can do so to Gazelle most of all?"
  • Jling Sling: "Well aren't they ungrateful?! Didn't the Lougers save the universe from the VA, a force that could've come to threaten them in time?!"
  • Jarvis: "Actselly, I had heard currently unconfirmed rumors that UIS and the VA did had a brief secret war when the VA included a group of anti-UIS nuts to represent them. UIS won it hands down."
  • Naeem: "So, by all tecnecallity, UIS could've crushed the VA if they wanted to. Well, why didn't they and really helped us ou-.... Oh, right. They're UIS. They don't particularly care for that we LIKE the USRA races for what they given us."
  • Inigo: "Not nessersarly that. More like they were binding their time and waited for the federations to have make a costly decidion for them to prove it more so. In the twilight years of the VA before the final year, I, had heard rumors that the Federations were discussing plans to open up peace talks with the VA and reckindise them as a legit power, basicly, a surrender negosiation."
  • Oswin: "Well that doesn't sound like what the federations would've really done!"
  • Jling Sling: "(Quietly) You'd be surprised how much war fatigue can make a man bargain, espeically if the VA had seen it's 15th year!"
  • Oswin: "What was that?"
  • Warson: ".... Let's say that the Federations did intent on doing that. They likely would done so, not nessersarly out of cowerdice, but because a continious fight would be costly. Making peace with the VA would likely be at most as a last resort and to pasify the VA and let them have their victory, in seeing that their misguided aim was to fight for the minority, if though the Arrest of Tex did ended up making them forget that. It would've been a stragitic move to try and get the VA back on their path of having a moral center again, which could've been done in many ways, maybe even quietly releasing Tex back to the group so he can do some cleaning up. The great concern, is alchourse controversey."
  • Rishon: "Something of which, UIS would be quick to use such moves against them by attacking the peace talks and crushing the VA itself, proving how seemingly easy stoping the VA really was. Thus, the universes, already hurt that the Federations desided this, would've turned their backs on the USRA, and by extention the Grand Council for connections to them. And one can only imagine what could've happened from there."
  • Warson: ".... Then that further comfirms what UIS wants. They were likely banking that the Federations would hyperheticly make that mistake that would allow them to look more preferable, and the Lougers, usurped that prospect from them when they disbanned the VA instead, preventing the Federations from ever needing to do such a thing, hypertheticly alchourse. That means they must've monitored the Lougers' progress, and that of Gazelle when she parispated.... And likely, when the Phends were pasifyed and the Humanatarians stopped, that made UIS worry that we could utilised these heroes against them!"
  • Galeno: "Are they seriously this distrusting to the point of being paranoid of a bunch of misfits?"
  • Taleen: "Given that the USRA races made alot of not always perfect choices, and that the Lougers and the Uniter are undeniably powerful forces, can UIS honestly help to not be concerned with it? They know that terms can end, and that we would not always be in encharged, or that of current leaders of the USRA races. Undesireables, espeically those with rather unflattering views of UIS, would take over and make the Lougers and Gazelle seek to tear down UIS' foundations."
  • Oswin: "But the Misfits perfectly resisted the will of undesireables in power! Surely UIS knows this."
  • Warson: "That's not to say they are perfect on it. If the undesireables were clever enough, and with the right words, the Lougers and even Gazelle if done correctly, can be lead astray to have the wrong idea with them. They're not nessersarly afraid of the power itself, rather it's potaintional of being used against them, even if it's out of the realm of possability for the time permitting. They worry that the misfits could be utilised to take down their isolation projects and lead to exspanding pro-USRA enfluence, making the risk of another, if possable, Interuniverseal war, should the same mistakes be repeated again, far grimer. UIS at their core, only desire to prevent socities from collapsing under because of being depraved of a great provider. That has always been the pure intent of their ideals of independece, and why they have done what they did. They believe that the NURSA, is doomed to be ruined by undesireables as with the USRA, and that another interuniverseal war is once again, a garrentie. At the very least, they only wished for the isolated systems to be pure and spared from such things. And make no mistake, had the Federations not had been able to last like they did and crumbled from the event, UIS would began to spread into the war-recked USRA terratories, and bring the universes into independence and push them back to rely on themselves, all while pushing the narrative that the USRA races aren't to be trusted again. Alchourse, the Interuniverseal War failed to cripple the Federations, better yet, at times, the Federations saw peace preveiling in some of the battles in the war, espeically more so thanks to the humans. Then the VA came. It would've been a perfect stepping stone to finally prove that the USRA's legacy was not worth replicating. The VA, was able to make the Humans, the federations' most impourent glue, retreat, and were conguring or attacking worlds enmass. It was a perfect recipe for UIS to finally see the USRA's legacy go down, which to them, was a legacy of collossal failure after collossal failure, along with decidtions that UIS are not, fond of, whether it was moral to us or not. UIS only sees the USRA, as a thing that shouldn't've happened."
  • Oswin: "And you're saying that the Lougers and Gazelle are in danger of being weaponised against UIS in their eyes?"
  • Warson: "Let's be honest. Can we honestly say that it's nothing but UIS being over-cautious? We may like to denounce the mistakes as such, but to UIS, they are convincing enough proof, that the USRA can't be trusted to not end up collapsing on itself again. So naterolly, alchourse they can't trust us with having access to great heroes like the misfits. They BARELY trust us with the Heroes Act as it is, thanks to them not being AS numberious or "Deus Ex Machina"-proned as the Lougers and Gazelle. Expecting them to trust us with heroes not even native here, was clearly too much to ask."
  • Jarvis: "So basicly, now these heroes will be mindlessly thrown in their Alpha Station prison, so they won't be weaponised by some future UIS-hater being given a position of power, never mind that the misfits may not even adhere to such an obvious war-risking tyrant?"
  • Warson: ".... The USRA, has made msitakes of trusting the wrong people before. It's not exactly wise to write their concerns as being paranoid."
  • Inigo: "Be that as it may, it cannot be denied that their desires to prevent such a possable scenario, IS VERY CONTROVERSEAL AND RISKY, EVEN FOR UIS STANDERDS?! Are they, this honestly afraid of the Lougers and the Uniter being used against them, that they annexed the portal, make an invadtion to arrest respected heroes, AND arrest one of our minor councilers in the process?! Look, I'm by all means for respecting UIS' desires for independence, but the Lougers and The Uniter need our help! We need to intervene for them! We must open negosiations with them and talk this out."
  • Bayo: "Not a bad plan, but given that the Portal will no longer reject them, the UIS armada will have already entered the Lougers' Universes by now. They need to be rescued first."
  • Warson: ".... Calexito, make the call to the HA. Tell them they have a mission of inter-universeal impourence and to not delay on a moment's notice!"
  • Calixto: "Great mnds think alot! I was gonna do so anyway even if no one asked me. (Calixto got up to do what he needs to do)."
  • Jling Sling: "Keep in mind that there's no promise that UIS wouldn't've already arrested half of those misfits by now by the time those bumblers finally get ready."
  • Warson: "But we can best hope we can save at least the other half. The impourent thing is that we do not let UIS aquire an easy victory from this, hard to atthive as that is. We at least have to try. We owe them for saving all of us from the VA, so we must return that faver, and slow down UIS' tirade against them. The best we can do, is hope."

The HA Talk Serious Matters.

Hero Hive.

  • Mira stood before all of the members.
  • Mira: "I thank you all for coming on such short notice."
  • Solus: "Well we had to. Anything about what UIS have done is ALWAYS big news."
  • Xandy: "So what's the situation, Mi?"
  • Mira: "It would appear that certain events related to the Humanitarians and the Phends appear to give UIS the impression that the Lougers, Gazelle espeically, could be a threat to them."
  • Nanobyte: "Oy! We just CAN'T have anything nice without UIS worring it could be used against them!"
  • Marses: "Fair's fair, given their hater-producing reputation, can they really feel safe with people like the misfits around? I'm only surprised it took them this long to react given how they beaten the VA ALONE, nevermind what comes afterwords!"
  • S'antza: "I believe it may be because things like pacifying the Phends and beating the Humanitarians didn't seem logically possible, and yet Gazelle and the Lodgers just resolved those issues like it was easier then it looked. To them, if they can do that, and if enfluenced by the wrong kind of people, they can do serious damage to UIS."
  • Solus: "Tch, leave it to UIS to be afraid of people that did our United Universes more favors then any of us can count just because two specific ones were previously hard sells. Well gang, we're gonna have to bring Manatera into this and-"
  • Samantha: "Solus, wait..... One, UIS is likely already in the Lodgers' United Universes at this point. It's likely they're putting even the risk of THAT knowledge being leaked aside from preferring to satisfy their misguided notions of self-security. Even then, Manatera has recovered so well that our infomation can be technically countered as false due to it being outdated at this point. Also, it just feels underhanded to blackmail them to leave the HA be."
  • Clifton: "Look, Sam, I get where you're coming from, but do remember that UIS basicly snagged a Grand Counciler from us, his uh, stupid mistakes aside, and the second most expensive USRA ship since the Dynasty, if not one of semi-direct liniage of it. I think we can be forgiven to use something so desperate since UIS really pulled a dick move here!"
  • Mira: "She is accreate on the infomation not being as relieable as it was at the time. UIS are very good at covering their tracks, and likely had covered it a long time ago."
  • Clifton: "But people will still believe us."
  • Mira: "Be honest, outside of determined dispisers or any of the Grand Council, with the infomation irrelivent, not many outside of these groups would believe us. And even then, UIS doesn't fear controversey as much as the USRA does, espeically something that is no longer relivent."
  • Zosimo: "But they would be worried about how many more haters they'll get."
  • Veta: "Guys, how's about we just trust the fact that UIS will Yolo this whole thing at this point given that they're already going after the Lougers!"
  • Mira: "Besides, we'll hold off the Manatera Truth for safe keeping in the event UIS gets even more serious. A last resort if you will. Besides, our attention should turn to rescuing the Lodgers."
  • Samantha: "That much, I can agree with."
  • Mira: "Now, here's the plan..."

UIS in The Original United Universe

Jellyfish fields.

  • As UIS ships approuch the World of Bikini Bottom, inside it, Bikini Bottom was going through buisness as usual.
  • Jellyfish fields was seen as usual as Spongebob and Patrick were seen.
  • Spongebob: "(Sighs), Ya know, Patrick? After a rather exhausting Season 6, espeically after that Time Master fiasco, it's nice for the Lougers to take a break from it all like this."
  • Patrick: "Yeah. We almost don't really relax anymore. But now it's just you, me, and the Jellyfish?!"
  • Spongebob and Patrick cheered as they charge after the Jellyfish!
  • Unbeknowest to them, a shadow looms over the fields.
  • One of the UIS ships, resembling an insect of sorts, was seen, sailing like a boat, as it beamed down Giant-Eagle sized Bug Beings with a mean disposition, donning energy air helmits and energy wing protections against water.
  • The Leader of the 5-teamed group, looked up to a holographic display of Vrex.
  • Vrex: "Your orders are simple enough. Capture the ones called "Spongebob" and "Patrick". They are expected to be in this underwater grassy meadow filled with insect-minded Cnidarians doing what's this planet's equilent to Flatterfly catching. Mind the locals, fauna or native, and focus solely on the targets. And I perfectly picked you and your team because your the best hunters of the Ka'Navi race. I trust you can handle this, Corveria?"
  • Leader (Corveria): "(Somewhat feminate but intense voice) I hunted Uonans more challnaging then these two. It is no large feat."
  • Vrex: "Just be cautious around those two. Even when reported as, Unintelligent, these two are still reckindised two of the six founders of the Shell Louge Squad. Be on the lookout, for surprises."
  • Corveria: "Corveria prepares, for anything. (The Vrex Hologram vanishes)... Huntresses of Ko'narrio Fileds. Let the hunt, begin. (The Ka'navi flew off and began scearching for Spongebob and Patrick)."
  • Back to Spongebob and Patrick, they were still enjoying themselves, as one of the Huntresses from the distent, spotted the two.
  • The Huntress: "(Via a communicator) (Quietly) Corvenia, I located the prey. Playing about with some native Chidarians."
  • Corvenia's voice: "(Quietly) Enter stealth mode and keep watch. We'll join shortly."
  • The Huntress obeyed as it turned off the communicater and activated a cloaking device and quietly kept an eye on the duo.
  • As she did, the other Huntresses moved to her position as they entered stealth mode as well, as Corvenia remained uncloaked, but was hidden enough to avoid quick attention.
  • Corvenia brought out a bait probe, had it scanned a passing Jellyfish which it uses it's DNA sigiture to copy, then proceeds to disguise itself as that Jellyfish and flies into the direction of Spongebob and Patrick who took notice.
  • Spongebob: "I GOT IT, I GOT IT?!"
  • Spongebob tries to capture the disguised bait probe, but it hovers out of the net's reach as he and Patrick chased it!
  • Corvenia: "..... Perfect. (Corvenia proceeded to crawl about in the shadows)
  • Spongebob and Patrick chased the false probe for a while, until they arrived to a cornered rock formation, as Corvenia quickly somersulted into position as the Huntresses arrived quickly
  • Spongebob was able to catch the fake Jellyfish at last!
  • Spongebob: "GOT IT?! (Suddenly, the Fake Jellyfish turned into the bait probe).... What in Davy Jone's lock- (The Huntresses landed in front of the two's only escape)...... Er."
  • Corvenia: "..... Another prey, caught."
  • Spongebob and Patrick were silent.....
  • Spongebob and Patrick: "(SCREAMS?!)!"
  • Patrick and Spongebob ran around stupidly and momentarly confused the Huntresses!
  • Corvenia: "Don't over-analise this, sisters. Vrex warned of this deceptive behavior."
  • Patrick: "HIDE ME?!"
  • Spongebob: "NO?! ME?!"
  • Patrick and Spongebob repeated this as they kept trying to get behind of eachother.....
  • Corvenia: "..... Though I wished Vrex elaberated more on how stupid they are. (Brings out a cage probe that flied down and captured the two that're still trying to hide behind eachother)..... Activate mute fearure. (Spongebob and Patrick's voices were muted)...... Better."
  • The Huntresses flew off!

Krusty Krab.

  • Mr. Krabs was seen upgrading the menus to his usual cheapstake prices.
  • Squidward: "Seriously, Mr. Krabs? $201 dollars for a Krabby Patty?"
  • Mr. Krabs: "With cheese, AND onions, Mr. Squidwards."
  • The door was heard opening, as a regel Zhaerthis entered in.
  • Zhaerthis: "...... May I see the provider of this establishment?"
  • Mr. Krabs: ".... Oh hey, I know what ye be. (Goes up to her) You're one of them "Zhaerthis" types from the AUU, aren't ye? I don't suppose you're a friend of Madam Trader, are ya? Well, I knew it was a matter of time before your people start showing up and see the Lougers."
  • Zhaerthis: "Now, by all accounts, as a Zhaerthis, I am equilly thankful for helping out oppressed insects, like that ever so famous act of helping the Weevoids. But I'm afraid I'm here on offictal UIS business."
  • Squidward: "UIS? Say, I heard about you guys once or twice in our time in that united universe. Aren't you guys basicly an Anti-USRA?"
  • Zhaerthis: "(She chuckled), That's, a gross exaggeration to what UIS really is. But we're off topic. I am a member of BEIG, UIS' business and entrapinor regulator, and prime leader of business ethics in UIS."
  • Squidward: "(Quietly) Ohhh boy, I already don't like the sounds of that."
  • Mr. Krabs: "Well, why come out all the way from your juristiction, Ms, Uh...."
  • Zhaerthis: "Oppa Tuna. Miss Oppa, more preferably."
  • Mr. Krabs: "Uh right, that. So why have you traveled so far away from familier waters?"
  • Miss Oppa: "Mr. Eugene Krabs and Squidward, (Looks at Holoclipboard).... Torbelblauja?"
  • Squidward: "THAT'S TENTICALES-"
  • Miss Oppa: "AHEM! No need for shouting! Ahem.... It is my regret to inform you that UIS has requested for the Lougers and Gazelle to stand UIS trail due to allugations of being a potaintional threat to UIS."
  • Mr. Krabs/Squidward: "WHAT?!"
  • Miss Oppa: "And as such, all legal business will have to be annexed by BEIG until further notice. (UIS Race Members barged in and started to consbinsate parts of the Krusty Krab)"
  • Mr. Krabs: "WAIT A MINUTE, WAIT A MINUTE! (Two Bullas appeared and grabbed Mr. Krabs and Squidward) YOU CAN'T DO THIS?!"
  • Miss Oppa: "Alas, for as long as UIS desires it, I am permited to do so. If all goes well in your trail, you are entitled to go to BEIG and reclaim your restaurent."
  • Mr. Krabs and Squidward start screaming for help as the Bullas drag them off!
  • As the Bullas dragged them off, the restaurent was covered by a giant tape that read "Claimed by BEIG"

Sandy's dome.

  • Sandy was seen quietly enjoying Lemonaide, until she started to hear screaming!
  • Sandy looked at her dome and saw that Squidward and Mr. Krabs are dragged by the Bullas!
  • Sandy: "WHAT IN THE-?!"
  • Sandy sprung into action and put on her suit and helmit and went out!
  • Sandy arrived and saw the leaving Bullas!
  • Sandy: "Mr. Krabs?! Squidward?!"
  • Large Shadows zoomed past Sandy, as she looked up!
  • Sandy: "HOLY GRACAMOLE?!"
  • The Huntresses were flying and still have a freaked out Spongebob and Patrick in the cage probe!
  • Sandy: "BY THE ALAMO?! My friends are being kidnapped by AUUians?! I'm gonna have to go in and-"
  • ???: "Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar."
  • Sandy: "Wait what?"
  • Sandy looked behind her and saw a mob of alternate camilian creatures.
  • Sandy: "What in the flimflam?!"
  • Creatures: "Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar."
  • Sandy: "..... Okay, I'm just gonna back away slowly- (Bumps into another collection of the creatures) WHOA?!"
  • Other Creatures: "Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar."
  • Sandy: "Okay, seriously, what IS with you people saying that?!"
  • ???: "THEY'RE NAAARS?!"
  • Xandy charged in and grabbed Xandy and landed on top of the dome!
  • Xandy: "They're basicly a race of near-mindless rodent eaters with the compasity of Zombies!"
  • Sandy: "Rodent eaters?! Awww crud, as if cats, snakes, and certain birds of prey weren't bad enough?!"
  • The Naaars were climbing up the dome effertlessly, as they repeatedly saying "Naaaaaar".
  • Sandy: "They got us pinned?!"
  • Xandy: "Not for long! (Brings out a jetpack)! You can thank Zosimo for this badass?! (Grabs Sandy) SORRY, NAAARS?! THESE RODENTS ARE OFF THE MENU?! (Xandy zoomed off with Sandy holding on as one Naaar spat out his tongue and almost caught Sandy's leg, but missed!)"
  • Sandy: "Xandy, we need to save Spongebob and the others?!"
  • Xandy: "It's too late for them?! I'm already commiting an act of defying UIS as it is!"
  • Sandy: "UIS?! Is THAT what this is all about?!"
  • Xandy flew off with Sandy!


Elephant Graveyard.

  • Human Pouchers were seen rounding up some animals.
  • Head Poucher: "Cage up those stupid animals quick, men. I would like to be able to make a shiny profit TODAY!"
  • Shenzi, Banzai, and Ed were seen lurking behind the bones, aiming to ambush the pouchers.....
  • Shenzi: "Remember the plan, boys. We rescue those animals and bite those Pouch-heads a new anus."
  • Banzai: "Man, tearing up a new Poucher operation in our home turf of all places is the BEST way to enjoy some time off in Lougering. Espeically after that time travel fiasco!"
  • Ed excitedly laughs and gibberish.
  • Shenzi: "Alright, on the count to 3, we surprise them. 1- (Pouchers were heard screaming and being smacked down as the Hyenas stood surprised)...."
  • The Hyenas looked over and saw that the Pouchers have been pouched themselves by new figures as the captured animals ran and flew free from their cages.......
  • Head Poucher: "Wha, wha, what the hell did we just get attacked by?"
  • The figures reveiled themselves as snake-necked lizard beings armed with weaponry made from AUUian animals that formed effective fighting implaments.
  • Banzai: "(Quietly) The HECK are those guys?"
  • Shenzi: "(Quietly) I think I got an idea. I once looked up Kolwalski's AUUian dictionary, and it said that these guys are Zeapents. Basicly, they're Gladiozont lovers."
  • Zeapent female: ".... We, are the Gladiozont Deciples. Dedicated Warriors raised directly by sacred Gladiozonts, defenders that our race, the Zeapents, relie on as mighty fighters of injustice. We were sent here to seek out the three Louger Founders that reside in this world, but we took the time to contend with you filthy pouchers first. And of all beings to do so, it had to be humans!'
  • Zeapent female 2: "To be fair, sister, these are not like our humans. Humans in these universes are a phathic far-cry to a relitively noble race."
  • Zeapent Male: "Tch. Isn't anything of these other universes a far cry?
  • Zeapent Male 2: "Sisters, brother. I asked one of the local Xulture-Eqsed avians, and they said the Louger Founders, "Shenzi, Banzai, and Ed", were planning to come here to stop these very scoundrels. We are on the right track to bring them before UIS trial, Aggreszana."
  • Aggreszana (The first female Zeapent): "..... Good. In the mean-time, let's make short work of these Scoundrels."
  • Head Poucher: "No wait, what're you do- No, no, NOOOOOOOOOOOO"
  • STAB!
  • The Hyenas stare in comedical shock as stabs and slices are heard!
  • The trio gluped, and quietly ran off.
  • Banzai: "..... Ohhhh boy. Something tells me the HA may had missed a spot with those wackos. I'm getting well-intentioned animal rights vigilanties turned extremest sort've deal from those guys."
  • Shenzi: "They said something about a "UIS Trial", Banzai..... That sounds like it's more serious then that."
  • Banzai: "But we never even ran into A UIS, nevermind, at all!"
  • Shenzi: "Well, clearly something must've setted them off. Now come on, we gotta get to the communicator and contact the other Lougers about this."
  • Ed nodded agreeingly, as the Trio ran!
  • Suddenly, Cage Probes flew in and started to chase the trio!
  • The Trio tried to dodge the Cage Probes, at one point it looked like they finally escaped them....
  • Shenzi: ".... HA! Well that didn't seem so bad- (The Cage Probes re-appeared in front of them and caught them as lazer bars formed around them)...... Craaaaap."
  • Aggreszana and her siblings arrived.....
  • Aggreszana: "..... Good call releasing the cage probes to capture them ahead of time on our arrival, Bruhoha. Our minor distraction from punishing those pouchers would've costed us our prey."
  • Bruhoha (Zeapent Male 1): "Thank you sister. A good hunter is always a step ahead."
  • Aggreszana: "Massiazina, Baros, call Vrex. We caught the other Founder members."
  • The other Male and Female Zeapents (Massiazina and Baros): "Yes Aggreszana."
  • The Zeapents proceed to move as the Cage Probes with the captured Hyenas follow.
  • Banzai: "Ugh.... Shenzi, why do we keep getting into situations like this?"

Dreamworks New York


  • It was seen that Circus Zaragoza was preforming in Rome once more, this time, after hearing about how much better it was, crowds formed around to attend the show for themselves.

(Prior Scene)

Madagascar 3 Circus Scene - HD

Madagascar 3 Circus Scene - HD

  • The crowds were heard cheering as both Circus Crew and the Madagascar Gang were all backstaged and relaxed......
  • Alex: "Man, it feels GREAT to redeem that prior mess in Rome in a BIG WAY!"
  • Stefano: "Those preformices were great! Although, we may need to talk about trying new things one of these days, I mean, all that stuff is great, but, people are bound to get bored eventually."
  • Alex: "I'm totally behind you on that. That is why I'm aiming to try out a bajillion new ideas. Ones that're fresh, and new."
  • Skipper came up!
  • Skipper: "Lion! We may have a situation on our hands."
  • Alex: "Aw gees, is DuBois back? Ya would figure the Leage would keep her on a tighter leash."
  • Skipper: "That's a negatory on DuBois."
  • Alex: "Okay, is it Dave again? I thought he turned his life around when he desided evil wasn't for him after that Crimelord Titan Fiasco.... Course, the Leage could've re-evilised him again."
  • Skipper: "It's not David neither. You might need to see for yourself. Hans and Savio, found themselves in quite a Pickle back at the Hoboken Zoo. And no, it's not the leage this time."
  • Gloria: "Wha-oh, I do not like the sound of that. Is that neat-freak zookeeper back?"
  • Skipper: "Thank goodness no! I would've had my team take care of that personally.... Instead, it's this. (Brings out a video screen) This took place exactly 100 hours prior to the preformice. (Turns it on)."

On Video.

  • Hans: "This is a distress call/warning to all avaluable Lougers! (Savio was seen being comedically being beaten around by a strongman Bulla) Well, at least, ones I can reach at the moment. We have a probelm of inter-universeal proportions! AUUians appear be to after us for a spefific reason! They are coming to give us a "Trial" of some kind. They said they're from "UIS". We need to alarm the Grand Council and- (Gets grabbed by a Disabler Lazer Whip) DAAAAAAAAAAAAA'OOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWW?! WHY DID IT HAVE TO BE A LAZER WHIP- (Gets pulled away as the video cuts off)

Video ends.

  • Melman: "And HOBOKEN of all places? Ya would think aliens would want to invade some place nicer, like, New York, Washington D.C., ya know, for practical alien reasons of going after leaders, or even Florida!"
  • Gloria: "Those ain't any aliens. Hans said they were AUUians. And that looked like they came after us spefificly."
  • Alex: "Then I say we go down there and figure this out."
  • Skipper: "I already sent Kolwalski, Rico, and Private for a rescue mission."
  • Marty: "Well they're gonna need extra help down there, Hans and Savi look like they're in trouble!"
  • ???: "I'm afraid I must protest to this. (Magnum appeared from nowhere).... These UIS agents would want that, so it makes seeking you out easier."
  • Melman: "Oh no?! They would expect that?! We gotta, we gotta, we gotta, WE GOTTA CALL SOMEBODY?!"
  • Magnum: "UIS will act too fast for this. Now, please come with me, Lougers. I offer to take you to the confines of safety."
  • Marty: "But what about Kolwalski, Rico and Private? They're already-"
  • Magnum: "I had asked Hudson to be guardian if need be. Now please, we must go."

Hoboken Zoo.

  • Savio laid defeated by the Bulla Strongman.....
  • Bulla: "..... Don't feel too bad about losing to Mightus'Tuu. I was able to wrestle with serpents TWICE or 50 times your size and still come out the winner."
  • Hans was struggling with the Lazer Whip, which was held by a black cloak wearing Skep female with an eye-patch.......
  • Hans: "...... Okay, what's your deal anyway? Why go through all this trouble?"
  • Skep female: "...... Allow me to introduse myself, fool..... I, am W'hippis, Skeptis Major's greatest beast tamer..... And he, is my signifigent other, Mightus'Tuu. The strongest Bullabull strongman of both his clan AND race, rivaled only by King Buuull himself."
  • Mightus'Tuu: "Aw shucks, (Playfull chuckle), try not to embarris me in front of the bounty, dear."
  • Hans: "Oh, I, take it you two are dating?"
  • W'hippis: "Fiances."
  • Hans: "Wow. Well, congradulations, you two, I-"
  • W'hippis: "Don't try to distract us with small talk! I studied you misfits, and dispite your lack of proper disaplene and proneness to add levity to serious situations, you can be very clever in stalls, so I won't fall for your idle chit-chat tactics."
  • A Cuddlefish being showed up.
  • Cuddlefish being: "Miss W'hippis, I was able to prevent the message from reaching other worlds, though it did made it to a planet-native transmission."
  • W'hippis: "You did your best, Genink. Your talents in Bruddlefish trained hacking still comes through reguardless."
  • Hans: "Aw come on! It isn't fair that you get to just surprise people like that!"
  • W'hippis: "It is about stragity, Louger. And I will not be paient with your infamous tendingcy to mock it. That is ALSO a Louger favertie form of distraction."
  • Kolwalski, Rico and Private were seen hidden in the shadows, survaying the situation.
  • Kolwalski: ".... Gentlemen, we're gonna need to devise a stragity too- (Suddenly, a Grabber Drone pounces onto Kolwalski) D'OW?!"
  • Rico: "WHA?!"
  • Private: "KOLWALSKI?!"
  • A laughing finned-head alien was seen as he started throwing more Grabber Probes!
  • Rico and Private made a run for it!
  • Kolwalski: "..... Wow. They were way ahead of me."
  • The Laughing Alien charged after them!
  • This got the UIS trio's attention!
  • Genink: "Oh my. That sounds like Probeson has found a rescue party."
  • Mightus'Tuu: "Heh, I love that crazy little Finkur."
  • W'hippis: "Genink, watch over the captured bounty, Mightus, come with! (Tosses Hans with the whip into a Cage Probe as Mightus'Tuu tied Savio into a knot as the duo charged off)"
  • Rico and Private ran from Probeson, as W'hippis and Mightus'Tuu blocked their escape route!
  • Mightus'Tuu: "End of the line, misfits. You got a UIS courtdate to see!"
  • Rico realised that he and Private were in a serious situation, as Rico quickly hacked out a firecracker and places Private on it, lights it and sends him flying!
  • Rico: "Bah-bye! (A Grabber Prone lands on Rico) WHOA?!"
  • W'hippis: "The other Louger!"
  • Mightus'Tuu: "..... Welp, 4 out of 1 ain't bad."
  • Private was screaming as Hudson zoomed in and saved Private just as the Firecracker explouded!
  • The UIS 4 saw that......
  • W'hippis: "..... Figures the Grand Council could not resist to try and help their faverite laprogs."
  • Mightus'Tuu: "Tch. Well, it's a safe bet that they can't save all of them. Besides, any stragglers they do save, will have to come to UIS some way or the other. Now, let's take the suckers right into the ship, honey."
  • W'hippis: "But alcourse, dear."
  • The Four proceeded to pack the captured Lougers up.

Deep Jungles of India

Ruins. (This was heard)



  • King Louie: "HA-HA! Baloo my man, you just made another SWINGING hit!"
  • Bagheera: "Yes, I must admit, it was a smashing preformice."
  • Kaa: "Ehhh, it was one of the more, happening, Songs from the Jungle Book sequil, I'll uh, give it that."
  • ???: "Yo Baloo, Baggy, Kaa-Boy!"
  • A moneky swang in concerned!
  • Monkey: "You three need to be splitsville man!"
  • Bagheera: "Now see here, I thought we were in good terms with King Louie!"
  • Monkey: "It's not that yo! Freaky looking aliens showed up and they are after yo asses!"
  • Kaa: "Uhhhh..... Define, aliens. (A wall explouded, as a Squad of Skorners came in, lead by one with a nasty scar)........ D'oh......"
  • Skorner Squad Leader: "...... I, am Commander S'kcar. (Baloo, Bagheera and Kaa quietly sneaked away) I am a subserviant warrior to the mighty UIS allience, of what you had crudely nicknamed our home universes as "The AUU"..... I promise that this is a peaceful interaction. We wish to extract three Louger Members, who are wanted to see UIS trial for becoming a concern to us. If you co-operate, I promise that a destroyed wall is that what these already dying ruins of a lost early civilisation had suffered today, is the worse damage by far.... But, (Brings out a huge gun) I cannot promise that defience, will not be rewarded with fitting repribution and an exsample of Darwinisum at it's finest...... Now, tell me..... Where, is these three? (Shows the holo-posters of Baloo, Bagheera and Kaa)....."
  • Silence.....
  • The Animals Paniced and Point to the trio just about to get to the exit!
  • Kaa: "..... Ohhhhhhh, you sell-outs."
  • Bagheera: "To be fair Kaa, no sensiable animal would dare defy anything that weilds a gun. Not even Shere Khan."
  • Baloo: "Doesn't make this less sucky though."
  • S'kcar: "Hmmmmm...... Obviously, universeal loyalty to great heroes is not consistent with every world."
  • King Louie: "Hey don't get us wrong, we like those guys, we're just afraid of death abit more..... And your little weapon there."
  • S'kcar: "And may that fear serve you well, against something that is actselly a threat to your survival. (Gestures his squad to quickly reach the trio and surround them)......"
  • Kaa moaned fearfully as the Skorner Squad held the trio at gunpoint, keeping them from moving.....
  • Baloo: "..... (Sighs)..... We may as well go along with this. (Raises paws and puts them behind his head)......."
  • Bagheera: "Oh, bollicks."
  • S'kcar: "(Approuches) Now..... Let us reach to our ship's location and make accreate haste to return to Skeptis Minor....."
  • The Skorner Squad escourt the group away.

Dreamworks China

Valley of Peace.

  • Villagers of the Valley look in surprise and awe of the arriving Bulla soldiers and that of King Buuull.
  • Zeng looks at this and becomes concern, as King Buuull arrived to Zeng, in seeing that Zeng is assusiated with the Jade Palace......
  • King Buuull: "...... You clearly look like someone directly afiliated with those that live here..... (Grabs Zeng by the neck as he wimpfully yelped)..... Go up there, and tell them that the King of the Bullas, demands an audience."
  • Zeng: ".... (Nods agreeingly phathicly in obedience)...."
  • King Buuull tosses Zeng into the sky as the nervious goose starts flapping up to the sky!

Jade Palace.

  • Po: "King Buuull? That's what he said his name was? Kinda, a weird name."
  • Shifu: "Did he made any threats?"
  • Zeng: "He, just insisted that he "Demands an Audience"....."
  • Mantis: "Then let's give him that audience, AND SEND THE JERK PACKING?! We all know that a big guy with a hammer and an army of other big guys, NEVER turns out good?!"
  • Viper: "I don't know guys, these Bullas could be powerful. It could be dangerious to combat them. We need to call the other Lougers about this."
  • Lord Shen: "A fair point, Miss Viper. We must approuch the communicator and-"
  • Soothsayer: "(Face Oogway's Pool) It won't do any good....... They are being captured one by one, by others like the Bullas...... They are the races of UIS, and they have come for us. They are off the AUU....."
  • Monkey: "UIS?"
  • Crane: "Oh please don't tell me that isn't some kind of new-age more subtile verson of the VA."
  • Soothsayer: "They are a group of a controverseal reputation races that formed due to the sins and mistakes of the USRA..... We once helped a planet that is of particularly among those reasons...."
  • Boss Wolf: "..... Mieber?"
  • Lord Shen: "No..... Pharagu..... I once heard of a particular race that is especially upset about it's detieriating state that rights to cleaning it up became a hot-button issue. In fact, prior to when Lord Millipede happened, there was an ambassitor of that race trying to claim Pharagu for UIS to clean up..... That is still a continuing debate."
  • Tigress: "Well why are they here?"
  • Lord Shen: "I suspect our successes in redeeming the Phends and defeating the Humanatarians had a role in their arrival."
  • Jade Tusk: "Do they deem us a threat for that?"
  • Fu-Xi: "Tch, to be fair, if anyone was able to defeat quantom glitch people and de-villify the reputation of a snake-raptor race, I'd be cautious of what they can do next too."
  • Pang Bing: "We can't risk this valley being harmed by them if we fail to comply or if we attacked them. We need to approuch them cautiously."
  • Soothsayer: "I must warn that they seek to take us to be put on a trial for being a risk factor to them. They fear we would give the USRA races an edge over them and undermine their power."
  • Po: "Well no problem. We can just go down there and tell them that it is not the case."
  • Jade Tusk: "Would it not be smarter to retreat and find a way to help any remaining comrades?"
  • Viper: "But then the villagers will be vulerable to the Bullas, and we don't know if they have malevolent intentions or not."
  • Fu-Xi: "(Scoffs), Then let's just kick their asses! Simple as that!"
  • Tigress: "Our odds don't feel favorable fighting these Bullas. Even if we win, they'll come back with more numbers."
  • Po: "Guys, chill...... Let's just talk to the guy and see what he wants..... Ok?"
  • Shifu: "It may not be an admireable opition..... But it's better then nothing."
  • Fu-Xi: "..... Let's all agree to blame Po if this backfires."
  • Everyone but Po: "Agreed."
  • Po: "Hey!"


  • The entire Kung Fu Gang reached the Stair bottom to meet the awaiting Bullas, as Jade Tusk was seen effertlessly holding a Tired-out Po with one hand as she drops Po down at the very bottom, to the bewilderment of the Bullas......
  • Po: "(Groans), Thanks for the help, J.T., you were a real pal today. (Exhausted breath)...... I always hate, having to use the stairs.... This is why the palace, needs to take notes of what the Panda Village is doing and use an Elevador."
  • King Buuull: "...... Allow me to introduse myself, "Dragon Warrior/Warrior of Black and White/Dragon Master"....... I, am the King of the Bullas-"
  • Po: "Hey how are you doing?"
  • King Buuull was stunned silent......
  • King Buuull: "..... Okay, this was NOT the first encounter I was expecting."
  • Fu-Xi: "Join the club, we have club sodas."
  • King Buuull: "..... Anyway....... I, King Buuull, am here on instruction to UIS' orders to bring you into UIS trial, on counts of you bunch being a flight risk to UIS' legacy and a potaintional threat, in expanding USRA enfluence."
  • Lord Shen: "Well you have our assurence that we have no interest to play political faverites. This being said, the Soothsayer told us what your likely allies have been doing, and let it be known, the High Council will not stand for this."
  • King Buuull: "So, you claim innosence? Then prove it to me in battle. First, you will fight against my men. Then, you will fight against me. After all, I heard you guys are strong fighters..... And we Bullas view fighting as a passion! We believe that being strong absolves all guiltiness, while weakness condemns you. You win against us, you'll be spared from a shared fate the rest of your friends will get. Lose..... Tch. Duh. We arrest you. Plain, and simple."
  • Shifu: "You would jeprodise the trust of your allience, for mere sport?"
  • King Buuull: "Hear me out..... I heard alot of talk of what you guys were capable off, both on the rightious side, and the not-so-much..... I want to exspearience this first-hand....... I want to see EXACTLY, of what you are capable off, so I can add your defeats, into my long history of conguring great adversaries."
  • Fu-Xi: "Oh good grief, he's an egoist. Well when we're done with you, that ego's gonna come crashing down!"
  • King Buuull: "..... I'm bemused by this already. Men?! ATTACK?! (The Bullas charged!)"
Shrek Soundtrack 6

Shrek Soundtrack 6. Halfcocked - Bad Reputation

  • The Kung Fu Group Sprung into action and began the fight!
  • Po belly flopped an entire Bulla Squadern right into a building, as Po shouted his usual words!
  • Tigress was a powerhouse against all Nine Bullas trying to get at her!
  • Viper and Fu-Xi wrapped themselves around a Bulla's arms to make him repeatedly hit himself!
  • Monkey utilised his staff to effectively wack down incoming Bullas!
  • Mantis was speed-fighting against alot of Bullas.
  • Crane gracefully fought his way against a near-horde of Bullas!
  • Shifu was moving too quick for some Bullas to keep up with!
  • Lord Shen was giving an epic smackdown against Bullas alongside Boss Wolf!
  • Pang Bing blasted down Bulla elites with her magic!
  • Peng and Lian double-teamed against a strong Bulla General!
  • Jade Tusk was able to evade and ambush mobs of Bullas with relitive ease!
  • King Buuull stood by, watching amused by the strentgh and fighting prowless of the group that is managing to hold off a collection of his strongest soldiers as if he sent over abunch of rookies to fight them.
  • A last-standing Bulla was sent flyng torwords a Gong as a loud noise came from it, as it was shown that the Bullas were basicly defeated and knocked out.
  • The citizens cheer for the Kung Fu Lodgers.
  • Po: Thank you! Thank you very much! We're here all week, try Ping's Noodle Shop!
  • Mr. Ping: (off-screen) That's my boy!
  • King Buuull gave a slow clap, surprising everyone.......
  • King Buuull: "..... That, was worth the time waiting for you people to climb down those stairs. And this, is exactly what I was expecting..... (Weilds his hammer) But now, it's time for a penultamate oppendent. (Sees a large rock, hits it with his hammer, where at first nothing happens)......."
  • Fu-Xi: "..... Sooooo......... Something's suppose to happen-"
  • King Buuull: "Wait for it....."
  • The Rock suddenly crumbles into extremely tiny pebbles that it's practicly sand now, shocking everyone.......
  • Mantis: "...... Damn, that's a strong hammer!"
  • Fu-Xi: "Well either that or that rock was a real bitch."
  • King Buuull: "That, was the result of the true power and strentgh of the Bullabull king of kings' hammer. I earned my worth for this hammer after I single handedly defeated an entire legion of Uouon Seperests that were threatening the Ka'navi homeworld with genoside after conflicts between the two reached a boiling point. This hammer, was once used to destroy an extinction event causing asteriod into little pieces of rock that burned quickly in the asmosfear, damaged the eye of a universe destroyer, and turn mountains into piles of stone in seconds......"
  • Po: "..... So, basicly, an AUU verson of The Sacred War Hammer of Lei Lang?"
  • King Buuull: "You are right to trem-....... Wait, what?"
  • Mantis: "Yeah, dude, your hammer is basicly an AUU counterpart to the Sacred War Hammer, it can litterally do the exact same things."
  • King Buuull: "..... Well...... Uhhhh..... This is awkword....... But still, I have a pretty strong weapon at my side. I'll have you guys ready to be trialed on in no time."
  • Jade Tusk: "A weapon can only be as useful as long as it's weilder is with humility and focus. You are held back by ego."
  • King Buuull: "Tch, what you call ego, you fanged deer creature, I call Bullabull pride! My Bullabull strentgh is something to be proud of, for- (Jade Tusk wooshed in and punched Buuull in the gut hard) OOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! (This surprised the Bullabulls present)....... Ahh, ahh, ahhhhhhh."
  • Jade Tusk: "Ego, is truely, the downfall of warriors. (Gets her fist free as Buuull fell backwords in pain)......"
  • King Buuull: "Ah, ahhh, ahhhhhhh, ahhhhhh."
  • ???: "Oh for Petan's sake, Buuull."
  • A Zhaerthis came forth.
  • Zhaerthis: "This is why you should've been more civil!"
  • King Buuull: "Ahhhhhhhh."
  • Zhaerthis: "..... (Sighs).... Someone get him into the infirmery. (Two Bullas proceeded to do exactly that as they lifted Buuull up and take him away)...... I, apologiese for that, Buuull is usually more professional then that, but sometimes when he is given the oppertunity to fight new adversaries, his Bullabull fight-loving insticts take over."
  • Lord Shen: "As he deminstraighted perfectly."
  • Zhaerthis: "Well, I am Miss Jikkoi. And I was gonna set him straight so he can take you to see UIS Trial more formally and properly."
  • Po: "Wait, he said he was gonna let us off with a warning if we beat him."
  • Miss Jikkoi: "HE DID?! Uggh! He's so lucky that he's a king and that the Grandmind respects his strentgh, because-...... (Sighs)..... Look, how's about, we bring you with us to our ship unrestrained? I wish for a peaceful turn-over, else Buuull, when he recovers, might take you guys abit more seriously next time.... And trust me, it will not be fun for anyone."
  • Shifu: "..... Very well. We shall tend to this matter and see what problem we may pocess with your allience. We desire for this to end as peacefully as possable."
  • Miss Jikkoi: "Thank you. Oh, and, I suggest you start packing alot of lunches, cause.... It may be for sometime."
  • Mr. Ping: "CHALLNAGE ACCEPTED! (Zooms off to make alot of food for the group's journey)...."
  • Fu-Xi: "..... Ya might wanna be warned that he doesn't do freebies."
  • Miss Jikkoi: "Well, then how good is currentcy conversion here?"
  • Po: "Hard to say, cause, we don't get visited here by AUUians too much."
  • Miss Jikkoi: "I see."
  • Lord Shen: "But don't worry, I'll cover for everyone. I may as well put my parents' fortune to some use after repairs to Gongmen's damages have been all settled and done."



  • Iago: "(As he flew around) Ahhh, Agrabah. A place to come back to, to take a break after an exhausting Season 6. Espeically the crud I just went through."
  • Thundera came up as well.
  • Thundera: "And I'm glad to get to spend it with you, Mi Amore."
  • Iago: "And what's to make it better, then to spend it with my faverite Thunder-bird? I know a far enough Palm Tree where we can have, alone time."
  • The two love birds flew off to that lone Palm tree as they rested close to eachother.
  • Iago: "Now, come to me, my little- (Chaos appeared) AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH?!"
  • Chaos: "Well (SCREAMS A STOCK SCREAM SOUND) To you too!"
  • Iago: "What's the big idea, you dream cat of Discord's?!"
  • Chaos: "Well, thought it seemed produdent to tell you that Haroud got snagged by two big alien guys."
  • Iago: "..... I'm sorry, what?"
  • Haroud was seen being dragged away by two Bullas to the surprise of Agrabah citizens, some of them even moving out of the way!
  • Thundera: "..... Crumba!"
  • Iago: "Awwww, that is JUST peachy keen?! Once again, we gotta go to work just as we were about to relax! Okay, let's call the other Lougers about this and-"
  • Chaos: "I'm afraid it won't be that simple."
  • Iago: "And why's that- (Iago and Thundera get captured by a Lazer Net by two Finkurs) HEY, WHAT'S THE BIG IDEA!"
  • The two Finkurs chuckled mischiviously as they high-fived, and dragged the captured lovebirds off.
  • Chaos: "Well, fortunately, it'll be up to little old me to- (A tall jellyfish being appeared behind Choas as he looked alittle surprised at the new creature)...... Ohhhhh boy. You just have that kind of engery sense that even makes you SMELL powerful!"
  • The Being: "Kneel before the power of the Brainiacaazk, and of I, Kornonus."
  • Kornonus began to subdue Chaos into a sleep.
  • The captured Lougers get taken away.

Disney China

Imperial palace.

  • The latest wedding anniversery is held for the princesses and Yao, Ling, and Chien Po as Mulan and Shang were invited as well, Chi Fu and Mushu being given a louger reserve table.
  • Mushu: "Now THIS is happening! We get invited to an anniversery and got served the GOOD stuff!"
  • Chi Fu: "Do try not to over-enjoy the meal, Mushu. Savor it. Cause soon enough, afterwords, it's back to dealing with crazy super villains of the week and whatever the villain teams or the latest independent threat can throw at us."
  • Mushu: "Okay, I know being a scared pussy is sort've like your thing, but you need to chillax. I mean, it's not like we're gonna be randomly visited by some AUUian trouble makers or anythin-"
  • Goofy Screams were heard as some Imperial Soldiers were tossed like ragdolls to the surprise of the crowd, as it was shown that an AUU Elk being and a Spider-Mantis being came forth......
  • Auuian Elk: "...... Ahem. (Sofisicated voice) So sorry we interupted your royal party, but we came here because you have two particular guests that need to be addressed in a UIS trial. They have presented a dire concern to us, and they need to answer for this."
  • Mushu: "(Quietly) Okay, Chi-Chi, I think it may be time to skaddle out of here and get Louger reinforcements up in here, cause- (Saw that Chi-Fu was gone, only to be reveiled to be phatheticly hiding under the table)..... (Quietly) Excuse me? And yet you were the same guy THAT MONITERED TROOPS IN A WAR, MAN?!"
  • Chi-Fu: "(Quietly) I'm an imperial counciler, not a fighter!"
  • Mushu: "(Quietly) That doesn't mean you have to be a total chicken shit about it?! Now let's get out of here quietly, and get on your horse?!"
  • AUUian Elk: "We assure you that as long as these two wanted fugitives are turned in, you'll see no further disruptions from us. (As Chi-fu and Mushu were comedically sneaking away) Else, I can't promise that UIS wouldn't aim to qurrentie the planet just to prevent an escape. You see, UIS has already went through the trouble of annexing a famous piece of USRA tec known as the Interdimentional Portal, and Madam President can be paient for oh so long. I think we can agree that it would be benefital to all of us if we don't keep her waiting and kindly reveil to us, where are the native Lougers, Mushu and Chi Fu?"
  • Princess Mei: "Oh, oh, isn't that them right there? (Points to the duo just about to get on Chi-Fu's horse)......"
  • Princess Ting-Ting: "...... Mei....... That, was not a smart move........"
  • Mushu: "...... GET ON THE HORSE AND LET'S MIMIC A TREE AND LEAVE?! (Chi Fu got his horse to run off!)!"
  • AUUian Spider-Mantis Being: "..... Uh, Sir Froost, it, might seem smart to go after them."
  • AUUian Elk (Sir Froost): "Now now, Venmorlexia...... It is customary to allow a 10 second head-start..... (Began conjuring up an Ice Spear) 10, 9, 8, (Aims right where the palace gate exit is) 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. (Throws the Ice Spear as it manages to go very far and hit the gate, as it turned into a large ice wall and blocked out Chi-Fu and Mushu's only exit).... Below, 0........"
  • Chi-Fu: "The palace gate?! It's frozen?!"
  • Mushu: "Aw man, and our only way out too!?"
  • Froost used a wrist-teleporter watch to teleport himself and Venmorlexia right where Chi-Fu and Mushu are!
  • Chi-Fu did his iconic girl scream!
  • Sir Froost: "Mushu and Chi-Fu of what has been named, "Disney China", due to the appearentness of a simular world in the "Dreamworks" Universe, you have been summoned to attend UIS trial. It would be wise to surrender peacefully and quietly."
  • Mushu: "Tch, relax, Chi-Fu, I'll melt frosty's powers into nothing easy-peasy while you offend Spider-Mantis here with how you tend to view women."
  • Chi-Fu: "Are you really gonna be so shrewed and over-compident about this?"
  • Mushu: "Oh relax, it's only two of them, not like they have an army or anything- (Squads of Finkurs, Skorners and Sailnecked anfibian beings appeared from cloaking tec armed with guns)............ Uhhhhhhhhh-oh."
  • Chi-Fu: "..... WILL YOU STOP JINXING US WITH BAD KARMA, YOU OVER-COMPIDENT LITTLE LIZARD?! I- (Suddenly the duo get grabbed by Venmorlexia and get trapped in really strong metal webbing)....."
  • Sir Froost: "Alchourse, it always pays to have brought highly trained cloaking squads of Skorners, Finkurs, and even Sailnecks, when dealing with potaintionally serious adversaries. (A UIS ship hovers over them)..... Mission, accomplished."

The Great Valley

Valley of the mists.

  • Tzzy was seen with Icky.
  • Tzzy: "It sure is swell ya came to the family reunion, Icky."
  • Icky: "Well, may as well since the Lougers desided to take a much needed break after the hellhole events of Season 6. Espeically that time travel part! So glad, the Producer rarely touches that subject only if the episode calls for it and that it's not a repeated thing, NOR was it touched too early in the series."
  • Tzzy: "Oh yeah, I heard about that, how did it go?"
  • Icky: "It, was not, fun, Tzzy. That's all you need to know."
  • However, Icky and Iago saw that Dinosaurs and other creatures began to run away, even seeing their retreating flying family, as they look to see that large AUU tanks are hovering across the area smacking down trees in the process.
  • Icky: "(Sighs)..... (Brings out Iphone) May as well call the Lougers about this."
  • Skorners on hovercycles appeared, which surprised Icky!
  • One of the Cycle Skorners grabbed Icky with a lazer leash!
  • The Tank Commander opened up communications to Vrex.
  • Tank Commander: "Vrex, we have captured the native Louger."
  • Vrex: "Your sure? He tends to have a common appearence with the native spieces here."
  • Tank Commander: "..... Call it a safe bet that he is unique for even pocessing such outsider knowledge."
  • Vrex: "Hmmpth. Good. Now you may return to the ship."
  • Tank Commander: "Yes sir."
  • With Icky's capture, the tanks began to turn around around and return to where they first came from.


Archer Festival.

  • Another Archer Conest is held, as King Richard and royal groups arrived to watch it unfold, as amongst the contestents is Robin Hood.
  • Sir Hiss was seen wtih his reformed Brother Fang and other Hissingshire family members are attending as well.
  • Fang: "..... I'll admit, it was.... Considerate, of you, to invite me to the latest Archer's festival, brother. I, wagered you wouldn't do that after what, we went through."
  • Sir Hiss: "Oh come now, Fang, it's all bilge under the water now, the past is in the past, and things changed. Now, do try to enjoy yourself. Robin Hood has some stiff competitors now, the finest archers from all across england. He's in for quite a challnage now."
  • Suddenly, the targets were blasted off by spontanious lazers that surprised even Robin Hood and present folks, as a Bruddle Fish with a spieces speffiic Iron Man like suit hovered in.....
  • Bruddle Fish: "..... (British Accent) Ever so sorry for distrupting your festival, but I mainly desired to get everyone's attention. Allow me to introduse myself. I, am Professor Inkplots the 3rd. The extraordenary super genius of the already tecnologically brillent Bruddle Fish race. And I have been requested to seek out and capture the Shell Louger, Sir Hiss Hissingshire. His allined group the Shell Louge Squad, has become a concern to UIS as a risk to their stability, thus they are due for trial. Simply point me to the direction of Sir Hiss, and I'll be on my merry way. Delay will result in this planet being qurrentined until he is found."
  • Fang was quietly jestured Sir Hiss to get out of the Festival while he still can...
  • Professor Inkplots: "..... I see the general crowds are abit shy then. Fair enough. I'll be generious enough to try and find Sir Hiss myself then. (Uses his helmit to began scanning the area, then finally found Sir Hiss about to splink off) AHHH-HA! There you are, ol'boy!"
  • Sir Hiss yelped cowerdly and slithered as fast as he can as Professor Inkplots zoomed after him!
  • Sir Hiss kept slithering as Professor Inkplots was closing in!
  • Professor Inkplots: "Victory is as good as-"
  • Aurlena appeared and punched Professor Inkplots right into a barrol of wine!
  • Professor Inkplots: "D'OW INK IT ALL?!"
  • Aurlena: "Sorry, Ink-Butt, no easy win for UIS this time! (Aurlena grabs Sir Hiss and runs off)....."
  • Professor Inkplots: "..... So, Vrex was correct in USRA Heroes Act interfearence. Then let's keep tab on that, (Fires a tracker onto the unaware Aurlena as she ends up having one on her and never realised it) Shall we?"
  • Professor Inkplots retreated into the sky.....
  • Friar Tuck: "..... Oy, it's never a normal day when the Lougers are involved."
  • Lady Cluck: "I know, right? It's always something crazy going on with them."

The Dragon Realms

Lonely Woods in the night.

  • Spyro and Cynder were seen walking side by side.....
  • Spyro: ".... So, are we alone?"
  • Cynder: "Sparx and Fire look like they're gonna be with eachother for, quite sometime. So, it gives us a long awaited chance to, finally have some alone time."
  • Spyro: "Yeah, yeah.... Alone time....."
  • The two stop a certain point of the woods.....
  • Spyro: "..... Here it is...... Lover's Rock."
  • Cynder: "(A near-perfect Heart-Shaped Rock was seen)....... It's as beautiful as I imagined......."
  • The two got up on the rock and rested.....
  • Cynder: "...... Spyro, there's, there's something, I want to say......"
  • Spyro: "Sure......"
  • Cynder: "..... That event, with Time Master, and how..... I almost lost you for good, it..... It made me realised...... On how much you mean to me...... Even after you had to re-live that Nightmare that was our first encounter, and everything that followed, you never stopped at all, to try and save me from that mess...... I, I don't know how to say this, but..... Spyro...... It's time we start being more then, just friends. (Brings out something from a bag she brought with her)..... (Opens the box to reveil duel bracelets)....... These, are sworn lovers bracelets......"
  • Spyro was amazed.....
  • Spyro: "..... Where...... Did you, get these?"
  • Cynder: "The Moneybags Multi-Service Emperiom. That sneazy bear had these on "Sale", well, they were cheaper then their usual price. I, can hope Icky can forgive me for borrowing from his money safe."
  • Spyro: "I'm sure he'll understand."
  • Cynder: "In his own way of being overtly critical, you mean?"
  • Spyro and Cynder laughed.
  • Cynder: ".... Spyro, with these bracelets, (Puts one of each on her frontleg and Spyro), Everyone will reckitnised our bond being greater then before. We would become forever bound, well, metathoricly, not litterally like in Legend of Spyro's last game, (Chuckles abit), ahem.... We would become bound to eachother forever."
  • Spyro: "..... Cynder..... Out of all the other Lougers, even ones I enjoy the company of most, it was always you I always wanted to be around no matter what. You just as much had my back when I had yours. We, will never, be torn apart."
  • Spyro and Cynder were about to slowly enter a kiss, when-
  • ???: "CYNDER?!"
  • The two were surprised!
  • Quidilen came running in with a panic!
  • Quidilen: "CYNDER CYNDER CYNDER CYNDER- (Crashes into the rock with the surprised duo!)"
  • The three were found in a pile of rocks of the now ruined Lover's Rock......
  • Spyro: "(Looks at the wreckage)..... Welp, there goes lover's rock."
  • Cynder: "Hymeer the Rock Carver would go nuts at this."
  • Quidilen: "Don't worry about that! Listen, I came to warn you about UIS! I saw from the AUU news that UIS have succeeded in annexing the Inter-Dimentional Portal and are going after the Lougers!"
  • Spyro: "UIS?"
  • Quidilen: "Well, for now, all you need to know is that they were what happens when the USRA can't please everyone. The impourent thing to know is that they're after you two, and I can't risk that. I'm taking you two to the safety of the HA."
  • Spyro: "Wait...... Sparx is alone, and..... SPARX?! (Runs off)!"
  • Cynder: "Spyro, wait up! (Runs after him!)"
  • Quidilen: "Wait wait wait wait- Annnnd, they're off.... (Sighs), Can't believe, I'm going to risk those two getting captured, over a bug. (Runs off after them) AT LEAST LET ME HELP YOU TWO WITH THIS?!"

Dragon Guardian Temple.

  • Sparx found himself in a specialised jar as he was held by a gang of Sailnecks.
  • Sparx: "Allright, let me out of here, ya gang of croaking rednecks, (A Coraak on a fancy hover segway was seen smoking an AUUian cigar as a Finkur assistent was lighting it), You guys are being REAL buzz-kills to my date now, so let me out now and I might promise to ask Spyro to be cool around you jerks."
  • Coraak: "..... Sorry, Insectiod, but we have other plans. (Smokes out dollar signs smoke symbols)..... Let me introduse myself. I am Security Executive Lardo Fatsacks, and I am going to be the one that captures two of the Strongest Lougers in the, Shell Louge Squad, as it were. At least be grateful we're not dragging your mate into YOUR group's trial."
  • Sparx: "I'm warning ya, fatass, Spyro and Cynder can REALLY mess people up."
  • Lardo Fatsacks: "(Chuckles bemused)..... I, dare them."

Outside Dragon Guardian Temple.

  • Some Sailnecks are seen patroling outside, looking out for interlopers, tresspassers or ill-timed visitors.
  • Spyro, Cynder, and Quidilen were seen sneaking about in the shadows.
  • Quidilen: "(Quietly) Oh lovely. Those UIS goons took over the place quickly. Doesn't Shen's followers usually provide security?"
  • Cynder: "(Quietly) He usually brings his Wolves and Gorillas with him."
  • Quidilen: ".... (Quietly and deadpan) Because alcourse he does."
  • Cynder: "(Queitly) Spyro, what's the plan?"
  • Spyro: "(Quietly).... We'll have to get in through the forbidden basement. Ignitus once told me about a fake log that covers the celler enterence to the forbidden basement. We can use that."
  • The trio slinked off.

Forbidden Basement.

  • The trio entered the forbidden basement, filled with many powerful arifacts and knicknacks of ultamate power.
  • Quidilen: "..... Yeesh, look at all this shit. What is with all this stuff?"
  • Cynder: "It's assentually where the High Council places in items and objects of great power in, for safety reasons. Whether they were used by anichent heroes, villains, objects from the Cartoonian Wars, weapons from anichent propichies, Outer Realm Objects, or once normal stuff given inexplictable super-naterol or extra unusual powers, and occationally extremely personal prized pocessions of the High Council, that may or may not also pocess great power."
  • Spyro: "Ahhh, memories. (Sees an Icy Staff)...... Remember when we fought that Ice Demon Wizard that threatened Ol' Moneybags for a cheap scam?"
  • Cynder and Spyro laughed.....
  • Cynder: "(Looks at a Counch Shell) Oh, that one is my faverite. Remember that giant Starfish that wanted to turn Kratos into an ocean world?"
  • Spyro: "Whoa yeah, that was ANOTHER wild time at Kratos!"
  • The two saw a magic carpet.
  • Cynder: "Oh, I remember this! It's the magic carpet we used with Icky and Iago to escape the Golden Bejeweled City of the Blue Scorpians back on Deserta when we did that mission to defeat an evil Sultan!"
  • Spyro: "I still remember the reactions Icky gets when all those birds keep (Chuckles) Smacking into his face!"
  • Quidilen: "..... Okay, hold up! I know you two are friends and all, but, you two never act THIS chummy! What gives? Is there something I should know about?"
  • Cynder: ".... Oh, right, it was before you ran into us, and warned us about UIS...... Mom, Spyro and I-"
  • Quidilen: "You two are going steady, are ya? I mean, COME ON, you two, have always been togather longer then even before the Lougers became a thing! Also, I found you two on a heart-shape rock and you two started to wear twin bracelets, I'm not an idiot."
  • Spyro: "..... Well, yeah, pretty much. We, we might, consider getting betroved someday."
  • Quidilen: "Believe me, I'd be getting as giddy as a female Sea Squirl when Clifton makes a public appaearence, but sadly, any excitment is cut short due to the seriousness of UIS presence here! They were always netourious of being penultamate buzzkills. Kinda why the Grand Council and USRA representives ALWAYS fear heading to Summits with UIS. They're an allience of downers!"
  • Spyro: "Oh, right, alcourse. We should probuly worry about them first, and Sparx."
  • The group moved on.

Forbidden Basement Doorway.

  • Two Sailnecks were seen playing a holo-card game.
  • Sailneck 1: "I's summens the Forboding Wizard against yer Red-Eyes Silver Dracthon."
  • Sailneck 2: "Awww, no fairs, they're evens in power, they're gonna ends up doing eachother in."
  • Sailneck 1: "Yeah, but then I'll play the Resserection Card and bring my wizard back afterwords."
  • Sailneck 2: "Awww, dagnabbit, Jlem, you always cheat."
  • Sailneck 1 (Jlem): "Now see see here, Jilly Buob, I ain'ts a cheater, ya crybaby! (Quidilen was sneakfully opening the door slowly as the two were unaware) I just play the game betta then you, why I- (Quidilen grabbed the duo and smacked both heads into eachother, knocking them out) D'OH?!"
  • Sailneck 2 (Jilly Buob): "Ohhhhhhhhhhh."
  • The two Sailnecks fell unconjustus.
  • Quidilen: "..... Naterol Selection was having a stupid day if the Sailnecks were able to move past Teadr 6. Okay, coast's clear. (Cynder and Spyro came up)."
  • Spyro: "..... I see you still held on to that old VA sneakiness, Quidilen."
  • Quidilen: "Tch, well, at least I'm using it to help people. Also, even idiots like these two Ho-Ah-Yo Card players will be a risk factor of getting us caught by present UIS forces. We need to be stealthy here."
  • Quidilen jestured Spyro and Cynder to follow her as the three snuck around the place.

Magic Pool Room.

  • Sparx was found dangling alone in his jar, held by a hovering drone.
  • The Trio arrived stealhfully and saw Sparx there.
  • Spyro: "Sparx!"
  • Quidilen: "(Stops Spyro's advance) Careful! It's a trap. UIS is likely expecting you to come to the rescue. See that drone? (Points to the drone) That's a Baiter Alarm IUY-9X. The greatest bait alarm drones made by the Coraaks. That was how they "Recruit" slaves in their Pre-UIS years."
  • Cynder: "So whoever placed that thing there is expecting us."
  • Quidilen: "Well, you two spefificly."
  • Spyro: "Well, we'll just have to risk it! (Flies out)!"
  • Quidilen: "Wait wait wait!"
  • Spyro was about to strike the cage drone, when hidden Sailnecks pop-up and fired stun lazers that knocked Spyro out!
  • Lardo Fatsacks hovered in along with a set of Sailnecks.....
  • Lardo Fatsacks: "..... (Chuckles softly)..... It's a good thing I was able to adapt to your interuption when the Skorner Squad reported your daughter's and friend's absince at their precise location, Quidilen. (Sailnecks appeared from behind the surprised Quidilen and Cynder).... Then again, I also half-expected your ineditable interuption given revelations of your bloodline to Miss Cynder."
  • The Sailnecks pushed Cynder and Quidilen forword.
  • Lardo Fatsacks: "But all the same.... Be grateful we'll be generious enough to surrender YOU back to the Grand Council, Quidilen.... It's Cynder, her silly bug-lover boyfriend and the idiotic annoying insect we wanted."
  • Quidilen: "...... You know you can't be able to catch them all..... The HA-"
  • Lardo Fatsacks: "I'm already aware of reports of Heroes Act interfearence, Quidilen. But we're confident that we'll get another chance when the ineditable attempt at a rescue would occure. We're just trying to focus on intermediate priorities first, worry about misteps later. That is always how UIS fuctions."
  • Cynder: "I demand to speak with your leaders about this?!"
  • Lardo Fatsacks: "Well lucky you, you will! (Sternly) On your trial date! (Some Sailnecks restrained Cynder and Quidilen with Zewinasaur restraints)... I knew those Zewinasaur restraints, designed to restrict the powers of a Zewinasaur, thankfully also have the same effects on your remarkably simular race. (Spyro was seen placed in the same restraints) We even took the time to modify your boyfriend's restraints to handle his unmistakeably strong powers, so to best avoid any..... Surprises."
  • Quidilen: "Ughhh, back when I was in my "Darkness Qui" phase, I ALWAYS HATED THESE THINGS?!"
  • Cynder: "(Sarcasticly) Because ALCHOURSE you would have exspearience with these things."
  • Lardo Fatsacks: "Now then.... Time to board the ship."

Sam and Max's World


  • Sam and Max are seen having busted down a gang of Cupcake costume wearng bandits.
  • Sam: "Well Max, I think it's a save bet we finally busted the caper of The Pastery Mauradors and their Pastery stealing operations."
  • Max: "You said it. Whoever thought having an epic sweet tooth could lead to a life of crime?"
  • The phone rings.
  • Sam and Max: I GOT IT, I GOT IT, I GOT IT, I GOT IT, I GOT IT!
  • Sam gets it.
  • Sam: Hello? Calm down, sir. Really? Okay, we'll be right over! (Hangs up) That was the commissioner, Max. He says that aliens landed on Earth and request an audience with us.
  • Max: "Aliens? Is it The Uglions again? I thought ever since the Galactic Federation usurped their old king in favor of a more benvolent one that they came to give our earth a break. Or is it the Moon Roaches having another issue again?"
  • Sam: "These are different aliens."
  • Max: "Different? How so?"
  • Sam: "Different like they're from the AUU."
  • Max: "Ohhhh. So is it the Grand Council?"
  • Sam: "The commissioner sounded very upset, so, I suspect we're dealing with particularly different AUUians."
  • Max: "So what're we waiting for? Let's give them the Sam and Max exspearience."

The Amazon

Brandy and Whiskers' Treehouse.

  • Brandy and Mr. Whiskers were seen in it.....
  • Brandy: "..... Ya know, much as I'm glad that off-camera I was able to reunite with my rich family somewhere, season 3/season 5-ish, it's not a bad thing to come back here every now and again."
  • Mr. Whiskers: "Well yeah. It's like a home away from home..... Placed in the middle of an uncharted amazonian jungle where crazy things happen on a daily basis."
  • Lola Boa: "(Shows up with Ed the Otter) Ahhh, si. Such Nostaglia."
  • Ed the otter: "Memories, truely a thing for the brain to reflect back on."
  • Brandy: "..... (Sighs)..... I just wish the show was able to have me canonically come back to my rich family and not be left incompleted like it did....."
  • Mr. Whiskers: "Yeah. Then we wouldn't have to relie on fan-crossover series to get our happy-endings."
  • Brandy: "..... Ya know, Whiskers..... One good thing came out of this..... At least you and I don't ever have to be pulled apart."
  • Mr. Whiskers: "Awwww, shucks, thanks Brandy, I-"
  • Alot of animals were seen running away!
  • Brandy: ".... Awww crud, don't tell me Gaspar's back to cause trouble again."
  • Lola: "It's actselly worse then that! It's him!"
  • Lola points to an arriving Vyran with over-sized weaponry and an over-the-top badass looking hover-cycle, covered in tattoos of skulls.
  • Mr. Whiskers: "....... I actselly would've prefered it if it was Gaspar again."
  • Brandy: "Same."
  • Lola: "Ditto."
  • Ed the Otter: "Unamiously agreed, Mr. Wiskers."
  • Vyran: "...... (Gruff Voice) Names Ovar DeTop. And I was sent here to capture you four, for a UIS Trial."
  • Brandy: "(Quietly) Guys, relax, I got this. (Openly) Ahem...... I-"

Microseconds later.

  • The four found themselves comedically caged......
  • Brandy: "...... Ooooookaaaaaaaaaaaay, I don't got this."
  • Lola Boa: "(Sarcasticly) Way to go, Brandy."
  • Ed the Otter: "I fear to say that this was not one of yer better preformices."
  • Mr. Whiskers: "On the plus-side..... Free trip to the AUU?"
  • The four were found being held by Ovar's hover-cycle as he zoomed off with his catch torwords a parked UIS ship.

Disney London

Buckingham palace.

  • A big celebration at Buckingham Palace is held.
  • Fidget was seen just far enough from it.
  • Fidget: "Oh boy! I get invited to a sweet party! (A Looming Naaar was seen)! I can't wait! And now to- (Gets grabbed by the Naaar) HEY HEY HEY, WHAT'RE YOU DOING, WHAT'RE YOU DOING?! PUT ME DOWN??!"
  • Fidget started freaking out as the Naaar held him.....
  • Naaar: "........... Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar. (Leaves with Fidget captured)."
  • Fidget started screaming!


White Rabbit's house.

  • A Female Skep with a Skorner and Finkur assistent arrived at the White Rabbit's house.
  • White Rabbit: Mary Ann! Drat that girl. Where did she put them? Mary Ann! Mary Ann! No this can’t wait, I’m awfully late, oh me oh my oh me oh my! (Passes by the Skep)
  • Skep: Excuse me sir, but I represent--
  • White Rabbit: Why, Mary Ann! What are you doing out here?
  • Skep: I'm sorry, Mary Ann?
  • White Rabbit: Don’t just do something, stand there! No, no! Go, go! Go get my gloves! I’m late!
  • Skep: You won't be late, if you'll just allow me to-
  • White Rabbit: My gloves! (Blows his trumpet) At once, do you hear?!
  • Skep: "Okay, calm down, calm down, I'll get your gloves. (Goes in)....."
  • White Rabbit: "About time."
  • A female white rabbit showed up!
  • Female White Rabbit: "I'm sorry I'm late, Mr. W, but Tulgey Wood is always a tough place to travel through and out."
  • White Rabbit: "It's fine Mary Ann- (Makes a surprised face to the sound of a breaking string)...... WAIT A MINUTE! Mary Ann, if that's you, THEN WHO DID I JUST SENT INTO MY HOUSE!?"
  • Mary Ann: "..... Mr. W, I always told you that you need new Glasses! You keep mistaking people for me!"
  • White Rabbit: "I know I need new glasses, Woman, (The Skorner and Finkur feel very awkword around the two's bickering), But now's not the time! I just sent a stranger into my house, AGAIN?! And if she ends up getting to the growth cookies, I-..... OHHHH!? (Runs into the House)......"
  • Mary Ann: "..... Oh hum, it's going to happen again."
  • Skorner: "What's going to happen again?"
  • Mary Ann: "You'll see, in three, two, one....."
  • White Rabbit: Now you see here, Miss- (Goes upstairs, only to be meet by the Skep's foot) HELP! (Gets pushed out of his house, along with some belonging, and sees the Skep stuck in his house) No! Help! Monster! Help, assistance! (Runs blowing the horn like mad off)
  • Skorner: "..... Miss P'syciatirss, you okay?"
  • Miss P'sy: ".... (Sighs), and C'oldas said the Wonderlandian Lougers were the easier ones. I may had been prepared for utter insanity, but she said nothing about giantisum indusing cookies. Sort of a mircle it allowed my clothes to grow with me though."
  • The Finkur snickered abit.
  • Mary Ann: "Miss, I am SO sorry about all this, it's the Glasses, they're not suited for his visionary needs. I always told him he needs to get new glasses."
  • Miss P'sy: "It's fine, miss, "Mary Ann", I presume? Anyway, it's no trouble at all. S'krun, Flourance, could you be dears and try to fine anything that could serve as a cure?"
  • S'krun (Skorner): "Yes madam."
  • Flourance the Finkur shaked his head rapidly yes.
  • Mary Ann: "No need, you can just use one of Mr. White's Shrink Carrots, they'll fix you up.... Albeit also make you very small."
  • S'krun: "Hmmm, then I'll take one and work on sympathising a balenced antedote for this giganisum."
  • Mary Ann: "I should warn that White is VERY protective of those carrots."
  • White Rabbit: A monster! A monster, Dodo! In my house, Dodo! Oh my poor little bitty house...
  • Dodo: Uh, steady old chap. Can’t be as bad as all that you know.
  • White Rabbit: Oh my poor roof and rafters. Oh, my walls and- There it is!
  • Dodo: By Jove! AUUians, right here in Wonderland!
  • White Rabbit: "Forget about that, what about the Mon-"
  • Mary Ann: "Not a monster, Mr. White, it's the lady you sent into your house to get your gloves. She ate the growth Cookies."
  • White Rabbit: "..... Oh, right..... Still, my house though! Can you do something about this Dodo?"
  • Mr. Dodo: "Yes indeed. A bit of a strong situation, but uh-"
  • White Rabbit: "BUT WHAT?!"
  • Mr. Dodo: "(Blows noses and makes a Honk).... But I have a very simple solution."
  • White Rabbit: "Yes yes yes, what?!"
  • Mr. Dodo: "Well, quite simply, we call the other Lougers here, and have this resolved. Simple as that, really."
  • White Rabbit: "Awww, shucks, I left the communicator in the house too."
  • Bill was seen walking by.
  • White Rabbit: "Oh oh, Bill, Bill! Bill could you hold it for a minute?"
  • Bill gestured Hi and went into White Rabbit's yard.
  • White Rabbit: "Bill, we need your communicator."
  • Bill: "Oh sure, what's the occation? (Brings out his communicator)."
  • White Rabbit: "Oh, let's just say it's another to many reasons why I need to work to get new glasses. I mistook another person for Mary Ann! (Takes the communicator and dusts it off)..... Now, let's see, uhhhh..... Well, I want to call Cynder since she's the new Queen of Wonderland, but, I wouldn't want to disterb her, so, maybe Shen, but, he's always such a big grump. Oh! I know! I'll try Merlin. His magic will fix anything. (Was about to press in the number)..... Wait, uh.... What was Merlin's Communicator number again?"
  • Mr. Dodo: "Huh? Oh that's easy, I-...... (Thinks about this for abit)....."

Minutes pass as this music played.

Jeopardy Theme

Jeopardy Theme

  • As the Trio Continue to think, S'krun was already utilising the DNA of the shrink carrots to began sympathising a cure to Miss P'sy's Giantisum as she sat there bored.
  • Mary Ann was seen sitting on a rocking chair knitting.
  • Florance was seen playing an AUU video game.
  • White Rabbit: "...... Okay, let me try something. I'm gonna go and add random numbers and see if something works."
Family Guy - Stewie phone call

Family Guy - Stewie phone call


  • S'krun rolled his eyes as the White Rabbit continued the random numbers bit.
  • S'krun: "(Quietly) Good gods I am almost done with this formula."
  • A Small Drone flew up to Miss P'sy.
  • Drone: "Shall I request Vrex to send reinforcements?"
  • Miss P'sy: "No, no, it's okay, S'krun has this covered. He just needs to cure me, then, I'll proceed to escourt these guys to the ship, though, be sure to inform Vrex that it may take some time, cause, well let's say that Wonderland is diffently a worthy doppleganger of Crazo."
  • Drone: "Understood. (Flew off)."

(Later...) Mad Hatter's House

  • Miss P'sy: (She, S'krurn and Florence arrive at the Mad Hatter's house) This must be the place.
  • March Hare: If there are no objections, let it be unanimous!
  • Mad Hatter: A very merry unbirthday...
  • March Hare: A very merry unbirthday...
  • Mad Hatter & March Hare: A very merry unbirthday to us! (The teapots whistle the Unbirthday Song)
  • March Hare: AAAAAAAAA very merry unbirthday to me.
  • Mad Hatter: To who?
  • March Hare: To me.
  • Mad Hatter: Oh you!
  • March Hare: A very merry unbirthday to you.
  • Mad Hatter: Who, me?
  • March Hare: Yes, you.
  • Mad Hatter: Oh me!
  • March Hare: Let’s all congratulate us with another cup of tea, a very merry unbirthday TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO YOOOOOOOOOOU!
  • Miss P'sy: (Applaudes for abit, then stops when the duo comedically reacted and looked at her surprised).... Oh..... I do hope I'm not interrupting anything, but I wish to--
  • March Hare & Mad Hatter: (As the charge at her direction comedically) No room, no room, no room, no room, no room, no room, no room!
  • S'krun: What do you mean? There's LOTS of room at this table.
  • March Hare: Ah, but it’s very rude to sit down without being invited, even if you are from the AUU!
  • Mad Hatter: I say it’s rude. It's very, very rude, indeed! Hah!
  • Dormouse: Very, very, very rude, indeed.
  • Miss P'sy: "Oh. My apologies, I did not realise this was a private party. Forgive my interuption, but, you two have a trial date with UIS."
  • March Mare: "Aw, shucks, you flatteror. But we're happy as bachulars."
  • Miss P'sy: "Uh, I mean trial as in, you're expected to explain yourself before Madam President."
  • Mad Hatter: "Ohhh, I remember when I attended Alice's trial with the Queen of Hearts..... Things went crazier from there, and not the normal crazy we in Wonderland get, but, there was spontanious fighting, Queen Cynder turned hyper-scary and throw the old queen into space and she explouded like a mini-big bang, and a surprisingly noticeable one too, and then the Heartless showed up, and we sang a Hunchback of Notre Dome Song, and- (Realises that P'sy and her duo were stareing bewildered)..... I know, we get that reaction alot when we explain that old story, just, trust me, wacky as that all sounds, it did happen."
  • S'krun: "(Quietly) Just when I thought they couldn't become more like Crazo."
  • Mad Hatter: Well, would you at least stay for a cup of tea?
  • March Hare: Ah, yes indeed, the tea. You must have a cup of tea. (Pours a cup saucer onto his hand, then pours the cup on the saucer and two lumps of sugar into the cup)
  • Miss P'sy:... Not that I'm not touched by this offer, but... HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE?!
  • S'krun: "I, don't think this world operates on conventional logic."
  • Mad Hatter: Come, come, don't you care for tea?
  • Miss P'sy: "Wait, but early before you said you didn't had room, yet your serving us Tea anyway?"
  • S'krun: "May as well entertain their logical fallicy, if it'll garrentie their co-operation. I'll just have a regular, no sweet preservitives."
  • Miss P'sy: We might as well, as an apology for interrupting your birthday party.
  • March Hare: Birthday? Hahaha! My dear lady, this is not a birthday party!
  • Mad Hatter: Of course not! Hehehe! This is an unbirthday party!
  • S'krun: Unbirthday? What in the Yateron name of Kraan is that?
  • March Hare: It's very simple. Now, thirty days have Sept- No. Well... An unbirthday- If you have a birthday then you... Ga ha... I don't think they have unbirthdays in the AUU!
  • Mad Hatter: How silly! Ha ha ha ha! Then again, with that VA thing they once had, is it REALLY that surprising? Well... (Speaks in bubbles, then sprays tea seltzer) I shall elucidate! (March Hare leads an orchestra of teapots) Now statistics prove, prove that you’ve one birthday.
  • March Hare: Imagine, just one birthday every year.
  • Mad Hatter: Ahhh, but there are 364 UN-birthdays!
  • March Hare: Precisely why we’re gathered here to cheer!
  • S'krun: "Wait wait wait........ So, basicly, your trying to give Birthday-Like Celebrations, to days NOT the day of your birth?"
  • Mad Hatter: "..... Well if you're going to simplify it like that-"
  • Miss P'sy: "I need to ask..... Whatever motivated you two to deside such an arduious and difficult path? Won't you get tired of trying to celebrate every day of this planet's yearly cycle? Would it not be difficult? Doesn't it get, tiring?"
  • Silence......
  • Mad Hatter: "...... Gee, I...... I never thought about that."
  • March Hare: "...... Well no wonder we're this crazy. I think we did so many Unbirthdays that we went nuts!"
  • Dormouse: If everyone else here didn't celebrate unbrithdays, this would be a real party foul.
  • Miss P'sy: (Realizes that she may have overstepped) I... I didn't mean-
  • March Hare: Well, if you don't care for parties, you could at least make polite conversation!
  • S'krun: Now hold on a minute, she never said that we didn't liked parties, she was just pointing out the logical failicy of your Unbirthdays and-
  • March Hare: (Bangs his gavel) I have an excellent idea! Let's change the subject. (Hits the Mad Hatter)
  • Mad Hatter: (Speaking through his hat) Why is a AUU raven like an AUU writing desk?
  • S'krun: "(Quietly to Miss P'sy) Miss P'sy, this is getting us nowhere, we should call in the capture squad now."
  • Miss P'sy: "(Quietly) Please, let me try to reason with them..... (Clears throat)..... Listen, gentlemen, I need to come clean. You two are apart of a group that is expected to attend a UIS trial due to being a concern to us."
  • Mad Hatter: "Oh right, that trial thing you mentioned earlier. (Pulls hat off). Are the other misfits invited to this as well?"
  • Miss P'sy: "As a group, yes, because UIS wants to deside your fate and whether or not we can trust you being around our native universes without risk of your group falling into favor of enemies of UIS."
  • March Hare: "Oh no problem. With Crane's Harvey Wadder rotine, we'll claim innosence in no time."
  • Miss P'sy: "That's, the issue..... The Lougers are not allowed to represent themselves in UIS court."
  • Mad Hatter: "I beg your pardon?"
  • Miss P'sy: "Well, if you represented yourselves, it would be filled with comfirmation bias. You need to be represented by an unafiliated lawyer or other defender that can be able to see your potaintional to say so him or herself that you're not a danger."
  • Mad Hatter: "COMFIRMATION WHA?!"
  • March Hare: Careful! They're gonna hold an unfair trial!
  • Miss P'sy: I said no such thing! I only said-
  • Mad Hatter: (Holding a chair in front of him) Steady, don't get excited!
  • March Hare: (Nervously holds out a cup of tea) How about a nice cup of tea?
  • Miss. P'sy: Have a cup of tea, indeed! (Flourence patted her sholder, calming her down)...... (Sighs calming down)...... Look, I know not being able to represent yourselves isn't..... Desireable. But, I can't help with that. That was what Madam President desided...... UIS has abit of an..... Absolutist streak.
  • Mad Hatter: "Kinda a wild understatement, don't ya think?"
  • Miss P'sy: "..... How's about this? I'll be sure to recimend you people to only a member of UIS that can really give you people a chance so this trial doesn't overwealm you. Oh, and to sweeten the deal, how do you feel about being given Tea of our Universes?"
  • Mad Hatter/March Hare: ".... AUU Tea?!"
  • Miss P'sy: "Well, it is likely you'll spend some time in our universe depending on what the court desides. I'll promise that you two will be given access to the best herbs used to make tea in our universes. Does, that hold your sway?"
  • March Hare: "Well in that case! (The duo grab Miss P'sy who was surprised and started to throw her an Unbirthday Party)!"
  • March Hare & Mad Hatter: A very merry unbirthday tooooooooooooo-OOOOOOOOO YOU! (They throw Miss P'sy out of their garden)
  • Mad Hatter: "Oh don't get us wrong, we did accepted it. We just sent her own her way to bring her ship."
  • March Hare: "...... Oops."
  • Mad Hatter: "Would it make you feel better if we go to her and apologise?"
  • S'krun: "....... You have FIVE minutes to correct this?!"
  • Mad Hatter: I'll take that as a yes! (March Hare grabs the Dormouse's teapot and they run off)
  • S'krun: "...... (Sighs)..... Just what did the Lougers saw in them?"
  • White Rabbit shows up.
  • White Rabbit: "Well, uh, you see, we actselly joined because Cynder became Queen of Wonderland after freeing us from the Queen of Hearts."
  • S'krun:... Well, it's a good thing we're getting Cynder as well. If she really is their queen, they'll listen to her. And we might as well- (Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum appear and stand silently)..... Why, am I getting this strange sensation I'm being watched?
  • Flourence tried to point at the duo!
  • S'krun: ".... Ugh, Floruence, I wish you weren't a mute Finkur, then I can understand exactly what you are trying to say- (Saw the duo) WHAT THE-..... Wait a minute.... (Brings up a poster of the Wonderland Lougers)..... You two are Louger members of this crazy place."
  • Tweedle Dee: "Well aren't we captain obvious?"
  • Tweedle Dum: "Well we can state the obvious two, AUUian."
  • The Tweedles started their honk dance for abit!
  • Tweedles: "That's logic!"
  • S'krun: "..... What on Skornus did I just agreed to get myself into?"

Area 50-Something

Inside Area 50-Something.

Disney Texas

Patch of Heaven.






Forbidden Forest.

The Digital World

Digimon island.

Anichent Greese


  • Tour Guide: On your left is Hercules' villa. Our next stop is the Pecs and Flex Gift Shop, where you can pick up the great hero's 30-minute work-out scroll "Buns of Bronze".
  • Inside the villa, Hercules was seen posing for a more paient and zen-out artist as Phil was reading a list.
  • Phil: "-And next, you have to recapture those four meat-eating Mares of Diomedes. The Stupid Yuts lost them again. Then you have to deal with a Harpy Outbreak on Athens. Careful, they're the good-looking kind of Harpy, so just remember your commitment to Meg, and they can't control you. Oh, and you're fighting a rematch in the ring with a champion of Sparta. Can't forget that. Then afterwords it's off to Zargoia. They have a NASTY Hydra problem. 9000 heads and all, thanks to some uneducated yuts. Its immortal head is also intelligent enough to reckitnese it's weakness to fire, so you're gonna need to gear up ALOT! And then there is the Queen of the Amazon's Ambassitor Trip. You got hired to be a "Native Escourt" to show that its heroes respect her athority. Just a heads up, she's abit of a bitch, so expect a TARTARUS worth of demands! Then, we have to go into the seas of the Saronic Gulf Islands to check out reports of another sea monster there. And then you need to deal with that Cyclops tribe in Kavala! They're litterally being an "Eye-Sore"!"


  • Phil: "...... I know, that joke was bad. But in all seriousness-"
  • Doors were heard being destroyed openned!
  • Hercules and Phil look to see a very strong greek-armored Bulla Warrior stomping, as a hunched over-old Skorner with a cane followed forth.
  • Elderly Skorner: "Ugh, Titanhor, must you always enter into things so messfully?"
  • Titanhor: "What can I say, Oldn'mor? I like to make a smashing enterence...... Okay, I'll cut this short, where's the guy named "Phil"?"
  • Phil: "...... What's it to you, big guy?"
  • Oldn'mor: "Let me handle this..... (Gets to Phil)..... I apologise for any inconvinence, Mr... Philoctetes?"
  • Phil: "Call me Phil."
  • Oldn'mor: "But we're here to arrest you due to your afiliateion with the Lougers....."
  • Phil: "..... Uhhh, what?"
  • Oldn'mor: "We represent a group called UIS that believe, your group is a potaintional threat."
  • Phil: "....... Hold it! You said this "UIS", thinks the Lougers are a threat, right? (Laughs)! The same group that saved the AUU from the VA, is dangerious to you?! (Laughs!)"
  • Oldn'mor: "Well, the key word is potaintionally, cause-"
  • Phil: "PUH-LEASE?! I have no time for you jokers! Hercules here has a busy shedgule today, and so do I!"
  • Titanhor: "...... Do you DARE, not take the mighty Titanhor, one of the strongest non-royal Bullas of the Bullabull race, seriously?! I'm strong enough to carry the Dynasty Ship with ease, and use it to hit a planet like a blastball bat out of orbit if I wanted to!"
  • Phil: "Oh good for you, you're close enough to actselly be a challnage to my boy Hercules."
  • Hercules: "(While holding still) Phil....."
  • Titanhor: "Then how about this? I challnage the human "Hercules", to a sparing match! When I win, you see UIS Trial?! But IF you win, you'll be pardon from the Shell Louge Squad's arrest."
  • Phil: "Tch, Hercules will punch you so hard, you'll fly into space and become a constolation!"
  • Oldn'mor: "Also, Titanhor, we talked about this, your people's own king was humiliated for making a stupid bet, can you not-"
  • Titanhor: "I'll knock HIM hard enough that he'll be stuck in the planet's orbit?! HE'LL BECOME A NEW MOON?!"
  • Hercules: "(Moves abit in becoming concern) I'm sorry, Artison, take five! (The artist, Artison, stopped painting and left) Phil?!"
  • Phil: "Well Hercules will hit YOU so hard, all 100 of your future desendents are gonna feel that punch?!"
  • Hercules: "PHIL?! WILL THE BOTH OF YOU (TOSSES THE STUFF OFF) STOP IT?! I am not gonna fight for a bet!"
  • Titanhor: "(Chuckles confidently like a smug asshole as he looms over Hercules) What's the matter, boy? Scared? I'd figured the proclaimed son of gods would be braver then that."
  • Hercules: For your information, my good... (Looks down) uh, sir... (Titanhor grunted in confusion) But I threw a majority of the Titans into space a long time ago, and I'm sure if I wanted to, I can handle a minotaur-like brute like you.
  • Titanhor: ".... First of all, I'm a reptile, spefificly lizard based, not a bovine. If it's because of the horns and the reference of "Bull" in the name "Bullabull", it's for the fact we have horns reminitsent of bovines, you racist cunt?!"
  • Hercules: "..... Uh-oh."
  • Titanhor: "Secondly, I heard about that stunt you did with these "Titans", and frankly, that's actselly only beginner's luck. I did that, to an ENTIRE ARMY OF TITANS IN MY PLANET?!"
  • Hercules: "Ohhh boy."
  • Titanhor: "And 3rd..... Did you SERIOUSLY just looked at my crotch to check if I was male?! Wasn't this manly physique not evidence enough?!"
  • Hercules: "..... To, be fair, I'm not, exactly all that familier with the AUU, I mostly only heard about it from Phil- (Titanhor punched Hercules right into a wall as he had a comedic face!)"
  • Oldn'mor: "..... I take it we came on an off day, then?"
  • Titanhor: "..... YA-TA, YA GAY PERV?!"
  • Hercules picked himself up.
  • Phil: "WHAT'RE YOU DOING, KID?! USE YOUR HEAD?! (Herc does this to Titanhor, who crashes head-first into the front yard pool)"
Disney Hercules use your head

Disney Hercules use your head

  • Phil: YEAH! All right! Not bad, kid! Not exactly what I had in mind, but not bad.
  • Meg: "(Shows up) Yeesh, another rough day at the office, Herc?"
  • Hercules: "Well, not exactly, just, likely another atypical weird thing to expect from the Lougers."
  • Meg: "It's never really a normal day with them around, is it?"
  • Hercules: "Like ya wouldn't believe. (Titanhor was angrly getting up as he growled in rage)..... Excuse me for a moment. (Charges to start fight and wreasle with Titanhor)."
  • Oldn'mor: "Ugh, confound Bullabulls and their obcessions with fighting. The minute they hear about a worthy sparring partner and they go right for that before taking UIS protocal seriously."
  • Phil: "Well it probuly didn't helped that he was being a prick about it."
  • Oldn'mor: "That's actselly just Bullabull pride. Though, the line is blurred between that and being a genuine prick, admitingly."
  • Meg: "Is your big friend here for real?"
  • Oldn'mor: "I understand your skepticisum with what Titanhor is capable of, but believe me, though he boasts about it endlessly, he does not fib about his strength."

Disney New York

Human Fagin's boat.

  • Tito was dancing to his favorite song.
  • Francis: (Watching Romeo and Juliet) Tito! Stop that racket! I'm trying to watch the show!
  • Tito: Oh, whatever, man. You know they both die in the end!
  • Francis: I know, but that doesn't mean I can't enjoy the romance!
  • Rita: Knock it off, you two! Francis, you got the food today, right?
  • Francis: Uh, well... (The dogs groan)
  • Tito: Oh, man, I'm so getting sick of newspaper burritos!
  • Dodger: (Arrives) Hey, whoa, cool it, Dodger fans. I'd like to introduce you to... (Pushes out a AUU picnic basket) Your dinner. Poulkey, straight from the AUU.
  • Tito: AUU food! All right, Dodger, man!
  • Rita: So how'd you manage to snag THIS bounty, Dodger?
  • Dodger: "Well, there happen to be an AUU vender in town and he had some real goods.... He was weird looking thought. Real tall lizard looking fella, looked like he hadn't eaten in years. He also looked incredably smart, like I really have to work my tail off to find a way around him, yet, he just blantently left his fine bird out on display like he wasn't expecting someone like me to snag it. Clearly, he looked new to the New York exspearience, so, I gave him the first harsh lesson of a lifetime."
  • Francis: "Oh indeed, I'd imagine losing something not typically common in these universes would inspire the vender an extra practice of caution right there."
  • Tito: "Yeah, ya really showed him, man. That oughta show the alien to not let stuff like that out in plain view."
  • Rita: ".... Hold up, guys. Something ain't quite right. (Sniffs at the Poulkey abit).... Wait a minute... (Pushes the roast over to reveil a tracking device)."
  • Tito: "AYE, IT'S BEEN BUGGED?!"
  • Human Fagin was heard screaming!
  • Enstein: "..... Uhhh-oh, Dodger. I don't think it's just food ya brought back."


  • Human Fagin found himself surrounded by Rogs that resemble dobermen pichers, as a well-suited Skep with a series of Cage Drones following him.
  • Human Fagin: "..... Uh, welcome, to earth? Listen, if you're here about seeing the president, I'm not the right guy to take you to the white house, I mean, look at me, I'm barely making a living as it is out here, and I don't-"
  • Skep: "Save yourself the trouble, I'm not interested in this planet's "President" if you will..... I'm here in interest of your pets. It's implied that they are involved with the Lougers."
  • Human Fagin: "..... The Lougers? Oh, oh, well, uh, I take it, you're a determined fan boy?"
  • Skep: "..... Sir, you misunderstood. The Lougers are due a trial for being a concern to UIS. And it needs to be addressed. And I, Master D'ogpound, am an exbert in capturing fugitive animals. Hence why I placed a tracking device on a Poulkey so I can track them here."
  • Human Fagin: "..... Now, look, I can understand if the Lougers are in some sort've trouble, but, but is it possable that I ask, you leave my dogs out of this? They're all I have left in this world, I'm a lonely, lonely man, Look, how's about, (Shoves Junk at the Skep's direction) How's about I give ya something in return for easing up on them, okay?"
  • Master D'ogpound: "...... I didn't came all this way, (Smacks the junk away) FOR GARBAGE?!"
  • The Rogs growled......
  • Human Fagin: "Okay, okay, look, I know a very rich little girl with rich parents! She'll give you bail money to pardon my dogs, I-"
  • Master D'ogpound: "I'm afraid this planet's currentcy is inadiquite to UIS' BEIG finiacel system and conversion would take too long. And even so, bail isn't an opition to high-risks to UIS' sovernty's stablity. We can't risk the Lougers being a would-be threat to us."
  • Human Fagin: "I, I'm sure they did nothing wrong, I- (The Rogs close in on Human Fagin) Uh, uh, nice puppies, please ask them to back off, or at least to take it easy on me?"
  • Master D'ogpound: "Only if your dogs show themselves. Else your already miserable life may come at abit of a tragic end. And a death of a homeless person is little risk to UIS since you'd referenced that you are of drifter status."
  • Human Fagin: "I'll do anything, anything, just name it!"
  • Master D'ogpound: Oy, it's like a malfunctioning holophone. Bring out your dogs, and no harm will come to you. You have till the count of 10.
  • Human Fagin: "Please be reasonable here, I-"
  • Master D'ogpound: 1, 2, skip-
  • Human Fagin: WAIT! I was... Just about to get them. (Cowardly runs to the boat)
  • However, Human Fagin unknowingly ran passed the Dodger crew that were already out, only to just realise it and ran right to them!
  • Human Fagin: "(Quietly) Quick you guys, we need to get to the moped, there's a scary alien after you for some reason?! Don't ask, just get on the moped?!"
  • Human Fagin and the dogs scramble to the moped and drive away!
  • Master D'ogpound:... EXTRA TREATS FOR THE ONE WHO CATCHES THEM! (The Rogs chase the moped, to no avail)
  • Tito: Hey man, you're ugly! And you're uglier than him! And you're ugly part 3! (Laughs) Hey! You're Revenge of the Ugly! (Laughs as the Rogs were out of sight)...... That'll show them. (Master D'ogpound is now seen on a speeder with the rogs on board) WHAAAAAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAA?!"
  • Francis: "Oh you have to be joking?!"
  • Rita: "I'm sure this ain't no comedian!"
  • Master D'ogpound's speeder was able to cut off the moped.......
  • Master D'ogpound: "Good sir, that, was a big, mistake. (The Rogs leaped up actrobaticly and surrounded the moped!)"
  • Dodger: "Oh what kind of Tokoyo Crisis craziness is this?!"
  • Master D'oghound: "My apologies, Mr. Fagin, but I'm afraid you'll have to be arrested for aiding and abetting fugitives required for UIS court."
  • Ruther was seen riding Zoom and zoomed in for the rescue!
  • Ruther: "Let's make it good, Zoom!"
  • Zoom was able to rescue the Dodger Gang and Fagin, to D'ogpound's surprise!
  • D'ogpound: "WHAT?!"
  • Master D'ogpound: "..... (Sternly) Empetisis, on the next time......"

Disney Paris

The Aristocats Mansion.

  • Madame's new butler drives the carriage back to the mansion.
  • New Butler: Whoa, Frou Frou, whoa. Steady, girl.
  • Lefou arrives.
  • Lefou: "What up, Tomston?"
  • New Butler (Tomston): "Ah, Mr. Frou from the Renaissance District. I trust you're here to check on Napoleon and Lafayette?"
  • Lefou: "Yeah, ya know. Louger stuff."
  • Tomston: "Yes, well, they're at the garden bodyguarding the madame's cats, as per-usual. The madame's departure awhile ago is still distressing, but, at least she left the mansion to be under the care-taking of more loyal servents as it was willed to be owned by the animals. A shame cousin Edgar had to go and be a total sot about everything"
  • Lefou: "Well thanks Tom, good luck. (Walks on, as the conversation was secretly monitored by a Finker duo "Cleaverly" disguised as Frenchmen.....
  • Finkur 1: ".... (Quietly) Hey, dinkus. We found our guys."
  • Finkur 2: "(Was seen super drunk) I gotta tell ya, (Hics), This stuff is GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!"
  • Finkur 1: "..... I told you not to drink that entire bottle of human-made wine! Now come on, stupid! (Drags his partner along) We got a job to do! (The duo passed a surprise french wine drinker......)...."
  • Wine Drinker: "....... That's it, I'm going to rehab. (Pours all the wine out)."


  • Napoleon and Lafayette were seen sleeping as the young cats played with other cats and animals.
  • Lefou came up to the duo.....
  • Lefou: "..... Okay ya two slackers, wake up! (Napoleon and Laffiet realised that Lefou's here)..... I came back from the market and got some stuff for the animals."
  • Napoleon: "Well took ya long enough, Fou."
  • Lefou: "Hey, I got caught in traffic. Horse and Carriage traffic. And trust me, it stunk waiting in there in more ways then one!"
  • Lafayette: "Kinda explains why you smell like horse poop."
  • Lefou: "..... Annnnnnnnd good to know that I may need to take another shower!"

Merlin's Homeworld

Disney Camelot castle.

Golden City of Bagedad

The Golden City.


Peter Pan's hideout tree.

  • Tinkerbell flies into the tree and tries to wake up the Lost Boys, until she pushes Cubby's club and it hits Slightly on the head.
  • Slightly: OUCH! (Looks at Cubby) So! (Kicks Cubby, who tumbles into the twins)
  • Twin #1: Who ya shovin'?
  • Twin #2: Who ya shovin'?
  • Cubby: YOU, that's who! (The Lost Boys start fighting until Tinkerbell warns them)
  • Slightly: Huh? Official Lodger business? Hold it, men! (The Lost Boys stop fighting)
  • Nibs: What's the orders, Tink?
  • Tinkerbell was able to bring in a map of Neverland and dipped her toes into ink, then started to draw what looks like a UIS ship arriving from the sky.
  • Slighty: "Hmmm...... You're saying, aliens arrived?"
  • Tinker Belle nodded yes.
  • Twins: "WHA-OH! ALIENS?!"
  • Cubby: "Aliens?!"
  • Nibs: "Gosh, we need to warn the other Lougers on this!"
  • Slightly: "Good idea! Cubby, give me the communicator!"
  • Cubby: "Oh sure! (Shearchs his pocket).... Uhhhhh..... (Found a hole)...... Whoops."
  • Nibs: "YA LOST IT AGAIN?!"
  • Slightly: "(Facepalms)..... Where did ya lose it this time, Cubby?"
  • Cubby: "Oh, uh, it could be at Mermaid Cove."
  • Slightly: "Well, great. Now we have to trek out there to get it while there's aliens about. And how did they get here anyway?"
  • Silence.....
  • Lost Boys: "..... CARL?!"
  • Cubby: "Oh that dirty pirate! He must've been able to lead the aliens here some how?!"
  • Nibs: "Wait, but, how did he though?"
  • Twin 1: "Oh, one of the indians said that Carl managed to find the washed out alien saucer and said that he was trying to contact aliens with it."
  • Twin 2: "But we didn't think he would actselly do it."
  • Cubby: "We gotta tell Pan! He can help us!" (The Lost Boys grab their weapons and head out of the tree)

Skull Cove.

  • Captain Carl Hook and Smoo were seen having captured Princess Tiger Lilly and the Chief.
  • A silluetted Skep figure was seen, as the light barely reveils extremely advanced metal arms.
  • Silluetted Skep: "..... I can't say I approved of your methods, Captain Carl."
  • Carl: "Well I assure you, my alien guest. This is the most effective way to get Pan's attention. And that will include the lost boys your oh-so-interested to accuire."
  • Silluetted Skep: "Much as I reckitnesed that heroes are attracted to calls of distress, I felt like this will attract needless controversy with the locals of this world once all is said and then.... At least, more then expected from the act of capturing heroes for a trial and the act of annexing an entire inter-dimentional portal."
  • Carl: "That's why I ensure you that I'll take ALL the blame for this little fiasco. I'm hardly very popular in this island anyway."
  • Smoo: "And for good reason. He- (Gets clanged by the head by Carl, shutting him up to prevent the figure from having second thoughts)....."
  • Carl: ".... Uh, ignore Smoo, he, he runs his mouth like a chattering betty."
  • Silluetted Skep: "..... Speaking of which..... Mr. Smoo, do you have any personal connections with a "Mr. Smee", another reported resident of this unusual island?"
  • Smoo: "Oh, he's my little brother. He used to work with Captain Carl's Cousin, James Hook, well, till he desided to go hero on him. Not that surprised or disappointed really. It's at least better then all that demon stuff James Hook got himself involved with."
  • Silluetted Skep: "Yes..... And what is, your little brother's usual sightings in this realm on off time when he's not with the Lougers?"
  • Smoo: "Oh, sometimes he comes back to the Pirate Town Settlement to restock on supplies for his hero friends. We typically don't bother with him cause, well, no pirate's daff enough to mess with one of them Lougers. Espeically after how badly Carl's cousin handles them, why- (Gets clanged in the head again) OWCH?!
  • Carl: "..... Ahem! That is to say, due to his connections to greater heroes, other pirates try to keep an understandingly cautious distence. But that's irrelivent. Now, soon enough, Pan and his brats will charge in, into the fight of their lives. (Turns to Tiger Lily) And you, princess. You and your bumbling chieftain father get to see me FINALLY triumpth over Pan, for good!"
  • ???: Manatoa, great spirit of mighty seawater, speak! Beware, Carl Hook, beware!
  • Carl: "..... (Breaks into laughter!)! Nice Try, Pan! That sort've trick MAY work on James, but not on me!"
  • The Silluetted Skep left into the shadows to seek out the shorce of the voice.
  • Carl: "Now quit your fooling around and show yourself, boy!"
  • ???: Oh, well. (Peter Pan shows himself)
  • Peter Pan: And here, I thought I'd have a little fun. (He and Carl start to fight until he snatches a gun and hands it to Smoo) Try your luck, Mr. Smoo? (Flies around as Smoo tries to aim, until Peter stops right in front of Carl) Right here, Mr. Smoo!
  • Carl: HOLD IT, YOU FOOL! (Smoo starts to aim) SMOO, SMOO, SMOOOOOOOOOO- (Smoo fired the gun, which Pan dodged as Carl ducked, his hat being shot at!)........ THAT, WAS MY FAVERITE HAT, YOU IMBACILE?!
  • Smoo: "Duh duh duh, I'm sorry sir! Really!"
  • Carl: ".... OHHHHH, THAT PAN IS GONNA GET IT?! NO WONDER COUSIN LOST HIS MIND!? THAT BOY IS INFURIATING?! SMOO, THE LEAST YOU CAN DO NOW, IS GET THE INDIANS ON THE BOAT AND BACK ONTO MY SHIP, WE'RE- (Saw that Pan had already rescued Tiger Lily and the Chief)....... He litterally freed them while I was too busy yelling at you, did he?"
  • Smoo: "Yes sir....."
  • Silluetted Skep: "(Smacks Carl into the water)....... And alchourse, you turned out to be a wasted investment of my time. I'll suppose I'll have to call in a squad instead to capture the Lost Boys. Though I thank you two for reveling Smee's location. I already had a close friend seek him out. (The Skep disappeared into the shadows)......"
  • Smoo: "..... Captain, are you alright- (Carl was seen swimming fast as he was chased by the love-starved Dolphin again)....... D'oh, it's ALWAYS that Dolphin! (Gets on the boat) I'm coming, captain! (Starts rowing after the duo!)"
  • Carl: (Swims over to the boat) ROW FOR THE SHIP! ROW FOR THE SHIP-- (Hits his head on the rock wall above the hole as the dolphin catches up) SMOOOOO! (Swims away)

Lost Boys' Location.

Pirate Town Piers.


Creeper's old village.


The McDuck Building.

Shrek's World

Far Far Away.

  • Announcer: Tonight on KNIGHTS...
  • Knight #1: We got an unusual Bronco heading toward Far Far Away Castle. Requesting back-up.
  • A Zhaerthis on a speeder was seen as knights from the FFAPD chase it.
  • Knight #2: Unusual creature, I command you to pull over at once!
  • The Zhaerthis brought out a magnet probe, is began to magnetise the present knights and entrapped them in a magnetic force!
  • Knight 1: "Holy moly, this is not like any magic I ever seen! Is this even magic?"
  • Knight 2: I'm not so sure!
  • Knight 3: Air support, keep your eyes on that bronco! Dispatch, we need more back-up!
  • The Zhaerthis pressed a button that activated cloak mode.
  • Knight 4: "Great King Arthur, the bronco vanished!"
  • Announcer: Tonight's episode of KNIGHTS... Has been cancelled.

Shrek's Swamp

  • This was watched by the gang.
  • Shrek: "Yikes. That's the first time Knights ever came up short."
  • Donkey: I wonder what that AUUian is doing here.
  • Fiona: They'd better hope they don't harm my kids.
  • Shrek: Fiona, they don't even know where we live. They can search this whole world high and low and never, ever, EVER, find our swamp!
  • Donkey: "(While looking at the window) Uh, Shrek? Are you REALLY confident on that?"
  • Shrek: "Yes I- (Saw that the Zhaerthis had parked her speeder down)....... Was?"
  • The Zhaerthis got off the speeder and approuched the door. She knocked.
  • Shrek cautiously opened the door.......
  • Zhaerthis: "...... Are you the one they called Shrek?"
  • Shrek: "..... Aye?"
  • Zhaerthis: "(Brings up badge) Deputy Speedzon. Speeder rider marshal of UIS forces. You, the ungulate, and a feloot-eqsed feline are being summoned to attend UIS trial."
  • Donkey: "Well, you're out of luck on Puss in Boots, cause he's visiting friends and family in his old home country. He could be there for WEEKS!"
  • Speedzon: "An agent is already dispatched to accquire him."
  • Shrek: "HA! Good luck! Not even the guard in his homeland catch him!"
  • Speedzon: "We'll see."
  • Shrek: "Though, quick question, how'd ya find this place?"
  • Speedzon: "Trackers, map recordings reinvented in holo-maps, and that some villagers were generious to offer me directions here. Also, the fact that this is litterally the only swamp house within miles, (Brings up Shrek's sign) And this crude thing, were dead giveaways."
  • Shrek: "..... Could you uh, excuse me for a moment? (Closes the door)."
  • Shrek's voice from the door: "Fiona, please tell me you know a VERY good lawyer, cause I think the Lougers just got indicted to a trial!"
  • Fiona's voice: "A trial?! For what?"
  • Speedzon rolled her eyes as Shrek opened the door.
  • Shrek: "Uh, what, were the charges?"
  • Speedzon: "Being a flight risk to UIS."
  • Shrek: ".... Aye, okay then. (Closes door again)."
  • Shrek's voice: "Would you believe that the Lougers are being arrested cause the group the mantis lady is from, is afraid of us!?"
  • Fiona's voice: "AFRAID OF THE LOUGERS?!"
  • Shrek's voice: "I mean, given what we did awhile back in that universe, I'd be abit scared too."
  • Fiona's voice: "..... Shrek, let her in, I'm preparing some lunch, we are having a conversation with her. Do not let her leave."
  • Donkey's Voice: "Fiona, she's assentually here to arrest me and Shrek, I do not think she's going anywhere!"
  • Speedzon: "(Sighs)..... (Quietly) And my superior told me this was the easy job."
  • Shrek: (Opens the door again, this time wider) Well, as long as you came all this way, would you let to settle down for a bite?
  • Speedzon: "..... Wow, you're, being surprisingly neighberly about this. UIS is rarely, welcomed like this. (Enters in, though cautiously) Alright, I may as well settle for a quick bite, it may take the other agent some time to locate "Puss" if he's as formitable as you say."
  • Shrek: Well, my wife is making a nice home-cooked, or should I say swamp-cooked, meal, and I figured you ought to be hungry after that long trip from your United Universes.
  • Speedzon: "Well, that is an accreate statement."
  • Donkey; Yeah, you know, Shrek and I thought you was gonna be unreasonable and Shrek would have to-- (Shrek stuffed a whole onion in Donkey's mouth like an apple)
  • Shrek: Don't mind Donkey. The hardest part about dealing with him is getting him to shut up. But you already knew that.
  • Speedzon: "I can't blame you for the false expectation. Years of bitterness have rendered alot of UIS race members..... Socially challnaged."
  • Donkey: (Spits the onion out) Can't exactly imagine why.
  • Speedzon: "Well, if I must be honest..... Alot of UIS races didn't had.... Positive interactions with the USRA races. Whether clashing of personal beliefs or victimised by undesireable rogues on the USRA's part, or in some cases, were victims of the USRA's ineditable downfall, alot of races in UIS felt like, they were cheated out of their part of the universes."
  • Shrek: "Well, if it helps, the Lougers done their part to clean up the USRA races of their bad eggs and got them to realise that something may be wrong with how they do things. Heck, the weaviod thing comes to mind."
  • Speedzon: "Well, yes, but, here's UIS' concern. Those same "Bad Eggs", could adapt to your enfluence and turn you into slaves for their doing. That is why UIS is trying to preventitively arrest your group to prevent that."
  • Shrek: ".... So, it's not exactly US your entirely afraid of. It's what we might end up listening to's got UIS' knickers in a bind. Well be assured that Gazelle's too much of a paragon to pick faverites in political terms."
  • Speedzon: "It's nothing entirely against you misfits. It's just, we're afraid that your group would be tainted and by an entitled spoil ill-representive of misguided USRA ideals trying to use you for personal gains, and a weapon against UIS sovernty and stablity."
  • Fiona: "(Bringing dinner) Then that sounds like we need to explain that it is not the case. Shrek and the others had never bowed to people like that."
  • Speedzon: "And it's relieving to me, by all means.... But Higher-Ups fear that such deplorables might adopt uncouth tactics to try and do otherwise. That's why these preventitive arrests need to happen."
  • Shrek: "Well, it's fair to warn ya that some of yer friends may be in for quite a fight and/or exspearience, cause some of the Lougers are too strong or too crazy for them to handle."
  • Speedzon: "That's the thing.... Thanks to the Brainiacaazks, and the best avaluable tec, you'll find that we can adapt. And even if any escape, well, UIS is paient enough to wait for them to come to them for a rescue."
  • Donkey: "Well surely the HA's got our back."
  • Speedzon: "Well, you're not wrong. There had been reports of HA interventions that disrupted some of my colledge's missions. But as I said, any attempt of a rescue is doomed to a counter plan."
  • Shrek: "So, our only way out of this is through this "Trial"?"
  • Speedzon: "Yes. And you have to prove that none of UIS' worse fears can never be true."
  • Shrek: "..... Well, then why keep them waiting? I'm sure the Lougers can figure something out."
  • Speedzon: "You sure? Cause you may end up in my native universes for quite sometime either way, even if the trial ruled you in your faver, cause UIS will put you on probation and into service to see your benefits."
  • Shrek: "Well given how you managed to make monkeys out of the Knights of Far Far Away, it's not like me and Donkey can really escape ya. Tell ya what, whenever happens to Puss, whether he escapes and comes to warn us or if your friend DOES capture him, then we'll come peacefully."
  • Speedzon: "(Sighs), Thank you for this co-operation, but, what about your wife and children?"
  • Donkey: "Hey don't ya worry, Fiona can always move back to Far Far Away with Dragon to be with her mom and other princess friends for the time being, the kids love it there."
  • Fiona: "Are you sue ya want to do this Shrek?"
  • Shrek: "Well, based on what the bug said, it sounds like UIS is dead serious about all this. Plus, I bet ya if she doesn't show up with us, then some really mean brusers will show up expecting the worse."
  • Fiona: "..... If you're sure, then good luck."
  • Shrek: "I promise I'll be fine, Fiona. Now, let's all enjoy a meal that's probuly gonna be my last here for sometime."
  • The group proceeded to enjoy the meal.

Puss' Country.

  • Spanich Guard: "EL GATO?!"
  • The Guards were seen chasing Puss in Boots!
  • Puss in Boots: "AH-HA?! THE NOSTAGLIA, I LOVE IT?!"

Disney New York (The Wild)

The Zoo.

  • Benny: (The zoo has been closed for the day) Finally. And the zoo will officially be ours in T-minus three... two... and showtime!
  • The Animals began to leave their enclosures.
  • Flamingo: "Hey hey, Samson, looking forword to the big game against the lemurs, it's garrentied to be a scorching event!"
  • Elephant: "Those Lemurs are repeat gold medal winners, Samson, they are the toughest oppendents to date."
  • Samson: "Well they better get ready to kiss that winning streak GOOD BYE, cause my team will shuffle that out of existence!"
  • Cape Buffalo: "Hey, how's Ryan doing?"
  • Samson: "Well, good news, he's alot less salky now. Still has questionable taste in friends. He still hangs out with Eze and Duke."
  • Vulture: "Ah, no worries, Sam, everyone pitched in to made sure that the Gazelles are as isolated from the rest of the zoo as possable."
  • Larry: "(Shows up covered in lipstick marks) Sorry I'm late, Samson, my Python girlfriend was in season today."
  • Samson: "Hey-hey-hey, you lucky dog of an Anaconda!"
  • Benny: "(Comes up) Hey uh, Samson, I need some advice on what to get Bridgette for the aniversery coming up."
  • Samson: "Just follow your instincts and you'll do great. Anyway, where's Nigel?"
  • Elsewhere in the zoo, Nigel is being surrounded by a Komodo Dragon Mafia....
  • A King Cobra Kingpin slithered up.....
  • Nigel: "You uh, wanted to see me, Mr. Kingpin Cobra?"
  • Mr. Kingpin: "..... Nigel, Nigel, Nigel..... The once faverite of new york, to the point that you have dolls being made about ya..... But now, everyone, is about the Meerkats. (Brings up Dolls of Meerkats, pulls their strings, and they started to sing like the Chipettes singing a cover-song)...."
  • Nigel: "Well, good for them, eh? I mean, at least finally people will take me seriously around here."
  • Mr. Kingpin: "..... I don't think you understand the situation, Nigel..... (Grabs Nigel by the neck and constricts him) I, had entire operations, dependent on using those dolls to transport Catnip, to my cat clients across the globe! My drug operation, litterally depended on you being famous?! Now cause of your hasbeen status, the dolls became a thing of the past, and the Meerkat dolls are too small for large quantities, Nigel?! NOW I CAN'T MAKE MY MONEY, SHITHEAD?!"
  • Nigel: "Welp, come on now, fame is fleeting. I'm sure eventually there'll be another Koala that'll-"
  • Mr. Kingpin: "I need to make that money back by investing in new means to spreading catnip?! And now, I'm already doing that by rigging bets on the games..... I have alot of people betting that you win, Nigel."
  • Nigel: "Well obviously, that's because we're the best players in-"
  • Mr. Kingpin: "I, betted against you."
  • Nigel: "..... Well that's not gonna help your prospects in the slightist. Those lemurs may be good, but the Samson gang are the roughest rugby players ever!"
  • Mr. Kingpin: "Which is why...... YOU, will have to throw the game. Start causing accsidents that renders your team, incompident."
  • Nigel: "AND WHAT IF I REFUSE, YOU BLOODLY MAD SNAKE- (Mr. Kingpin demonstraighted his fangs)...... Right, right, fair points..... Litterally. I'll uh, see about subtily causing the team to uh, fall apart. I'll pay back the money those stupid dolls would've been worth to you, I promise."
  • Mr. Kingpin: "Good...... Cause if my business goes up in flames..... You'll go down one of my Komodos' gullets...... UNDERSTAND?!"
  • Nigel: "Your very transparent, sir!"
  • Mr. Kingpin: "Good. (Whips Nigel out of his place)..... NOW GET OUT OF MY REPTILE HOUSE?!"
  • Nigel: "Right, right, I hear ya mate, (Trips over a step and falls down the stairs screaming and comedically falling down)!"
  • Mr. Kingpin: "...... I really can't understand what humans and others had SAW in him."
  • Bridgette was seen chatting with a collection of female deers.
  • Spingbok: "Bridgette, you are SO lucky to know Samson so personally."
  • Gemsbok: "Really lucky."
  • Kudu: "Not often you meet and befriend a lion that DOESN'T want to eat you."
  • Bridgette: "Well, it helps that Samson is fed steaks by the humans and that he was raised in the circus."
  • Dik-Dik: "Oh I heard about that, I can't believe how cruel his father was."
  • Gerenuk: "Goes to show that the circus life is ROUGH! So glad, I'm in the zoo."
  • Bridgette: "Well, at least they can be as seperated from eachother as possable."
  • Pronghorn: "Actselly, girls, I'm hearing rumors that a circus is donating a retired preforming lion to the zoo pretty quietly yesterday. The circus lion is held in the reintroduction cells as we speak."
  • Gemsbok: "Goodness, you don't think....."
  • Bridgette made a concerned face......
  • Bridgette: "....... I'll be right back, ladies. (Zooms off as quickly as a Giraffe could)!"
  • Benny was seen looking desperately in the lost and found.
  • Benny: "Come on, come on, please tell me some rich human lady lost a find necklace or a brouch or something!"
  • Ryan was seen hanging with Eze and Duke again, along with other younger animals like a rhino calf and a cheetah cub.
  • Benny: "(Notices that)..... (Also saw that he found a golden pearl necklace)...... You'll do! (Grabs the Pearls, wraps it around himself and scurried off to keep an eye on Ryan)."
  • Ryan: "Well, messing with the Gazelle may be out cause of Dad's game, but what do you say we tease that stupid Saltwater Croc Ol' Salty and teach that salty jerk some mannors."
  • Eze: "Dude, we hippos LIVE, for messing with crocs!"
  • Cheetah cub: "You're speaking my languise, Ryan."
  • Rhino calf: "I don't know about that, won't Mr. Salty be mad?"
  • Duke: Aw, you worry too much. That dude can't get out of the water to reach us fast enough.
  • Ryan: "And besides, even if he does try to get us, my dad will set him straight."
  • Eze: "Exactly. Nobody messes with Samson, espeically after how everyone heard about that he beaten that crazy Wildebeast dude."
  • Cheetah Cub: "Yeah, Kevin. Learn to live."
  • Kevin: "Ohhh, I'm know I'm gonna regret letting you talk me into this, Riana."
  • Riana: "Relax, when worse comes to shove, Ryan's dad will scare the old overgrown future handbag back into his own stew. Anyone capable to scare a crazed Wildebreast cult leader is awesome in my book."
  • Ryan: "It's just a matter of locating the Croc Exhibit, and Ol' Salty won't know what hit him."



Bambi's Forest

The fields.

Fox and the Hound World

Big Mama's tree.

Disney Austrila

Austrillain Outback.

Willie's Castle

Willie's castle.

  • Some UIS AUUians arrive in the castle as Willie sings.
Disney's Mickey and the Beanstalk - ( Fe Fi Fo Fum )

Disney's Mickey and the Beanstalk - ( Fe Fi Fo Fum )

  • Willie: Fe, fi, fo, fum... I smell... (Sniffs around) Heeeeeeeey. I smell something..... Really not like this uni-verse. It smells so.... Other-uni-verse like. Oh boy! Visitors!
  • Skorner Squad leader: "(Quietly) Take cover! (The Squad does that as Willie starts looking about)...."
  • Willie: (Looks around until he spots the largest one struggling to find a hiding place) Oh, no you don't! You can't get away from Willie! (Catches them) I GOTCHA... I think I gotcha... (Takes a peek into his hand, but ends up getting smacked in the eye by a Bulla officer) OWCH?!
  • Bulla: "That's for touching us, you louger pest. We did not have to fight through swarms of giant pests just to be man-handled by an un-naterolly sized human."
  • Willie: "Ohhhh, so ya wanna play rough, ehh? (Grabs his mace club) Bring it on!"
  • Skorner Squad Leader: "LT!"
  • Skorner LT: "Fighter Drones, inbound."
  • Fight capable drones flew it started to cause Willie some problems!
  • Willie: "Aw nuts, Icky is right, I need to get a screen-door! (Swats at the drones trying to hit them!) Hold still! HOLD STILL!"
  • Skep Science Member: "Perfect. That'll allow enough time for the giantisum buster mech to arrive and help contain the brute."
  • Bulla: "Well let's be sure to take cover until then! Clumsy brute won't be distracted forever."
  • Willie: (A drone attempts to spray some knockout gas at him) I'll smash... Uh, I'll sma-
Bless you

Bless you

This is how Willie sneezes. LOL

  • Skorner LT: "...... Well that was anti-climatic, I thought a big drumatic sneese was gonna come out of that."
  • Willie: Wait... I got it! (Suddenly vanishes into thin air)
  • Skep: "I was afraid of this. A giant human is one thing, but one with access to magic? Even if the mech arrives, whatever tricks the giant pulls would render it useful for only so long."
  • Skorner Lt: "We'll have to call in a Brainicaazk to help us nullify this magic."

Lady and the Tramp's World

Welcome Home - Lady And The Tramp 2 english

Welcome Home - Lady And The Tramp 2 english

Just remove the July 4th parts and it'll be right as rain.

Lady's home.

  • Si and Am are resting boredly in Aunt Sarah's house, with Am barely moving around a Yarn ball....
  • Si: "(Sighs).... Goes to show how much fun being with the Lougers was."
  • Am: "I know. And the fun we always had. Sometimes I wish for these breaks to end faster so we can go back to exploring."
  • Aunt Sarah's voice: "Kitties, milkies!"
  • Am: "..... Not to say I complain about the luxery we go back to!"
  • Si: "Oh yeah, those are nice quirks inbetween hours of boredom! (The two charge off for milk)."


Lilo's house.

Razoff's Mansion

Razoff's personal quarters.

The Good Dinosaur World

The Storm Ruined Forest.

The Raptors' Grasslands.


Gazelle's concert.

  • Hecktor from an announcer's stand: Put your paws together for part-time Uniter, Gazelle!
Zootopia - End Credits Song & Concert Try Everything - Shakira-0

Zootopia - End Credits Song & Concert Try Everything - Shakira-0

Because really, what else would she sing?

  • Just as Gazelle was about to do her finale, suddenly, the stage background was destroyed by the appearence of Commodore Vrex himself, as various variaties of UIS AUUains appeared from the shocked crowds!
  • Gazelle: "..... (To Hecktor on intercom) Hecktor, I don't think we'd agreed on anything about a surprise alien appearence publisity stunt!"
  • Hecktor's voice: "Duh, Gazelle, this is not my doing?!"
  • Chief Bugo: "WHAT IN THE BLAZES?!"
  • Clawhauser: "....... I think my heart just stopped. (Faints)......"
  • The crowd looked in surprised as Vrex approuched Gazelle, as UIS forces sheild the stage from the many present animals.
  • Gazelle: "(Kept calm about the whole thing)...... May I, help you with something?"
  • Vrex: "..... Under the athority of the Union of Independent Systems, I, Commodore Vrex, am shutting down this concert, under grounds that you are under arrest due to being a flight risk to UIS."
  • Animals began to mutter in confusion, as Judy and Nick Wilde were seen trying to find a way to sneak to the stage.
  • Gazelle: "...... Okay, okay, I have to stop you there, sir. Under whose spefific athority in this, "UIS" you speak of?"
  • Vrex: "Myself, King Buuull, Madam President, and even the Grandmind himself's athority. You and your assusiates, the aptly named "Shell Louge Squad", are due for a trial for being a flight risk to UIS sovernty. You have the potaintional to be the USRA races' greatest weapon against us in the correct circumstances."
  • Gazelle: "Now, hold up amigo! I'll let you that I never aim to be a political faverite to ANY polition, not even to one who's beliefs I share! I do not believe in playing faverites for it only renders me to be blind to an oppisition. Neither do the Lougers. And what is all this about a "Trial"?"
  • Vrex: "Because you had proven to be a great assist in preventing the universes you had dubbed, the "A-U-U", from realising that the USRA's legacy is a dead one, and that the worlds should move on from their misguided and failed promises. Originally, we just saw your group as a short-cut extention to the previously failed HA project they had, but your successes with the Pheads and the Humanatarians had made you a concern! If you can succeed in reforming an infamous race and corrected a Quantom Glitched Sect of Humans, then you ARE, a flight risk to UIS."
  • Gazelle: "...... And what prey-tell, makes you think, that I'm just gonna stand there, and let you arrest me?"
  • Vrex: "(Pouts Confidently) I'm not afraid to fight a female if it has to come to it. I'm prepared to quell any defience from you, and the one called "Duke Weselton"."
  • Duke's voice: "IT'S WEASELTON, REX-FACE?!"
  • Gazelle: "Oh yeah? (Pulls out the Uniter) Well the Uniter Blade saids I'm not gonna stand for it."
  • Vrex: "...... Heh. Did you think I wouldn't be prepared for your over-relience on that Beamfly-design-eqsed blade? (Presses a button on his wrist, as suddenly a large AUUian magnet managed to strongly pulled away Gazelle's Uniter Blade and kept it from helping her!)..... Say hello to the Vyrannian Magnet. An object strong enough to even hold down an Astro Lazer. Your blade is a small task in compairison."
  • Gazelle: "..... Ohhhh boy. (Hecktor suddenly got on stage and stood between her and Vrex)."
  • Hecktor: "Wait wait wait! Listen, I'm a very rich Hyena, I'll pay you off. (Starts writing a check) How much does UIS require?"
  • Vrex: "No bail post is currently in effect for her and the Lougers. If the trial goes a predicted certain way, she and the other misfits will face a life sentence in Alpha Station."
  • Hecktor: "(Shocked face as he wimperly wines)......"
  • Judy, Nick, Bugo, and Clawhauser were equily shocked, as other zootopians, even Flash, who's face is slowly becoming a shocked one.
  • Hecktor: "...... No, no please! She, she made it perfectly clear that she had no intentions to be a worry! I-"
  • Vrex: "I trust that you are the city's leader?"
  • Mayor Lionheart: "Oh, well, one of it's leaders as a matter of fact, I-"
  • Vrex: "Then be informed that if any of this planet intervene for the Uniter and the Louger Duke Weselton,"
  • Duke's voice: "WEASELTON?!"
  • Vrex: "This planet will be held down by UIS forces until she comes with us!"
  • Mayor Lionheart: "Hey let's not try to make hasty threats! Can't we debate this over the Zootopia Senate and-"
  • Vrex: "I believe there is an error in communication. If the Uniter and her herold are not in my ship in the next 24 hours, THIS PLANET WILL BE ON UIS LOCKDOWN?!"
  • The Crowds began to panic!
  • Nick and Judy managed to snuck into the stage successfuly.
  • Mayor Lionheart: "...... Vrex, was it? How's about, we calm down for a second? Can you put me up with your superiors and I try to talk something out? Cause, an arrest seems, abit harsh, espeically since she didn't do any serious crime to you "UIS" guys."
  • Vrex: "It is a preventative arrest. An arrest designed to prevent a future event when the Uniter and the Lougers DO become threats! Now both of you, (Moves Lionheart and Hecktor aside) Kindly step aside and- (Saw that Gazelle was gone, as he saw that she was running with Nick, Judy, and the appearing Duke Weaselton as they quickly got into Finnick's van as it drives off)...... Ugh, so much for this being easy. ALL UIS FORCES, CAPTURE THAT VHICLE?! (UIS forces charged forth)....... You! (Points to Hecktor)...... You are gonna help me capture Miss Gazelle and Duke of the Lougers."
  • Hecktor: "Why should I be made to enturnally imprison Gazell- (Vrex's hand turns into a gun) AYE?!"
  • Vrex: "Cause you'll share her fate and be arrested for abetting a wanted person for UIS trial. And believe me, Madam President does not forgive interfearers."
  • Mayor Lionheart: "Hey now, no need for the threats, Vrexxy, we in Zootopia-"

Oscar, Poppy, Buck and Harchi's world

The desert.

(Other scenes coming soon.)

The Heroes' One Friend in UIS

After awhile.

  • The Lougers were seen contained in a UIS cell....
  • Gazelle: "Icky, calm down, complaining about this won't help."
  • Icky: "COMPLAIN?! We're pretty much held up by UIS?! They deemed us to be a Pro-USRA threat, JUST BECAUSE WE HELPED THEM OUT OF A FEW BAD JAMS?!"
  • Pang Bing: "It's likely that, based on the USRA's history, that they're afraid that it would empower the USRA races, and risk histroy's repeat. Perhaps, they're also afraid that we would be used against them."
  • ???: "How sadly inaccreate of them to think so from such respected heroes."
  • A Jafar-Eqsed Skep came forth with a speical staff.
  • Iago: ".... Ohhhh boy. Another Jafar-Expie."
  • Skep: "Oh, please be assured. I am not here to inconvinence you anymore then the forces have already. Allow me to introduse myself. I, am Vice President Ket'chup.... And, I'm pretty much the only friend you'll have with this group."
  • Icky: "(Snickers), His name's Ket'chup. (He, the Hyenas, Iago, and the Dactyls and Raptors laughed at this)."
  • Ket'chup: ".... Ohhhh, that name has always haunted me so. Now, please keep in mind that Madam President, under orders of a higher athority, has asked me to represent you misfits on the trial."
  • Skipper: "(Eating Cheesy Dibbles) So basicly, you're our lawyer for this mess?"
  • Ket'chup: "Well, yes and no. You see, I felt that it is my duty to represent legit heroes and explain tha- (Skipper ate a cheesy dibble loudly)..... Explain, that you misfits- (Skipper did it again)...... You Misfits- (Skipper Did it again)..... (Speaks quickly) Explainthatyoumisifts- (Skipper eats a cheesy dibble) Aren't- (Crunch) A threat- (Crunch) TO UIS?! (Skipper did a LOUD crunch)....... Just, exactly how did aquire snacks?"
  • Skipper: "(Now covered in cheese dust) It was from our Cheesy Dibble break."
  • Ket'chup: ".... (Groans), This is, NOT, going to be an easy one. And it's bad enough that UIS thinks you're a threat as it is, now you people aren't even taking this seriously?! Do you not realised where you are?! You're in the clutches, of the mighty UIS! The true goverment force of the United Universes!"
  • Gilda: "Hold up, hold up! Isn't that suppose to be the USRA?"
  • Ket'chup: "Well, yes, they may have a greater presence in their terratories, but in truth, it's actselly UIS who runs these universes."
  • Ket'chup: "Well, good thing I am prepared to give a due explanation. Now, let's start, from the beginning. (Types in something on the staff and shows a page on it, as a flashback is about to occure)."


(Work in progress)

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