Universea G. Changsvông is an Alternate UUniversal Trinian from Planet Trinus. She is a jellyfish-cephalopod being whose one of the last of her kind. Sharing a similar history to her OUU twin, Gallaxhar, she used to be an evil baroness who sought to corner the market on trinitium, a conductive and augmentation-capable organic goo-like resource capable of generating electricity and is unbelievably programmable, since she was denied the chance to rule her mother's trinitium mining company. But when all this is taken from her by her cop brother, she responded by destroying her own race's home planet and finding the countless planetary fragments containing vast amounts of trinitium so she can not only forcefully conquer the market on trinitium, but also resurrect her race so she can rule it, unaware that there were survivors including her brother, starting off with clones of herself. One of these fragments crashed on the home planet of Suseca, who would inherit the power of the trinitium within the meteorite and be roped into fighting with her new monster friends and later the Clam Lounge Squadron after learning the normal life she was going to have before all that was going to be a lonely and dishonest one. Besides the Clam Loungers, Universea has at least one or two encounters with the Lodgers after her friends, lead by Janjirma, team up with Junjie and his band as Gallaxhar ends up falling in love with her.


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