The Lodgers discover that there may be a new enemy. And it comes from an underground school called Hivemind University, lead and founded by an elf named Brother Clod, which is a home for villain enthusiasts aspiring to become respected villains. And what's worse, they discover that Hank Jr. has escaped and enrolled there, and was given a new team called Team HJ, containing 4 other students named Jenny Bad Luck the gazelle, Mino-Terrorious the minotaur, Octo-Kid Genius the octopus, and Metal Rat the rat. Team HJ then begins to pull nasty stunts and crimes all across the Dragon Realms. The Lodgers become determined to shut down HMU to stop anymore petty villains from being created, because they have enough of them as it is. So they start by teaming up with the Amazing Nine and find out where this school is. But in doing so, they must be prepared to face Clod, who is known to always be a step ahead.

(How Hivemind University's Commercial Goes on the Villains Channel)

NNN - SVELT Commercial

NNN - SVELT Commercial

How Hivemind University's Commercial Goes

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