Hextrus is back. This time, he was brought out by a face he didn't exactly wanted to see again: Dr. Ogel. Hextrus refused to join the Darksiders because Ogel rudely turned against him for a mistake he didn't knew he made, and made him lose against Ace. Ogel insisted that the certain betrayal was all bridge under the water, and has since, moved on for the better of the Dark Siders. Hextrus, relucent to get involved again, only agrees under the condition he does not get punished again for even the most stupidest of mistakes. Ogel agreed to the terms and takes him to a mission in the planet Duruta, A desert planet which have been a hot spot to the Villains Act for illegal cryptovite, a destructive power source that doubled a weapon's power to maximum destruction. After the Villains Act fell, the mines were locked down, and turned into a maximum security vault to keep the substance from being used for evil. Now, Ogel wants to reclaim it to Dark Sider control to boost up their weapons capabilities, and with Hextrus, Ogel has declaired war on the planet's security forces with The Dark Sider Cyberclones. However... Hextrus wasn't warned that the security is a powerful force thanks to the added benifit of the purifived Starbots. Attacks there end in tragity. It turns out, Ogel is acting on his own. He is trying to get Hextrus killed in the battle, because he is trying to weed out "failure-proned weak villains" that he believes were later used against the VA, even when the events were NOT related to the Va's downfall or had strong connections to it. Ogel plans to start this by having Hextrus killed in Dura so he can go after the other failed VA members, even members of his own team, to ensure the superior villains are the ones who reestablish the villain control of the universe. Ogel has turned into a psycotic side-killing maniac and needs to be stopped! After Team Positron spied on Ogel, they warned the Heroes Act who they warned the lougers that Ogel has gone into the deep end! With unexpected help from the very girl Hextrus had a crush on and kidnapped in Yellow Vengence, who had since became a AUU Millaterry soldier, Xentress, who outside of disapporving of his actions, she doesn't want Hextrus to die from Ogel's madness, and maybe finally get him the help he needs. Now it's time for our heroes to see to it that Ogel finally reshives a periment stay in Oranos by exposing his fanacticness to the Dark Siders and hope Kafar has enough Moral Center to even consider listening to stop the insane villain killer so there would be no protaction for Ogel before it's too late.

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