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I am MetroScreamingMayor8841, real name Grayson Crockett. I am a serious SpongeBob SquarePants fan, and I am very skilled at drawing characters. I haven't made any LEGO videos for a while, and my studio with it has been considered obscured since my camera is broken. So now I am a Lego collector and a worker with Scroopfan on his series. I am a wiz at making character designs, and have made over a hundred character pictures. I'll be on the verge of making more, and helping with the upcoming Chronicles series. I am also a fan of anything comedic or science fiction, though any combination of science fiction and another is welcome. Favorite series include Family Guy, Robot Chicken, MLP (Which doesn't make me a brony because I only watch it due to it being part of the series despite some personal favorites and criticisms, though find brony videos to be hilarious), Ratchet and Clank, Jak and Daxter, Halo, and many others. Feel free to enjoy my channel if you can catch the Lego versions of SpongeBob videos before they possibly get taken down like one of them already has, if you can appreciate what little I have.

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My Future

I have already continued to come up with ideas for my own dream series as soon as I hit Hollywood. There will be multiple series ideas based on this one. A personal goal will be to meet Scroopfan himself and thank him for inspiring me to fulfill this career goal. Ideas will appear on this page.

The Realm Chronicles is the series that is the most identical to the SAFA series, thus I intend to take it as far as Star Wars. Though it may or may not happen because show popularity is unpredictable, but I plan to make as much RC stories as possible, which include the shows, books, movies, and video games. Some parts of this series will have similarities to forms of fiction including Ratchet and Clank, the new game Overwatch, and so on. But don't worry, I plan to have it as changed as possible to avoid getting sued. I could say that I try to make the concept of those without intentionally stealing from them, but I plan to bring this up with editors as soon as I get the job, and ask to edit it so it won't infringe on any other forms of fiction.

Some characters on this wiki will be revised to fit these forms of fiction, but because some of them are based on owned characters, changes need to be made as often as possible. The goal of this quest is to make a good franchise that is as original as possible. We won't know if I'll succeed with this or not, but I will try and make it count.

Realm Chronicles

The United Realms are 13 universes that have been merged with others. Each of them have differences, but all have the curiosity to understand themselves. Thus they have formed a government called the United Realms Government with the help of their grand wiseman and long-living alien named Hylander, a master of both magic and science and had helped grant both to these universes this great gift. The power such gifts possess can be used for great good or great evil. Hylander has since shaped the URG as it is now for over 500 years, even founding it's great Universal Ranger Command consisting of people each with gifts they use to their advantage which keep peace and order to the United Realms. Since Hylander's death, millions of years have passed and the URG still prospers. However, while some worlds are united by the URG, some have been secluded for eons. One such world, known as Earth, has been out of touch with the URG for eons since the humans cut contact with them. Some humans left to spread through the stars. Others remained on Earth, losing knowledge that they expanded at all. Over the years, humans on Earth have been considered a lesser race that could never uphold the greatness that Hylander had. Though Hylander had many prophecies depicting a long member of a misunderstood race doing great things and being his most perfect successor. In present day, one human named Norton, who is a dedicated geek who plays video games, writes crossovers on the Internet, and is also a black-belt in Kung Fu, and is the son of an inventor father who has been studying the phenomenon concerning the URG's activity on Earth as a worker at Area 51. Norton has been a trouble-maker by sneaking into Area 51 and wanting to see what they knew was out there. However, an accident called something very ancient and evil to Earth, and ultimately lead to Norton discovering a secret that could change his life forever when he is forced to defend his home from an ancient enemy of Hylander named the Occult Master.

  • Norton Tyson Justice
  • Qorce Illy Peller
  • Supreme Commander Mark Osmond Phase
  • Occult Master


  • Norton Justice- An intelligent commonly-nerdy and skilled martial artist terra-human whose father has explored the possibilities of a greater world in his research. This eventually leads Norton into an adventure that changes his life forever. He ends up becoming the star of his own story as a Ranger accompanied by a crazy robot named Ray. He is a curious person and a very intelligent spectator who wishes to understand the world outside his own in order to make a great living, having a strict live-life-to-the-fullest policy. He considers this new lifestyle a step up in it as he can even impress the Rangers with this skills and enthusiasm. Though he also has a few flaws to him as he is often times too enthusiastic, and also a bit autistic and can sometimes take things the wrong way and have some limitations. Regardless, his skill seems to impress even the likes of the spirit of Hylander.
  • Qorce Peller- A young female Nordic Ranger and the youngest before Norton who was raised on a Nordic colony and is a skilled and agile fighter. She is beautiful and versatile, and also has a few qualities that earn the affections of Norton, such as her enthusiasm in popular fictional media, and for having a mother who shares a strong love for studying Earth and it's inhabitants. Eventually, she and Norton get married and have hybrid twins. Qorce was raised with a fascination for the world around her, and as such lived a nerd-like life before going into the Rangers. She eventually became a Ranger thanks to the skills she obtained in Dijiqi Thi, a Nordic martial art that focuses on agility, speed, and reflexes. Though she has been known to have flaws as well, having not that much experience in science as Norton, but is only good in a few strategies. She is even inspired by Norton to live the same live-life-to-the-fullest policy since her enthusiasm drives her to great heights.
  • Cypher Justice- A Human/Nordic hybrid and the son of Norton and Qorce. He is the most skilled of the twins who was able to learn his own skills through self-teaching through violent cartoons. He loves action as much as his own family, and he too has formed a personal life by being another fanfiction writer and is a near-valedictorian at his school. By age 17, he becomes skilled enough to be like his mother.
  • Piper Justice- A Human/Nordic hybrid and the daughter of Norton and Qorce. She is a lesser skilled fighter and is not that fond of fighting as her twin brother, yet still learned how to accurately use a gun. She spends most of her time as a Cunctanet celebrity who makes comedic videos and, when in training, makes due with what she sees in her webisodes. Regardless, she will still fight for what's right if necessary.
  • Ray- A wise-cracking and comical robot who is a close friend and partner of Norton whom he encounters at the beginning and tells him of the world outside Earth. He actually started out as the first creation of MacGuffin to be the first artificial Ranger. However, there was a slight defect and Ray ended up becoming a loopy screw-up and was later made into janitor duty. He has since wanted to prove himself again until he was shanghaied into a mission on Earth and got taken to Area 51, where a sneaky Norton encountered him and through this, got into a fight against the Occult Master and the Rangers. Ever since helping them, Ray saw some potential upon gaining the idea to make Norton a worthy member. However, the Rangers disapproved since he was too young, a Terran human, and that they refused to listen to Ray since he stowed away. This inspired Norton to go on the rest of his journey thanks to his father, the only one who believed him. Ray would eventually move onto making Norton a hero and finally prove himself to the Rangers.
  • Supreme Commander Mark Phase- A Kepellan and commander of the Universal Ranger Command. He is a very strict, adaptable, strategic, and powerful fighter who has a bit of an arrogance to him and is often times untrusting to vigilantes. Regardless, he knows when something is necessary and will always let an unlikely hero in when he/she proves them worthy enough to him. He wields a large customizable laser rifle that can do a great deal of damage, and can evil wield a duplicate to the same effect. He also wears a high-tech suit that serves as the personal eye of URC's main AI, Praxis, where it could allow Phase to control any piece of machinery he can hack into. He has a strict moral code stronger than those of the others. He often times has his loopy moments through this, but he has his second-in-command and surrogate daughter to serve as his voice of reason.
  • Second-in-Command Brittany Futter- The space human second-in-command of the URC, and surrogate daughter of SC Phase. Receiving the greatest training from Phase, she eventually has the same skills and arsenal of her father, having a suit that can hack into anything through Praxis, and wields customizable laser rifles. She even seems to impress her father. Ever since her real parents, who were friends with Phase's family, were assassinated by Phase's evil brother despite the best efforts of Phase, he took in Brittany and trained her to avenge her parents by sending the criminal brother to Clostrum. She has since become the greatly-skilled second-in-command of the Rangers. She often times serves as her surrogate father's voice of reason due to his own problems, and even finds herself appreciating Norton as a friend and defends him from her father when he first arrived.
  • Troy Xi Hylander- A deceased alien who is the founder of the entire United Realms Government. He is worshipped throughout the United Realms as a wise and noble expeditionary and genius of science and magic, and appears often as a spirit. His race has been known to be the most advanced in the United Realms, having been known to create large monuments, cities, and even craft worlds, that were sadly left to ruin when the race vanished long ago. Hylander was the only one to not disappear and wanted to do a grand thing with his life. So he went on to becoming the most famed explorer, scientist, revolutionary, and founder of the United Realms' way of life until his death eons ago. Though he remains as a spirit often times and is always around to help the main characters. His various prophecies are often times correct, and he has been known for his combat skill and adaptability. He is worshipped by all in the United Realms, and has been among the wisest.
  • Alister Axworthy- A Magnan Ranger who is actually a close rival to Norton and the ex-boyfriend of Qorce. He is known to be a very successful Ranger in the URC, and one of the best rookies in his time, with his race's natural gift of versatility and armed combat. He was quick not to trust Norton when he became the first Terran human to join the Rangers, and with such a title, he believed it outshined him. As a result, he grew into a cocky, arrogant, and very boastful rival to him. Though what stops him from taking deceptive heights is his moral code and loyalty to the Rangers. However, it doesn't stop him from making it hard on Norton as he always finds ways to get around it. He can often be seen as a bully to Norton, but he knows deep down that Axworthy is still a good guy at heart.
  • Tequila Irion- A Satrun cyborg Ranger from Saturus who was formerly an assassin with a foul temper until she went for a new leaf after discovering a new way of life after losing the only friend and later boyfriend she ever had. She has since moved into becoming a formidable fighter who wields a vibrokatana, vibrodiscs, a laser pistol with multiple functions, and laser bolas and nets. She still retains her foul temper, and can often be angered easily. So much that even Norton is scared of even sitting near her in spaceships. Though she also has a caring heart, and thinks of her teammates as close enough friends, though remains single because she believes that a relationship can be dangerous.
  • Kazue- A space-human shogun from Chrysanthemum who has been fighting in the Rangers for a long time, and impresses even the Supreme Commander. His skill is beyond anything any Ranger has ever seen, and he had joined the Rangers since his dishonest brother bitterly murdered a tournament champion after being forced to give up a great fortune he gained from an ill-gotten victory over him. Devastated that this champion's family was lost thanks to a bitter and cruel brother, Kazue joined the Rangers and swore to make his brother pay for his crimes. He is sometimes haunted by the murder, and feels guilty for not saving them, regardless that there was nothing he could do to stop it.
  • Benedict Oughtron- A Felan Ranger who is an elite fighter that had experience fighting in the wars on Battligon, and thus his superior skills have earned him a part in the URC. He is known to be efficient and versatile with weaponry, and wields over 3 customizable firearms, wears a jetpack and an energy field. He is vicious against criminals, and can often have his angry moments at times.
  • Tyson MacGuffin- A genetically-enhanced chimpanzee Ranger who hails from the Anthro Realm. He was originally the creation of an illegal genetic experimentation and was originally going to be terminated despite his greatest efforts in trying to escape. However, he was adopted by a scientist at Holocorp who inspired him to stand for what's right, and join the Rangers. He is a genius in strategy and science, and is naturally agile. He is almost the size of an average human due to his enhancements, and he has augmented himself further to the point where he can temporarily turn invincible and gain increased physical strength. He impresses the Rangers, and also has a secret life dedicated to fanfiction and secretly attends conventions. He usually comes up with different inventions to help get the Rangers out of any situation, and can sometimes be haunted and sensitive with his deep past as a test monkey.
  • Maya Sorce- A space human Ranger who hails from New Earth, is known to have a bubbly personality, and is nearly the quickest and most agile in the URC. She previously has a crush on Norton until she secretly accepted him having eyes for Qorce. She eventually finds another love in the form of Holst. She has an accent that Norton describes as 'strange and like an Australian or British accent with alien properties'. She is skilled with her teleporter, jetpack, and her dual laser machine guns with multiple functions. She has been skilled in Kung Fu since age 10, and is an excellent strategist. She can often be humorous and tell jokes and puns just to lighten the mood, even in combat. She can even be a favorite to people like Telly Weber for her charm and charisma. Some even describe her as a 'bubbly showoff'.
  • Occey Outram- A Ryzean Ranger from Threshold who is actually the first supersoldier created by the Rangers for the sole purpose of being a genetically-capable fighter. He willingly allowed himself to be the test subject since he failed to bring a corrupt loan shark into the authorities for the murder of his father, mostly because he was doing it out of petty revenge. This recklessness nearly drove him into Claustrum until he was stopped by the Rangers, who convinced him to just send him to Claustrum, though not after losing his right arm in the process. After replacing it with cybernetics, he volunteered to be the first augmented Ranger and swore to uphold the law. Occey is a determined fighter and doesn't have time for any nonsense, and is often times impatient. He can often not appreciate when nonsense goes too far, and will even go as far as to wipe out the problem entirely if he has to.
  • Corvette- A robotic Ranger who was created by MacGuffin from an old war robot from Pedia. She is a learning machine that can adapt to intense situations, and has even earned the affections of Ray. However, Corvette is a non-emotional unit who is programmed to not feel emotions since it could be a bit of an obstacle. This leaves Ray to forever be alone and unable to have Corvette as a girlfriend. Despite this, Corvette is a strong and capable fighter who wields any weapon imaginable, and is excellent in hand-to-hand combat with two energy blades, a jetpack, and a cloaking device.
  • Zed Lockes- A Metabeing Ranger who hails from Kratos, and thus he has superpowers beyond any mortal being. His powers include invincibility, super-strength, super-speed, telekinetic abilities, and flight. He wields a large blaster rifle with multiple functions and uses high concentrations of energy. He can fight efficiently like any other Kratosian, though he can often have difficulties and weaknesses of his own. He is not immune to magical attacks, and his powers can be negated with the Metabeing poison known as nullifane. He believes himself a noble and firm fighter, and prefers to do things how he wants though sticks with a strict moral code.
  • Eldridge Jüptner- A dwarf Ranger who hails from the Magic Realm in Mytechia and is a potent technomancer and wizard. He is an intelligent, adaptable, and versatile marvel who knows a few stunts, has high-tech weaponry and the ability to use magic like technology like the rest of his highly-advanced dwarf city. He can teleport, turn invisible, and use plasma-based energy fueled by his own life energy to augment his weaponry. He has other kinds of magical abilities that he prefers to keep to himself. Despite all this power, he believes he is the strongest and smartest of the Rangers, and sometimes he storms into battles without thinking things through, regardless if it mostly works.
  • Wade Scattergood- A Magnan Ranger who started out as a rogue gunslinger who was highly-skilled with weapons, possibly more than even the strongest of his race. He joined the Rangers when his home was threatened by an evil robotic warlord, and the Rangers helped him put an end to this robot's reign of terror. Scattergood has since become a noble, versatile, and resourceful fighter that can light up a firefight with his speed, his weapons, his adaptability, and many other qualities. Though he still remains a tough person who is not the kind of guy you want to mess with. He often likes to have fun with rookies like Qorce and Norton, and later on their children, and is often caught giving them weapons when they were too early for that. Regardless, he is a great asset to the Rangers.

More coming soon...

  • Occult Master- A powerful Promen overlord who is the ultimate challenge for the Rangers that was last defeated by them and Hylander eons ago and was imprisoned into the Central Exiled Realms. He would later return and become the main antagonist, beginning with ruling half of the known United Realms with his criminal empire, the Occult Order, and an army consisting of either brainwashed soldiers and greater AI forces called the Centurions. He has just the right skills and smarts to be a match for even the Rangers with all their power. While his identity remains unknown even to his own race and Hylander, he is just known to be a great conquerer of worlds. He possesses similar technology to that of Hylander's unknown race, and his Centurion Army is what remains of any corrupt soldiers that have been constant failures, as such a sentence is much worse than death. He has the abilities of telekinesis through tractor beams, he can teleport rapidly through a molecular cloud that disassembles and reassembles, he is more machine than organism, his views on the United Realms are bitter and wicked, and he wields two large energy blades and two dual blaster rifles with customizable settings. He has been known to kill Rangers easily, and has been known for his tricks, his silver tongue, and his adaptable armies.
  • Commander Soeldner- The Promen commander of the Occult Army. He started out as a loyal military general for his race until the return of the Occult Master caused him to be messed up physically and mentally. Having been replaced with cybernetics akin to the Centurions, he is a monstrous soul that was crafted by the Occult Master to be his loyal, relentless, and sadistic commander of his armies. He is a very strong and capable combatant who can adapt to any move the heroes have, and can use any firearm imaginable. Most of his composition is soulless machinery that kills for an equally-soulless master that has equally-soulless machinery composing him. He is known to primarily wield energy swords on his arms, and wields powerful heavy weaponry.
  • CEO Walyce Robichaux- A cyborg Kepellan who is noted for his face being laced with intricate machinery, as well as his sour and bitter personality. He is the top scientist for the Occult Order, and he gained his face machinery through a bizarre punishment by the Occult Master for certain reasons such as making funny faces, sticking his tongue out, being nosey, and even not minding his own business with classified material. This machinery even warped his mind into being the sadistic scientist he is now. He was a former worker at Holocorp who had corrupt experiments until the Rangers and Newsome confiscated all of it despite him trying to fight them off at gunpoint, only to gain a cybernetic arm in the process. He has since hated the Rangers, stole a branch of Holocorp, and transformed it into Occult Warnomics, which became the Occult Master's successful source of science and technology. Robichaux is sadistic in his own special way, and his cybernetic components ensure that such a thing is permanent.
  • Micah Phase- The evil brother of SC Mark Phase who is a very corrupt and highly-skilled assassin and former Ranger. He is an unrelenting and versatile combatant that proved to be a great asset to the Rangers. However, what drove him to evil was the fact that his brother outshined him in every moment. Having a bitter resentment and rivalry with him, he never got that much credit, he was never appreciated, and his brother was often times insensitive about what he did for the Rangers. After one event crossed the line, Micah finally had enough and wanted revenge. He started with murdering friends of his family despite Mark's best efforts, leaving their daughter an orphan to later be raised by Mark. He was thankfully arrested, and as punishment, he was about to be sentenced to death. However, feeling awful for the reason for Micah's betrayal, he convinces the judge to instead sentence him to life imprisonment. As such, Micah is stripped of his title, and imprisoned in the penal world of Claustrum. However, he manages to escape and swore to get revenge for everything that had been done to him, even doing odd jobs for the Occult Master. He is even supplied similar equipment and weaponry to that which he wielded in URC thanks to Boss Hazard.
  • Hikawa- A shogun from Chrysanthemum and the disgraceful brother of Kazue. He has gone into villainy as the result of an incident where he defeated a high-praised champion in a tournament through an embarrassment, and gained a life of luxury until Kazue felt bad for the defeated champion since he was disgraced and disowned by his family, and tries to convince Hikawa to restore his honor by letting him beat him in a rematch. He refuses because it will mean he loses all he gained, and he does not share any concern with the champion's loss. Viewing this as an act of disgrace, Kazue reports this to the authorities and they force him to go through it under threat of banishment. After losing his luxury in the process, Hikawa became angry and killed the champion and his family. He since disappeared and swore revenge on his brother for 'betraying' him and robbing him of everything. Kazue still seeks to bring his brother to justice to this very day.
  • Ochsner- A robot assassin created by and named after a deceased scientist for Occult Warnomics. He is a very strong and difficult challenge for the Rangers, and serves the Occult Master with full loyalty. He wields a gun that can be customized into various features including an assault rifle and sniper rifle. He is also equipped with gadgetry that helps him infiltrate any fortification and his accuracy, adaptability, versatility, and intelligence is unmatched to even Corvette.
  • Boss Hazard- A Magnan who was a former worker in Holocorp who worked for weapons technology. However, when a weapon test went haywire, his head was rendered to forever ooze lava. As such, he was shunned by everyone in the work world. Bitter and resented, Hazard became a crime boss who not only continues to create weapons, but also smuggles them from the Armanet for the Occult Master and Occult Warnomics and other bodies of evil for cash. He has an entire army of robots and his hideout is located in a volcano on Vyceron. He is a very crude and bitter villain who is also skilled in weapons like the rest of his race, and his lava-covered face makes it hard for enemies to fight him close-quarters. His hideout remains unknown to the members of the URC, and he remains smuggling and manufacturing weapons for villains Realm-wide.
  • Director Dirk Volanis- A space human media mogul who is identified for his golden hair, golden tooth, and for being the soul owner of the Villains Channel, which is intended for villains and villain enthusiasts only, and showcases several corrupt and illegal media businesses including slavery, illegal gladiator competitions, crime showcases, evil documentaries, and so on. He is rich in this business, has a private army consisting of clones of his great private army commander and best bodyguard, and centers his business on Vyceron. He is often an impatient, foul-tempered, and very cruel jerk who forces people to do as he says through illegal Occult Warnomics mind-control implants that cannot be fought off, will force victims to do anything to make them obey, and can even be detonated at any time. He will not tolerate being insulted, and he will show no mercy and kill without hesitation.
  • Headmaster Claude Gremillion- A Cranioid who is known for being the soul president of the Hidden Institution for Villainous Education (H.I.V.E), which is a school that is advertised by the Villains Channel, and turns petty criminals and villain enthusiasts into respected villains, often working for the Occult Master. It is hidden in an underground cave system on Nexus, has top-notch security provided by Robichaux and Hazard, and it is often where petty criminals come from to learn about efficient villainy. Gremillion is a very clever and intelligent headmaster who has the power to protect his school from even the strongest forces of good, including the Rangers, and his faculty, minus the security, consists of other Cranioids that also share the same natural telepathic powers as Gremillion.
  • Malware- A space human who is an isolated and secretive nerd who seems innocent to the public as a famed publisher of popular fanfiction work, but in secret, he is a hacker, griever, cyber-bully, and tinker. After his popular childhood fanfiction was destroyed due to illegal issues and the police sent him to juvenile hall for a whole year, he grew bitter and viewed the world as cruel and against fanfiction media in general. As such, he vowed to own the whole thing and became a big jerk when even his family started becoming jerks to him. He became an excellent hacker and could use his supercomputer to hack into any network available including the Cunctanet, which is a great network that controls everything including media, computer networks, machines, electricity, and so on. He seeks to use this power to control the entire URG in order to make them pay for what they have reaped on him. He is a smart and intelligent mastermind, and he can be very strategic when it comes to villainy. He even has a silver tongue and can convince other nerds to support him, including the likes of Piper.

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Other Characters
  • Maximillion Justice- The terra-human father of Norton and a former scientist for Area 51 who moved with Norton to become a secret member of Holocorp upon the discovery of the United Realms. He has worked for Area 51 for years since he had discovered a trace of alien technology when he was a kid, and when it was confiscated by the government and sent to Area 51, he has grown a career of seeing what was out there, and later got accepted into Area 51 as a result. However, his son has had a curiosity of what he was working for, but he was forbidden to see it due to Area 51 being a restricted area for citizens, even when they are family of workers. However, when he defends his son and defies military orders when he sneaks into Area 51 one day, he and his son end up being abducted by the Occult Master before the military can court-martial him. At first, Maximillion refuses to return to Earth since they threatened to execute his son by order of their stubborn general and wants to live on other worlds. He is unable to be rescued by the Rangers, and Norton has to join the Rangers in order to save him and his home planet from being taken over by the Occult Master. Maximillion later learns that he cannot bare himself to watch his home get laid under siege of an evil alien, and later helps his son defend it. He is later relieved of court martial by the US President, much to the displeasure of the stubborn general, and he later becomes a covert member of Holocorp who still works for Area 51, but is instructed by the President to not reveal anything because of the information being sensitive and dangerous to their race.
  • General Lance Von Itzler- A terra-human general and the head of the security of Area 51. He is in charge of making sure that no trespassers are allowed in Area 51, and he is often too strict with this. Even the Justice family doesn't get along with him that well because of his sourpuss attitude. He has tie-ins with the US President, and thus he is not the kind of person to say no to as he can get the government involved if he has to. He follows the rules of Area 51 so tightly, or maybe even a little too much, and even goes as far as to sentencing anyone who sees too much to death. Despite his cruel nature, he can still be reasonable as long as the right words are used. He also has a tragic past involving what he claims is aliens taking away his wife and daughter, and thus he has a bit of a prejudice against these aliens, and will not even hesitate to kill one if he thinks it is a threat.
  • President George McGruder- The current terra-human president of the United States, which have expanded, in this year of 2120. He is not like any President the United States had ever had as he had been the one responsible for preventing a nuclear war that almost devastated Earth. He has declared that all nations are to revolutionize, has outlawed nuclear weapons, and thus the Earth had gained some new countries and share a great alliance, and thus a new space age has begun. He helped the humans colonize other areas in the Solar System including Mars and the moons of Jupiter. He also has a personal goal of declaring a colony on an exoplanet before the end of his run as President. He is an understanding man, though he has a strict code of honor and justice, and will do what is best for his country.
  • President Phoenix Primus- The space human president of the United Realms Government. He is a very strong-willed and noble democrat who has served a long role, and has five different wives and many children, one of them being a hybrid that serves as the Councilor of the Rangers. Primus is known for his fine economic successes and his campaign has proven to be among the most successful in the government. He even has tie-ins with the Earth Area 51 through President McGruder as he has met him at a young age when he was on a trip to Area 51, and McGruder had since classified such a visit in order to protect such information from corrupt terra-humans. McGruder later reveals this visit to Maximillion and Norton when they are protecting Earth from the Occult Master during their first adventure, as he sworn himself with the duty of protecting aliens from the curiosity and possible corruption of human influence. McGruder and Primus still remain covert friends to this day.
  • Unique Primus- The Space Human/Ryzean hybrid daughter of President Primus, and the Councilor for the Universal Ranger Command. She is the one who sends the Rangers on missions around the UR, and guides them every step of the way. She often learns how to take care of herself, and was a quick learner on things like chores, and even driving, at such a young age. She even quickly learned how to accurately use a gun and defend herself with martial arts. She can often times fight in the battle herself when she feels she is needed. She seems to enjoy justice work ever since watching action cartoons as a child, and has a unique relationship with her stepfamily.
  • Fast Pimp- An Magnan nut who sells weapons across the United Realms as a worker for the Armanet. He always rants about the definition of the Armanet and what it means to have the right to bare arms, and often takes his career a little too far. He is also a bit of a sensitive coward who usually fires his guns rapidly when he thinks there's an invasion. He is often seen by our heroes selling weapons to minors, mainly mistaking them for adults. He is always often met with scolding from people for his controversy, but he sometimes learns from his mistakes and is truly a good guy.
  • Telly Weber- A space human child and a close friend to Norton that constantly gets saved by him. He is a brave child who doesn't just spend his time reading books, playing video games, and being lost in the world of heroism and fiction, but he actually works for the holo-news gazette taking pictures with his holocamera and actually has the instinct of a hero and investigator as he gets into bad situations without thinking things through. Regardless, he is a clever kid who displays his own bravery through helping the heroes every once in a while.
  • Shiv Holst- A bounty hunter space human and former member of the URC who quit as the result of not being taken seriously and getting what he desired for so many years. He has since stripped his own title, quit the Rangers, and became a bounty hunter. He is an antihero at best, and is also selfish and stubborn, and seeks to bring the Occult Master down himself, though he almost gets killed doing so without the help of his old Ranger comrades. He is at least successful in taking down legions of his AI armies, as well as his followers.
  • Raiden MacMarx- A Nordic bounty hunter who moved onto a different career besides his lifelong dream of becoming a Ranger since he was denied for his vengeful heart since his father was killed by a petty criminal. Bitter and sour, Marx became the cruelest bounty hunter and antihero in the UR, though he still has a good heart. He was inspired to be a bounty hunter by Holst, and even gained a similar arsenal. He carries a laser assault rifle that can be switched into a DMR and even an incendiary or explosive projectile launcher. He is not that merciful, but will often times know when something is wrong and what's right.
  • Magistrate Wohl- The judicial magistrate of the URC Courts who is charged with the soul purpose of being the judge for criminals everywhere. He is a rather foul-tempered person who does not take nonsense, lies, deception, and even insults very well. He is not going to hesitate to show no mercy with his sentences, but he can be reasoned with by the jury.

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  1. First Realm- Earth, Phaenosis, Fuschosis, Augem, Saurmon, Meridius (Ecumenopolis World)
  2. Second Realm- Hyland (URG Capital World), Omega Prime (URC Capital Ecumenopolis World), Clostrum (Snowy Penal Colony World), Elysithrax (Vacation World), Kepell, Saturus, Magnus, Alpha III,
  3. Third Realm- New Earth, Businessk (Business Capital World), Fortuity (Gambling World), Myriad (Money Capital World), Cinemon (Movie Capital World), Evinceus (Sport Capital World) Hubollo, Ryze, Felus,
  4. Fourth Realm- Revolse (UR-Revolutionized World), Threshold (Futuristic World), Pyrome (Lava Refinery World), Battligon (Militant World), Dystopia (Occult-Occupated World), Orsidia, Roge, Chromos, Gae
  5. Fifth Realm- Eulogy (Scientific Testing World), Empyrean (Blue Habitable Gas Giant), Offala (Junk World), Hydra, Cranioid,
  6. Sixth Realm- Accord (Space Human Colony World), Pedia (Robot World), Prome, Macorleon,
  7. Seventh Realm- Occult Prime (Occult Order Capital World), Vyceron (Occult-Occupied World), Nexus (Occult-Occupied World),
  8. Magic Realm- Myst (Mythical Creature Sanctuary World), Hegemon (Medieval World), Mytechia (Science-Fantasy World), Augury (Fairy World),
  9. Legend Realm- Wuxim (Chinese Martial Art World), Juju (Jungle World), Grimm (Fairy Tale World), Archaeus (Medieval World), Charybdis (Ocean World), Pasteon (Wild West World), Kratos (Meta-Being World),
  10. Anthro Realm- Zooden (Anthro-Animal World), Mesozor (Dinosaur World), Odyssey (Prehistoric World),
  11. Anime Realm- Chrysanthemum (Anime World),
  12. Game Realm- Alacrity (Game-Action World), Paragon (Game-Action World), Virtugon (VG Virtual World),
  13. God Realm- Genesis (God Homeworld), Rhapsody (God Colony World), Tartaron (Black Exile Gas Giant)
  • Terra Human (Homo sapiens terriensis)- Earth/Terra
  • Space Human (Homo sapiens astrous)- New Earth
  • Phaeton/Gray Alien (Xeno phaedermius canus)- Phaenosis
  • Fuscton/Brown Alien (Xeno phaedermius fuscus)- Fuschosis
  • Saurian (Saurromaeleus rex)- Saurmon
  • Augean/Nordic (Homo taurus)- Augem
  • Virin/Little Green Men (Microchlorus minor)
  • Kepellan (Caerudermox kepler)- Kepell- Humanoid
  • Saturun (Glaucosapio saturus)- Saturus- Humanoid
  • Magnan (Sicarfex magnus)- Magnus- Alien-Like
  • Alphan (Acrovenator alphamax)- Alpha III- Orange-Skinned Muscular Alien
  • Hubban (Cephalocaulus hubble)- Hubollo- Humanoid with Antennae
  • Ryzean (Pyroculus velox)- Ryze- Red-Brown-to-Orange Humanoid
  • Proman (Cryptodytous promeus)- Prome- Life-Support Suit Alien
  • Rogan (Phaedrovena ferox)- Roge- Lion-Tailed Fire-Eyed Humanoid
  • Orsidian (Thaumapithecus orsidia)- Orsidia- Giant Ape Being
  • Chromodyte (Tinctodex chromus)- Chromos- Colorful Humanoid
  • Macorlean (Dinoptos malchor)- Macorleon- Gray-Brown Humanoid
  • Felun (Felimaximus carnifex)- Felus- Felinoid
  • Gaelan (Exodermorphis gaelex)- Gae- Human-Like Eusocial Insectoids
  • Hydran (Neustobius major)- Hydra- Amphibious Humanoid
  • Cranioid (Cranius telepathodyte)- Cranium V- Telepathic Meek Humanoid
  • Elf (Homo oxyotos)
  • Dwarf (Homo brevis)
  • Fairy (Homo vespula)
  • Mermaid (Homo mermus)
  • Centaur (Homo centaurus)
  • God (Homo immortus)
  • Metabeing (Homo metatus)
Society and Setup
  • United Realms Government- The government of the entire United Realms, centered in the large United Palace on Hyland. It consists of a legislative branch that has a hundred senators, an executive branch that consists of the URG President and the 13 vice-presidents that run every realm, and a judicial branch which consists of the Universal Ranger Command and the URC Judicial Courts. The president has nearly-unlimited control of the URG, and the vice-presidents have limited control over their respective realms.
    • HQ- United Palace, Hyland
    • President Phoenix Primus- President of the United Realms Government.
  • Universal Ranger Command- The primary military police force of the United Realms which consists the judicial branch of the URG. Each Ranger has a blue, orange, yellow, red, and white suit that has a lot of qualities including temperature control, environmental conditioning, is partially durable, and comes with special equipment including jetpacks, infinite storage devices, cloaking devices, teleporters, and a variety of weaponry. The taskforce itself has a lot of advanced equipment and their HQ, the Praxis Hall, is located on Omega Prime and has the same color scheme as the suits and has among the most advanced technology in the UR. It even has it's own AI dataface unit called Praxis, which is capable of accessing many networks including the Cunctanet.
    • HQ- Praxis Hall, Omega Prime
    • Guardian Angel- The URC's main cruiser.
    • SC Mark Phase- Commander-in-Chief of the URC.
    • SIC Brittany Futter- Second-in-Command of the URC.
  • Holocorp- The United Realms' main multinational all-purpose science megacorportation that sells various products across the cosmos, including appliances, weapons, and inventions. Holocorp has had a large amount of power for an all-purpose company. It even has a megalopolis city maintained by it's dominance in the business, and sometimes it has a bit of a controversy for putting several other companies out of business. However, it is capable of using it's own power to maintain and balance competition ever since it accidentally caused a great depression. It has not always been popular because of it's many controversies which include not just the great depression event, but it also created several controversial experiments that some corrupt officials profit from to make the UR a better place, some even trying to turn Holocorp into a corporatocratic and technocratic government body. Though the Rangers have been investigating this for so many years.
    • HQ- Businessk
    • CEO Aldrich Holo Newsome- President and CEO of Holocorp
  • Anomaly Mart- The United Realms' main multinational retail and shopping corporation which consists of malls and supermalls. This is the top shopping choice for several people across the realms, and comes with all that you can possibly imagine in shopping. It sells Holocorp products, has chain restaurants and diners, has ATMs and amazing scenery, comes with various floors and a holographic interface system, and the security is top notch. Though in it's own history, it has been known to cause an economic collapse in several worlds across the UR, and was threatened to be shut down until Holocorp saved them through limiting their power. It can sell products increasingly fast, and sometimes the holiday Black Fridays are overcrowded, making it a very preferred and balanced business to anyone looking for a starter job.
    • HQ- Businessk
    • CEO Garrison Mallinger- President and CEO of Anomaly Mart.
  • Armanet- A weapon network that was authorized by the lawful right to bare arms thanks to the influence of the Magnans. Ever since the URG had influence and support of the Magnan's right to bare arms and when it founded the URG Defense Initiative, it allowed limited sales of weaponry all across the UR, and the Magnans, with the help of companies like Holocorp, manufacture the greatest and safest weapons, and lawfully require some people be members through license in order to legally wield weapons from Armanet. The Armanet is also lawfully required to police those who use weapons by temporarily/permanently revoking membership when weapons are used illegally or for personal gain. The Armanet, through weapon companies, has created over a thousand firearms, and even has firearms donated for utility of others. Though the Armanet is also required by law to advertise gun safety in case their business ends up tempting underaged children to use guns.
    • HQ- Magnus
    • CEO Malcolm Armes- President and CEO of the Armanet.
  • UR Cryptencies- The United Realms' main multinational banking service which provides money measuring systems and is the inventor of the popular virtual currency system called Cryptency. It is responsible for owning many mining colonies across the UR, whether it be astro-mining or otherwise. It has developed a wider range of coins and dollars, and have created a wider money number in which there are coins made of valuable metals that are often not of Earth, dollars that are actually made of lightweight flexible plastic, and various universal gems which include the most valuable, a luminescent, effervescent, and elusive substance called universium. Each of these forms of currency contain virtual lenses that can allow them to be used in Cryptency. It can measure other forms of currency including gems, gemstones, and valuable metals and thus allow them to measure all known forms of currency from each world.
    • HQ- Myriad
    • Chairman James AuCoin- President and CEO of UR Cryptencies, as well as a descendant to the inventor of the money-measuring system.
  • Omni-Menu Castle- The UR's largest chain restaurant business which is famous for having literally all known food servings, whether it be Earth in origin or an alien cuisine. It is known for it's advanced synthesizers that use fabricator lasers to produce fast food at an alarmingly-fast but slow rate that often takes up to 10 minutes depending upon the dish. This is a rich business and thus has a lot of holo-entertainment systems and the architecture is top-notch and colorful. Plus, the formation of this very company created other restaurant chains that sell countless amounts of food, but not as much as Omni-Menu Castle. This restaurant chain was said to revolutionize fast food chains as people knew it.
    • HQ- Businessk
    • CEO Avery Marxuach- President and CEO of Omni-Menu Castle
  • Cunctanet- All-Purpose Network which comprises all of the United Realms through strong space stations located across each universe. These space stations are maintained by engineers and are strong enough to provide powerful signals even in space. There are about 250,000 Cunctanet Wi-Fi stations across each realm, and they all allow for strong signals. The Cunctanet itself is known to control everything, from the Internet, computers, supercomputers, AIs, robots, broadcasting, media, communications, news, and so many others. It is a very elaborate network that has made life easier in the UR, and can do amazing things.
  • Insitus- The most popular and long-lasting video game network throughout the United Realms which is popularized through virtual reality or other common video game purposes. It is known to allow users to go into a simulated environment that ranges depending upon the game being played. It can either be physically entered, or just be played in the real world. This system uses an interface from the Cunctanet to have different accounts and functions, and there are several functions. The virtual realm is amazing and complex, and it can often times lead to some side-effects like nausea depending upon the health of the player. The settings can be changed including the violence, the vulgarity, the difficulty, the sounds and music, and many others. This console can even create a special hub circuit where individual members can operate in and change their surroundings and do many things.

Realm Chronicles: Ocean of Stars

A spinoff of the Realm Chronicles, this series follow the adventurous stories of the abducted family of Von Itzler. They were abducted by evil space pirates who raised the poor daughter, named Angela Von Itzler, to become a member of their pirate crew after they killed her mother. As the years passed, she grew into becoming a skilled pirate who later went rogue and left the crew, hating their captain since he ordered her mother's death and for abducting her. She has since moved to a backwater world lightyears away from her home called Tircon, a lawless mining world rich in rare resources, tough inhabitants, bandits, and gambling. She made a life of her own, all while avoiding the reward offered by her former captain. Though she also has to face obstacles including the Rangers, the Occult Army, and many others. Despite missing her family and home so much, she seems to get used to her new lifestyle, making friends out of it, and someday wishes to return to Earth.

  • Angela Von Itzler
  • Captain Zigmond Garth Axxus
  • Captain Helmut Joshan Maddock


  • Angela Von Itzler- A young terra-human who was abducted by Captain Maddock at a young age along with her mother. When her mother was murdered by the sadistic captain, Angela was ruined and was forced to be a part of Maddock's crew, and eventually became a valued first mate whose tragedy has made her bitter and a little mean. However, what makes her turn against Maddock is when she accidentally causes a crew member to get killed and is made cabin girl as punishment, right after saying that she is worthless and weak as a teenager, girl, and a terra-human, constantly forcing her to clean messes that his crew constantly makes even after she just cleaned up. Fed up, she left the pirate ship and hid on the gambling and mining world of Tircon. While Maddock would hunt her down with a bounty, she would live freely with friends on Tircon and sometimes cry herself to sleep of homesickness after years away from Earth and her father. She doesn't know where Earth's coordinates are and thus she cannot take her Black Sun shuttle there. But she admits that her current life is good enough and couldn't even be offered by a life she would've had on Earth. She now lives as a space explorer who does what she can to make a decent living, all while fighting off enemies like the Occult Army, the Rangers, and others.
  • Captain Zigmond Axxus- A golden-haired Ryzean space pirate who is not like most space pirates across the UR. He is more like a good pirate who actually has a better method of his job than plundering and pillaging like Maddock. He instead steals from Occult's wealth and gives it to those in need. He even goes on adventures for uncharted treasuries on other worlds. He has been at this since he was a teenager, carrying on the legacy of his father who lived a life as a better pirate.
  • Sasha Axxus- A Ryzean young pirate and the first mate of Axxus' small crew, as well as his surrogate daughter. Despite a teenager, she is a very skilled and versatile fighter and master of heists. She wields a vibrosword and a ordinary laser pistol, despite being under-aged for it. She comes into being a close friend to Angela and will help her out of any situation, commenting 'pirate girls have to stick together'. She can often times bring herself in peril even when it's not needed as she makes valiant sacrifices to protect her adopted father and close friend and possible surrogate mother. Though she hates blood, she will not be afraid to spill it when something she values is at stake.
  • Sigmond Axxus- A Human/Ryzean hybrid and the son of Angela and Zigmond. He is a very smart and intelligent hybrid who has formed a personal life as a Cunctanet fanboy, and even becomes friends with Apps. He even moves onto going on multiple dates because of his high-rising popularity. Though he can be pushed to his limits when he is bullied for his inter-breed parents, and he has harmed those who push him too far. He is a smart photographic observer that can learn things quickly just by watching it. As such, he learned fighting skills from his parents and cartoons, and he learned engineering from Juno, and there is many others that he learned throughout his life.
  • Jaiden- An sentient jaguar that comes from the Anthro Realm that was previously abducted from his home planet by Maddock. He is the one who contacts Angela to Tircon and helps her hide very well from Maddock, and serves as her own bodyguard and first outside friend. He is a skilled marksman who wields any weapon he can get his paws on, and since he was ruined twice as horribly as Angela, he swore to protect her as a companion and friend. Though while he claims his past is worse, he hides the details from even Angela. As a sentient animal, he has a cat-like personality, and often times Angela likes to have fun with him through this.
  • Lorcan Horrent- A Magnan who works for Armanet's connection to Tircon, and sells weaponry for the people of Tircon in order to protect them from space pirate activity. He is also known for his secret alter ego of Pirate Slayer, a marksman outlaw who is on a quest to free Tircon from the impact that space pirates have had on Tircon, serving as Angermull's spy and assassin meant for slaying pirates or former pirates and turning them in, and has been a great hero while doing so, catching pirates and sending them to justice, and even letting Angermull crucify them. Though he can be seen as a renegade to people like Juno and Jaiden, he is actually known for having a good heart, and will even renounce his loyalty when he feels that Angermull is taking his protection too seriously.
  • Juno Nethers- A Satrun who is a close friend of Angela who accompanies her during gambling games, and even serves as her guide on UR society ever since she arrived on Tircon. And she seemed to get Angela to enjoy it, but could not fix her homesickness and the grief of losing her mother. Often times, Juno knows how to make her have a good time by taking her across Tircon for the many attractions and the details as Tircon is known for being UR-revolutionized like the world of Revolse. She is a close friend who is skilled enough for Angela to play activities with including video games and card games, as she learned to be evenly matched in both combat skills and gaming. Juno is also the daughter of an inventor for Holocorp, and is a skilled mechanic and engineer. She can provide machinery for Angela in her quest for surviving an expanded ocean of stars in a sector crawling with pirates and mercenaries.
  • Tiago Vol Nollen- An Orsidian who is a very passionate yet brutal guardian for Angela. He even has a family that believes that terra-humans are a weak race, and are nothing compared to their space-faring subspecies. But when Angela proves that she can fend for herself in this lawless sector of the UR, they seem to respect her more. Tiago is a good-natured behemoth, and he has dedicated himself to protect her at all costs, even when it means he'd die for her.
  • Merckx Aaser- A Phaeton and one of the gunslinger mercenary Aaser Twins who previously wanted the bounty on Angela until they got to know her more. Ever since they saw her homesick crying moments, they couldn't bring themselves to turn her in, and became close friends to her. Merckx is the leading figure of the two twins, and is strategic and clever enough to initiate well-thought-put plans of attack. They will lend a helping hand to Angela when she is in danger of being killed by her former captain. Though he is brave enough to take on a space pirate, he can be a bit reckless, and can slip away from battle when his plans go wrong.
  • Kickx Aaser- A Phaeton and one of the gunslinger mercenary Aaser Twins who previously wanted the bounty on Angela until they got to know her more. Ever since they saw her homesick crying moments, they couldn't bring themselves to turn her in, and became close friends to her. Kickx is a genius and weapons designer who formerly worked for Armanet, and was good at using a vast amount of weaponry. He is agile, can jump across the battlefield with total ease, can attack from the shadows or at large heights, and is unpredictable with his attacks. He is as brave as his brother when fighting for the safety of Angela, and cares for her so much, he hates seeing her cry.
  • Aquene- A mermaid who lives on Flamewater that is actually nice and lives in it's seas. She is actually very strong and can fend off even sharks, and was a friend to Angela before she arrived on Tircon, where she swam in the waters she currently basks from. When she had moved on, she is now a guide that helps Angela get through Flamewater without tripping any alarms and alerting Maddock of her presence.
  • Solange Kruseman- A Felun who is an explorer who hails from Flamewater and is a descendant of several Felun explorers throughout millennia who was abducted by space pirates and was only a member of their crew for about a year until she had enough and fought her way out, and hid out on Tircon, where she became friends with Angela and became part of her friend circle. She is a thrill-seeker who loves to explore and see new things, and will go into any known environment to see what she can. Though she can risk her own life by doing this, but she is not afraid of anything, not being an easy person to scare.
  • Tiberius Axle- A Space Human/Hubban hybrid freelance Ranger who has his jurisdiction in bringing the law to this lawless sector and free all individuals from the diabolical cruelty that is being wreaked on Tircon and others thanks to orders from the Unified Ranger Command itself. Though some other characters from the first series make one or two cameos, Tiberius is the only Ranger that appears in the series, and even offers a helping hand in protecting Angela from her runaway from Maddock. He'll protect her from his large customizable battle rifle and others. He is often sensitive on what space pirates do since space pirates nearly took the life of his fiancé.

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  • Captain Helmut Maddock- A Macorlean space pirate who resides on the lawless pirate planet of Firewater where pirates rule over all else and stashes of stolen wealth reside. Maddock is known to be a cyborg pirate with a cybernetic helmet, a black suit of armor, and a red cybernetic hook that can emit laser blasts and freeze rays. He is a ruthless pirate and is the reason why Angela is away from Earth, abducting her and her mother, and killing her own mother in front of her young eyes, and despite making her a worthy member of his crew, he denied her potential years later and caused her to run off. To this day, Maddock hunts her down and makes true to her word on making her pay dearly for everything she took. He is a pirate that even Axxus himself would prefer to stay away from. He has been a pirate for over 75 years, even killing his own last captain and enslaving his crew. He has killed with no regard for life whatsoever, only caring about nothing but wealth and piracy. He even has access to illegal technology throughout the UR stolen to fit his needs, including mind-control implants and illegal firearms.
  • Ghasma Timmons- The Macorlean first mate, replacement, and former rival of Angela who was a close bully of her and was glad to finally be Maddock's first mate considering he was twice as strong as Angela. He was a pirate for years ever since his hand was cut off for stealing, and has since moved onto being a cyborg who got even and killed the people who committed the act. However, the rest of the arm got infected, and was amputated, thus leaving the rest of the arm replaced with a powerful cybernetic that allowed for increased strength and high efficiency in wielding a vibrosword and a multi-setting laser pistol. He is a sadistic monster who serves Maddock with full wicked loyalty, and will do anything in his name, even brutal and violent murder.
  • Otto Tolhurst- A Ryzean bounty hunter who is one of the most ruthless in the UR and is determined to get the vast reward on Angela for Helmut. He is known for his ruthless, rowdy, and menacing personality, his dark brooding accent, and for being a cyborg who wields a customizable battle rifle, a vibromachete, rides a powerful shuttle with solar sails and solar-powered weaponry, and is often very strategic and intelligent. He has proven to be the best of the best in the last few years of his life, and has chased down Angela for years.
  • Count Garth Angermull- A space human governor for Tircon who is known to be a protector from space pirates and has a strong and wicked prejudice against them, and he will not accept any on Tircon no matter how moral they are. He will not even hesitate to exile Angela, Solange, Jaiden, Zigmond, and Sigmond because she they either are and have been space pirates, sending them to an island planet for life, and even Quintrell and Fluxstrom is powerless to stop him because of him being too powerful as he got Fluxstrom elected and that Quintrell is not in the government. He'll do anything to keep space pirates off of Tircon, and will silence anyone who gets in his way, even if he must resort to evil and illegal means to do so.

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Other Characters
  • Leroy Aebersold- A Nordic and the ex-boyfriend of Angela. The two used to get along well until she realized that Leroy was too rough on her friends, not worth trusting after so many lies, and was a total jerk to her. Leroy has since moved onto being just a distant friend who still does rotten things, but is also caring enough to protect Angela from Maddock since he knows how dangerous he is. He is rude, arrogant, and egotistical, but he will often find compassion to anything that he values when they are in trouble.
  • Olly Ae Mocer- A Virin who works as a scavenger for Angela's gang, but can often be scolded for stealing objects that don't belong to them. However, he cannot help it as his species is not fully intelligent and are a completely nomadic tinkerers, swindlers, and scavengers by instinct, and that his race deserved respect since they lost their home planet of Viri to a Promen warlord faction eons ago. Regardless, Olly is a good servant to keep around.
  • Albus Apps- An intelligent space human who is a Cunctanet fanboy nerd who is an orphan that takes care of himself in his own mobile tent and often gives cryptic advice to Angela to help her out with her problems. Though he can often get himself in danger, and it's often up to the heroes to rescue him. He is a smart and analytic person who can provide information on the UR's society that even Juno has no idea about. Though he can often be snarky and a smart-aleck to the main characters, he at least can't help it because he has autism.
  • Vission- A sentient black macaque who descends from travelers from the Anthro Realm. He is a vagabond soothsayer who uses cybernetic goggles to see visions of the past, present, and future, and is still a good fighter for his age. The goggles can even grant other sight abilities including better sight since he lost his sight in battle, can see in ultraviolet, infrared, X-ray, and even laser vision. It can even analyze anything seen through them, and reveal everything about the object or person seen. Being a macaque, he is naturally agile and can climb across trees and surfaces. He can offer prophetic advice for the main characters, yet he refuses to leave the mountain he resides in, watching over Moonstone City and see every citizen inhabiting it.
  • Memphis Accom- A Saurian who often accompanies Angela and Juno on their activities across Tircon, sharing a bit of a cranky, wise-cracking, and rough game player that seems to challenge and mock the two constantly, and wishes to be rich. However, this desire tends to be a bad idea for Angela's safety since he will do anything to get the riches he desires. Despite that, he knows when something is unnecessary or not, and will not as easily sacrifice Angela's safety that easily. But he can easily be manipulated to do so regardless as long as the right amount of money is offered.
  • Mayor Quintrell Ordronaux- The mayor of Moonstone City, the city in which Angela lives and hides in, and is actually her surrogate father. He understand what she went through since he too lost his family to space pirates, and vows to protect Angela from Maddock however he can. But since the loss of his family, he himself has a prejudice against pirates, and sometimes it can leave him vulnerable, and personally wishes to kill the space pirate who took his family, only knowing him by his ship, which haunts him to this very day. He gives Angela as much love as her family would have back on Earth, and will even fight Maddock if it means keeping her safe.

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  • Tircon- Mining/Gambling Colony World
    • Moonstone City- Megalopolis City
  • Firewater- Pirate Capital of the UR
  • Insula- Uncharted Tropical Island Planet
  • Black Sun- Angela's Shuttle
  • Battlemage- Axxus' Ship
  • Madd Phantasy- Maddock's Ship

Fighting Solo

Daemon City is a megalopolis city built in the year 2150. It is the world's largest city that resides in the Baja California Peninsula on a beautiful coastal landscape created by seismic activity, which consists of beautiful falls, sea caves, inlets, islets and skerries, and others. Though while it may be a very popular and large city, it suffers corruption and toughness wherever one goes. However, it is filled with thugs and tough inhabitants. One of them is a wandering vagabond and hero named Solo who made a life in this tough town since he lost his boring job, and later his house. He now lives by his own rules and makes money by being good at gambles and other hobbies. He is known by the people and the Prime Ops, which is the city's futuristic police, to come in various names, and is often considered reckless and follows his own instincts. Some consider him a hero who is the most human than anyone else in the city, and some, including the Prime Ops, see him as a menace who does unauthorized vigilante business and does reckless acts without a license. But throughout his life, he makes friends with other homeless people, helps people out across the city, enjoys life alone with style, and is vastly knowledgeable about his own home. His adventures lead to him going through troubles and in the way of thugs and even criminal syndicates, and he couldn't care less about what can possibly go wrong.

  • Solo Grayson Virtue
  • Sandy Amy Summer
  • Prime Chief Ajax Lawrence Warrender
  • Boss Brayson Gordy Blackstock


  • Solo Virtue- A vagabond vigilante who roams Daemon City's unlimited amount of streets looking to survive in a stylish and fair way, and provide for others by fighting off the tough criminal activity going around while avoiding the distrustful Prime Ops. He has been like this for over 16 years, doing it since he was a teenager when he lost his job and home. He is an orphan as he doesn't know what had occurred with his parents, but he prefers to live on his own. He makes money by scavenging and doing many other unique things that offer good pay. As a result, he owns his own equipment for getting along in the city, and he is also perfectly hygienic despite being homeless. He has made friends with other homeless people, and have even inspired a few of them to do what he does. He knows how to deal with certain enemies, and can outwit them very easily, earning him a lot of attention.
  • Mirage Axtell- A girl who is actually a real jerk who often ridicules and doubts Solo since she was a bully to him in his orphanage. Since she was adopted by surrogate parents that loathe Solo just as much as she does, the family has sworn to never have anything to do with Solo's actions. However, ever since rescuing her from Kilroy, Mirage has started to see some good in him, and even starts to fall in love with him, despite fighting and denying it to Solo, her parents, and even herself, as she doesn't wish to be with a 'dork' like Solo. However, she continues to have this issue, and even Solo seems to see it in her.
  • Sandy Summer- A girl who was in the same orphanage as Solo, and was his girlfriend since childhood until they broke up due to Solo's life changing as the result of the loss of his home and job, and how Sandy herself couldn't take what he has become since she is half-in-half on supporting or despising Solo and what he does. Though she still remains a friend, and plays with Solo on multiple occasions. However, she herself finds herself stuck with multiple love interests in the form of Ryder, Luke, Nester, Nick, and even Arron. Solo is aware of her crushes, and tries to balance them out as he knows that some can be a hurtful relationship, as his experience in loving her means that he knows her tastes.
  • Luke Kresge- A tough person with multiple tattoos and was much of a brute and mocked Solo, claiming to be the best card-player in Daemon City. However, he constantly keeps getting beaten by Solo most of the time. Despite his rough appearance and personality, he is a very good person who just wants to support his father and ex-girlfriend. He gains enough money to support them, though wants to gain a lot for himself, and even card games aren't a good way to gain that. He is a good fighter himself as he had a previous criminal record in his past time until he changed. He is a good enough acquaintance of Solo who hangs out with him on multiple occasions, and even helps him in fighting off evil.
  • Rocco Trash- A former human that was a former worker for Blackstock until 50 failed missions left Blackstock to punish him by having his mind put into the body of a raccoon with stolen brain-switching technology from the Prime Ops, as well as having his memories erased. Ever since he was let loose, he remained in the streets for 5 years and eventually met up with Solo, being like a companion to him on his multiple hero actions. He is a rather weird person who actually idolized Solo during his time as a raccoon and wanted to be like him, secretly dropping by the fan club, and now he has card games with him, and even has a secret crush on Sandy.
  • Nester Quarles- A hoverboarding champion who spends his free time cruising the city and even challenging Solo, Ryder, and others to races. He is a master that won several awards in sporting events 9 years straight, and is also a dedicated member of Solo's fan club. He is a tomboyish speed demon who likes to fly across the city and perform outrageous stunts, but has been considered a nuisance and was arrested 5 times for it. But he still finds ways to do good with his skills, as he was one of those inspired by Solo to do great things because you're great in your own special way.
  • Cadby Condict- A homeless person who is a rather wise-cracking, crazed, and silly lunatic who is actually diagnosed with autism, as he can be randomly ridiculous and often comedic, even managing to make Solo laugh. He is socially awkward, and was actually taught by Solo how to climb, jump, flip, and travel across the neighborhood to get around, but because he has proven to not use fighting skills responsibly, he was never taught such a thing. He can often get himself in trouble with the law or others, and it's up to Solo to rescue him. He lives in a secluded alley infested with 7 comedic cats that actually take a liking to him.
  • Ryder Oppolzer- A biker who runs a street gang called the Ryders that actually supports Solo. They used to be bullies to him until he rescued him and helped him one time stop the Dominion. He and his gang rode hoverbikes and were excellent racers. They were even a good challenge for Solo as they play him in card games and hoverbike races. Ryder himself is known to be a tough person who has a good heart, but he has a criminal record of killing several Prime Ops officers, but now is a changed person who often helps Solo in defending Daemon City from criminals.
  • Zion- A combat android created by the Prime Ops to be the best fighter and law enforcer. It's only programming is to only do what is best for Daemon City. However, he was secretly programmed by Warrender to never trust Solo or any friends of his. However, Solo is aware of this very well, and while nobody in the Prime Ops will listen to or even believe his warnings because of his status as a menace, he can still find ways around this programming. He can cause Zion to disobey orders by making him deduce that what he does is what's best for Daemon City, and even convince him into helping Solo on missions on several occasions. Though this might cause Solo to get outrageously charged with sabotaging a police android, Solo and his friends will still assure that his tricks will not protect Zion from having a heart.
  • Horace Apogee- A cybernetic investigative journalist and former legendary detective in the 2110s who had been fitted with cybernetic headgear that allowed him to access all forms of network data straight from his brain. This device makes him infinitely knowledgeable, and thus he has been the top investigator to call, even before and after the Super Ops. However, he later retired, and became an investigative journalist who published news on holo-network through undercover investigations. He later became a close ally and acquaintance to Solo when he was investigating him to see if he really was as bad as the Prime Ops described him to be, and his review of such claims brought up a balanced spectrum that seemed to do some good things in the society of Daemon City.
  • Nick Spratly- A Prime Ops officer who is secretly the only member of the Prime Ops who trusts Solo with his actions, and serves as his double agent operations for the police force. Nick is a very noble and kind-hearted fighter who can often be angry with his own commanding officer because of how he treats Solo, his friends, and possibly even the rest of Daemon City, but he knows that someone in the Prime Ops has to trust him at the very least, and since nobody else will, then he feels he's the only one who stands up to him. Especially since the two were orphans raised in the same orphanage and were great acquaintances. Nick is a very cautious and very conflicted officer who doesn't know whether he's doing the right thing or not with his lifestyle. He feels awful for deceiving his commanding officer, especially since conspiracy is a serious offense in the Prime Ops ranks. Regardless, he still has to do so because Solo does good with his lifestyle.
  • Boss Blackstock- A cybernetic crime boss who is known to own the greatest criminal syndicate in Daemon City, the Black Dominion. He is a very cruel, sadistic, monstrous, and evil person who kills indiscriminately, and is not the kind of person one would want to mess with. He is a genius in multiple sciences, is a billionaire who can afford a lot of criminal activity in the city, has an entire high-tech army that is a match for even the Prime Ops, and has declared an underground war against the Prime Ops in 2146. He practically ran the entire megalopolis with his power, and that's what makes him so dangerous to even the likes of Solo. Solo himself hates the Dominion for being responsible for most of the crime in the city, and thus with the Dominion Black Ops adapting to many of the Prime Ops' tactics, it was up to Solo to step in every time and save the city he loves. Blackstock is a difficult adversary to find even to Solo and the Prime Ops, and has never been arrested in his life.
  • Gaspar Diaz- A con artist dealer who is often an antagonist or even a frenemy to people like Solo. He is often known to be a trickster to people like Solo, and Solo himself never knows if he's honest or not. Either way, it either turns out to be true, or it gets him into trouble. He is known for his smart-alecky attitude, and even for playing stupid and being a jerk when needed or unneeded. But he himself has a reason for being this way that he refuses to share to even Solo.
  • Kirk Kilroy- A criminal gang leader and vagabond who ran away from his own home because of his parents threatening to send him to military school for his bad behavior. He was ever since very distant and never saw his family again. He was inspired by Solo to be one who makes a living without a home, but not in the way he does it. He built up a gang of jerks who helps him in causing trouble for Daemon City, and is a genius in engineering and cybernetics. He smuggled weapons for the Dominion, and he terrorizes people with manufactured cybernetic weapons and robs banks, kills people, and often fights Solo. He is also infamous to Solo for easily manipulating Warrender into doing whatever he wants to him. He even finds ways to manipulate both the Prime Ops and Solo's friends however he can. He is a smart criminal mastermind who has proven to be almost as worse as Blackstock.
Other Characters
  • Prime Chief Ajax Warrender- The chief of the Prime Ops who is the most distrusting of Solo's antics because he often accuses him of outrageous charges such as disturbing the peace, unlicensed use of weapons and equipment only worthy of the Prime Ops, and overall considers Solo a menace and a disgrace to homeless people as a whole because not only does he consider him a bad influence on people and children, but he also sees Solo as a threat who will poison the society and make Daemon City ineffectual by inspiring others to live without needed jobs or homes. Even when he rescues him so many times, he still refuses to trust him and only keeps ordering the troops to arrest on sight. Though there are times when he can be reasonable, as he can often lend a helping hand when Solo is uncovering tough criminal activity. But though the entire Prime Ops doesn't trust him, it doesn't stop one person from actually trusting him, and secretly assisting him. Warrender is not a nice guy to Solo, and will not take it will when he is told no. He will even do all in his power to arrest him even if it takes an eternity.
  • Jerlene Overstreet- A female Prime Ops who is a very bitter and is as distrustful of Solo as the rest of the Prime Ops. She is the Prime Ops' best officer who can command and think quickly. She seems to be evenly matched to Solo and the two are unable to beat each other down, even with her having superior skills and weaponry. She tries as hard as she can to defeat Solo, but to no avail. She is an all-serious law-enforcer who doesn't have time for anybody's nonsense, and cannot be amused that easily. Though unlike Warrender, she can be reasoned with most of the time.
  • Mugo Blood- A smuggler who is known for his tough Southern accent and for having a cybernetic red eye. He is actually a close acquaintance of Solo who makes deals with him to help him out in his journeys, whether it be weapons or equipment. Though Solo refuses to do business with him when he is not being honest or if it's illegal, and at best he'll keep him out of jail for being helpful. He is among the toughest in the city, and is good enough to defend himself from even the Prime Ops.
  • Forrest Hube- A child who runs the Solo fanclub and is very famous for taking photos of Solo in action, earning loads of cash that he can often donate to Solo himself and support him. He idolizes Solo as he wants to be just like him when he grows up. However, because of the Prime Ops' distrust, Forrest holds the fanclub in hidden areas on the shores to avoid their scolding. His single mother often finds this devotion risky as Warrender sees Solo as a bad influence on children, and suggests that children not waste time on devoting and supporting him. But Forrest is not scared of the Prime Ops, and often makes fun of him in secret. Despite being only 9 years old, Forrest is a devoted and mature fan and brave enough to stand up for his idol, or even consider him like a big brother.
  • Arron Looger- A former Prime Officer who became an antihero and rival of Solo who was jealous of him because he was not only a bully of him and hated him for his intelligence, and had been in the Prime Ops trying to arrest him, but was kicked out for trying to kill him. He has since become a bounty hunter who has sworn to gain a huge reward for turning in Solo, or even kill him. Though sometimes, he still has a sense of justice, and often fights crime himself, and because he hates Solo, he often frames him for the vigilantism. The two often have to team up in order to beat stronger enemies like the Dominion.


  • Daemon City- The main setting of the series. This is a large megalopolis city located in Baja California Sur near the peninsula, where it was built following the event of an earthquake creating beautiful falls going towards sandy beaches and shimmering waters. The city itself was built around 2099 to 2105, and even outsizes New York City as one of the biggest cities in North America. It was built by people from California, and is also an inviting place. However, it has a large amount of criminal activity in the form of crime bosses and petty criminals who make the streets dangerous. It is inviting for it's clear swimming waters, it's vast amount of attractions, and it is surprisingly stable in government and economy, and it's one of many cities to be under the steadfast protection of the Prime Ops, which was made to revolutionize law-enforcement in general, being a combination of the police, SWAT, and the military. Though in this city, the Prime Ops have a gang war against the Black Dominion, a criminal syndicate that practically owns a lot of the city itself. Though there are other heroes besides the Prime Ops who are brave enough to stand up to this criminal syndicate.
    • Eventide District- Solo's preferred living area.
    • Knoxicon- A casino in Daemon City.
    • Prime Ops Headquarters- The high-tech headquarters of the Prime Ops.
    • The Grylled Eatery- A restaurant in Daemon City owned by Tom Grylls.
    • Mimsy World- A theme park that can be found in Daemon City.
    • Daemon Shore- The shore and everything in it on the side of the city
    • Daemon Falls- Waterfalls comprising the megalopolis near the shores.
  • Tidewater City- A city that neighbors Daemon City, and rests in a much bigger and much more beautiful geological site on large plateaus. There are also large caverns and bodies of water, and even a few volcanic formations. This city may not be as large as Daemon City, but it is also littered with crime. In fact, people say it makes Daemon City look inferior. It's entire population consists of people as tough as Solo, and it's government is not as perfect as Daemon City's. However, it is still a good and prosperous city overall. It was built from 2098 to 2101, and still remains as famous as San Diego. Blackstock has a strong influence on this city as much as he does in Daemon City as he inspired most of the criminal syndicates there. The Prime Ops are much stronger here, but is not as strong as the Prime Ops of Los Angeles.
    • Bloodwine Bar- A bar that can be found in a dark part of Tidewater City.
    • Tidewater Falls- Large falls that fall all around Tidewater City, and go to the ocean.
    • Tidewater Shores- A much larger and more beautiful shore than that of Daemon City.
  • Guadalupe Prime Maximum Security Prison- A maximum security prison, and one of many created by the Prime Ops, that is located on Guadalupe Island within an extinct yet lava-filled volcano called Mount Waguespack, which formed from the same earthquake that lead to Daemon City. The volcanic setting, as well as the inhospitable wasteland outside of it, as well as it's air-tight security makes this a difficult place to escape.
  • San Diego- A city that was partially destroyed by the earthquake, yet was able to recover and turn into a futuristic city. This city has now become famous for it's geothermal landmarks and for the many flooded areas that have all made the city more interesting to be in. Some buildings are either destroyed or submerged underwater, yet humans have found use to this new environment.
  • Los Angeles- A city that was partially devastated by the earthquake, but recovered into a futuristic megalopolis that has the earthquake cracks as an amazing sight. Los Angeles still retains famous areas such as Hollywood and even it's famous monuments. The Prime Ops in this city are much more advanced than that of Daemon City, easily being a match for even Solo.

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