Hey it's Dragonrule S and I'm making SuperVideoManiac/Scroopfan his own Blog about the villains defeat and death so this for SuperVideoManiac/Scroopfan.

SpongeBob's Adventures of The Jungle Book

Kaa: Fell down out of the tree by Marty kicking the tree.

King Louie : Carry a little bit of statue and almost got killed.

Kaa: Fell down out the tree twice.

Nuka: Ran away.

Makunga: Attacked by Nana and took him away.

Zira : Ate by a Giant Eel.

Shere Kahn : Mowgli ties the branch of fire on Shere Kahn's tail and ran away.

Plankton : Flew away up to the storm.

SpongeBob and Friends Meet Aladdin

Gazeem: Cave of Wonders clamps his mouth and kill him.

Razoul: landed in the wagon of Crazy Hakico's Discount Fertilier.

Giant Golden Eel :Punched by Spongebob.

The Cobra : Got striked by Tigress.

Terror Bird : Runs away from the Furious Five and the Hyenas.

The Komodo : Ate by a Giant Eel.

Audrey II : Got blown up.

Docter Facilier : Drag back into the Voodoo World.

Jafar : Got arrested but he will return as a powerful genie.

Iago : He escaped when he left Jafar.

Dark Cynder, Maleficent, Zira, Nuka and Plankton and most others: Returns to the Villain Leage HQ for their failure.

SpongeBob and Friends Meet Mulan

Iago : Locked in a bird cage.

Shan-Yu, Gaspar Le'Gecko , John Silver , Plankton , Mack Salmon, Jafar and his Horsemen , and Rapid Thruster and several others: Fell into a pile of snow but survived.

Nightwalker, and Bolt Tower: Destroyed by Sora, Donald, Goofy, and Mulan.

Hayabusa the Falcon : Got barbcued by Sam and Max.

Shan-Yu's Huns: Punch and kicked by Yao, Ling, Chien Po and Mulan.

John Silver 's crew, and Scroop, and Gaspar Le'Gecko : Fell into the floor.

John Silver : Got biten by Shenzi and surrenderd.

Mack Salmon : Getting a punishment by Sam and Max.

Genie Jafar : Iago kick Jafar's lamp into the lava and exploded.

Shan-Yu : Po uses fireworks to propels Shan Yu into a tower of full of fireworks and Shan-Yu gets killed in the explosion.

SpongeBob and Friends and The Emperor's New Groove

Tai Lung: Fell off the bridge tied up by the five.

Lobsters: Punch and kicks by the penguins.

Chrome Claw : Two metal bridges squished him.

The Frog Hunters: Runs away from the penguins.

Yzma : Falls off the roof.

Dr. Blowhole : He yells "NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" then he escapes and went back to Villain Leage HQ.

Docter Facilier and Dr. Blowhole: Fails their mission.

SpongeBob and Friends Join The Rescuers

Brutus and Nero : Lock in a elevator cage.

Madame Medusa : Catapulted into a smokestack.

Mr. Snoops : He escape when he left Medusa.

Madame Medusa : Two crocodiles snaps at her.

Dark Cynder , Doctor Facilier , Plankton , Shere Kahn , Nuka , Zira , Dr. Blowhole , and The Frog Hunters: Returns to Villain League HQ cause of being betrayed.

SpongeBob and Friends Meet Robin Hood

Sir Hiss : Trap in a barrel ALE.

Cheetata and Cheetato : Fell in a mud water

Prince John's Rhino guards: Beaten by Lady Kluck.

Trigger: Maid Marian threw a strawberry pie on Trigger's face.

Captain Crocodile : Gets squished.

Snake Jafar: Got punch in face by Ignitus.

Nutsy : Got ambushed.

Trigger: Kicked in the butt.

Sheriff of Nottingham: Fails his mission.

Lobsters: Punch and kick by the penguins.

Cheetata and Cheetato : The hyenas pushes a giant rock and flung on the cheetahs and landed on a tree.

Hans: Gets slap in the face with a fish and surrenders.

Chrome Claw: Gets squish.

Genie Jafar: Gets trap inside his lamp and fells in a well.

Hornets: Flys away.

Dr. Blowhole and Hans: Return to Villain League HQ.

Captain Crocodile : Didn't had a chance to kill them.

Prince John 's Rhino guards: Hit in barrels.

Prince John: Get tied up to a red ribbion by Viper.

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