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Hi, welcome to SpongeBob & Friends Adventures Wiki! Thanks for your edit to the Villain league/Darkspawn villains page.

Please leave a message on my talk page if I can help with anything! -- Superwritermaniac (Talk) 15:08, March 10, 2011

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interesting art of the wirewolf heartless, should i consider this later, could you make more of these images for it, just in case.

Characters updated.Edit

now, more pafifcized with Good guys and Bad guys. to Chernibog: i noticed your doing nothing but bad guys and monsters, don't you think it's to add some good guy pages. i was requested by Tman if your wondering. i get if you specialized on Bad Guys, and you did some few good guys, but i been told it's time to add good guys as well, you'll find such needed pages on the main page.

to chernibog

reforming Shen is all my idea, ok, don't you think he wouldn't even be a complete monster if his parents took him to theipy instead of getting a fortine told? don't get me wrong, i don't hate stoothsayer, but i just felt more bad for Shen, he's more of a tragic villain to me then what you and the unresitgered user was saying. and hey, the shadow the heghehog persona is better then turning him into a kind, jolly soul, i cross the line at that, at least with SH persona, he'll still be the badass peacock (never thought i wrote that) he was in the film. look, would it make you feel better if i gave Shen a differnet anti-hero persona since you have a problem with Shadow for some reason? (please reply.)

No,no. Go ahead with making Shen into Shadow. I don't mind your changes anymore. You'll have your opinion on him, and I'll have my opinion on him. I'll just put up with it, and be okay with it.

To Chernibog: i ran into some trouble in another wiki with another user. i was thinking, do you think my series is, flawed? and any glance of redeemable charm at all?

Well, it is a little flawed at some points, namely due to the repetitions of a lot of ideas, not going to say what they are because I know you know what they are already. But it's still a pretty good series what with the various jokes you add into the moviesodes, and the way you try to add in Guest Villains from previous disney movies is also very good. Of course, the Shell Logue Squad is getting to exceed even pooh's gang or even that of all the Power Rangers combined, but each member manages to contribute their special part that makes them so hilariously enjoyable to watch. Yes, even the former complete monster Shen, gets the kindest cut of all for being easily forgiven and is now Riku to Kairi and Sora. By the way, where is Ansem S.O.D 's former pretty-boy slave in this series, anyway?

My reply: first of all, i just wanted to know, second, i am still thinking about Riku.

To Cherbibog fan: Who's Eqious?

Eraqus is the master of Terra, Ven, and Aqua from Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep. You can find out about him in the KH Wiki. Conviniently enough, he and Malefor, despite the latter's heavy voice modulation, are both voiced by Mark Hamill. Hope I've said enough. By the way, there's an article about him on this very wiki.

My reply: Oh, that guy, i never knew that, cause Malefor's voice was so demonic, you couldn't tell if it was him.

My reply: Belive it or not, that was actselly Lord Cobra, in nightmare form, in in dreams, he can change his form to his liking. You said you wanted the spore characters to be like the drawn characters, well wish granted. Don't get me wrong i will still use Spore characters, but i will grant drawn versons if nessersary.

To Chernibogfan: question, that artpiece you made, this one, under Chernibog, who's the small red guy?

The small red guy is Kin Einmortal.

11-20-2011 9;44;25 AM

MSM: Hey, Chernibogfan. I'm going to make this as funny and dramatic as I can: I WANT ANSWERS AND I WANT 'EM RIGHT NOW! You changed the names of the Pure Hyena history. You changed Yeioan to Jasiri, you changed Greg to Hasira, you changed Wazoo to Kitako, and you actually gave Mufasa's father a good name, so I'm not crossed with that. Now I've recently edited the Pure Hyenas history page to correct the grammar and vocabulary, and i must know this: Should I change the names or should I change them to the new names? I WANT AN ANSWER NOW, YOU D***! (Scoffs) Sorry, I couldn't resist! Scroopfan told me you did it to make sure the African names were just right.

You should change them to the new African/Swahili names. And by the way, Ahadi is a canon character in the Lion King series, only appearing in the backstory merchandise. In fact, there's a page for him on this very wiki. Chernobog1595 23:50, May 8, 2012 (UTC)

MSM: Okay then. Just tell me all the African names you had in mind, and I'll get to work.

Very well then. I'll tell you. Baasho is the father of Banzai and Ed, Mohatu is the father of Uru, who married Ahadi, and sired Mufasa and Taka, a.k.a Scar. Banagi is the original leader of the pack of hyena bandits who want to kill the young Mufasa in order to take over Pride Rock. Jasiri, Shenzi's father, is Banagi's lieutenant who reforms after being captured for his crimes against Pride Rock. Uzuri is Shellian, Shenzi's mother. Tangawizi is Shenzi's ancestor. Malcon's name is mwongo, or liar. Greg is Hasira, or wrath. Wazoo, I can't believe Scroopfan would write this, is Kitako. Sarafina, mother of Nala and Mheetu, is daughter to Theluji and Chafu. Sarabi, Simba's mother, is daughter to Riva and Niaxa. Moto is Shenzi's adoptive mother, and is daughter to Lenaba, an old friend to Tangawizi. Asante is the daughter to Shenzi and Banzai. Addae is Ed's true name before he was mentally injured by a wrathful Ahadi. Mo'bo'r is Maoshao's real name. Fisi is the son to Banagi, and soon to be Shenzi's mate in the eyes of the Hyena clan who she left behind. Shari is Mohatu's mate and mother to Uru. And that's all I have for you. Look up the Lion King wiki and Rinjapine's deviantart page for more help when rewriting the pages involving the Lion King and the hyenas.

question: why have you placed the Thumbalina moisode in deletion catagory?

Oh, now i see it!

you made an improofed one, i see it now. no problem, the other one will be taken care of.

MSM: Hey, Chernabogfan? I might need your help with something. I'll need you to mark all the jobs for the Shell Lodgers in the Spirited Away crossover. I've already listed the characters.

It'll be tough, but I'll see what I can manage.

About Nemo in slumberland.

i noticed you made another page about another new Moisode. don't get me wrong, i personally think Nemo in slumberland is a whimical adventure and a totally epic story. however, i am on hard knocks of thinking it over because, well, the Nostaglia critic kinda gave this movie a bad review.

Nostalgia Critic - Little Nemo

Nostalgia Critic - Little Nemo

don't get me wrong, i never let the Critic's opinions stop me before, i did Quest for Camelot, and plan to do The Mirimax's The thief and the cobbler, both films downed apawn by the Critic, however, i am concerned that Sumperson, a possable NC follower, might pick on the moisode because i am doing a film the critic hated. i am still doing the film, but i doubt Sumperson will give it a possitive review.

Actually, SumPerson ain't a Nostalgia Critic fan. So it's okay to not worry about it. Besides, it was Tman who made up the idea for the movisode in the first place. I just expanded on the idea to include concepts from KH 3D and the series in general. Chernobog1595 18:30, June 29, 2012 (UTC)

My reply: Oh yeah, i forgot. well, forgive me, ever since the harddrive was in the frits, i grown alittle forgetful. at least know i actselly egknowledged Sumperson now. i was aware he reviewed Quest for Camelot, but, i didn't know he also did the Robin Hood, Hercules, and Alice in wonderland crossovers!

Well, what did you think of those reviews? I know they might seem very harsh to you, but you could take those comments differently. Once you finally get that never-going-to-be-fixed harddrive fixed, you could learn the comments he made, and figure out what to do to make your movisodes better. I'm just being optimistic here. Chernobog1595 18:37, June 29, 2012 (UTC)

My reply: i wouldn't call "Never to be fixed" optimistic. and don't yu think i'm trying? certain companies like disney didn't exsactly made certain characters very recuring! and hey, recyclied Animation is better then having to look at poorly drawn artwork by yours truely on more "Origenal" battles!

All right, Scroopfan, you're right. Who cares what SumPerson says? This series is fine the way it is. It may not be perfect at times, but at least it gives a much grander storyline than say, the Pooh's Adventures series.

My reply: Yep, at least my series ACTSELLY changes the story of movies! Pooh and friends are just drag-ons and would normally just let the main characters do all the work!

quick question: was your last post serious or sarcastisum, cause i don't wanna seem like an idiot.

It was a serious post, Scroopfan.

My reply: oh good. My series may not be 100% a masterpiece, but at least it's differnet from the the run-of-the-mill Pooh series. it may more or less have some simular problems like the other series, and some others, but hey, i embraced and put up with critics before, and Sumperson's no differnet.

there seems to be a problem.

Chernibog fan, remember when we talked about someone else having a different idea on the lion king world and suddenly, you deside to bring that here to this series? well a user named Rinjapine just came, attacked the Nuka page i have to barely fix, (Turns out to be one of his unregistered user fans) and accused me of stealing something! i think your "borrowing" of that stuff you found in devnant art attracted bad attention! go to this user, say it was your fault, and removed the pilfered info, at once, or it's banishment for having a hand in soiling my barely maintained reputation!

why aren't you responing to me? i had to fight off angered fans of the artist! i need you to fix what you made PRONTO! WHY AREN'T YOU RESPONDING, YOU FAGGOT! YOU GOT ME IN THE BADSIDES OF A FEW PEOPLE RIGHT NOW, AND I DEMAND YOU REMOVE THE PILFERED STUFF NOW?!!?


Yes, I'm the one who who copied the bios for the Lion King characters onto this wiki. I didn't mean to cause so much trouble, Rinjapine and Scroopfan. I didn't even know you were telling me this until right now. I was asleep at the time, so I didn't know. So now, I will remove all bioes copied from Rinjapine's page if that's what you are so demanding for me to do right now. Chernobog1595 14:28, July 5, 2012 (UTC)

thanks for responding, and sorry for the insults, i am just afriad of having people hating me.

Rin said that Uzuri and Jasiri's pages that still have the bit about Sacred Flame and Moto are there. Moto and the Sacred/Holy Flame are both from his stories. care to edit them out.

Oh, okay. I'll do that.

Tman-Hey Chernabogfan, may I have a word with you about your idea for Spongebob and Friends in Shrek's Thriller Night?

Tman-Ok, change of plan. I'll talk to you tomorrow when I come back from swimming.

Hey Tman, I'm here. Is there something wrong with my idea? Chernobog1595 (talk) 14:32, July 20, 2012 (UTC)

Tman-Hey Chernabog Fan, thanks for not changing my idea and make the same mistake that I did yesterday, and for that, your off the hook from me having a chant with you about it. Now if you exuse me, I got some swimming to attend to.

About Jumba's many experiments.

MSM- Chernabogfan? I have a suggestion that could help you with your Experiment thing. It would be an homor fo me to make a list of all the experiments in the series so you can be pretty clear about them all. Whaddiya say?]

S' all right. But you'll have to use the canon Experiment list given in the end credits of Leroy and Stitch and not the fanmade experiments found across the Internet. Chernobog1595 (talk) 17:51, July 21, 2012 (UTC)

Tman-Chernabog Fan, As much as we Like your ideaisums but maybe you should know that We are not doing your fandom nonsince. It's better your Chernabog as Darkspawn King is best forgotten. Nothing personal but Its officaly time to stop now.

.....all right. Fine, keep only Malefor as the Big Bad all the time for all I care. I tried to give this series more credit to it, but it's over. I'm leaving this series for good, since apparently, you're calling my ideas "fandom nonsense" and that they should be removed at once. I'm sorry, but Chernabog being the Big Bad really meant a lot to me, and this action of removing my ideas from the site really hurts my feelings. I know it's not personal, but it still hurts me to see that you're treating my ideas like garbage and nonsense. Malefor can't always be the Big Bad, Tman, there has to be someone above him to make his role more credible to me. But if you won't accept my ideas anymore, fine, I leave. Goodbye. Chernobog1595 (talk) 14:29, September 7, 2012 (UTC)

Tman- Chernabog fan, Please dont go. I'm sorry I said no Chernabog being the Big Bad. I am apperently in the same mind as Scroop is when he tells me no ideas and fettishism. know it still hurts you to see that I treated your ideas like garbage and nonsense, but we just have no intention on using Chernabog as the Big Bad thats all. I'm sorry for being such a brute too you and I humbly beg forgivness.

All right then, you're forgiven, I won't leave the site...for now. However, I won't be a major part of this series anymore, but I'll stop by here and there to make a few suggestions here and there. As for Chernabog, he won't be the Big Bad anymore, but he'll be an ancient Bigger Bad who once preceeded Malefor as leader of Darkspawn, but he won't have a major role in this series due to Malefor having stolen everything from the big C long ago when he ascended into demonhood and now wants to keep his throne as Darkspawn Emperor by making sure Chernabog stays locked up in Bald Mountain at all costs. So in conclusion, Malefor is once again the only Big Bad you will use, but Chernabog is a presence that is felt somewhat in the story, but only in flashbacks and lores. what do you think?

Tman-Seems like a good and fair deal.

Strange irony.

You wanna know what i found strange and ironic? You keep trying to say that the banished realms is hell, a very BIG realijustus innuendo, and yet, you have a problem with Frances le Flour being a sex slaver? Seriously? there's no problem with you linking Chernabog with the devil himself and the banish realms with hell, but you crossed the line at a sex enslaving snake? I put up with your realijustus innuendos but you can't tolerate what accsidental adult thing i added?

Geez, I'm sorry Scroopfan! I'm sorry! Please don't ban me from the wiki for what I did about Frances Le Flour! Please! I'll never do it again! You can do whatever you like with your characters, just please don't ban me! I'll stop equating Chernabog with the devil if it makes you happy! Just please don't ban me! Chernobog1595 (talk) 17:41, December 27, 2012 (UTC)

My reply: I was not threatening you, i was just making you aware of the strange irony that you have no problem with realijustus innuendos, but when i add adult things, you cross the line. i mean, yes, my rules are clear about someone else adding inuendoes, but it also said you were an expection, and me, well, again, it just happens by accsident. i mean, most of the time, i am kid friendly, but like animaniacs, hey, alittle something for the adults, huh? again, most of the time, i think for the kids, so characters like Frances won't appear 100% of the time.

Oh, that's okay. Just make sure that when Frances DOES appear, his true job will just be implied and not outright stated. 18:02, December 27, 2012 (UTC)

My reply: Is the unregistered user you, Chernibog fan? if so, i'll remember to have the inuendo less demonstracted, hinted, but not demonstracted, if that's what you mean.

Yeah, the unregistered user's me. Chernobog1595 (talk) 18:36, December 27, 2012 (UTC)

Hello, and getting into this

Hey dude.

Aside from the usual Ultima business, I was wondering if I could contribute something to this wiki as well?

Is there still some room for new stuff?

TemhotaTech 04:45, June 28, 2013 (UTC)

To Temhota: Chernibog fan is just an additional aide. I, Superwritermaniac, i'm the head around here.

To Superwritermanic: I can tell. He's an acquitance of mine on the wiki I work on.

TemhotaTech 05:26, June 29, 2013 (UTC)

A cease and desist order.

Chernibog fan, i noticed you have been going on a deletion rampage lately. I request it that you stop. From then on, you are to ask for my permission if you want to delete pages. Understood? I didn't stopped you right away cause so far it's characters of no current interest, but i wanted to make you aware that continue defeliment of this cannot continue without permission. Understand?

Understood. Chernobog1595 (talk) 16:00, August 11, 2013 (UTC)


It's MSM. If you have time to spare, could you by any chance help expand on Chernabog's 13 Seekers of Darkness? You have had Aku, Discord, and Death as three of them. Wanna do the other 10? Me and Scroopfan are working on a 10th Anniversary special involving getting the 13 Keyblades that forge the X-Blade and end the hiatus of the captures Princesses of Heart. Your contribution could be most considerate.

I'll see what I can do if I have the time. Chernobog1595 (talk) 05:00, May 28, 2019 (UTC)

MSM: Goody. You can do more for our 10th Anniversary special Princess Salvation if you want. Here's links to the lists.

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