Darkaroth the Immortal

MSM- Dragonfire? I can help create your character, Darkaroth the Immortal. I just need to know what creature or animal you want me to make him.

MSM- Hey, Tman. I wanna know more about Tyro's past so I can finish Tyro's history. Would you mind telling me a few things so I can be on my way?

MSM- Say, Tman? Did you get the idea of the Captain Legend episodes from Ice Age 4: Continential Drift? There are many similarities.

something for you.

because i am not interested enough to do Secrets of Tyro, i am leaving you and Msm in charge of it's productions.

episode change.

i made a few changes to the cronitcle episodes. see them for yourself. you might wanna make a few changes to the "Princess for a say" episode.

MSM- Hey, Tman? Would you like to get started on the Seas of Captain Legend Transcript with me?

to Tman.

hey, i just released a new song idea for one of my moisodes, Brothers of Feathers, Taint of Greed, and Poisoned Malice. go there yourself to see what it is. oh, and also, i made some new characters to go has his henchmen. got to the front page to see what it is.

To Tman: Try listening carefully to the video i placed in my front page. study well.

Attention Msm and Scroop, I have an improtant anouncment to make today. Tmomorrow, I'm gonna be out for the day but no worries, I'll return tomorrow night probably at midnight or a much earlier time if I can. But Today I'm just going to take care of editing biusness and Scroop, I'm sorry for not taking your insturctions seriously yesterday. I mean I have been studing the songs but I need to listen more carefully. So we cool?

To Tman: when you come back, and if you can after your premature "Preview", think you can update the disription of Brothers of Feathers and Blood is thicker the water? remember your request you made on my talk page?

are you getting to it yet?

have you gotten to change the plot of Brothers of Feathers and Blood is thinker then water yet?

My Reply, not yet but I'll get to them right now.

no objections, however.....

dude, as great as you are, i wanted to do this episode with Msm.

My repliy- I know but a little help from me never hurts once and a while. Pluse I'm ending my Kairi obession for the time being. I got so much stuff to do on the Adventures of Gary, The Seas of Captain Legend episodes, Magic University and Princess for a day anyway.

My reply: Look, i am just more familier with Msm helping me. besides, did i asked you to help me with Hypnotranced? no i did not.

Hmm, good point. I'll stop now.

My reply: good. next time, either ask first or be sure i gave you a piror ok, like when i asked you to help out on Brothers of Feathers, which by the way is coming quite soon.

My Reply- Ok I got that transcript allready in mind, pluse I'm gonna have Kevin be more like the Oncler and I got an Idea how Cobra is going to be involed in Kevin's intentions for the Futrue Equestria. Ok?

Ps: I am so pumped for my other homemade episodes too. And my apologies, I'll leave the rest of Hypnorattle to to you and Msm now.

My reply: fair enough.

are you still in?

i do still need you for the charisation of Kevin for Brothers of Feathers. and alcoruse, the ending part, but mostly the charisation till then. could you also do the "How bad can i be" song? i think the new video i placed there might help with lyrics.

Tman- Hakuna Matata Scroop, I'll work on the song and wait for the moment for when Kevin reliezes he's been tricked. Roger!

To Tman: "Why aren't you helping on Brothers of Feathers? i know said you can help on the endy part, of at least be there to work with us for getting Kevin's character right, and so far, you haven't been there for us even once!

My reply, Relax Scroop, I was just about to get to that. Staring right now.

Gone Tomorrow but will be back soon

To Scroop and Msm. Tomorrow, I am going summing but I will comeback at 4 pm and continue Brothers of Feathers. In the meantime you two can still work on that and I'll be back. Just need a swim to help my brain think more and cailm my nervse on the ideaisums untill the Adentures of Gary: The Princess, the Snail and the Fillies, Fluttershy's Circus Stage Fright, Magic University, The Seas of Captain Legend two part episodes, The Day Spongebob Lost his Memories, Princess for a Day, The Tallest Talltale EVAH!!! and Captain Serenai and Professor Eagle Beak's revenge two part episodes. See you all at 4 pm tomorrow.

Im Back Now

Hey Guys, so right about now your wondering why im back so early? Well I got some both good news and bad news. The bad news is that my recreation centure is closed for mantence till next tusday. The good news is that my outing wasent a total disaster, I went to a public library and did some reading. Reading is another good way to settle my ideaisum for a bit.

to Tman about Chernibog fan.

i have put up with your fetishisums and idealisum, but i have some concerns that you almost caused Chernibogfan to leave (good job telling him not too) and that Chernibog no longer has a major role outside being the evil from before. even though i have intentions to make Malefor much more focused due to the fact Chernibog is stuck in the mountain, i wasn't disrepectful to Chernibogfan because he does have some good ideas and has helped this wiki up from it's early stedy legs. alcourse, you did apologies, but still firm about the Chernibog thing. it's just that he helped this wiki off the ground, and he only wanted to help, even though he did caused that problem with the lion king fan art that he insisted he never meant to cause. bottomline: only i have the ahority to tell someone a certain idea doesn't work or could use altercations. next time, let me handle things, huh? if anyone can run this site, it's me. Now, i better not catch telling someone they can use their ideas anymore unless you got my ok, in fact, just let me do the whole "informing someone that a certain idea doesn't work", ok? nothing offenceive, but you almost caused him to leave, and we're lucky you talked him out of it but he ceases to do a major contribution. look, that you stopped him from leaving is good enough and yes, the "Chernibog is the true mastermind" thing wasn't my intention, but next time, leave me to hand out notices this time, huh? i don't want to have to ban you for causing trouble, ok? i have a rule on that.

My Reply- Understood, I was lucky Chernabog Fan was understanding. This is a huge mistake I am never gonna make again. And Scroop, I'm sorry I treated him like a brute. But mistakes especaly bad ones happpen and we always learn from them and not to do them again Right? So are we cool?

My reply: alcourse, because you did stop Chernibog from leaving.

My Reply- Thanks, I'll make a new song to make it up to Chernabog fan for my misunderstanding and show friendship.

isn't it too early?

Nerdball may be almost finsihed, but it's still too soon to work on the next episode.

My Reply- I know but lets do this scene scince Msm got it started for us.

small request.

Stop removing the lines on Msm's contributions. it's his sytile.

My Reply: Sorry, I didnt know.

I got an annoncement to make.

Tomorrow, I'm going out for the night. But No worries, I'll still be around to help with chaper 5 and I'll see you guys to do this the day after ok?


To Tman.

i'm going to bed. tired.

My Reply:Same here. Good Job today, Scroop.

Final reconsidering on how many pieces of the X-blade there are

You know Tman, I think I added too many pieces to the side of darkness. Master Xehanort himself confirmed that only 13 pieces of the x-blade were of darkness, not 15 as you keep claiming. How about we get rid of the 13 and 14th vessels and just have Master Xehanort try to turn either Sora or Spyro into the 13th vessel before ultimately deciding to stick to Sora's Heartless, because I'm getting tired of this 15th vessel nonsense I made up. I'm sorry for the inconvenience, just wanting to put a certain subject to rest. Chernobog1595 (talk) 01:09, October 4, 2012 (UTC)

My two cents on this: I do actselly agree with Chernibog fan. even though some forms of cannon are "creatively altered" in terms of villain reformnations, let's not be too crazy with some forms of cannon, like what Chernibog fan asked.

My Reply: Understood Scroop. In Spirited Away, Master Xehanort will try to turn Spyro into his needed vessel since his plan for Sora failed. I'll consider having Master Xehanort try target either Sora or Spyro as the 13th needed vessel before ultimately deciding to stick to Sora's Heartless. I'm also planing to have Master Xehanort Reveal that the Purple Dragons where the ancestral guardians of Kingdom Hearts and Malefor was destined to become one but that changed when he turned bad and the 14 Guardians of Light are going to be not just seven keyblade wilders but seven misfit heroes so 7 + 7 + 14.

taking in your sweet time, are we?

i was wondering if your ready to resume the current episode yet? i want to get it over with already and move on. this episode was longer then nessersaryly needed.

My reply: Sorry I'm late, I had my Canadain Thanksgiving early and I had a bit of a headach but Im much better now.

New Episode.

I made a new episode i want to work with you.

Caught in a web.

Kairi's Death

MSM: Tman? I'm afraid I bring bad news. Scroopfan had decided that he should end your attempts to add Kairi fetish by...latting Kairi.

My Reply: Msm, Tell Scroopfan I;m not planning any Kairi fettish futrue episodes at the moment. But I'm sjut gonna tell him that I understand that but you cant just kill off a character. I may be autistic but thats really cold.

There's no connection with Tri-Corn and the Galactic Federation!!

thanks to you, and the some episodes you made placing Tri-Corn with the galatic federation, Msm thinks Tri-Corn is involved with them! i want this corrected! I intended Tri-Corn to be a dragon senitor with a very vast control on the United Universes, NOT A GALACTIC FEDERATION FLUNKY! tell Msm that, and correct the episodes with "Tri-Corn" and "Galactic Federation" togather?! it's getting annoying and i am losing it?!

My Reply: Dont Worry Scroop, I'll have a word with him.

re-write requested.

i requested a re-write for Narzilda's revenge part 3. check the reason why.

My reply: Scroop, I'll work on the re-write tomorrow cause I'm going to be busy today. No sweat, I'll think a remake story for the time being.

I have an announcement to Make

To Scroop and Msm, I will be busy today so your request for the Narzilda's Revenge re-write will have to wait for the time being cause Im gonna be gone for the day and will go to a party at night. I'll do the re-write tomorrow along with Grozar's song. So untill then, you and Msm can continue with the current season 1 episode. See you tomorrow.

Another Announcement to Make

To Scroopfan and Msm, I desided to work on Narzilda's revenge part 5 after we get Fluttershy's Circus Stage Fright Underway and the other 5 remaning parts yet to come will be worked on later for the time being. Also for the 11th Season of the Chronicle Series, I am planning another chapter in the Formoding Clan Saga that would be a surprise since Senitor Spyro and Narzilda's Revenge are becoming a rousing success so far and that will be revealed untill later. So untill then Let's continue whats left of season 1 shall we?

a made sacrivice.

well, i got rid of that question mare eyesore on Sactuary judgement at last, but at the price i have to offically scrapped the Sactuary council prests. i hate it when a glicth forces you to drop a comsect.

I'm going out for a bit

Scroop, If you and Msm get this I'll be going out for the day and will be back in the evening. I'll be back in time to work on the Thanksgiving Episode if I can and if the glitch wont be a serious problem. But do what you can to take care of this problem and I'll be back soon. But I know this stupid glitch will be gone eventully.

MSM: Hey, Tman Do you think we should start working on Fluttershy's Circus Stage Fright for the time being?

My Replay: I dont think so.

Your answer?

i made a new 5 part episode i want to do with you, and no answer.

My Reply: Sorry for not answering you Scroop, but dont worry. I took care of the episode.

You missed one.

i made this episode awhile ago, and you never responded to it, not even once.

Malevolence returns.

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