so, new here, huh?

Hi, i'm Superwritermaniac. and this is the real me. that thing that was added before was ne of those pre-recorded messages Wiki uses for anyone who's a new named user for the site. so, i want to state that i DID not wrote that down, it's something Wiki ALWAYS did! and it's annoying and retarded. anyway, i wanted to make you aware that even though this wiki have comment capabilies, comments are pages are not allowed unless i either trust you enough, cause doing on the pages is pointless and distracts from the page. otherwise, any questions reguarding the series must be directed to the talk page. may i refer you to the Rules and guidelines, and learn to follow the rules. failure to follow these rules, and should you choice to make a comment of any non-talk page pages on this site will result in a block. i could've just go ahead and block you, but i feel like you just needed to be educated and given a fair warning. again, failure to follow this or any other rule will result with me feeling disrespected, and that leads you being blocked.

there, i think you get the idea now.

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