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Dear MSM.

Why have you been inactive for all of sunday? I've been waiting for you with Nuclear Winter all day!

MSM: Oh, I was just on my way back home after my Thanksgiving trip back to my hometown. It took me until now to get back.

MSM, I noticed a trend of you not being very active. Is there is issue I should know about?

MSM: Nope. Just been busy, and not just because I was working on the AUU Notepad Workshop, but because there was so many to watch and take inspiration from to do it.

Dear MSM:

Hi there.

I have a question.

Where do new users start on this wikia?


Listen, MSM, it's not that I hated the idea of making Icky and Iago: Xenophobe Busters connect with Defence for De-Extinction connect with eachother ala two certain MLP episodes, it was a decent idea, just not the right episodes. Icky and Iago is suppose to be taken place during a break inbetween S3A and S3B, while the main flashback story is suppose to be sometime WAY back sometime after the first AUU episode when Icky and Iago got on a Qui patrol. That's not to say I don't want to try that idea on different episodes, though. How's about we exsirsize it on Alienation on Ralchum and Upcoming of the Machines, ya know, these two events happened at the same time so the Lougers and the HA split into two-groups to quell the problems.

MSM: Yeah, I got that. And as for that, it's a pretty good idea. Let's have it.

MSM, I have something that's both Great News, and Not-So-Great News! Season 7 is going to canonicly introduse Applejack's and Rainbow Dash's parents!

(Spoilers) Major Season 7 News Revealed!

(Spoilers) Major Season 7 News Revealed!

  • How it's great: We get to know what Applejack's parents are like and get to make an episode around that.
  • Not so great: Rainbow Dash is getting canon parents, which would SLAP the face of the episode The Unexpected Becoming of Rainbow Dash AND be a major canonal conflict! How are we to resolve this issue?

This news is both awesome yet a great inconvinence.

MSM: Well, as for AJ's parents, as hyped as I am about the matter, I think their explanation about their departure MIGHT conflict with the canon we made on Project Nosferatu, but we CAN give both RD's parents an INVOLVEMENT in the ancestry of the Rainbow Tree that they have yet to reveal even in their own debut episode. Depends upon what's to be shown. Besides the introduction of William Shatner in Season 7, this is quite an amazing thing to know.

Well, that ultamately depends on how the episodes exicute the ideas. We'll just have to wait and see.

In the Worlds page, I notice an error. The Super Robot Monkey Team Hyper Force Go world is not an Anime, it's a Disney show because it was once aired on a Disney program called Jetix.

MSM: Well, it's technically an anime because of being animated by the Japanese and the Americans, but it's a DISNEY anime. And trust me, I was a kid when Jetix was still on, so I know.

You know, you said in Emperor Lu Kang Part 3, you told Deadpool that you laugh went you saw Hellsing abridged. Why you find Hellsing funny?

MSM: Well, to be honest, when I first saw it before going to bed, I was laughing so hard despite all the vulgarity and gore, I asked myself why I've never been watching this before. Hell, afterward, I started watching Final Fantasy Machinabridged as well, and that was quite funny too. So yeah, that abridged series is not censored like DBZ Abridged, and has twice as much gore, but hey, what kind of sick and action-loving f*** WOULDN'T like that? And trust me, after seeing it, it won't mean it'll rub off on me here. I'm not the kinda guy to go too far with it. I just like them for the funny lines and comical things they do. After all, you remember THIS video?

Alushy - Nightmare Night SFM

Alushy - Nightmare Night SFM

The audio's from Hellsing Abridged. So know that, if you're concerned it'll change my taste of action to the point of violence and gore, then I'm NOT a sick f*** so sick I wanna go too far with my taste of comedy.

What's you view on Warhammer 40k?

MSM: Haven't seen it.

Can I be honest with you about the Crucyds, MSM? I didn't nessersarly wanted the Crucyds "Gone" Gone.... Well, not anymore. I did some serious thinking and, I HAD felt it was tad unfair to rub out the Crucyds off like that because of Lombax rip-offery (I would still like for them to be abit more original, mind you), and the reason for the race moral changes is because, well, you can't judge folks by their standerds and customs, even if it's at it's worse, or else that's commiting the act of encouraged racisum, and racisum is supposed to be universeally bad, even if it has an excuse or flimsy justification. Keep in mind that I still want the current episode to remain as it is, but it's not just because of keeping the races in the episode vision friendly to SAF canon, but because, well, you know the Theta Exsodious Episode I'm itching to make as soon as I cover all the other red-light episodes? Well, consider the Crucyd episode to be the perfect motivation for the heroes to seek it out as a side-plot for the main plot of the episode based on one of the earlier titles. Consider that as a make up and for creating an alternate way to bring the Crucyds back without science or other typical tropes we used like paradoxes and alternate realityisum. We can have the heroes seek out a speical wish system and wish for a cure for the parasite capable to fight it off without hurting the DNA.

MSM: Well, like I said, that's something we can do another time. Hell, my idea for the Eco-Realist rubbing it in can be helped to make it come true, but regardless, we should wait. But thanks.

I'm puting this here in case you forgot what the Jalladome races are suppose to be.

  • Daradoonas- Crown-horned Antelopes.
  • Karmasians- Giant Eared Aliens with ears that are so huge they drag on the floor.
  • Ragnaamockons- Huge Lizardmen in viking garb with skales tough as steel.
  • Dinasaurusians- No spefific race. They ranged from various dino types.
  • Sci-Bugs- Nothing direct. They range from all kinds.
  • Deemosans- Think Alien Mole-People.
  • Zealotanons- Angel-Winged Birds. Nothing spefific, all types.
  • Healustian- Canine-eqsed mammalians with Hospital Cross patterns.
  • Hoopeians- Spike-Backed Deer.

I feel that there was some parts you gotten incorrect.

MSM: Yeah, I just copied and pasted the details on a Notepad when you posted them to remind myself of the stuff I missed on the description of these races, so you can bet I'll correct it soon enough. For example, I missed the crown-horn part of the Daradoonas, which I have renamed 'Doradoes', I have the long-ear details of the Karmasians, renamed Karmayans, that they can both be flared up despite being dragged on the floor, I have the Zealotanons, renamed Zealons, to be in many unspecific breeds like you said, I have the Healustians', renamed Healosthans, cross-patterns on their description, I made the Sci-Bugs, renamed the Scebuggeans as a specific name, into mainly a caste of all hymenopteran (Wasps or ants), and since you said all kinds, I'll have each caste have a different form, I already have the Dinsaurusians, renamed Dinasaurians, have breeds that take the form of every dinosaur type, and the Hoopeians, renamed Hoopolans, into not just spike-backed beings, but spiked shell-backed beings, I just didn't get the right specification from you. The ones I pretty much got mostly right is the Ragnaamockons, renamed Ragnarogyans, and the Deemosans, renamed the Deemoshans. So yeah, blame time for screwing me over.

Have you ever played or heard about Ratchet & Clank (2016)?

I wonder if Angela Cross and Sasha Phronix could join the Ant-Nefarious team in the future.

MSM, I just want to make you aware that those extreme changes you made to the Past rears an Ugly Head 5-er were NOT AUTHERISED?! They were TOO EXTREME OF CHANGES FOR ME TO ACCEPT?!

MSM: Well, what exactly didn't you like about them?


MSM: OH, FOR THE LOVE OF-... (Sighs) Fine! Just know that I made changes like that because Spyro's parents' names needed to sound a bit more original and not like Spyro's name twisted around, as well as Cynder's father not given a female-esque name. I didn't mean to piss you off like this.

I just want yo make you aware, MSM, that by replacing the health subtile in the Character Infobox, it takes away everything established on that subtile, making it look like that the info on any page that has an infobox look like it was neglected. I left the health subtile alone for a reason.

MSM: I intend to fix that.

I already had that covered.

MSM: So I've noticed.

are you gonna continue with The Lost Lombax? The plot of the story look good. I like to see how it goes.

MSM: I'll get on it soon enough.

I'm just making you aware of it ahead of time, MSM. I can't garrentie that all of those songs will get to be placed in. I might not be able t accept all of them if the story won't call for it.

MSM: I didn't guarantee it myself when I published them. I intended to introduce those worlds with a similar setting to the Deus Ex franchise, only with less of that secret organization stuff. That's why I initially created the CCC, yet it's clear it was too familiar to the KKK, heck, I didn't know much about them since I heard it in the Black Eyed Peas song in the episode. When I read it on Wiki, all their goals made me wanna make an AUU version, but it just didn't work because apparently there are people who get them more than me right now. But yeah, I can't guarantee it either depending on circumstance.

Now, MSM, I know what your trying to do with using the Phend episode as a metathor on how you feel about current relations between certain places, but, I kinda don't want Phends to be direct expies of the arab community. Not just because of the rules about controverseal subjects, but because, well, it doesn't feel subtile, and it would be too controverseal for even THIS series to be direct about it. I rather they be their own community and culture that just so happened to feel simular but not really. The message your trying to bring is still there, I, just don't want to be so clear-cut about it.

MSM: Believe me, I was trying to make them as original as possible. The fact that you changed it to your liking played in my favor. Like I said, I didn't want them to look TOO much like Muslims to avoid sounding racist. Besides, when I was visiting my hometown last week, me and Dad were talking about it, and he seemed to share a lot that became the basis, and when Mom said that what he said might not have been true, then that became the basis on how the Phends and their haters and supporters didn't know what to make of them. It's a classic moment of unsureness on what to make of a certain culture.

Well that's great, but I'm just making sure your aware that we should be subtile about this.

MSM: I'm always subtle when it comes to these things.

I know, I know, just making sure.

Dear MSM: If youe curious about why I moved the Awesome Jaxtom episode, well, that's because I made Kronosas a dark Censen in the AUU Worlds page to justify his still existing presence in due to the fact he survived being tossed to a gass planet. I hope it's not too inconvinent.

MSM: Not at all. It'd be nice to add more Censens, specifically more Censen villains.

And just so we're CLEAR, MSM. I may've typed what I said wrong and ended up making myself crytpic unintentionally, but, I was NOT trying to have them fired or anything! The Hobnobber members were MEANT, TO, DIE, LIKE THE UNCLE?! As in, being PHSYICALLY FIRED FROM THEIR CHAIRS IN A LITTERAL FASTION AND SENT FALLING TO THEIR DOOMS?! Why was that so hard for you to understand?! And when whatever I miswrote, you misread! Okay? I think THAT was our problem! I just needed to get off my chest. Now we're done with this for good! Okay?

MSM: I guess. Lost drafting everything I worked on because of that misunderstanding was still a lot to put up with. But if it must stay gone, we need to work out some sort of compromise. And, what made it hard to understand was that we both said they died, but in a diferent way. I said that they died by falling into the bottomless depths of the habitable ice giant. What you said was fired by falling to their dooms, as in getting fired for the last time, and it was quite similar to how I described it.

I was trying to say that they didn't die by bottomless pit, but rather by just falling out of the castle in alou to how you get tossed out of a plane.

MSM: Well, nevertheless, it's easy to see how we could both get into this argument. The Hobnobbers' capital IS an ice giant with a zoeosphere (habitable normal-gravity zone like that of Star Wars Bespin), and it'd be pretty damn easy to die by falling into the bottomless pits. So, yeah, it was hard to understand that they'd only die by falling impact. But to be honest, being torn up by an ice giant's gassy s***, sounds graphic, but a LITTLE overkill.

And Shi Thole was all ABOUT being an over-kill mess. Bottomless Pits would be too merciful for him.

MSM: Yeah, no joke. At least we patched up the misunderstanding. But let's leave the result of either restoring the episode or finding a compromise for tomorrow.

Dear MSM: I've been thinking it over, and, I think I changed my mind about the lost drafting of "Honor Among Criminal Scum". However, I want Morecraft to be rebooted. I was never a fan of him being like, this.

Solo Morecraft

I was honestly expecting him to be more in line to be an AUU Raccoon in sytile of Sandy's race. Him being a giant fur-covered mole rat came out of left field for me.

So yeah, if your willing to redo the character, I'll bring the episode back to working order.

MSM: I guess I can do that. I suppose you're used to that since he's essentially AUU Sly Cooper. I haven't made many raccoon-like animals in the AUU, but if it means this episode comes back, then wish granted. Any specifications?

Like I said, A Raccoon with Sea Squirl features, and give the new Morecraft a more Sly Cooper Feel.

MSM: Got it.

MSM, I just want to be VERY clear! The Dark Order are not suppose to be a thing till AFTER Tempting Curosity! Anything before hand will ruin the whole arc!

MSM: Alright. Then I guess we can do a little rearranging if that's the case. Unless of course that's not necessary.

If it comes to it, just be sure to move the Nonex and Razerbeak (In Tiki's Biggest Problem) episodes as well and they HAVE to be before Tempting Curiosity! They're kinda, precursors.

MSM: Moved Nonex already. Kinda forgot about Razorbeak's tie to it. But I'll get right on it.

In case you are curious about the radical change, it was because the episode arcs in Season 7 were outragiously lubsided between the AUU choas and the Dark Order. So, I desided that each arc shall now in hapit a seperate part of the season. All AUU and AUU related stuff shall inhered Season 7-A, while non-AUU episodes and anything related to the Dark Order, dominate Season 7 B.

MSM: Yeah, I kinda figured.


MSM: Then it's not Warner Brothers. That's what confused me the most.

MSM, you are not being very attentive for Icky and Iago: Xenophobe Busters Part 1! What gives?

MSM: Just a little busy, that's all. I'll get to it soon enough.

Hey, MSM, I've been thinking. Finding the races is abit heard in the original Alternate Universes page, so..... Why not give the races, animal and plant speices their own page as well, like we did to worlds? It felt out of place for creatures to be talked about in the grand sceme of the main page as it intionally talked about the grand screame of the AUU and it just felt like mostly unrelated stuff? I'm saying this because it is always a PAIN for me to better understand a certain creature always having to go to the main AUU page. Also, why not give the creatures exsample pictures (It doesn't have to be right now, just whenever you felt like it) so I know what to expect and not complain about being disappointed on whatever future character picture you make.

MSM: I guess I can find a way to figure out things more easily to help us in that regard.

I saw the trailer and, I liked what I saw. Granted, I was kinda expecting the Storm King to be, abit more serious, and so far, it looked like Tempest had a slightly bigger role then the so called master. The movie also appeared to be acting slightly more comical then expected.

IKR? And that's what I thought when I heard Storm King. I was expecting him to sound like Sabertooth from XMOW, but he seems a bit more friendly-toned. And so, I guess once the movie finally comes out, we're gonna be in the edge of our seats. Funny thing, I was waiting for there to be an underwater episode to focus on the seas, but it turns out, they were saving it for this movie. Let's hope this exceeds our expectations.

Well, seeing the movie in teahers would be hard for me since, none of my family members know I'm a brony. Granted they're usually layback people, but.... I'm afraid of making myself look rediculious. Maybe I'll catch the film when it becomes avaluable in Netflix.

MSM: Huh? Thought you were half-brony at best. Oh, well. Let's hope it DOES show up on Netflix for ya.

I still am, at least, I don't go as far as to do something extreme like make disterbing stories and questionable fan art for them, but the show does have a good connection with me. But I won't be able to see it in teahers because, as lay back as my family members are, I'm, afraid that they'll find humor in the idea of some of my age being interested in a cartoon meant for little girls.

MSM: Hasn't stopped people before. Heck, even the manliest can be bronies. You ever hear of brony analyst DustyKatt? My sister and mother know about pony involvement in this show, and they don't mind it that much. Perhaps it's best to get it outta your chest someday. No asking, just think about it. Until then, how about we make some needed changes to the Back to Equantica episode?

Listen MSM, if your upset about the changes, please understand that it was because the pages were neglected since the day they were added, along with the fact that I felt that some ideas no longer mesh with the main series.

For exsamle, I felt that the Grutts assusiated with Milky Way and Veres were un-nessersary to include. Also, giving Gearhard a Grutt partner felt way un-nessersary and considering that Gearhard is suppose to be not willingly evil, even in his state, he might be abit unwilling to assusiate with any Grutt that would only serve to villify his aims to just have Adora for himself, even if it already has a bad reputation, even with one such Grutt of a likewise interest. Also, you never even added his name on Gearhard's page nor the related episode, so, yeah, his preasence was also not well explained. And for the "Starkiller Astro-Laster Planet thing"..... Well, I'm not a fan of the newer starwars reference, so, that had to go. And for Warlent.... Well, there was never an episode made for him so, I desided to make it that he is merely another long congured threat. I know you tend to hate these kind of changes, but, at least I gave you my reasons before you raged out at me.

MSM: Eh, it's okay. Hepliophus was only one of the worlds that would not be published for a long time. Like many worlds, I published it based on some wacky ideas I got from other games, especially the occasional ones I come across on Steam. Warlement was based around the idea of using potions to fight with amazing power granted upon them, and yeah, I can agree that he's best left forgotten until we get an idea for an episode around him.

MSM, the real problem wasn't an appearent word limit, the AUU page was just having loading problems because this wiki site is so choppy sometimes. There was no need to needless page adding.

I don't believe you. My talk page was filled to the brim with stuff before I had to take alot of it because of crap loading times. Are your sure you aren't just given loading crap to deal with?

MSM: Well, I tried it twice. It didn't inform me, but it was clear. I think we should try it again, and figure it out. Let's post all the info I have on each new page, repost them, and see if it will allow it. That way, we can see what WAS the case.

I actselly didn't need to as the real problem is that loading can sometimes be a pain with larger infomation filled pages.

MSM, I can't find the Gooorans anywhere in the Fauna and Flora page?!

MSM: That's because they're not animals. They're living sapient and sentient slime mold, and therefore they're fungi. So check there in the Flora category.

I take it you caught on to what I was trying to do.

Also, look, I'm sorry if you weren't expecting this change, but, as I had written down, I felt that just leaving Jaxtom to be the sole villain beneficiary would've been too predictable since he was based on an established character. Look, if it helps, it at least ties better to the Usurrection episode.

MSM: Hey, if it means an original change from the series it was based on, I'm all for it.

Dear MSM: I'm thinking that, in light that I looked up the page limit number and that, while the limit is generious, given how much words can be added, there is a clear easy risk of filling the page to lag worthy levels. So, as a preventive step, I suggest that we give the races of the AUU their own page and let the Fauna and Flora actselly be about the animals.

MSM: I'll get on that soon, then.

MSM, you made too many changes and you put episodes in the wrong place! I wanted to be that we hold them off until I CAN find a place for them!

MSM: Sorry about that. I'll fix that soon.

If your still off about the Aybiss look-a-like thing, you could always make that consept it's own AUU race if you were so wanting to make that happen.

MSM: Thanks. I'll put that in the Workshop for future reference.

Just to let you know, MSM. I am writing this from a computer at this place I am going to. My home computer, being an old piece of junk, may already be or is on the verge of finally biting the dust. I can't garrentie that I'll always be able to respond as quickly as possable until a new computer finally becomes avaluable for a certain amount of days, to my disjointed dismay. Just thought I give a heads up.

MSM: Heh, first your original bites the dust and cancels the original moisode franchise, and now this. Well, it's okay, partner. I find myself busy nowadays, especially concerning how we're moving. Don't worry about it.

Just to note, it's not "canceled" as it is more under a prolonged Hiatus.

MSM: Noted.

Sorry for not responding for awhile MSM, I needed to replace the mouse.

MSM: Eh, not a problem.

Just alittle FYI, MSM. The Tibella as a clan are meant to be mainly Gerroxes. I'll pardon Marvey being a different spieces because I liked the idea that the Tibella used to be inter-racial until the Tyberious line and the main Gerrox part started to become more and more dominent, and I'll kinda pardon Oldrich actselly being a hybrid, but I added that he was biologically altered to look like a Gerrox so they avoid being hypocrites since Gruids are not native to the Tibella/Aie Prog Ation system. The rest of the Tibellas have to be Gerroxes. Just so we're clear. Oh, P.S., the soldiers are Gerroxes not related to the Tibella and other animals native to the Tibella/Ation System.

MSM: Got it. Though I figured that the ones in the family that come from outside the system were raised their and renounced their otherworldly citizenship, if you know what I'm saying.

Well for the sake of not making them hypocrites, I would like it if the Tibella are mostly made of native forces.

MSM: Sounds fair enough.

Dear MSM.

I wish to warn you that there is an annoying glitch that undones the chapters when you get to classic edit mode. I don't know why that the happens! I hope that this gets addresed!

Never mind, I just tried to test the glitch and turns out, no serious changes happened, it's not a glich, I think the classic editor was addjusted to not have older edits be too distracting. My mistake.

MSM: Eh, editing is a bitch sometimes.

Dear MSM.

If you get a message about me deleting the Shell Louge Squad image, don't worry, I restored it back. I was having a tirade because of yet another stupid connection glitch. Just ignor it and pretend it didn't happened.

MSM: Eh, I went out to get dinner, so, no big whoop.

Well just know that I brought the image back after I calm down and restarted everything. I finally got the updated image and now have it as a Desktop cover.

MSM: Right.

Dear MSM.

Remember that discussiaion we had about the other old legends coming back?

MLP FIM - Shadow Play - Final Scene (SPOILERS)

MLP FIM - Shadow Play - Final Scene (SPOILERS)

Skip this guy's comical Aladdin 3 reference intro and the NO SPOILERS joke


Buuuuuuut, that may mean we might have to change of The Camping Episode 2.0. abit, espeically around the Mistmane part of the story.

MSM: (Laughs) I admit, the Genie part made me laugh my ass off, but yeah, I guess you were right. So, yeah, I'll make some changes to the post-Shadow Play episode as well.

MSM, I want to avoid stomping on your creativity again, but I felt that I very well NEED to get something ADDRESSED?! I never intended the Baron to be like Hopper! I meant for him to be like the pig leader from Angry Birds and enticing the folks INTO the island and maintain a false kindness facade! Your direction RUINS any intention I had for the character!

MSM: I was kinda expecting you to say that. Feel free to change it.

MSM, I am getting SICK AND TIRED of you adding in voices to the characters of which you assigned voices too! I may have very different ideas to what they sound like and you go usurp my imaginations with yours?! What if I have different ideas for those characters?! I want that to come to an end, msm!

MSM: Well, excuse me! All you gotta do is put it in, and if I already have the voice in mind, then you can change it. Problem solved!


I meant that I want it to be that it be ambiguious?!

MSM: Well, I guess it's not worth it. After all, making that kinda thing takes a lotta patience and searching. Alright, no specified voice actor.

And FYI, that means all the character pages given voices have to have those assigned voices removed in future edits.

MSM: (Sighs) Whatever, I'm not even arguing, it saves me the trouble of looking aimlessly for a perfect voice. It doesn't matter at this point.

MSM, I can't find the Quake King's episode?!

MSM: That's because we haven't made it yet. We'll take care of that eventually.

Well I had it that The Paradox Prince was referencing the clan's various demises of members, I WAS GOING NUTS TRYING TO FIND QUAKE KING'S EPISODE?!

MSM, I know about what you are repeating in the pages. Why did you think I placed them in the exspearimental list? I'm considerate about what the Canon Show might do!

MSM: Well, gotta give you credit for thinking ahead. Kudos!

I wanna let you know that due to the leaked episodes, I may have to push the episode about Nefarious cloning the Mane 6 abit earlier then planned because Chrysalis kinda does the same thing. I am doing this to avoid canon conflict. (As well as to give an SAF reason for why Chrysalis did such).

MSM: Figured. There's also possible hints that Chrysalis might indeed reform.

By the by MSM, I envision the Midgard Serpent to look like this:


Because it looks so badass! It's from the upcoming God of War game, by-the-by.

Holy f***! That DOES look badass! Good choice, really.


MSM: You can't be serious! This is how we can save space, because just putting them in the middle takes it up. I'm the only one who uses source editor, so if you want something like that done, all you had to do was ask. But if you insist, then we'd better find a compromise.


MSM: Fine, be that way! How would you like it if I demanded something out of nowhere because of some bad luck? You just blew away my mood by deleting my edit, so I'm going to spend the rest of my day gone when I feel like I've done enough for the day.


Look, MSM, I'm sorry, it's just, I work HARD on what I write down, and to lose it for anyhting, espeically when it was because of me being stupid like activating an appearent glitch in the system, it just drives me mad! Look, MSM, I still mean it about not adding videos to galleries anymore, cause after what I went through, I felt that I can't trust that method anymore, okay?

Yeah, it's for the best we just forget about it just like every other silly fight we had. Still, there's things that have yet to be done at home. Got an XBOX One for Christmas and I have a lot of arranging to do since I got two pet baby bearded dragons for my birthday. Frankly, it makes us wish we were in this fantasy setting and not in the real world where we're just two guys in different parts of America that have conflicting views for a crossover show.

We wish for alot of things, now do we?

You have no idea. Heck, I didn't know what I wanted, and they didn't know what to get.

To MSM: Just a heads up, I am going to a buffet to this place I go to on a speical occation. So, don't expect too much activity in a certain point.

MSM: Well, have fun.

Uh, MSM, maybe we should stop adding outshorced links onto the pages, I'm starting to worry that it's a bad idea. Maybe we should remove the links and save the use of the images for when we do need it.

You sure? If so, we need to save them onto our computers so we don't miss them.

Well let's just say I looked onto what the Anime Chibi girl was mad about and trust me, I would rather not risk another tirade of those that would not be fond of any unintentional ills, not after the Lion King Image fiasco.

Definitely not. I'll file them so we don't get lost and not piss people off.

Nathan Young (talk) 07:42, February 5, 2018 (UTC)Iamnater1225Nathan Young (talk) 07:42, February 5, 2018 (UTC)

Excuse me, Grayson. Could I ask you a few questions?

Depends, who are you? I and Scroopfan have a hard time trusting new users for obvious reasons.

My name is Nathan Young, And I was just wondering if we could talk at my Fandom, Yuna's Princess Adventure Wikia.

I don't know, doesn't sound as interesting as this. But hey, it's your vision, so I say, go ahead and enjoy what you do because I'm comfortable here. If you want to ask Scroopfan, go ahead. I don't know if you two met, so he doesn't trust strangers much since all they do is random unrelated trolling and crap.


Aw, man! Well, at least you tried. It's gotta go.

Nathan Young (talk) 07:42, February 5, 2018 (UTC)Iamnater1225Nathan Young (talk)

Dear MSM.

I'm gonna be going out to eat with this place I'm going to. May be likely to be gone at a certain period, so expect zero activity for the time being.

Alright. Take care.

Well, that message was made awhile ago. I'm back now.

Oh... Well welcome back.

It should be fair to inform you MSM, that Grogar is going to be made canon in Season 9.

(Spoilers) MLP Season 9 News

(Spoilers) MLP Season 9 News

GET OUT!!!! THAT'S ACTUALLY AMAZING!!! IT GIVES HIS ROLES IN OUR OWN EPISODES AROUND HIM A LITTLE SPICE!!! Though there should be some obvious needed changes, we can still keep the episodes. But until then, we should put the Grogar episodes a rack on the revision row.

Now keep in mind, it may not nessersarly be like the Grogar we used, being based on the traditional form after all. Like Tirek, Canon Grogar could go after a radically different change. And Season 9 is still ways off, it may be awhile before we have to worry about it.

I know. Trust me, we'll figure something out. My GOD, this is bound to offer so much for him. As the final antagonist of the show, he's bound to be the worst threat the ponies have to face.

MSM, I noticed that your trying to introduse this "Bisouls" thing, and, I'm curious. Is that a real game, or is it something your making up?

MSM: Made up.

MSM, I think we never have Feskulia Truth placed in the Moisode selection! I can't find it anywhere in that disorganised mess of episodes?!

MSM: Because it's not there. But we can fix that.

Oh which I just did. It's a season 6-b episode at the way bottom. Also, I desided to revitalised that Nukula Clast guy, but in a differment way that he ended up dying trying to chase the mythical Starkiller Base-like Planet, that spoilers, never existed, and ended up going down as the ultamate pinicle of a darwin award, ya know, to justify why he was never a problem and to avoid including new star wars stuff in the same time.

MSM: Eh, I never bother to care at this point.


You know, by using the same tactic once, I know this is just a way to manipulate me. But come on, using Gazelle to fix everything to the point where the Blade is impossible to lock down? That's not a good adventure. Plus, that is not cool to use that as an excuse to rush the episode. I had to say it sometime.

(Sniffles)..... MSM, please, I'm sorry, but, the longivity of the episode, along with so many things that are upsetting me in life were getting to be really bad?! I didn't mean to ruin the episode for you, it's just..... When you have Vi-Tor pushed the really personal lows, and with the combined stress of my every day life and fear of how meaningless my existence could be, it, it was just to much, OKAY?! It's just me showing my age in that I am worrying about alot of concerning things right now?! And it has nothing to do with Gazelle deu ex machina into everything, the episode, just took longer then it had ANY RIGHT TO?! Please don't hate me or be mad at me! I'm just not as young as I used to! You went too far hving Vi-Tor bring up Tman, and how crossovers are a dying breed, and alot of other things that upseted me (Cries pitifully)!?......... MSM, please, let's make amends, okay?

Look, we both made mistakes and dumb choices. But the episode is lost drafted for another time and thanks to the explanation of the time dilation, it won't mean any discontinuity issues. Let's just move onto the next episode and worry about this later.

X-OvrLuvr (talk) 04:31, June 24, 2018 (UTC)Hey, MSM, it's X-OvrLuvr, aka Connor. I looked over what happened with Scroopfan. While I'm not too thrilled about the episode taking longer than expected, I still think forcing him to give up on it by stressing him out seems WAY over the line. I think that when he decides to calm down, you should give it another chance.

MSM: Oh, this happens all the time. We have times when we don't agree on anything. I tend to be too creative and he tends to favor comedy over conflict. Trust me, we'll be back to the episode soon.

X-OvrLuvr (talk) 16:36, June 24, 2018 (UTC) I'm just saying, creative differences can lead to big arguments that you may regret later. In other words, if you keep making things difficult for Scroopfan, you MIGHT get fired.

MSM: Thing is, I don't think he would fire me even if he wanted to. Since Tman left, I'm the only one left to help him. I'm just trying to make the series less plagiarized and more original, but often times he doesn't take it seriously. This instance he just makes the episode a pity party and uses that as an excuse to end the episode because of also being impatient. Now he just disguises it as basic story telling as if he expects any reader to not question why the story ended so abruptly. Would you like a movie if it either ended abruptly or turned into a pity party at the end for the director? No. That's stupid and lazy. This is a fine example of why I get angry at him. I can't even bring myself to quit myself because this is the only creative source I've got. I'm not saying I'm bribing him. That would be no better. I'm just trying to bring some new stuff and he turns out so hard to work with. I can hardly trust him with my ideas because he either destroys or obscures them to unfavorable and lazy alternatives.

X-OvrLuvr (talk) 17:06, June 24, 2018 (UTC) Well... could you at least give him the benefit of the doubt?

MSM: It usually ends that way. But this will be a hard one to overlook, because it feels like the episode was cheated.

X-OvrLuvr: Hmm... well, I was going to ask Scroopfan this, but seeing as you're apparently taking a break from this wiki, I have no choice... would you like to come work with me on my Punch Time Exploders series? How knowledgeable are you on Cartoon Network?

MSM: To answer your question, not so knowledgeable and I might think about it. And, I think this break thing might be a no-go.

X-OvrLuvr: Well, I can't say I didn't try.

But just so you know, if I were allowed to edit the Moisodes, I had an idea to organize Viral Vi-tor Gets Real.

You can tell Scroopfan about it, because I don't care at this point.

X-OvrLuvr: All right, then, I will.

Dear MSM: I want to make a deal with you, MSM. I desided to make up for my eccentrisities involving Vi-Tor Gets Real, by at least giving Vi-Tor more of a proper send-off and a proper final battle, but, I still want the realm ripper to be already down and out and the citidal to be wrecked, and everything that comes before and after remains unchanged. I know it might be short of what you had in mind, but, it's at least close. By all means, I still want little more to do with the episode given how long it took, but, I feel like I should at least give you that. Keep in mind that your permitted added change will STILL be subject to some small editoral twicks, okay?

MSM: Honestly, I can take or leave it at this point.


MSM: Because it's still on the home page in the Experimental List. I thought you knew that.

..... Oh. Sorry. I kinda flip out. I shall proceed to correct this now.

X-OvrLuvr (talk) 20:12, July 3, 2018 (UTC)Hey, MSM, Scroopfan and I kind of need your help with Sore About Soaring.

MSM, I noticed that you haven't been as active on the current episode as I would've prefered. The new guy helped by all means, but, should I be concerned about the absince? Is it something serious (And potaintionally related to what happened with Vi-Tor Gets Real), or is it because you are busy with Neo Core related works given that surge of them earlier before?

MSM: Well I have been busy with other stuff lately, including home chores and remembering I have an Xbox One to play ReCore with. Speaking of which, I feel like working on the AUU version with Sonny Vertse and her little sis.

Well I'm just making sure your okay.

MSM, I'm curious. Where did the Djurango ship originated from in the AUU?

MSM: You know I never thought about giving it an origin world. I guess we can go with Carbungia?

I have something to say about the GIF for Cynder and Qui's fight........


MSM: I knew you would.

X-OvrLuvr (talk) 01:27, August 8, 2018 (UTC)I'd hate to interrupt, but if I could make just one TINY edit to Discord's Dilemma, I want to add one more line from Cosmoto.

MSM: Ask Scroopfan, he's in charge.

Well I'm already here. Try me.

X-OvrLuvr: During the trial of Discord, Cosmoto wanted Discord to eat dirt in addition to the banishment, so after the Judge sentenced him to more community service, I want to add a line for Cosmoto saying "Did you hear him say anything about eating dirt?"

...Well, it's a minor enough change, so, okay.

X-OvrLuvr: Great. Thanks. If I can be allowed to edit it...

It's off the protection list now.

X-OvrLuvr (talk) 16:53, August 14, 2018 (UTC)Hey, MSM, can you draw for just anyone, or are you strictly hired by Scroopfan to make pictures for this wiki?

MSM: I'm technically the originality agent for Scroopfan. Not to brag or anything, but I got better grammar and art, and a wider imagination than him. Why do you ask?

X-OvrLuvr: Well, I have my own adventure series going on, with a different timeline to this one, and it has its own Great Universal War (or First Cartoonian War by this wiki's standards) in which the Void actually used the debris to turn itself into a living planet. And I kind of need a picture to see what that would look like.

MSM: Eh, probably something like anything in Kingdom Hearts, or the Great Cycle. Honestly, I'm busy at the moment. I might consider it someday.

X-OvrLuvr: Okay, then. If I could draw using my computer, I'd do it myself.

MSM, I think we may want to stop adding in pre-established scenes into episodes from here on out. It leaves less room for creativity, and tecnecally when certain scenes are used, it's pretty much the sin of spoilers. So yeah, it's not add pre-established scenes anymore, okay?

MSM: Oh, fine, but we can't stop doing it. Just limiting them.

Okay, fair enough, but only like, the middle to begining scenes and save the endings for when we DO get to the episode. Now it's already too late for episodes that already have endings shown, but I think it's good that we nipped this problem at all. Alternate Meets Original had more production problems then it had the right to because of how liberal we were with these practices.

X-OvrLuvr (talk) 02:26, September 1, 2018 (UTC)I think you drove Scroopfan away with the whole Sombra origin story argument.

MSM: Oh, he'll be back.

X-OvrLuvr: I sure hope so.

MSM: He will.

X-OvrLuvr: Do you have any way for me to contact him, just in case? I'm starting to get worried.

MSM: Maybe he's on vacation for the weekend. I'm sure he'll be back. Not sure how to contact him beyond the talk page.

X-OvrLuvr: Oh. I tried contacting him through Gmail once, but never got through. So I guess all we have to do is count on him to come back.

MSM: Hope so.

X-OvrLuvr: Tell me, honestly, you're worried about Scroopfan, aren't you?

MSM: Not exactly. My best guess is that his computer broke down. Not the first time, really. It's why he stopped posting the moisodes on YouTube. He should be back soon.

X-OvrLuvr: Oh, really? Then explain the "WHERE ARE YOU?!" Messages on his talk page. The way you typed can make you come across as either worried or impatient.

MSM: It's called a tease.

X-OvrLuvr: Oh... well, what makes you think he won't get annoyed when he sees that message?

MSM: Well it's not exactly that big a deal. It's just a giant message. Plus another reason I left it is I get impatient. Especially with all the changes in the SAFA Equestrian lore. Kinda waiting for him to make the two follow up episodes to Sound of Silence and Father Knows Beast, and added details to the follow up two-parter episode to School Raze because of spoiler videos on YouTube, among other changes. Waiting for him is kinda aggravating, BUT it gives me plenty of time to do other stuff for the show like images and concepts for the Alternate UUniverses.

X-OvrLuvr: Maybe, but think about this; have you worked on any wikis besides this one?

MSM: What about the ZongueBob Wiki about the Shell Lodgers of the Alternate UUniverses? Also I've got plenty of other crap to do.

X-OvrLuvr: Well, I got plenty of stuff to do, too. Also, I'm surprised you haven't noticed my addition to the ZoungueBob wiki.

MSM: Oh, I did. Thanks for dealing with that troll, BTW.

X-OvrLuvr: Troll? What do you mean?

MSM: The one that vandalized the wiki.

X-OvrLuvr: I didn't take care of that troll. Some guy called StarmanW did. Do you even visit that ZongueBob wiki?

MSM: Well yeah, I'm basically the one that owns it. I just don't spend much time on it because I'm not exactly comfortable running a wiki.

X-OvrLuvr: Well, I'm running my own wiki, and I'm doing fine. Wish I had more people to help me, though.

MSM: Yeah, me too.

MSM, keep in mind that I may not be able to see all the changes in time in my short timetable, cause I'm going back home soon, and I don't know if I would ever get internet in the new apartment, so, take care until it's time for my brief window again, okay?

MSM: Well here's the first change given the leaked footage of the Season 8 finale: Cozy Glow and Backgammon are half-daemon, or creatures between the bounds of immortals and mortals. University is also secretly a full-fledged daemon.

X-OvrLuvr (talk) 02:37, September 18, 2018 (UTC)Hey, MSM, I kind of need your help on making up physical appearances of a character I'm creating for my adventure series.

MSM: Sure. What do you have in mind?

X-OvrLuvr: Well, for starters, she's a slender woman with long hair who turned slightly monochromatic as a result of a lab accident.

MSM: Hmm. How about a black blue glittering dress, sepia skin, black blue arm sleeves, and grayish-blue eyes?

Keep in mind that the video you replaced was also used in The Return of The Storm King and The Equestrian Flood. May as well attend to that as well.

MSM: I was. Not my fault every time my mom turns on the TV, she screws up the connection.

X-OvrLuvr (talk) 18:40, September 25, 2018 (UTC)MSM, I just saw your little reply, and I just want to say while that outfit could work for a casual occasion, Bernadette's not that kind of girl. Also, she's a Caucasian.

MSM: Seems more literal.

X-OvrLuvr: What exactly do you mean by literal?

MSM: Well you said slightly monochrome. Literally means almost black and white. Caucasian means white European. Sepia seems almost monochrome to me, you know.

X-OvrLuvr: Well, from my point of view, Caucasian just means white. But hey, that's just my point of view.

MSM: Yeah. I mean, literal as in un-racial.

X-OvrLuvr: Oh... well, what would you call someone who has a light skin tone?

MSM: However I want if it's un-racial, I don't know.

X-OvrLuvr (talk) 21:51, September 27, 2018 (UTC)More than a year of not editing The Jall of That Guy. Anything to say for yourself?

MSM: We have too much time to work be on every episode, you know.

X-OvrLuvr: Of course, I'm speaking for Scroopfan.

X-OvrLuvr (talk) 17:23, October 25, 2018 (UTC)I'm gonna need your help over here. I wanted to add a couple of scenes, but apparently Scroopfan is in a bad mood, and doesn't want those scenes.

MSM: What'cha need?

X-OvrLuvr: Well, maybe you should see for yourself. Here: [1]

MSM: Hmm. Well he makes costly changes when he has his bad moments. Recently he scrapped the AUU Final Fantasy Cids because the reincarnations were confusing to him. But I'll see what I can do.

X-OvrLuvr: Thanks, man.

MSM: Don't mention it.

X-OvrLuvr (talk) 00:28, November 21, 2018 (UTC)I don't normally talk to you, but I gotta address something here-- WHAT THE HELL, MAN?! This Xexaxez is the most disturbing thing I've ever heard of!

MSM: I can imagine. That's Lovecraftian horror for you.

X-OvrLuvr: Well, I'm not into Lovecraftian!

MSM: And I can see why. Creatures that can manipulate your own existence is always a horrible thought. Plus the Xexaxez weren't my idea.

Scroopfan: Also, we're not that into Lovecraftian things too. The Xexaxez stuff is just something to, spiece things up, add some more Multiverseal flare into the series.

X-OvrLuvr: Well, yeah, but do you have to make it so... what's the word I'm looking for here? Macabre.

MSM: Even if he didn't, it'd still be scary. When you think about it, that's the definition of Lovecraftian horror. Horror based on the unknown. The incomprehensible. The out-of-this-universe. It's just as scary as this one question can be: Are we alone in the universe? Then ask are we alone in the multiverse, then the previous question's fearful implications are increased infinite fold. The Amoral Ones and their creations are essentially the definition of Lovecraftian, if not Lovecraftian horror.

Scroopfan: Plus, how else are the Xexaxez were suppose to be taken seriously as a race of universe eaters if it wasn't something to make your feel uncomfertable? The Xexaxez are not exactly something your suppose to be at ease with. What, are universe eaters suppose to be, cuddly or cute or something?

X-OvrLuvr: Well, no, but the very thought of beings that eat universes and dimensions, especially if you are still living, scares me. Fear of death, you know.

Scroopfan: Well don't worry. The Xexaxez only eat universes are get too powerful or are quantom glitches. It's like their relijustusly followed cartenal rule.

X-OvrLuvr: Thank goodness.

X-OvrLuvr (talk) 01:22, November 25, 2018 (UTC)Hey, there. I was wondering if you'd want to here my idea for the SAF 10th anniversary.

MSM: Go on.

X-OvrLuvr: SpongeBob is thinking of hosting the SLS'S 10th anniversary party alongside the Christmas party at the Dragon Temple. In a side-plot, Patchy is angered to learn that SpongeBob didn't invite him to that party and goes off by himself to the Dragon temple to give him a piece of his mind, a la Truth or Square. Unfortunately for me, Scroopfan had other plans.

MSM: Why not combine them?

X-OvrLuvr: Because he said, and I quote, "I am thinking of sort've making a Waluigi/Broken Computer Arc involving Princess Consciencea returning as an enraged fallen god becoming basically a gorgon pony as punishment by Lord Order." An arc may take up several episodes, entirely too long for an anniversary special.

MSM: Well your idea was technically already done in A SpongeBob Spyro and Friends Christmas. Would be pretty redundant to repeat it. I'm sure we can do something with the idea in the holiday double-whammy.

X-OvrLuvr: Need I remind you, Scroopfan premiered SpongeBob's Adventures of The Lion King on December 18, 2009? Ten years is a big accomplishment for this series.

MSM: Like I said, we've surely got something planned.

X-OvrLuvr: Yeah, you're probably right. Besides, it's not my place to say what episode you can and can't make. After all, I'm just a newcomer to the adventure series business.

Oh, by the way, I want to reboot one of the worlds you created.

Hey, MSM, I know you recent got Ark Surviveal and really got into the game, but, try not to let the game completely rule you, this wiki saw a drastic decrese of activity when it happened.

MSM: I know. Just colonized an island and met a Leedsicthys (Giant ass Mesozoic fish). But I'll try to increase activity here.

Hey, MSM, did you ever added an AUU pacific rim world? Because I have an idea to have it deviate from the original verson based on this video I once saw on Youtube on my Roku.

MSM: No. So knock yourself out.

X-OvrLuvr: Hey, MSM, I'm writing a Chronicles episode that reintroduces certain worlds, and a redux of Athletecus is in the works, and I wanted to clarify something: People on Athletecus wear skin-tight tracksuits so they wouldn't have to deal with the restraint of clothes, but what if they want to take bathroom breaks, or outsiders wear these tracksuits for a while before wanting to take them off? Won't they have some difficulty?

MSM: Well that's simple. You know the openings in the front of underwear?... You might want to take my word for it as I think there could be a function for that. That or a built-in excretion system like a space suit.

X-OvrLuvr: You never said anything about underwear openings.

MSM: It was just a basis for the concept you wanted.

X-OvrLuvr: Oh. Well, maybe I can figure something out.

MSM, we've been asked to make a page for Magic University. I need your help with that, cause we barely touched that school seriously outside of minor mentions.

X-OvrLuvr (talk) 18:29, March 17, 2019 (UTC)MSM, I'm sure you know about my wiki about my adventure series, the Punch Time Exploders. I tried making a redux of Magic University, but Scroopfan keeps making changes that are the exact opposite of what I want.

MSM: Yeah, the PTE Redux tag says it all. Trust me, it's not always fair to have your ideas destroyed. Me and Scroopfan have our moments of creative disputes. But you just need to compromise. See which parts of both your visions work. Scroopfan isn't the kind of person that takes persistent disputes like this. Just don't blow it, and you'll be fine.

X-OvrLuvr: I was kind of hoping you would have a talk with him, since you seem to know what it's like when he won't listen.

MSM: Little would change anyway.

X-OvrLuvr: Nah, it ain't gonna work. I tried turning things around, but Scroopfan was being unreasonable.

MSM: It's best just not to persist. Just compromise. It's the best I got.

I just noticed a big issue about the Grogar episode. It was meant to be after the encounters with Majusty, Bahomet, and Mortuus. So, would that mean that those episodes have to be introduse early too, or do we have to do a drumatic story-revision with Grogar returns?

MSM: I noticed that too. I'm saving it for when the two-parter comes.

X-OvrLuvr: Care to explain this?

MSM: Another AUU race based on the Inklings of Splatoon. They're on the race page.

X-OvrLuvr: And I suppose there's going to be a race based on Octolings? Wait, there's another race based on Inklings?

MSM: It's a work in progress.

Hey, just for ahead of time's sake, what exactly can I expect from what this troll is trying to besmirch you for?

MSM: He threatened to spread snapshots of my face and address.

...... I, don't think I even want to know what's the story behind this find mess you got yourself in.

MSM: Trust me, you don't. Just ignore this jerk at all costs.

X-OvrLuvr: Hey, MSM, I got into another argument with Scroopfan, and it's not because of episode issues this time.

MSM: And?

X-OvrLuvr: But we cleared all of it up and we're moving on.

By the way, those AUU planets you drew up actually look interesting. How do you do it?

MSM: MS Paint. It may seem like a crappy thing to use, but when you use it for years, you master it.

X-OvrLuvr: Is that the same paint tool you used with OC design?

MSM: Yep. Almost all my artistic work is done with Paint. But when I need more variety, I use

X-OvrLuvr: Nice... do you take requests?

MSM: Not regularly, but give me one.

X-OvrLuvr: Over on my PTE wiki, I established a home base in the form of a spaceship shaped like a castle.

MSM: Well I can say I'm a little iffy. Some pictures take a lot of time.

X-OvrLuvr; I gotta ask; did you design Melody's Keyblade yourself?

MSM: Eeeeeeeeyep.

X-OvrLuvr; Nice. I'm giving Bernadette Willows and Lord Dominator Keyblades in PTE.

Just in case there's any misconceptions to be had, the Lost Link looks like this.

I know. I saw the link.

I am in process of watching the new Paws of Desteny Episodes, but just so ya know, we're only gonna make some parts canon, cause it offered contridicting lores like with Jade Tusk.

Oh, Season 2 is out? I'll be sure to look into that.

X-OvrLuvr: Hey, MSM. Is this Gems vs. Elements thing another thing for me to look over? Because the movie hasn't even premiered yet.

Scroopfan: Don't worry, it's mostly something related to his latest OC, Trista Hylander, the Steven Universe stuff mostly plays a simple role into it.

X-OvrLuvr: Well, just the same, I might put that moisode under redux status before you two even start working on it. Also, seeing how you aren't that big a fan of Steven Universe, I might help you out with it.

Hey, MSM, you think you can add those Steven Universe pics to my wiki?

MSM: You can do it, actually. Just save them, and use the photo function in the editor to upload those pictures to the page.

X-OvrLuvr: I know that.

MSM: Then why do you need me for that?

X-OvrLuvr: Just thought I'd ask.

MSM: Well thanks for doing so. I was also glad to find a way to keep Outer Gods out of your canon universe since you're not a fan of Lovecraftian horror.

X-OvrLuvr: Okay, then. But I never said I'd fully adopt your idea.

Hey, MSM, now that you have an account on deviantart, I want to give you some friendly advice: Jot down your stories on until you're ready to post them. You know, for future reference.

Yeah, I have been meaning to say something simular as well, MSM, be sure to put works in progress in Stash you can work on them at leasure like I do to things not presentable currently.

MSM: I didn't even know about Stash until I wrote the UIS identity chronicles. What exactly is it?

X-OvrLuvr: I'm glad you asked. is a like virtual sketchbook where you can store arts or stories until you're ready to post them.

MSM: I figured that's what it was.

X-OvrLuvr: That UIS Chronicle Mamaventi story? PERFECT example! You can't just put "Coming soon" onto a story and write it after you post it!

He means the whole "puting things in stash", MSM. To acccess it, hover to the Submit button and go to the second thing under "Submit Art" button, or for simplisity, whilist in the submission station, hit the "Save and Exit" Button and that puts it in stach for you.

MSM: Gimme a break, this is my first time making DeviantArt stories. Besides, doing the stories periodically like that is how I keep readers engaged. I finished the last Volume 2 edit for the mystery villain that you can albeit predict easily, so people can wait for it's completion tomorrow.

Well, fair enough, we were just offering advice.

X-OvrLuvr: Yeah, MSM, we thought you could use the help.

MSM: And thanks for it. It's much appreciated. Plus, the Aquastar story is almost done.

MSM, do you want to know something REALLY stupid? For some, illogical reason, for as much as we have the Chronicler qoute famous phrases and the fact he's pretty much a prodominate character, FOR SOME BAFFLING REASON, WE DON'T HAVE HIS PAGE HERE?! HE HAS A PICTURE IN AN ATTHIVEMENT NAMED AFTER HIM YET HE DOESN'T HAVE A PAGE?! CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS?! One of the most impourent characters of this seires, and his page doesn't exist?!

MSM: Well now he does thanks to you. Two thumbs up to you, bro.

MSM, I want to talk to you about Gem Stories. X has some, noticeable complaints.

"In the first story, he introduced Shocked Quartz, a seriously overpowered gem who poofed the Crystal gems with a single punch, and I took immediate satisfaction in knowoing she's been stopped."

He feels like that maybe Shocked Quartz was, too over-powered. Now, I know it's too late to change the character, but try to be sure to have characters that're strong within reason for the Gem Stories. Don't have introdused characters be too much for the main heroes. Then we get to the next concern

"Now he introduces a Cubic Zirconia, who is the antithesis of Rose Quartz who wants Earth destroyed as opposed to saving it!"

I think you may want to revise Cubic Zirconia's character arc about basicly being an overtly evil verson fo Rose Quartz and, maybe make her, her own character.

Look, I'm not exactly a fan of Steven Universe myself, I'm only encouraging ackknowledging it's existence cause of the Hylander Arc, I'm abit more passive about canonical deviations, but, X is, abit more canon loyalist, and obviously a bigger fan of the show. He feels like your not giving the show a certain level of respect he has. So either maybe tone down Zirconia's evilness and change her fate while your at it, or at the least, have it all turn out to be a crazy test from those Criminal Underworld Gems trying to test Steven. Again, I myself have no issue with what you're doing, it's just, X is, obviously a more, heavier fan of the show then myself, as with me, I, just acknowledge it exists with some references here and there via a certain song Garnet song that one time, "Stronger then You", cause it's admitingly noteworthy. Again, these are X's words.

MSM: Well Zirconia was meant to be the opposite of Pink Diamond. The original Pink Diamond wasn't always subordinate and only got Earth as a demand. The Diamonds created Zirconia as a replacement and another chance to give Pink Diamond the respect she deserves. So, to ease X, I'll say she started out sweet and kind, but matured into the Diamonds' original ideals of perfection. And understandably, she didn't take it well when she found out the truth about her existence. She's supposed to be based off original fan theories about Spinel being a failed Pink Diamond 2.0 before the movie aired. She's similar to both Spinel and Pink Diamond in some ways, but polar opposites are supposed to be opposites. But yes. I'll give her her own redemption by having her kill herself, because Steven spares her and makes her see how wrong she was and how valuable organic life can be and sees that the universe would be better off without her. There won't be much violence, though. Steven DID nosebleed in the movie. I also plan to have ONE death. But it'll only be an original character. Tell X that I'll do what I can to grant his requests.

X-OvrLuvr: I decided to let it slide.

By the way, I just looked at the page for Alone in a New World, and I noticed Dr. Edgar Eagle's page had a red link.

MSM: Lots of characters are still red links. I'll add it to the needed pages section.

Hi i was wondering how i could become a contributer to this wiki

I made a page for mothman but it was instantly deleted23:50, November 2, 2019 (UTC)23:50, November 2, 2019 (UTC)23:50, November 2, 2019 (UTC)23:50, November 2, 2019 (UTC)

Hello, this is the deleter talking. It's because that page is not being seriously considered for this wiki.

To MSM: MSM, it's about your DeviantArt Activities. While it is great for you to offer alot of shared universe stories, it is distracting you from wiki work to the point that production is made even slower then it is to be expected depending on what life throws at us. So, I am proposing this: Starting Next Week, you'll have to focus on Wiki work on the Weekdays, and DevientArt Stuff becomes a weekend thing. Okay? It's because X is getting impaient with the production of Asper's Return to the point of complaint and I rather avoid it continuing. Is this understandable, MSM?

MSM: How about I take a break from Deviantart until Asper Returns is done?

Eh, better then nothing I suppose.

X-OvrLuvr: Okay, I don't exactly know what this means, but I certainly hope it's not part of SAF!

MSM: It's a Christmas special meant to address the bad implications of Stump Day's icon itself. How it almost killed the group sounded like a bad holiday icon. I figured the only way to fix that is to give the stump itself a relatable backstory.

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