aka Jeffrey. I'm also known as Tigerman.

  • My occupation is I enjoy making stories.
  • I am Male

Hey Tigerman.

Hey dude. Never expected you come to visit this place.

Tman: Ok, Tigerman531. I understand your not happy with me made some of the louger members of your team occasional members. Incase you where gonna ask me to take care of deleteding the "occasional members", I allready did. I understand that my wiki is non-canon but I'm just new to this whole wiki thing. I'm sorry I've ticked you off. Scroop's is right about me being way too overboard with this ever sense I made my own wiki ever since Scroop made that cronictles episode that ends his Kairi fetishes here for good. I'll let you use any member of the louge you want since I didnt understand it at first. So we cool?

I'm sorry about that, But watch you language, SpongeBob is a Kids show.

Just don't sware anymore.


........ Your forgiven.


Say, Tigerman. I'm curious. Why remove Tai from the "Jeffery and Friends" tag? Not that I mind or anything, I am just being curious.

Hi, remember me from Jaden's Wiki?

Right, I promise to leave you and your friends alone. Ok?


Look, please unblock me from Jaden's Adventures Wiki. I promise I've learnt my lesson and leave all of you alone.

Hey, there!

Hi, I'm Connor, aka X-OvrLuvr. I haven't seen you around this wiki.

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