Guess Who's back!

Yes, as the title says, after a long plea from Scroop after a disagreement and stain in his friendship with MSM on Deviant Art, I decided to step out of my permanent retirement from the SpongeBob/Spyro and Friends Series...for now though I still have a lot of fanmake work to do and a lot of stuff has changed since I've been out of the game. So here are a few terms/ground rules to make my return here for a while work unless you guys really want me to reconsider coming back here as long as we all get along and respect each other's ideas, autistic creativity and so on.

1. Don't expect me to respond and be around for a while since I still got a life and responsibility on DA along with a lot of work on their to do. And Scroop, do not comment on my channel page on DA unannounced unless you want me depending on how busy I am but respect my fanmake career and address me as Dragonfire92379, Ok?

2. Once I make a daily contribution to this site, you guys return the favor on my spinoff site allright?

3. To MSM, I believe you owe Scroop an apology for your actions resulting me coming back here thanks to him coming to me though I gave him one final chance, so I suggest you heed my advice to you, understand.

4. To Scroop, I gave you a second chance because you now know of my opinions of why I chose to leave the SpongeBob/Spyro and Friends Series for a while since you let me in on some of the changes and all and that I'm not treating Kairi as an overused character who deserves to be in the spotlight along with the way you-know-who and his associates have been behaving along with Junji's usurping coup/treachery on Mang via Xehanort's manipulation and I'm sorry for all the harsh things I said but I just had to speak my mind.

5. And now that I'm back...for now, lets all get along, keep our bad and negative thoughts to ourselves and for the sake of my return here and the future of the SpongeBob/Spyro and Friends Series, lets all have fun ok?

It feel's good to be back at least for now.

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