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X, I want you to know that when you rejected those lines, you rejected my heart and soul, and because of that, SAF/PTE's ties are SEVERED!

You, are NO longer allowed to take ideas from SAF to use for PTE, and any content you did take is now unauthorized to be there! I want all ideas based within such to be removed from PTE at the earliest convinence, right, now. You, wounded me, you are no true friend to me!?

X-OvrLuvr: "I knew it! You DO hate me!" is what I would say, if I wasn't a fair person who didn't think it over.


Making it clear, it is not that we "Grew out of MLP:FIM", it's more like that cause the canon show ended we have limited ideas to work with.

X-OvrLuvr: Who ever said you grew out of MLP? Not me.

Scroopfan: Oh, sorry, this was from before I discovered that it was MSM who made a line that looked as if we stoped caring for MLP. My mistake.

X-OvrLuvr: Well, we all make mistakes.

Relating to MSM, he's in the middle of Off-Wiki Material Stories.