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There. I cleaned up the talk page a little.

Rule Update

Scroopfan: X, you may had likely noticed, but there has been a new change on the Wiki because you had been most unkind to MSM's character. I can understand if you felt she was, um, "Over-Favored" in the Zonguebob Wiki, but that's why I gave her and the others their own wiki, so he can be allowed more creative freedom. So to respect that freedom to not be criticised, I had to make a new rule for The Rules and Guidelines.

Look at 23.

You'll still be allowed the "Worthy" tag, it'll just be as simple as not giving your undesired elements the tag while desired elements will be granted.

X-OvrLuvr: Oh... well, that's all right.


Scroopfan: Just because MSM has been given the USRA races their seperate pages, doesn't mean this wiki has to follow.

X-OvrLuvr: Well, what do you want me to do, spread the PTE Redux tag over to the ZAF Wiki?

Scroopfan: Be my guest if it has to come to it.

X-OvrLuvr: Okay, then.

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