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== Clarity. ==
== Clarity. ==
X, MSM and I are NOT trying to make you hate Owl House with the stories we're making.
Scroopfan: X, MSM and I are NOT trying to make you hate Owl House with the stories we're making.
X-OvrLuvr: I know that. But in my defense, I only watched the first episode, so I don't know how it was supposed to go.

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A demand!

Scroopfan: Okay, I don't know who the heck you are, but quit it?! Who are you and why are you making unautherised edits?!

Me: Oh, of course! How rude of me. It's me, CmdrNIX/HeavyHitterConnor. But here on Wikia, I will now be known as X-OvrLuvr.

Scroopfan: .....Ohhh. Your, THAT guy. I, didn't think you would come to the wiki. Okay, I'll let you off with a fair warning, but keep in mind that only MSM and I are allowed to edit the Moisodes, okay? No offence, but, the moisodes are kinda our thing.

Me: I understand. So... does this mean the Chronicles Episodes are fair game?

Scroopfan: When I said, "Moisodes", I don't just mean the crossovers! I also meant the Chronicles as well! Again, no offence, but you are tecnecally a stranger here. It's a sort've "Earning Trust" thing. This wiki has had a bad history of new comers only bring nothing but trouble. It's nothing personal, really, it's an exsirsize of caution.

Rules and Guidelines

Please consider the rules and guidelines.

Me: I... see. I'll back off for now, but I want to assure you that I won't be any trouble to you or MSM. Besides, I didn't come here just for this wiki, I'm here because I'm creating my own wiki for my own adventures series.

Punch Time Exploders Wiki

Scroopfan: Hey, thanks for helping out against that Spaz while I was asleep. I blocked the guy when I saw the extent of the tomfoolery.

Me: It was the least I could do. I'm only sorry I couldn't do something about the comment he gave. That IS Rule #1, after all. I also see you took notice of my creating the Dr. Cabelleron page.

MSM: I came up with the name for that Hardscrabble guy and I DID see Monsters University. But when you look up the word itself, it means hard work and struggle. A fitting nickname for the character itself. No confusion was intended.

Me: Oh, I see. No hard feelings?

About the Chapter change.

Scroopfan: Look, about the change in Viral Vi-Tor gets Real, that was mainly MSM's doing in due to the fact that the mini ark in Chapter 4 has been taking alot longer then planned.

Me: I understand. But this doesn't change the fact that I had to edit the Pooh Series Staple Dialogue, now, does it?

Scroopfan: Hey come on, I can't exactly predict when MSM desides to do a new thing beyond the planned concept, just as much he can't predict me when I felt that certain idea doesn't work with my grand vision. We're not mind-readers.

Me: Okay, okay, I see your point.

Bad Fight.


Scroopfan: X, I need you to talk to MSM for me, we just had a very bad fight and it compromised an episode.

Me: Actually, you can just call me Connor. Also, I added to my profile. I'll see what I can do about MSM.

MSM: Would you like me to make you a cartoon avatar like Scroopfan's and mine?

Me: Well... this is kind of sudden. I mean, I like this series, but I have my own adventure series to work on. What sort of avatar did you have in mind?

MSM: Anything you want.

Me: Well, I appreciate the offer, but I don't really feel like having an avatar.

MSM: Scroopfan's back. He was actually just moving and had a scarce Internet connection.

Me: Ah, he was moving to a new place. I know what that's like.

MSM: I want you to know that I quit working on School Secrecy, so you can carry on from there. Scroopfan deleted a hard-worked edit of mine because he whined his mother messed up his connection and edit.

Me: OOOH... see, that's gonna be a bit of a problem. I still haven't caught up with Seasons 7 or 8 of MLP, and I don't automatically know what Scroopfan has in mind for his episodes. Besides, I tried adding those scenes again, and this time he gave me a reason why he doesn't want to include them.

MSM: Well he needs to learn to be less childish and not anger me by being stubbornly wasteful of my edits. I'm sick of him doing this.

Me: Well, I do have an opening for an admin at the Punch Time Exploders wiki... in case you're interested.


Scroopfan: X, just for your infomation, this is a response to you saying "Get on with it" in an earlier edit....

It's called, building up lore and expanding the world. SAF is NOT like PTE where lore is meaningless and just pushed to the side in the name of thrills, we express lore here. So remember that, it's not like PTE in this wiki, okay?

X-OvrLuvr: Believe it or not, there's lore in PTE. If you read Bernadette Meets Ben 10: Secret of the Omnitrix you'd know the origin story of the main antagonist, Lord Rottenday.

Scroopfan: Well I was mainly just asking you be patient, here.

X-OvrLuvr: I know. I was just giving you an example of lore in PTE.

Curious Question.

Scroopfan: You had said you considered A Spongebob, Spyro, and Friends Christmas a "Guilty Pleasure". I'm curious as to why. Would you like to explain the highs and lows of the episode?

Me: Well, I consider it a guilty pleasure because it's a pretty good interpretation of A Christmas Carol. I'd have to reread it in order to get to the high and low points, so I'll just do the low points.

  • Copperfang's journey with the Ghosts.
    • Past: While I do agree that Jin could've handled the situation better, I think it would've made more sense to have Oogway intervene.
    • Present:... actually, I found no problems with that ghost.
    • Future: The long-winded speech on how the Dark Man Scrooge Curse ruined everything and scaring the shit out of him at the end. And I mean, REALLY, FUCKING, SCARING, THE SHIT OUT OF HIM.
  • The needless subplots.
    • There's literally no reason for Patchy to go through all that shit with Ginger.
    • The relationship with Alfred and Grace should've had a little more romantic tension near the end.
    • Copperfang was enough of an antagonist, and I thought North Wind was kinda pointless, and I'm not just saying that because I absolutely hate the idea of Morality Illness.

Okay, bitch-and-moan. What DO I like about A SpongeBob, Spyro and Friends Christmas?

  • I like how the story progresses.
    • Copperfang's changes throughout the visits, whether they're harsh or intentionally scary, are actually quite impressive.
    • The Saving Christmas plotline, while done a million times, gives way to creative ideas.
  • I like the final battle.
    • I don't mean the final boss, North Wind, I mean everything else. Ginger's justice against Freezar, Mother Nature's good enough punishments to our villains, except for, again, Copperfang, and how everything was resolved just in the nick of time.


Scroopfan: Oh, you explained your reasoning well enough, there was no need for a respondse.

Me: Oh... um... okay. I guess that's fair enough. Of course, I have my own thoughts on An All-Out French Experience with Gary.

Scroopfan: Would I dare ask about that opinion on that controverseal mess of an episode?

Me: Ah, but here's the thing. I think it's controversial for a different reason than you think. Can you guess why, aside from your reasons?

Scroopfan: I'm pretty sure an episode that involves the controverses of a sex trade is pretty controverseal enough. That idea was born from a family guy episode about Meg going through a simular situation.

Me: So? That episode is still being aired on TV. So, I'll just tell you my controversy with that moisode: IT NEVER, STOPS! There is always talking, always another side of the story, always shifting sides! The whole moisodes is like this; there is never a silent moment where the episode can breathe or take a break. It's like when you wrote it, you were afraid if it lets up on the heavy atmosphere, it's going to lose your fans' attention, and that's not a good thing. People need lighter moments and pauses, because it teaches them patience and how to separate the good from the bad. This is like watching from three screens at once, and they're all in the same room.

Scroopfan:...... That's, a weird thing to consider controverseal. Also, keep in mind that it was basicly one of the earlier chronicles episodes, so, we were still exspearimenting with ideantity at the time.

Me: Well, on the plus side, I did like SOME things in it. The settings were good, Madame Deces was a good villain, and the final battle against her was good.

Scroopfan: Now, here's another thing on my mind that's bugging me: Why has the AUU been dubbed as "Unworthy" for PTE? Now, I am not advocating for you to give it a chance as I respect the attempt of giving PTE a seperate identity from SAF, but, for curiousiy's sake, may I know the full reason behind why the PTE knows no AUU? Again, not advocating for it's includsion, but out of anything SAF introdused, I felt that the AUU has a very fascinating lore and history. Now, if it's for the purpose of giving the PTE continuity it's own identity, then that's fine, but if there's a greater reason, I would like to know. Keynote: Again, not advocating for AUU includsion to PTE as I am still debating the Redux thing, just merely asking for a curiosity to be answered.

Me: That is an excellent question. To put it simple, I wanted to give Quidilin a different character arc in PTE. Also, while the idea of the AUU is fascinating like you said, I feel like the Flora and Fauna alone is just too confusing to focus on, never mind the different lore and history. Now you must understand, PTE takes place in a Parallel United Universes, or PUU, different from SAF.

Scroopfan: (Snickers), No intentional offence, but, calling a Parallel United Universes "PUU" is unintentionally hilarious.

Me: Well... that is kinda funny when I think about it, but what else would you name a United Universe with a timeline separate from SAF, if not an Alternate United Universes?

Also, just for the record, I'm not against the idea of the Uniter.

Scroopfan: I never really SAID you were against it. Just pointing out the extreme name-change.

Me; I see. Maybe I can use Uniter as a nickname for the Light side of the Uniter.


Hello. I'm an old friend of Superwritermanic. Call me Tigerman. Tigerman531 (talk) 22:55, December 26, 2018 (UTC)

Me: Nice to meet you.

To X.

Scroopfan: We need to talk about you causing edit conflicts every time I am in the middle of an edit. For now on, wait for until AFTER I did a follow-up edit to MSM, okay?

Me: I don't do it on purpose!

Scroopfan: Be that as it may, you need to be more patient and wait for my edits before you do anything. Ok?

Me: Deal.

About Holiday Spoiled Anthrology.

Scroopfan: This is a crazy idea, but, why not combine Bester Gift Ever and Holiday Spoiled Anthrology together as a single episode, where the main hero group would attend with Lord Shiver, while the Students deal with the Holiday Spoiler that decided to cause trouble during the Shiver incident? That way, you'll get those unabridged stories for the HSA part. That is, if your not dead set on giving up on the redux of the idea.

X-OvrLuvr: Could work, but it depends on how long those stories would be. Plus, I'd have to catch up to MLP.


Scroopfan: I had been meaning to talk about this with you yesterday, but the Wiki was going through one of it's "Datacenter" fits.....

But now that it is working again, I want to say....

What you did to me yesterday, about flat-out rejecting the Verse Scrappers, after the time it took to make those images and figuring out their discriptions, it, it hurted my feelings.

I had been nothing but nice to you and allow you to make reduxes of certain things and letted you add that polor oppisite tag on certain series stables, and that in return for you to try to improve my wiki issues, I'd do the same and help improve some of yours, and make it, more mature, more philosiful, and less like an ideal fantasy (Not meant to offend you), to give PTE complexity and deepness.... And to avoid it from ending up like, so many other crossovers, EPSIECALLY Pooh's Adventures.

Why? Well, do you even know the common critque to crossovers in general? The point of them. Like, with Pooh, people had often question WHY is Pooh getting involved in stories that from their perspective have no business to include. And why? Because, alot of Pooh's Adventure stories, and a majority of others, played the stories straight. They gave no serious deviations and that it's otherwise just watching the vanella movie with an outsider character reacting to the moments and rarely intervening personally. Crossovers fell to the same common trap that they're basicly just glorifived react videos. The closest I came to crossovers that tried to add more depth, is the Ed Edd & Eddy adventures series, but only in terms on making their adventures more drumatic, otherwise, apart from some deviations, it still played stories mostly straight.

That is where SAF comes to be different and actselly has Spongebob and his friends affect the fate of the story and the desteny of the characters, even villains. And from then on, I added more and more complexities to SAF to make SAF feel like it's own universe, and, not just another crossover series.

Also, you misunderstood my intentions about the Verse Scrappers: YOU, DID, NOT, HAVE, TO, ACTSELLY, LET, THEM, DESTROY, YOUR, UNITED UNIVERSES?! You could just as easily have Bernadette and friends confront and stop them like how Spongebob and his friends are doing to Drainthus! I even explained in the Cosmic Recycler's discription that he's the glaring giant weakness of all the Verse Scrappers. The Verse Scrappers are meant to be an even bigger challnage to face then JUST Rotty and Void, because, well, why do you think I have a bajillion OC villains, cause SAF would go STALE if it just sticks to Cobra all the damn time with the cloest to any deviations is anything from his abominations collection, like Lord Dread.

Look, what you deside after this rant is your decidion, but, do keep in mind that if you don't give PTE more depth, philosify, complexity, or at the least give the heroes something to question and challnage their worldviews, then, it'll be no different then the many other crossovers, just outsiders reacting to an adventure they happened apawn. Also, remember what I said about Void on my last rant. I mean, isn't an evil sentient planet respondsable for all villainy in the PTE United Universe, scary and horrorfying in it's own right? Void alone kinda contridicts your interests of not introdusing anything horrorfying. Maybe not the same level as outer gods, but, the fact the void exists in your series at all, already more then enough tronces any ties PTE would have to be a basic crossover series. So why the hold up on going the whole nine yards?

I'm only saying, if you have Rotty and Void be the ONLY major penultamate challnages for the series, well, PTE would get stale, and I mean this with respect for your series. Heck, your crossover with Dexter's Ego Trip, already basicly spoiled the penultamate fate of Rottenday, thus, his urgentcy as a legitamate threat is forever redused because we know in the earliest lore, that he's not gonna end up take over the universes for long, and the less is said about him wasting Bernadette's prison time folicing around the universes in worlds that should've otherwise been more cautious, speaks volumes about how Rotty doesn't take his ambitions seriously.

Once more, it's your call, but, do understand that I am only trying to help PTE be more complex and more then just, another crossover series, but to be practiclarly a universe of it's own right.

X-OvrLuvr: Well... I'll think about it...

Scroopfan: Well, thank you for at least not outright rejecting it still, but not completely backtracking out of guilt neither, cause then I would've felt guilty I pressured you against your standerds. I get that maybe Outer Gods might be abit too strong for you, and maybe that was too early to introduse, but, I do still want to give PTE more complexity. Maybe I should try this in baby steps. Maybe get you used to having a more complex series before we can REALLY tackle the hard stuff.

X-OvrLuvr: I can handle that, as long as you remember that I'm still relatively new to this adventure series thing. Also, PTE was inspired by SAF, and is meant to be more restrained.



X, I tried, I tried, to work under these spefific condictions to try and enhance the particular universe you set forth, I only wanted to make Valerie more then just indignitantly sat on spike like she was suppose to be a fat joke, i mean, that is not dignifived for neither character. I am trying to make Valerie a more edgier character, but you want her to be regulate to a "Sat on your friend" joke.

MSM, fairly warned you that I can be a high-maintainence writer, I warned you that I'm a high maintainence writer, and yet here you are, acting like I can be pushed around in favor of your ideas. You forget that you are reduxing things that came from my wiki and my series, first and foremost, so, by all accounts, yes, that does quilify as me having creative enfluence because they came from SAF, first. Yet here you are, smacking me down as if my imput is undesireable. You act as if these ideas you imported from SAF are completely yours, but they're not. They were from ME, MSM, and Tman once apawn a time. They existed on SAF long, long before PTE was even a thing. I, was trying to give these characters more dyamnic feelings, more alive, more..... Just more.

But you, (Sniffles), you insult my imput as "Taintedness", and I was nice enough to let you criticises my series to hell and back because I actselly saw potaintional in this series, so I wanted to help keep it from falling into the same trap that tainted most crossovers from being universely loved. I wanted to give this series more depth, more greater purpose, more lore, a grander reason why characters otherwise wildly different from eachother exist in the same universe and be more. But, you severely wounded me for that block. Now, I, I just don't know how to feel anymore?! (Cries running away!)

X-OvrLuvr: Hey, come on, don't be like that! I decided against that action and unblocked you.

..... Thanks, but.... X, I think we're still better off completely scrapping the idea of introdusing magic university into PTE entirely. There's too much devisiveness with that episode. Please don't be mad about it, it's just that I no longer think Magic University's a safe idea to introduse to PTE without us ending up hating eachother. Maybe create a more original Twilight/Valerie encoutner story without Magic University?

X-OvrLuvr: Well, I want to give this story a second chance, but I want to do it without any more problems. When I lost drafted it, I renamed it so it's a first draft. I just need a little more time to reintroduce it. And... perhaps we were BOTH being unreasonable.

Scroopfan: Well, then in that case, how's about this: We do the Valerie treating Spike like a chair pellow AFTER the concert introduction should we ever do a take three. It doesn't have to be right now, just, after this controversey blows off. Deal?

X-OvrLuvr: Can I pick the song that she sings?

Scroopfan: Only because I know you might do it anyway.

X-OvrLuvr: It's a deal.

Just trying to clear up confusion.

Scroopfan: Okay, I can understand the three reasons why you are further distencing yourself from the Legends of Bikini Bottom Expanded Stories, but, what did you mean by "considerable drop in comedy or blatant temporal displacement" for the Shark Lord legend?

X-OvrLuvr: There's a reason for each one.

1. I thought this story was about the comedic attempts to learn the superpowers of the IJSLA.

2. Sandy mentioned all the stories as if they came BEFORE the Shark Lord one. Was this one supposed to be the LAST story of this anthology?

Scroopfan: Okay, 1, all the learning was already done in how badly they handled the minions enough as it is and that the declaration of them not suppose to be fighting like the original IJSLA was suppose to be the grand "Ah-ha!" moment.

And 2: Did you NOT paid attention to the Triva mentioning that the stories are out of cronological order? Or hell, even the dates on the story summeries themselves for that matter? It LITTERALLY states that, and I qoute:  Goonami happened first, then the Main Drain, Then Curse of the Hex, Then Trenchbillies, Then Pinata Locas, Then Weresquirrel, Then Bikini Bottom Triangle, Then Volcano, Then Mermaid Man And Barnacle Boy, and concluding with Rraarg happening way far off from the others. That means that the stories are being told out of cronological order, as if these were lost stories that were found for the first time and being presented in the order of which they were discovered.

X-OvrLuvr: All right. Excuse me for overlooking the trivia section.

Let's just forget this happened.

Scroopfan: Let's pretend we never come across this arguement, okay?

X-OvrLuvr: As long as I don't have to edit the Hagfish story without feeling uncomfortable, no problem.

Scroopfan: And as promise, I promise that the episode will have a nicer payoff then you would expect. Just be assured, it's not torture porn.

X-OvrLuvr: I'm gonna hold you to that promise.

About Gem Stories.

Scroopfan: I am sensing that MSM's Gem Stories are rubbing you the wrong way from what you wrote on the latest edits on Moisodes. Care to explain why?

X-OvrLuvr: Certainly. In the first story, he introduced Shocked Quartz, a seriously overpowered gem who poofed the Crystal gems with a single punch, and I took immediate satisfaction in knowoing she's been stopped.

Now he introduces a Cubic Zirconia, who is the antithesis of Rose Quartz who wants Earth destroyed as opposed to saving it!

And if he knows what's good for him, he'd BETTER stay away from PTE unless he has actual GOOD edits for my stories!

Scroopfan: Okay, look. It might be too late for the Shocked Quartz thing, but, I might be able to talk him into revising Cubic Zirconia. I can't promise miricles, but, I am going to try to resolve this.

X-OvrLuvr: Yeah, you better.

Scroopfan: This was MSM's reply:

"MSM: Well Zirconia was meant to be the opposite of Pink Diamond. The original Pink Diamond wasn't always subordinate and only got Earth as a demand. The Diamonds created Zirconia as a replacement and another chance to give Pink Diamond the respect she deserves. So, to ease X, I'll say she started out sweet and kind, but matured into the Diamonds' original ideals of perfection. And understandably, she didn't take it well when she found out the truth about her existence. She's supposed to be based off original fan theories about Spinel being a failed Pink Diamond 2.0 before the movie aired. She's similar to both Spinel and Pink Diamond in some ways, but polar opposites are supposed to be opposites. But yes. I'll give her her own redemption by having her kill herself, because Steven spares her and makes her see how wrong she was and how valuable organic life can be and sees that the universe would be better off without her. There won't be much violence, though. Steven DID nosebleed in the movie. I also plan to have ONE death. But it'll only be an original character. Tell X that I'll do what I can to grant his requests."

Now, I know this might not nessersarly be what you wanted, but, MSM has at least promise to pull back enough that the Stories may no longer be undesireable.

X-OvrLuvr: Well, then I'll back off the hate for now.

Scroopfan: Glad I was able to resolve it. Admitingly though, I am complicating of doing my own side-story series with the "Stories" series MSM is doing, though given that I'm not wildly interested in Steven Universe AND that you bare a fierce loyalty to it, I think I'm better off sticking to New Mewni and Amfibia. Cause I don't feel confident enough to represent SU lore accreately.

X-OvrLuvr: Well, I let you off the hook with those two because A, I haven't caught up to Star vs the Forces of Evil, and B, I don't know Amphibia that well.

Scroopfan: Well, I barely know those shows too, but the side-stories I would offer would mainly track with characters outside of the Main Stars like MSM's doing with his stories.

X-OvrLuvr: Okay, then.

...I literally have nothing to say except, MSM is not welcome on my PTE Wiki.

Scroopfan: (Sighs), Still not satisfived with the direction of Gem Stories?

X-OvrLuvr: I'm glad he dealt with Cubic Zirconia, But... Did he REALLY have to do that to Devontae? I mean, I know he was a jerk, but couldn't Steven have just resurrected him like he did Lars?

Scroopfan: Well, you are all about giving reduxes, why not make revisions of the current gem stories and give them that touch you think MSM's versons are lacking?

X-OvrLuvr: I'll keep that in mind when I get past the Steven Universe movie episode.

Just a headsup.

Scroopfan: We're having a grinchy invadsion of the Max Paynes and Clint Stevens again, so watch out.

X-OvrLuvr: What? How can you tell?

Scroopfan: I litterally had to fight off attempts of vandelisation prior to this conversation. Thanks to quicktools, I did resolve it effectently and cleanly, but I figured I'd warned you the same in cause PTE suffers ths holiday holocaust as well.

X-OvrLuvr: And I just remedied some of that shit on my wiki as well.


Scroopfan: X, MSM and I are NOT trying to make you hate Owl House with the stories we're making.

X-OvrLuvr: I know that. But in my defense, I only watched the first episode, so I don't know how it was supposed to go.

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