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Uzuri is a hyena from the Pure Hyena era. She was the mother of Shenzi who was eventually murdered by Merlock along with her husband, Jasiri. She was friends with Banzai and Ed's parents.

Life Story

Uzuri was a pure hyena who was originally destined to marry Nyeusi the 3rd, a real-respected and noble hyena. Uzuri hated him, but she had to fulfill her duty. Baako questions this, and she insists that it's to preserve her bloodline, and that it's a grand tradition declared by her renowned great grandmother, Tangawizi. Baako persists that it's not the old days of the old ways anymore, and that she should end it since she's the leader. However, Uzuri refused, and couldn't bypass the tradition.

What Uzuri didn't know was that Nyeusi was greedy for power. He wanted to turn the hyenas to the ideals of domination for his father, Nyeusi the 2nd, and conquer Pride Rock and kill off Ahadi, who Nyeusi wanted to overthrow because he felt that under his rule, the Pride Lands would be more secured. But Baasho overheard Nyeusi's plan, and went off to warn Uzuri, who was already at the wedding with Nyeusi. Baako rudely interrupts the wedding, and warns everyone that Nyeusi was a betrayer. His plan ruined, Nyeusi tried to attack Baako, but he didn't realize Baako was an experienced warrior. Baako clawed Nyeusi in the eye before he could attack. Even though Nyeusi didn't give up, the Council had him executed.

Uzuri then met another Hyena named Jasiri after Nyeusi's execution, who was a former bandit leader who was reformed after being captured by pure hyenas and taken to the Council. Uzuri admitingly fell in love with him, but Baako asked Jasiri to treat Uzuri right. Jasiri agreed, and he and Uzuri got married, and gave birth to Shenzi.

After Shenzi's birth, Uzuri had nightmarish visions of Malefor which no one took seriously. But then, Malefor and the darkspawn returned, and invaded. Many pure hyenas were killed, and the Council was also destroyed. But Uzuri and Jasiri weren't killed because they were way too powerful due to their strong bond of love. Then out of nowhere, Merlin and other heroes came and chased the darkspawn away.

Uzuri was known for using a light spell to stop a plague of beetles from invading the pure hyenas. But during the Herbivore Strike, Uzuri tried to protect their name, accompanied by a kind-hearted Giraffe named Kesho. However, because the Circle of Life was threatened by herbivores, the Council rejected their pleas, and banished the pure hyenas from Pride Rock. The herbivores chased all the hyenas off the Pride Lands. Uzuri tried to warn Jasiri, but he persisted he couldn't risk their child, and he stands up to Hasira, the Wildebeest leading the invasion of the pure hyenas, and elder brother of Kazar. Jasiri winded up losing his eye. Uzuri urged Hasira to stop, but he just had his herbivore army chase her off. Jasiri managed to get Shenzi to safety. Uzuri ran to a cliff, where Hasira charged at her, she managed to dodge the attack, leaving Hasiri to fall off the cliff to his death. Kitako and Ahadi witnessed this, and tell her they still need a hyena leader until Shenzi takes over. Uzuri agreed, and returned home.


Uzuri was unfortunately killed by a Villain named Merlock, who was sent by Cobra from Malefor. He shapeshifted into a mountain lion and killed Jasiri. But she attacked him before he could get to Shenzi. However, Merlock severely clawed her chest, killing her. Her last dying wish was to give Shenzi to her friend, , to keep her safe from Merlock and learn the final Pure Hyena magic known as the so that she could use it to take down Merlock when the time came.