Piper W. Maurleen, AKA Vacuum Queen, formerly Wind-Piper, is an Alternate UUniversal Serloth from Planet Uridia. She is an embittered long-necked sloth buggy bandit leader who hates the Vault Seekers for ruining her life and reducing her into a Scavy on Uridia's moon of Epho. Her entire family were among the many casualties of the Quarantine Initiative committed by Awesome Jaxtom and secretly Helertia Porsche, and had no money to pay for their Digisurrection, blaming the Vault Seekers for their death for not surrendering before the Quarantine Initiative, as she fled to Epho with literally all other victims of the Quarantine Initiative that weren't Digisurrected, whether because of glitches or because of being unable to pay for it, and formed Epho's buggy bandits who drive combat-capable moon buggies across the airless wastes of Epho. She constantly harassed them whenever they come around Epho's surface and they try to aid her however they can, but she always louses them up which makes it impossible, doing it with her entire gang.


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