Vade Mecum Liboria is a cat-headed sphinx of Equestria. She is known as the guardian of the Alicorn Library, the Liberium Alicorna, which was hidden since the end of the Chaos Wars to prevent malicious threats from abusing the power within the books. The books are thus enchanted thanks to the imaginative manifestations of the Alicorn God of Knowledge, Prince Knowitall Cognizanceus. Being a friend of his who rescued her from a tyrant in her homeland of Sphinxia before their apparent extinction, she swore to keep the library safe, and turns anyone who trespasses into books. Intense as this is, Vade is by no means evil about this as it's only typical of Sphinxs to behavie. This being said, she grew too trusting of her own power, great as it is, to ever accept another way to keep the libary safe and would take an act so hitting of her pride to get her humbled would she ever come to a better alternative.


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