Valencetine is an Equestrian Unicorn from Canterlot. He is the mentally-disabled son of Angerstorm, a magician who was able to manipulate emotions as a magical source like Starlight Glimmer when bottling up her anger, as he developed the spells that convert anger and stress into other forms like Stresskies, or magical astral monkeys that wreak havoc, among other kinds of astral monkeys. Though he was mentally-disabled and had massive mood swings, always laughing, crying, overjoyed, angry, scared, and so on randomly until he fully developed his mind by defeating the source of this: a manifestation of his mental damage created accidentally by Angerstorm when trying to get over the anger and mistrustful emotions she had for his wife, as he unknowingly infused it into Valencetine as a developing fetus as it resulted in her dying at childbirth, as he apologized before she died, and she was able to forgive him beforehand as he swore to keep Valencetine safe. By defeating and destroying this source of mental destruction, Valencetine was able to destroy his mental imbalance and become fully sane, and defeat other apparitions of anger and emotional torment, whether of the same origin as his demon, or of a different history. Though he disappeared and apparently died, his legacy lives on, mainly through an apparent new heir named Furibund.


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