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Valeriana is a female salamander from the world of Amphibia. She was one of the vendors at the Bizarre Bazaar in the episode of the same name, as she sells many treasures she found in her years of travel when she was younger, and she claims to have "seen and heard it all". She also has a parrot-looking pet named Liander. She also seems to possess knowledge of the Calamity Box, the relic that transported Anne Boonchuy and her friends to Amphibia, as she claims to Liander that she has been looking for Anne. In Season 2, she is revealed to be the keeper of the Calamity Box as she guides Anne and her friends to the Temple of Heart, testing her resolve of heart, but only manages to help her charge a small portion of the Gem of Heart. She is voiced by Susanne Blakeslee (Mrs. Turner, Wanda, and Anti-Wanda in The Fairly OddParents, and Maleficent in Kingdom Hearts franchise)


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Role in the series

Valeriana is revealed to be a childhood friend and guardian of Bracket, the guardian of Amphibia's magic, including the last relics of the Calamity Objects including the Calamity Box and the three gems that power it as well as the Temples scattered across Amphibia that provide power to them based on several virtues. She was once orphaned from the order her ancestors belonged to due to the chaos brought by the Bestiaran God, and was found by Bracket. She and Bracket even had another friend named Wormtongue, and the three would be guardians of a few of the most important temples on Amphibia, with Bracket guarding a Temple of Wit and Wormtongue guarding a Temple of Strength, Valeriana would guard the Temple of Heart she guides Anne through, The Heart Temple of Action. Wormtongue's connections awakened his great knowledge in dark arts. But when Bracket and Wormtongue's friendship fell apart, Valeriana and Bracket went their separate ways as she would keep an oath to Bracket: protect this magic from any abuse at all costs, and had to erase Wormtongue's knowledge of being the Guardian of one of the Temples of Strength, while Valeriana would finally discover the remains of her ancestors' order years before meeting Anne, and claim her birthright as the Keeper of the Calamity Box.

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