The movie Raptors

Velociraptors were dinosaurs that lived in the Cretaceous Period of Mongolia, Asia. The dinosaur was made popular because of the 1993 movie, "Jurassic Park". And they also appear as minor antagonists in the 2000 Disney movie Dinosaur.


Although not evil, they are hunters who need food to survive, they have no malicious intent. They just care about feeding themselves to survive, as they don't care for no one else.

Role in DinosaurEdit

As Aladar and the lemurs walk through the barren wasteland, they see a Velociraptor go by, Aladar and the lemurs became curious on what it is and decide to check it out. When they found it, it snarled at them and others came, and started chasing them. They soon ran away when the herd, led by Kron, came by. After Aladar walked the opposite direction of the herd, he and the lemurs looked at the herd. Yar was about to convince Aladar not to be in the herd until Zini, spots the Velociraptors and Aladar and his family then decides to join the herd for protection against the raptors. Although very dangerous, the raptors are not seen as a major threat by the adult dinosaurs in the main herd, as Eema, tells Aladar that they are the only ones following them.

Later as the herd migrates to find some water, Aladar sees one dinosaur has died of exhaustion and some Velociraptors coming near by. With no choice on helping the dead dinosaur, Aladar decides to keep on going, as the raptors soon start to feast on it. A little later, when Eema collapsed, Aladar told her that she must get up without getting eaten, and that there out there, waiting. However, the Velociraptors have already eaten their fill. Suddenly, 2 Carnotaurus come and scare them away. They are not seen for the rest of the movie.

Role in the series

The Velociraptors reprise their role from Dinosaur, but now are revealed to be corrupted pawns of the Villain League like the Carnotaurs. Originally, Tman wanted the controller to be Fagin and Ratigan, as well as the original first debute of Arthur and Cecil, but Scroopfan wanted a debute of a different kind, and he decided to make the whole movie a sort of simuler contrust to Lion King, complete with Spore knockoffs of Scar and the hyenas in the form of Pteranus (Dread) and the hyenaptors. Also, the velociraptors have been converted into Spore mutants by Pteranus' dark magic, and given the command of the human-named Larry, a mutant raptor made from the spore laboratories of the Villain League. The velociraptors now serve as knockoffs to the hyenas due to the hyena clan reforming to join the High Council. because of the forementioned text, the Raptors played a more major role in the film then the orginal film, cause Scroopfan thinks Raptors are cool, and thought they desevred a better role then as one-shot threats. although, the original raptors were all converted into spore raptors bearing resemblence to Jurassic park raptors (the tiger stipied and zebra feathered raptors) in order to appear later, so in tecnecal irony, the original raptors are once again missing in action.

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