Vemita Hoodscales is an Equestrian dragon from the Dragon Lands. She is a serpentine dragon unique to others for cobra-hooded crests and flammable bite venom. Her clan is famous for terrorizing the pony-dragon lands of Vulcan Valley which are territorially separated by a strait, named after Vemita's great grandfather Vulcan Hoodscales, who was beheaded by Pred Judu Des in 2010 and leaving Vemita's parents to try and fail to avenge him, as his head was mounted in the pony mayor's office. Vemita, in order to begin the quest for revenge and ensure she doesn't share the same fate, swore to make a name for herself. She started by being the very worst bully in the Dragon Lands with friends like a big-jawed Garble-like dragon named Zmarts, a Gronckle-like dimwitted dragon named Garbage and his pal, a Monstrous Nightmare-like equilly dimwitted dragon named Pail, a Hideous Zippleback-like dragon named Gasser and Ignitio, and a giant dragon with a large nose horn named Slammerhino. After she missed the Gauntlet of Fire that got Princess Ember as the Dragon Lord because she has an obscene case of molting, she will stop at no cruel, manipulative, or villainous act to get what she wants. She's the biggest bully of Quartz and even secretly snitched on her by telling her father about her pony friends, resulting in the molt effect that got Quartz ostracized. She is very spiteful against ponies and even roasts them, figuratively and literally, in any opportunity.


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Vemita is a reddish dragon with cobra-like crests on the sides of her head, a long devil-like tail, long needle-like teeth, orange snake-like eyes, orange back spines, transparent orange ear crests, a slender body yet strong limbs, and large wings just like Ember's.

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