Since the events of Rebirth, Tyrone feels broken and betrayed. He lost his friends, the new Ororo, the real Ororo, Master Algor had him banished from the city, and his own family disowned him. And to make it worse, Veronica hates him and harshly shuns him. Tyrone has been betrayed by those that cared about him. He thinks they all have forsaken Ororo as a fallen hero, and that it's not to be fixed. Tyrone is heartbroken and his life has been ruined forever. But that's when things get bad when Grinch-titanious and his minions arrive and show him that he doesn't need any friends or a girlfriend, and that he can start a new life over. A life that he would normally regret. Grinch-titanious has managed to tempt him into becoming Tyranious, the most infamous and most feared telepath of all time. Tyrone fits himself with a suit of black and yellow armor, gets an army of solid-light holographic monster machines called Holo Hunter Drones and attempts to make all who wronged him pay. But what Grinch-Titanious didn't expect was that Tyranious double-crossed him, and took all the power they gave him with him. Now, with Tyranious getting better at making his Holo Hunters, he plans to not only enslave his own friends as well as other heroes and villains of Kratos, but he also plans to use smuggled telepath quantonium to turn Kratos into a dystopia ruled entirely by telepaths, their vanguard being Tyranious. The Lodgers come along to do something, but Tyranious' old friends have lost all confidence, blaming themselves for what happened to Tyrone, and that there might be nothing they can do about it. Tyrone is gone, probably forever. What are they going to do?

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