Verette Odini Heyrovsky

Verette O. Heyrovsky, AKA Voh, is an Alternate UUniversal Lest from Planet Taitera. She is a fox-colored wild cat and one of Rhybe's childhood friends who worked alongside him and Wawn in the Armatage Corporation as a genius inventor gifted in building military inventions for Armatage as well as offering lunch to his friends as her sister Millette used to work for a C&Cs. Since her single mother died of OIDS a year before Awesome Jaxtom took over the Armatage Corporation, she became one of his mind-controlled employees after she was demoted to a requisitions agent, which angered her greatly. When she displayed this mind-controlled behavior, Millette quit C&Cs and became more of a combat journalist as well as a hacker to see what was wrong with her. Verette was later freed when Jaxtom was defeated. She later ended up helping Rhybe after realizing she was mind-controlled by Maurmice Vanchavez, and they and Wawn threatened to expose this crime as mind-control technology was illegal. In response, Maurmice cast Verette and Wawn into a wormhole and claims that they have been killed, when they have actually been sent to a pocket dimension of stasis until a purpose was fulfilled. She continued to be stuck there to until Rhybe rescued her with help from Millette and Wawn's brother Vawghner. She and her sister are the AUU versions of Borderlands Yvette.


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