Verko is a naked mole rat from Equestria who appears in the MLP Movie Prequel Comics and is the top crime boss of Klugetown, and the one whom the con artist Capper owes debt to thanks to losing a deal because of his traitorous friend Chummer. He's the ultimate reason why Capper sells out the Mane Six, until he is fried to a crisp by Tempest Shadow looking for them for The Storm King. He is voiced by Brian Dobson (Dr. Gero and Majin Buu in one of the Dragon Ball Z dubs and Dallas Wannamaker in Ratchet and Clank reboot movie).


IDW Comics

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MLP Movie

Verko is first mentioned as Capper secretly tells a local outside it that he plans on selling the Mane Six to him to pay off his own debt.

Capper planned to deliver the Mane Six to Mount Aris after opening up and changing his mind, only to open the door to reveal Verko waiting outside, exposing Capper for the con-artist he was. Things get worse when Tempest Shadow and Grubber arrive, but a distraction from Verko scoping out Tempest gives the Mane Six time to escape and reach the Klugetown Docks to escape on a departing airship, as Verko mocks her and leaves himself to be fried and knocked out.


  • "Here's VERKO!"

Role in the series

Though Verko is mentioned in the series, he doesn't have a planned appearance as, since Capper defeated Storm King to make up for his betrayal, he prefers to not anger his allies by causing him trouble and risk his livelihood, revealed to have been stopped from hurting him following the failure of capturing the ponies thanks to Chummer, who doesn't make himself known to Capper as he wants to wait to redeem himself, and he later ends up being the underling of The Crime Kingpin, a member of the Storm Clan who turned Klugetown's original founder Fortuna to coal, as punishment for failing to save Klugetown from it's criminal lifestyle through the local Roc that destroys it looking for it's eggs with his top agent Mendax.

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