Vernma Sally Wilson

Vernma S. Wilson is a human girl who is a member of Snake Killer Inc. as the brains of the crew. She helped the team develop their flying van, their high-tech weaponry, and their access to antivenom and venom immunities. She was once exactly like Velma Dinkley and was a Straight A+ student and child genius. However, she had a slightly greater rival in the form of a very genius snake student. Every attempt she made to be top of the student, he ended up still being the best. It drove Vernma to the point that she went out of her way to create the perfect cure of cancer. With a degree in biological altering, she thought she created the perfect cure. She tested it on her terminally-ill parents, but they ended up turning into crab-based monsters and they destroyed the science fair as a result. Vernma was made a town disgrace, even despite her rival's efforts to try and justify her actions, which Vernma insultingly rejected and ran away from the town that now hated her. She has since become a mad Gothic scientist and all her creations became contraband. She was eventually included into Snake Killer Inc. by Nooby-Doo who found her almost futuristic weaponry and biological advancements a great asset. She often tends to be snarky and cynical to almost everything Nooby does and isn't anymore humbler than he is.


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