Verse Scrappers, Nicknamed "Multiverse Scrappers", are a group of Mid-High-Tier Outer Gods that co-exist along side The Amoral Ones, ergo they are not of direct relation to the Amoral Ones. Verse Scrappers are how a failed Multiverse that is forsakened by the Amoral Ones gets basicly "Scrapped" and recycled back into cosmic engery for a new Multiverse attempt. Their duties ranged from collecting survivers, dismantling rampent Inter-Universeal Empires that haven't already destroyed themselves, collect just about everything else, destroyed or otherwise, even something as big or usually unmoveable like planets and suns, and take them to be "Recycled" back in their outer realm home-realm of the Scrapper Realm, to convert back into cosmic engery for the Amoral Ones to reuse to make another Multiverse. Though Scrappers are amoral, they can sometimes take personal pride and joy in their work and don't hesitate to be particularly unpleasent to any resident of a failed multiverse. Verse Scrappers can exist in a verity of spieces suited for particular tasks. Verse Scrappers often view and treat any product of a failed multiverse, living or otherwise, no differently then how junkers view scrap metal or trash collectors view garbage, just something to recycle to be re-used once more in something else.

PTE Redux Status: This concept used to be unworthy, but now it's changed to a stage of uncertainty due to X-OvrLuvr's personal feelings about Outer God useage and the concept of the PTE universe being considered a failed multiverse by SAF standards.

Verse Scrapper Spieces.

  1. Verse Scrap Hag

    A Verse Scrap Hag

    Verse Scrap Hag- Scrap Hags are basicly the first wave cleaners of the Verse Scrappers. They are these haggy, Skeksis-inspired looking vulture-people that exist to hunt down and snag any living creature in a failed Multiverse, often either in destroyed dimentions with some struggling surviver or even in still-thriving dimentions. While lacking strentgh or combative skills, Hags have the advantage of magic and teleconisis, along with their giant staffs that serve as nets or shovels when collecting prey. Sometimes they also can be seen digging up graveyards of a failed Multiverse, to make sure no part of it goes to waste. They are also shape-swifters and take the forms of harmless looking beings to lure prey into their direction without having to go through risky effert of actively chasing a being of a failed multiverse. Once a Scrap Hag ever sees you, even only once, they would never stop going after you. And even if you defeated the one Scrap Hag, note that they are often part of witch-covenant like groups, so likely that Scrap Hag has already told her friends about you and thus you would have them to worry about as well. And even then, the first one is not exactly an easy fight, as Scrap Hags relie on trickery, mockery, and general mind-messing tactics that often make their would-be adversary always lose focus against them. They would even haunt your subconjustus dreams and nightmares, making sure that even if you managed to be out of their reach, they make sure you never feel truely safe or away from them till they eventually find you again. Verse Scrap Hags have been known to demean and disrespect persistently evading prey, often meant to demoralise their will to keep fighting to make it easy on themselves to eventually catch up to.
  2. Verse Scrap Packrat

    Verse Scrap Packrat

    Verse Scrap Packrat- The Verse Scrapper Packrats are basicly the litteral beasts of burden that Scrap Hags used as means to hold storage to captured items of a failed Multiverse, or even beings and living creatures of a failed multiverse, dead or alive. These creatures managed this because of Infinity Trash Bags that enable them to infinty carry alot of stuff, even if it looks crazly too much. But just because they're basicly pack-mules doesn't mean they're easy adversaries. These creatures can be surprisingly agile and move quickly even with their load, they have the power of haunting stares that frightens an enemy away from them, which can be extra effective if the foe is terrafived of it's clown-like physic, but even if not, the stare alone would still horrorfy you. But at the end of the day, the fact that Scrap Hags often tend to come back and forth to these creatures, it's not recimended to go after a Packrat reguardless, cause that would risk a Scrap Hag discovering you. Not to say Packrats aren't a danger in their own right. They will see you as another thing to be packed into their infinity garbage bags, and once you are stuffed in their, it's game over for you. Their faverite spots are garbage dumps or scrapyards, cause often that's just extra things to convert to Recycled Cosmic Engery. They even enjoy places like sewers and morgues for the exact same reasons. Being picky is not something known, to a Verse Scrap Packrat, nor would it ever be known, and that precisely what the Verse Scrappers want from these things, for it makes them exsellerent, tireless workers.
  3. Verse Scrap Empire Buster

    Verse Scrap Empire Buster

    Verse Scrap Empire Buster- The Verse Scrappers are smart enough to realise that the biggest threats to recycle a failed Multiverse are the Inter-Universeal Empires respondsable for it's failed state to begin with. That's where these behemoth masses of red engery come in. Verse Scrap Empire Busters are made from the engeries of many past victims of Inter-Universeal Empires of other failed Multiverses, thus these titanic giant engery beings came to louthe inter-dimentional empires and defelupted a relentless love for seeing their distruction. They're all brute force and lack of subtily and destroy Inter-Universeal Empires with no second thoughts or mercy. In any Multiverse that failed to come through because of Inter-Universeal Empires running amock, the Verse Scrappers always send the busters first, because any Inter-Universeal Empire, even benvolent ones, would be a danger for Scrap Hags and Packrats and would be at risk of being captured or being targeted for killing if they harvest beings and creatures pre-maturely. Whether it be against a strong Inter-Universeal Empire or to finish off one weaken from a war with another, the Verse Scrap Empire Busters are assentually the equilent of chopping off the head of a beast before it is ready for processing, this way, those that are left behind would have no defence against the Hags or even Packrats. Sometimes, they're even used against protective gods of failed Multiverses that won't stand for what the Verse Scrappers aim to do. The busters can also be used to haul in entire planets, suns, even asteriod belts, amontg other space things, to really make sure every bit of cosmit engery within those things are not wasted.
  4. Verse Scrap Cosmic Recycler
    Verse Scrap Cosmic Recycler

    Verse Scrap Cosmic Recycler

    Verse Scrap Leftovers Catcher

    A closer look at a Leftovers Catcher

    - The Verse Scrap Cosmic Recyclers are assentually the most impourent de-facto leaders of the Verse Scrappers, in that they're behind why the other of the Verse Scrapper spieces exist. These Kaiju Level creatures are the final penultamate destination of any byproduct of a failed multiverse, a huge, disgusting looking insectiod creature lazily awaiting it's ineditable meal, only so it can feast on every single thing it's creations feed to it, with sentient tenticle monsters sprouting out to help with catching any misfired object so nothing is amiss, and/or to capture meals that try to escape. The tentclies are also a means of self defence in an event a meal would try to fight back. Once these creatures consumed the meal, it would be converted into recycled cosmic engery that comes out of the nasty spores, or sometimes it's staff when it is used to eat up planets and suns into pieces like a giant ass spork, and sometimes the tentitcle creatures, called Leftovers Catchers, are allowed to join in on it's feast as well, with it being connected to the Cosmic Recycler anyway. Apart from the tenticles, the other Verse Scrappers are fiercely protective of the Cosmic Recycler, not just because the creature is like their father/mother, but because the Scrap Verse creatures share a lifeforce with their Cosmic Recycler, where should it ever be harmed and even die if possable, they would feel it's pain, and should a Cosmic Recycler die in a way, it will result in that Cosmic Recycler and it's respective creations to be sent to the Hybernation Realm, the penultamate resting place of all defeated outer gods. Hence why Cosmic Recyclers are never seen outside of the Verse Scrapper Realm. Cosmic Recyclers are ruled by their endless hunger, and their amorality makes them not think about the ethics of what they consume, so nothing is ever off the menu for these litterally mindless eating machines. Their power can reach any dimention and multiverse, but they are restricted from outer realms, like Kingdom Hearts or immortal dimentions like the Infinty Libary, and espeically they're not allowed to harm successful multiverses or multiverses deemed a personal faverite to the Amoral Ones, but failed Multiverses are deemed fair game.
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