Vertondy Z. Verzuius is an Alternate UUniversal Uiverey from Planet Carbungia. He is an otter-like rat who lived in the Carbungia city of Ŏridium, which was one of the richest and nature-blessed cities on the planet, and an orphan because his soldier parents were slain by the VA, and he was never adopted because Uivereys are considered unsavery. As such, all his life, Verz had to relie on himself. Verzuvius, though he is one of the 20% of it's citizens that are poor, he did well enough in compairison to a poverish person as he makes enough money to be on par with rich people by being one of many to be an omnist, or a person of multiple jobs, some easy, some hard. However, when he heard about the VA being like this because of Lord Xandronian, he knew what to blame for his parents death and has since aimed to desimate the Sea Squirls for ruining his early life by making an oppisite bomb to Xandronian's Sea Squirling bomb and instead make is a Sea Squirl Extinction Bomb. He bought a cleverly-secure luxury condo on a tidal inlet/islet with his seal-like bat friend Gulu as a defensive butler, and he managed to have an entire staff of Blue-Eye Birds and Unotters. He is a species of Uiverey with toxic spurs on their feet like a platypus and sea squirrel males, and uses them very often.


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