Vice-Chief Amelia O. Uganda is a Zootopian Okapi and is a resident of the corrupt city-state of Herbavoris. She is the second-in-command of Herbavoris law enforcement behind T.U.S.K. leader, Chief Hornberger, being the chief of the Herbavoris Police Department. She is an unfortunate victim of the predators' coming into second-class citizenship as she was involved in an inter-species relationship with a lion named Simba Leodolter, which ended when Mayor Swineton came into office and banned inter-species predator relationships forever under threat of prosecution. Thus, a broken-hearted Uganda was forced to do what she could to make even the HPD show the least bit of sympathy for predators, despite the impossibility of such. Even Hornberger refused to allow it out of full and pure loyalty to Swineton. She even considers it a priority to have new recruits treat predators differently, even with tragic backstories like their first bunny officer, and second rabbit to join the police, Trudy Bopps. She reacts negatively to speciesism in Herbavoris and even her own officers, but tolerates it enough when she is among higher authority.


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