The Victorians

The Victorians are a fictional group of Superhero Superiors who are published in Kratos' XD Comix series. Like certain other comic book characters, the Victorians are based off of real people on Kratos. In the comics, the Victorians are a group of 5 Superiors who were originally regular animals that worked for the military of several worlds, and because their combat skills surpass any other fighter in the UUniverses, they were abducted by a Kratosian terrorist organization called the Incursion which illegally turned them into Superiors in an attempt to make supersoldiers. Since they escaped and found their way to New Athens, they dedicated themselves as protectors of Kratos, and vowed to keep their origins a secret from Kratos (Since making a normal person a Superior is against the law), and keep their legacy a secret from the people at home. Trouble is, their own social lives also complicate things. They start to have trouble with their loved ones and concerned family who have found out they were missing. Their relationships with lovers dwindle, their jobs at the military is continuously compromised, generals and members of the brass get very suspicious, and worse of all, the Kratosian Goverment and Military have been starting to put two-and-two together. Eventually, in one issue, the leader of the Incursion and the Victorians' arch-nemesis, Black von Skull, A Skeletor/Cobra Commander/Joker/Generic French villain combo, discovers the Victorian's home worlds and kidnap their loved ones, and use them to force the Victorians into exposing their secret origin to the public. After Skull lets their loved ones go, the Victorians are immediately arrested, and Black is satisfied that he might've finally defeated his arch enemies. But what he didn't take into account was that the Victorians didn't suffer the fate that he expected them to be in. Instead of the Victorians losing their powers and being sent to prison, they were instead placed in a lifetime of servitude to Kratos because of Grotch explaining that it wasn't their fault they were like this, and wants the Victorians to stop von Skull, but after dealing with an undercover Incursion agent called Vanquisher, who has tried his hardest to keep the Victorians out of von Skull's way, they stop von Skull from trying to use nuclear weapons to get revenge on the city that took away his family. With von Skull captured and depowered, the Kratosian Government lets them go with no further troubles afterwards, and have been declared heroes, their relationships rebuilt, they earned the military's respect and admiration, and a relationship is formed with 2 of the Victorians. But the battles against the Incursion are just beginning. Skull escapes prison with the help of The Five Masters of DoomLord Cobar, Jamar, Ursina, Haines, and Captain Rook, (Based on Lord CobraJafarUrsulaHades, and Captain Hook), and even though they didn't have the power to give von Skull his powers back, they still had the power to try and get revenge on the Victorians for humiliating the Incursion after all they did for them.


Publication History

The Victorians comics had a, complicated history. They were created by someone who's not only a comic book writer, but also someone with a very controversial belief that if children are introduced to serious and often dark and depressing stuff early, they'll have a better understanding of good and evil and learn to avoid the evil of the world. That man, was Philmore Kracken, a sea superior left-behind. His beliefs, while understandingly controversial, are philosscofical and are not exactly wrong, but his critics warned that children are prone to take things the wrong way and might end up picking the wrong thing instead. Philmore made alot of independent comics that discussed and tackled controversial beliefs. Examples include but not limited to:

  • The Cosmic Rangers: A story that follows a team of heroic space rangers inspired by Buzz Lightyear of star command that do battle against the forces of nazi dinosaurs and communist zombie aliens that threaten Kratos and beyond.
  • The Rainbow Heroine: A brave super-powered lesbian Wonder-woman inspired superheroine that fights against discrimination and a corrupt government under the control of an evil Kemoisum worshipping and hypocritical transvestite super-villain who is interestingly inspired by the main villain from "The Rocky Horror Show".
  • Bird of Peace: A heroic bird and his super-powered wife battle against the forces of warmongers threatening war. The series has a tendency to reference the likes of Nazism and communism, even dealing with a terrorist group or so. They even battled against a rogue state with a regime similar to dictatorisum.
  • The Holy Whale: It's basically a comic with relijustus references. All heroes are litterally based on the good side of religion, while villains are either demonic or based on relijustus villains. This was the most controversial of his comics.

But the comics that got the biggest controversy was litterally his first series, the Victorians, because it focuses on Illit Superiors fighting against a terror group responsible for them to begin with and makes the millaterry and Kratos senate look like idiots, demonstrating that sometimes the government is not always reliable. This series earned the worse criticisms and plague because he tried to independently market this to children. Philmore has dreamed of being for Generation Comics. While they accepted him, it wasn't without changes for the majority of his comics. The Cosmic Rangers are instead made to battle generic space villains that otherwise are not different to the original controversial villains, the Rainbow Heroine was made straight and the Transvestite villain altogether removed and replaced with an evil adviser, Bird of Peace still stayed the same but references to nazism and the like were toned down or altogether removed, and Holy Whale wasn't even accepted as canon to Generation Comics.

Philmore hold no disrespect for the company, but he felt he wanted to return to be an independent comic writer again, but he gave off the accepted comic series as gifts, feeling that they would be better off with Generations Comics then with him. He sold the rights to Holy Whale and many other comics of his series to other independent writers who would then reinvent the comics into less controversial versions and resell them to Generations Comics, XD Comix, and many other comic companies. But Philmore saved the Victorians for last because not only was it his first, but it was his most valued.

When Philmore's Kratosian Citizen papers are due to expire and he was peacefully warned that he would have to be deported to Lagoola, Philmore decided that it was time to sell the Victorians. Knowing Generation Comics would make too many unrecognizable changes, he sold the rights to the comic to his friend who worked for XD Comix, who kept his promise to mostly kept it as he envisioned it, even though there will be some humorous moments here and there. After some convincing, the big wigs of XD Comix accepted Victorians into their inventory, but they insist that due to references of Terrorism, it would have to be sold mostly to teens and adults to protect their otherwise child-friendly images, where later down the road they would make kid-friendly versions of the same original stories as a measure to further protect their reputation just in case. And the Victorians became famous ever since.

Comic History

Laura (Miss Victoria), Edna (Eidolon Girl), and Forrest (Forrest Frost) were all born on Kra-38 and all serve in the same military. Laura worked as a scientist, Edna worked as a sniper, and Forrest worked as an Antarctic soldier, and all share a single friendship. Forrest has a secret crush on Laura, and she constantly doesn't seem interested in him. They all want to advance to a higher position, but their personalities and mistakes prevent them from doing so, even when they are too reckless in their attempts to prove they have what it takes. Laura, Edna, and Forrest soon had a conversation about their failure to advance, and feel that they are never going to, making them feel inferior to the crowd.

Meanwhile, on Kra-20, Simon (Thermite) is a demolitions expert who has been perfect in every single mission, but his commanding officer has been convinced that he is too well and too reckless in it. He causes serious injuries that cost them thousands of dollars, added by the destruction of property which cost millions. This has been giving Simon the risk of being reassigned from demolitions expert to a regular 2nd-class soldier, which Simon really hates. He is more comfortable being a demolitions expert, and nothing else, so he decides that he can prove that he can cause no more damage. But a single mistake causes over 30 people to be killed in an explosion, and he is immediately reassigned from demolitions forever, angering him to the point of going AWOL, and therefore risking the chance of getting arrested for desertion. Simon was hoping to become the demolitions expert of another military, but before he can do it, he is caught by his old military circuit, and is threatened with jailtime for his desertion, and tries to escape with the forces in hot persuit.

Meanwhile, on Kra-05, Pratt (Shadow Wing), is a worker at Interpol who is a very stealthy and deceiving agent. His spy skills have been the best for a while and was preparing to be promoted to a higher rank. Unfortunately, his brother, Terry, wanted to rank up, too, and yet, everyone hates him for being too full of himself, and was denied for every chance he gets, and only his brother gained the right to rank. So, taking matters in his own wings, Terry was able to sabotage the progress of his brother's next mission, but a person died as a result. Pratt's training and his own secretly hidden cameras exposed his brother's dishonest work, and when Terry was fired, he harshly scolds Pratt for it and tells him that he might never get another position of his favorite job again, and he'll lose everything because of his own brother, and declares to never want to have anything to do with him again. Hurt by the fact that his brother's words were half-right, Pratt quits Interpol for ruining his brother's life and decided to seek a normal job in the hopes to try and support him, but his depression caused by his brother's words has left him unable to gain the will to do it.

All 5 of these people were being watched by Incursion, and Black von Skull declared them the perfect addition to his plans to take over Kratos, and ordered their capture. Then at the same time, Superior spaceships abduct all 5 of them, and take them away, making everyone searching for them suspicious, and try to constantly search for them. On Kratos, all 5 people are brought together and meet face-to-face with Black von Skull, who reveals that he has the chance to give them all what they want, and promises to fulfill their wishes and bring them back to their homeworlds if they agree to go through a simple test. He wants them to be given secret powers and for them to donate their improved DNA. When they begin questioning them and find out his true intentions, they try to escape, but they are unable to. They are forcefully injected with quantonium that grants them all superpowers. Laura is given super-strength, telepathy, super-flight, and heat vision, Simon is given pyrokinesis and super-flight, Edna is given ghosting powers, force-field generation, and invisibility, Forrest is given cryokinesis and super-endurance, and Pratt is given a sonic-scream, teleportation, mind-control, and a psychic shield. But what von Skull failed to take into account was that this allowed them to break free, and instead of trying to stop him, they escape successfully, and not only discover the new planet they are on, but they find that their superpowers are at first hard to control, but over time, they get the hang of it. They all cause accidents, but stay together to figure things out. However, when they discover a robbery, they immediately use their powers to stop it, and leave without saying anything to the authorities.

Anxious to hide, the 5 people find an abandoned business building on the outskirts of the city they're in, New Athens, and take refuge there. After the trouble they had caused on their homes and this new alien world, they try and figure things out together. They introduce each other, and think of what they can do with these powers that they've been given. When they discover old comic books, they get the idea that they form a super-team, naming themselves the Victorians. They also give themselves their own names, and after weeks of fighting crime and gaining their own jobs, they not only gain the money they need to convert the abandoned building into their headquarters, but they also discover something risky. They find that making normal animals Superiors is against the law, and after briefly panicking, they decide that the best thing to do is keep it a secret. They also take into account that von Skull might know this, too, and will do all in his power to stop them. So they decide to fight crime, keep their cover, never let people know they were regular animals, and never allow von Skull to discover their families or loved ones' whereabouts back at home.

5 days afterward, the Victorians gain the chance to introduce themselves to the Kratosian Government in Prometheon, and are granted the chance to be great heroes by Grotch Prometheus himself. After stopping a robot invasion, evil clones, a mad bomber, and a superior creation, they decided that it was time to return home so they can let their families know about their adventures. That take great precautions when visiting just in case von Skull was after them, and while they were able to explain everything, and also resolve the problems they caused, they were also able to rescue their homes from von Skull, and hide their families' whereabouts. But the attack resulted in a few casualties. With their legacies accepted nonetheless, they returned to Kratos to become the heroes they had always wanted to become.

Comic Books List

  • Victorians #1: The Beginning- The pilot comic which shows the origins and how the Victorians were cast off to Kratos and how they became the heroes they were today.
  • Victorians #2: Robot Rampage- The Victorians fight off the Incursion's robot armies that intend to find their hideout and capture the Victorians once again.
  • Victorians #3: Nega-Victorians- The Victorians are framed by rogue clones created by Incursion, and they need some help to prove that they're innocent while trying to stop the clones from taking over New Athens.
  • Victorians #4: Bombs Away- The Victorians fight off a mad bomber from Incursion, and they need to ensure the city's safety by disabling all the bombs planted underneath it.
  • Victorians #5: Ultimate Weapon- Incursion creates a supersoldier Superior with the ability to negate powers, and when the Victorians lose their powers, they need to prove that they can save the day even without them.
  • Victorians #6: Home Trip- The Victorians finally discover the coordinates back home, and they must do what they can to convince their worlds of what has happened to them while trying to keep them safe from Incursion.
  • Victorians #7: Secrets Exposed Part 1- When the Victorians' families are taken hostage by Incursion and the secret of their origins are revealed, the Victorians must find a way to set things right when a corrupt general wants them punished for their deception.
  • Victorians #8: Secrets Exposed Part 2- The Victorians' trial has begun, and with von Skull free to take over Kratos, the Victorians must do whatever they can to prove they're not worth the punishment and stop von Skull before it's too late.
  • Victorians #9: The Rise of the Five Masters of Doom- With Incursion gone, von Skull is broken out of jail by some former workers that have formed a new team to get revenge on the Victorians, starting with a love-manipulating hummingbird named Seductrus.
  • Victorians #10: Captain Rook's Shanghai- The beginning of the battle against the Five Masters have begun, starting with the battle against Captain Rook and his 30 mercenaries. When they have the Victorians shanghaied, confined, and lost at sea, they must find a way to escape.
  • Victorians #11: Ashes to Ashes- After defeating Rook, the Victorians have discovered that there was several arsons lately, and when they go to investigate, they face the next member of the Five Masters: Haines, who has filled the entire sewers of New Athens with propane and threatens to burn everything unless the Victorians stop him.
  • Victorians #12: The Illusion- The next member of the Five Masters, Ursina, has told the Victorians that she secretly poisoned one of them with a slow-acting poison and says that if they surrender, she'll provide an antidote. When they do, they end up being forced to fight none other than the Challenger Children, who mistake them as enemies due to holographic illusions. How will our heroes win the day?
  • Victorians #13: The Second Master- The next member of the Five Masters, Jamar, challenges the Victorians to a fight by wreaking havoc, and actually manages to beat them with his zero-point energy staff. With him being untouchable even to the Victorians who end up getting captured, how will they deal with him?
  • Victorians #14: Lord Cobar- The Victorians have finally located the hideout of the Five Masters. But before they can find von Skull, they have to deal with the Five Masters' leader, Lord Cobar, who proves to be a more powerful adversary than even Jamar. The Victorians then realize they've walked into a trap, and get stuck inside the hideout ready to be slayed. Will our heroes survive?
  • Victorians #15: The Fall of the Five Masters Part 1- With the final master defeated, the Victorians are ready to deal with von Skull and make sure Incursion is never restored. But what they have yet to realize is that von Skull has been augmented, and he is easily able to defeat the Victorians in battle. So with them being trapped in the most secluded part of the hideout, how will they save the day?
  • Victorians #16: The Fall of the Five Masters Part 2- von Skull is getting close to winning, and part of New Athens has been starting to fall. And with the Victorians still in confinement, how will they not only escape, and how will they defeat the augmented von Skull?
  • Victorians #17: The Hand of Horror- The Five Masters were able to escape to fight another day after their defeat, yet they find that their old hideout was taken by their rivals, the Hand of Horror, being lead by returning General Warhead Hog, who plans to destroy the Victorians before the Five Masters do. What they have in mind will send the Victorians in a big pickle.
  • Victorians #18: The Fall of the Hand of Horror- The rivalry between the Hand of Horror and the Five Masters has escalated to war levels. When they take their fight out on the city, chaos ensues, and it's up to the Victorians to save the day. This would ultimately end with the end of the Hand of Horror.
  • Victorians #19: Warhead's Trouble Part 1- Following the fall of the Hand of Horror, Warhead Hog has been captured by the Five Masters, and injected with a drug called 'negatonium', which weakens him and his powers to the point that he begins dying. When Mathis warns the Victorians, they decide to help rescue Warhead before it's too late. But how will they do it when they discover that the Five Masters have relocated?
  • Victorians #20: Warhead's Trouble Part 2- The Victorians realize that they are an hour away from the death of Warhead. And with their investigation leading them mysteriously nowhere, they need to find a way to find Warhead and save him before time runs out. Will this be the end of Warhead?


  1. Miss Victoria- A dhole from Kra-38 who is the leader and scientist of the group. She is the inventive genius and was a scientist for her hometown's military until the Incursion gave her super-strength, heat vision, super-mentality, and telepathy.
  2. Thermite- A dik-dik from Kra-20 who is the demolitions expert of the group. He was part of his hometown's military as a 1st Class Lieutenant who enjoyed different kinds of weaponry until the Incursion gave him the ability to fly, and pyrokinesis.
  3. Eidolon Girl- A stoat from Kra-38 who was in the same military as Miss Victoria. She was a sniper for over 8 years and attacked right out of nowhere like she was a ghost until the Incursion gave her ghosting powers, invisibility, and force-field generation.
  4. Forrest Frost- A maned wolf from Kra-38 who was also in the same military as Miss Victoria and Eidolon Girl. He was part of an Antarctic division and his survival skills were epic until the Incursion gave him cryokinesis and super-endurance.
  5. Shadow Wing- A ghost bat from Kra-05 who actually wasn't part of a military, but for Interpol. He was a very skilled spy who had been very extreme in his battles that everyone started to fear him until the Incursion gave him a sonic-scream, teleportation, mind-control, and a psychic shield.



  • Agent Mathis- A Superior cormorant agent for the top-secret Crystal Agency who aided the Victorians against the Nega Victorians when they tried to take over Kratos. He was so popular in the series, he gained his own comic book series. He has his own adventures, and made enemies, allies, and even an antihero girlfriend named Femme Fatale, who betrayed his agency and became a villain for a while until she and Mathis formed a romantic connection, which briefly makes Seductrus go on a rampage. Aside from his vast array of gadgetry, his powers include invisibility, omilingualism, super-agility, a healing factor, psychometry, and night-vision.
  • Nega Victorians- A team of Victorian clones created by Incursion who abandoned their masters, and frame the Victorians for murder, take over their hideout, and planned to take over Kratos until they were defeated. While in Superior Jail, their total humiliation lead to them slowly reforming, and after helping take down Incursion, they moved off-planet to protect the Victorians' home planets.
  • Serena Shengavich- A Superior gazelle who originally served for Ordnancov until her kind heart made her help the Victorians stop him from blowing up New Athens. She briefly stayed in Superior Jail until she helped the Victorians take down Incursion, and a year later, thanks to Seductrus, saw more in Thermite, and becomes his girlfriend. She occasionally helped them take down the Five Masters of Doom ever since. Her powers include teleportation, empathy, and super-flight.
  • Seductrus- A Superior hummingbird who joined Incursion after a breakup with her beloved boyfriend. She was once made by Lord Cobar to turn Thermite and Shengavich into his own personal slaves, who she knew would fail horrorably and is starting to have second thoughts about long term membership. When she completed the corruption, Cobar turned jerk and betrayed her, had her reported to the police and Groutch, who was then saved by the Victorians, and returned the faver by reveiling the bases of the Masters of Doom.


  • Black von Skull and Incursion- Black von Skull is a disfigured Superior chimpanzee who was the leader of a terrorist organization called the Incursion, which he made from a terrorist organization of a terrible war which he used to get revenge on his hometown's military for costing him his parents. He is the Victorians' first adversary, and was the one who gave them their superpowers. Since they escaped and formed a super team, he has been trying his hardest to either find the location of their loved ones on their homeworlds, or leak their sensitive origins to the public in an attempt to take them down. When he does, he finds that they were never punished, and he is stopped from nuking his hometown, and from blowing up every city on Kratos with his 20 nuclear reactors. He has since been stripped of all his powers, and had briefly been commanding The Five Masters of Doom until his final battle against the Victorians as a super-Superior, where he was defeated and sent to a more-secure prison where no escape was possible. Some members of Incursion have been trying to deal with the Victorians since it's downfall. In fact, most of their adversaries are from Incursion.
  • Vanquisher- A super-Superior marmoset who was disowned by his parents on his 18th birthday because he wanted invulnerability for a birthday gift, only to have them lose their jobs and blame their own son for it. He has since joined Incursion and got injected not just with near-invulnerability, but a few other superpowers, a super serum, and an augmentation from von Skull, making him a nearly-unstoppable force that nearly destroyed the Victorians. After a fight on a bridge left him with an artificial arm and neck, he later snuck into the Victorians' court case with General Hog to get payback with them. But when he is angered further by the consequence of jailtime, he accidentally kills himself when he tries to throw a supercomputer at them, which ends up crushing him. His powers included super-strength, super-mentality, near-invulnerability, super-flight, power negation, heat-vision, and a psychic shield.
  • The Five Masters of Doom- A group of 5 former Incursion agents who formed after the fall of Incursion, and have tried to get revenge on the Victorians, first with minor Incursion agents including Seductrus, then by their own and von Skull, and now anyway they can. They are nearly similar to members of the Villain League, but their counterparts' magical powers are replaced with either science or superpowers. They have a great feud against the Hand of Horror, and once tried to murder it's leader, General Hog, with illegal negatonium. They are still fighting the Victorians to this day.
  • Ordnancov- A Superior Russian iguana who was considered Incursion's finest bombing expert due to his bombs being so impossible, no genius has ever been able to disarm it. He joined Incursion since Grotch Prometheus had investigated his illegal weapons company, and shut it down, forcing him to get revenge. He gained his own forces under contract, especially Serena Shengavich, who was angry that her career had been modified into a terrorist organization. He is soon hired by von Skull into trying to gain info on the Victorians by planting bombs in New Athens. When he got the Victorians, he still decided to blow up the city. This angers Shengavich into helping the Victorians disarm the bombs, and stop Ordnancov. When Ordnancov was told he would go to jail, he blows himself and his underground base up. Aside from his vast arsenal of bombs and his jet-packed helmet, his powers included night-vision, super-strength, invisibility, and super-agility.
  • General Warhead Hog and The Hand of Horror- General Warhead Hog is a Superior warthog who is the general of the Kratos millaterry who hated the Victorians for their minor oversights and mishaps, and alchourse the keeping secrets thing. He was trying to punish the Victorians for keeping a conspiracy from the public of a crime that cannot be forgiven for. He places a warrant to arrest anyone who tries to aid the Victorians, and sends the Victorians to court. He brought up good excuses in the court to get them punished, but even they couldn't stop him from getting his way since it was what von Skull wanted. After some touching words from Shengavich, the Kratosian Senate and Grotch acquit them, and Hog resists the verdict, and gets fired. He is later sent to jail, and he escapes with the help of former Incursion members, and together, they form the Hand of Horror, meant to take over Prometheon and carry out the law the way it's 'supposed' to be. Hog injects himself with quantonium from the Quantum Smugglers and makes himself stronger than ever. The Hand of Horror soon suffers conflict with The Five Masters of Doom, and once the Hand of Horror fell, Hog was taken by the FMOD and injected with the poisonous negatonium, which weakens him and his powers, and was on the verge of dying. He would've died if the Victorians didn't come to his aid. Relucently alchorse. But the Victorians know as much of a giant asshole he is, the FMOD weren't being any better. He was sent to jail again afterward. His powers include super-flight, super-endurance, super-strength, titanium tusks, and earth manipulation.
  • Gemini Androids- A duo of biomechanical androids that took the appearance of von Skull, and would do tasks that he himself would normally do. They shared a mental link with each other, and could communicate with each other. They shared similar powers to von Skull himself, and their robotic strength and complex design ensured that they would be difficult opponents. They were tasked into following Thermite and Shadow Wing to their homeworlds to discover their families' locations and kidnap them. While one of them discovered the location of Shadow Wing's families' home and crippled Shadow Wing's brother, the other put up a less-versatile fight. While the 2 Superiors defeated them, their heads remained undamaged, but when they reported their progress, von Skull got angry and made their heads self-destruct. They shared similar superpowers to von Skull before he was depowered, and they were similar to Terminators.
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