V-1CT0R Series Model 259, AKA Victorseus, is an Alternate UUniversal Vert-Bot from Planet Irophia. He is a nanorobotic machine who served VertSpek as it's biggest servant since, even knowing truth behind the rebellion was because of Leader Boing Crank being a secret traitor and there was no point to it's particular actions, has done well to keep in character as just another revolting machine, as he had managed to take over the Vertigon System, which he renames after himself. Being an amoral machine, Victor had no fear of being bluntingly honest to anyone about the truth, even if they're children, because, based on his omninet reshearch, that it's better of children are exposed to blunt reality as soon as possable then for them to live a lie, less they be condemned to be trapped in an immature state that risks enturnal insanity, which he uses Roboface as an exsample, where because he never "Matured" out of his bot hate, he began regressing to the point that even without the humorious name nobody except fellow deludtional bot haters would ever take him seriously ever again, nor be able to ignor if the insanity is great enough and would have to be contained forcefully. Victor is also a firm believer that organics should assend to machinery in deeming machines pure while organicity to be something that is considered the last stage of a sentient's evolution that over-stayed it's welcome, making Victor abit of a bot zealot armed with Robotification devices to make these conversions happen. Victor has been aiming to find the Crystalline Core, which can backup and/or purify VertSpek, but it is also sought by his enemy and the son of his model's creator, Kaide Vertse, who wants the Core to purify VertSpek while Victorseus wants only to reboot it. He is slightly like the AUU version of Victor in ReCore.

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